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I create a version of myself
Custom built
For every person that I meet
But for you
I was the only version
Not manufactured
That is why I don't call
That is why i don't write
My apologies.
I spend too long
Staring into the sun
The flicking tongues
Of radiation
Spilling into space
Jack Jenkins Sep 25
A brief breath stolen away
Wishing on a dandelion the rest will follow suit
Wishing the empty page would match my empty heart
Anxiety suffocating me, I'm barely breathing
Distant dark waters call my name to the shore
Lull my senses and deprive my feelings
The right side of my mind hopes
The left side of my mind despairs
My heart loves my head but my head says my heart is weak
Nothing is ever good enough and peace cannot stay
The voice in my throat often lies to me
Coping mechanisms just aren't enough anymore
Even suicide says she has nothing to offer me
In the briefest moment of honesty
I don't want this anymore
Whatever this is
//A reflection of who I am when nobody is looking//
sankavi Sep 25
i think I'm ok
i feel ok

i think im happy
i think things in my life are finally going well

i know it sounds stupid
but i strongly believe all things happen for a reason
even if you're at your lowest
trust me it won't last

if something terrible has just happened
dont worry it'll teach you something important

every single person on this planet impacts someone in a positive way somehow

i don't know
i just believe whoever created this universe has a plan for us
and all you can do is trust that

I'm ok
everything is going to be ok
Di Verce Sep 18
Truly alone here.
Garbage only in the mirror:
If it's true they are a reflection of me.
Though it's not, not at all.
We are not one, not at all.
I am superb.
They are trash.
I was never like them,
Always better.
They lied to make me hurt
For they were jealous and less.
I am Grand, beyond them and above, far above.
I Rule.
I'm Awesome.
And Grand.
Sweet, loving, gentle, kind - everything they never were, but lied to be.
I'll go my own way.
Nina Sep 18
I am still patiently waiting
for the day to come
where I wake up
and smile
kinda sad idk recouvering

I will give up.

All of these problems and struggles,
I've had enough.

I don't want this weight
on my shoulders,
I want all of this to be over.

My strength  is thin,
and I'm beginning to fall apart within.

I want to give up.

But I don't.

I don't want to give up.
But do I have to?
One of these days
I'll fall in love for sure
All these cinematic
Shots of me sitting alone
Looking depressed
With a cat on my lap
Will have something
To culminate to
I'll be the star
Of a lesbian romance
That will wow the crowds
Shock **** through the ages
And land me where
I truly belong
Hello? Yes, it's me again. I was just wondering if you ever decided to get around to sending me a perfect lesbian lover. The last one didn't work out... yeah, I know. No? You want me to die alone? Fantastic. Alright, I'll let you go now. Just... yes, I'm gonna go cry, is that a problem? Okay, good. Buh-bye!
Sunshine Sep 16
i've never had anyone kiss me the way you did

i've never fallen in love and fallen asleep

but you're one in a million and i wanna stay a while
but you just
had to look at me
and i'm falling

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