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Indigo Prince Jul 29
These are the
darker days
Highlights have turned
into grays
Teardrops stain my
Maybe I'm not
thinking straight

But I dont want to be here
My mind is digging deeper
This pit is inescapable
I'm falling down an endless hole.
Was crying in bed and couldnt figure out how to get **** out and here we are woops
GreenWitch Jul 23
I keep looking outside wondering when you will pull up,
Sitting in your car pondering your demons alone,
You don't want to share the load...
I understand more thank you know...
And I wish more than anything you would have leaned on someone to give you strength,
Breathe life back into your deadened soul...
Accept the love that was shown...
And now it's too late...
To say goodbye...
I'm sorry.... I wish you would have come back home...
its okay i'm hurting
i'm getting somewhere,
searching for what i lost
missing from my stomach,
a blank void aching
seeking its creator
in a world that they destroyed
the image of the human walking
i wanted you to be my hero
the mirror is my only saviour,
you showed me the reflection &
guided me in that direction
that's why its been less hard
to not fall back
into the abyss
when you know of true bliss
w/o the external other
it's all okay, it's all okay
i'm getting there soon
w/ the moon in my palm
as time heals every wound...
Kayla Jun 2
I made important promises i thought i could keep...
            But its getting so hard to try not to bleed...
island poet Jun 2018
my island is refuge
your island is refuge
for they bear the same name

some call it sheltering
for surrounded by spits of land,
resting tween tines of two forks,
but storms come.  do damage.
the island recovers, inevitably as
humans and nature do a joint tented revival meeting

a project, new slip covers, fresh paint job,
we joke to ourselves

but on the heel of the isle
where our sturdy bungalow faces the
moody waters, the white capped breezes,
your chair neath the tree with the swing awaits, asking,
“when will the woodsman come,his tides flow away, away, to
why not here?

so many stories have I, poems to dictate,”
that silent observer says “his presence is required on this isle called


the currents announced as well,
an American blessing

“ready willing and Abel
to carry, to gift renew,
to the isle of refuge”

6/39/18. 8:08am
Mark Parker May 20
I promise you I’m not worried
About the trials of life

I promise my nightmares
Mean absolutely nothing.
That the vivid visions
Don’t dance in my mind
Or send me painful messages
That haunt my day.

I promise you I’m not worried
When deadly air topples the world,
Closes my recreational parks,
Locks all my favorite restaurants.
I’ll just sit at home like a good boy
And play around with little toys.

I promise it’s all just static,
That the sky can’t weather
what my mind can dream,
That I’m not falling apart,
At the seams microscopically.
Bad dreams
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