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Jen Aug 2022
if life was a movie
our montage would have music
you'd say you'll never leave
and you'd say you cant lose this

if life was a movie
you would be with  me
write our intials on the tree
because we could never lose this.

and life was movie
there's the  part where you had to say goodbye
It would be selfish to keep you mine
when the world is to be seen and its something to try

life was a movie
when i pretended to smile
"i'll be okay, i'll be fine"
cause cameras cant see through a lie

life was a movie
and ill be in the end credit
i'll be the one you lose
you're the protagonist who lived it.
xiixxxcix Mar 2015
I like to think that when you left me, you went straight to church. you listened to the sermon, but you couldn't stand up when the congregation sang.
I like to think that someday you'll stop trying to wash my scriptures off your hands with holy water.
I like to think that I'm that old mattress you had when you were ten; you always said it held the same familiarity as falling in love with a stranger.
the mattress' holes from falling asleep with lit cigarettes match up perfectly with my alibi.

I'm not to be trusted. I'm an angry human.
I grew up with broken glass in my lungs and cracked ribs.
something inside me snaps even further when the sun shapes your body into a shadow on my bedroom wall.

I want to redefine the word 'fire' with your name, and light candles with you. I want to make my walls sweat. I want you to burn up my ****** clothes. I want you to set my books ablaze. I want you to realize the hardest part is never letting go, but forgetting you ever had a handle.

you can't be the flame and the wick.
you need to leave me to burn down, like the altar candles in the front of the sanctuary, for everyone to see.

sometimes I think god hates me; I'm just a pawn in his and satan's chess game.
small and insignificant in value - I almost want satan to win.

after all,
if you are fire,
hell will feel like home.

but then I remember that I'm tired of controlled burns and scrubbing your soot off of my hands.

so I like to think that when you left me, you went straight to church. you listened to the sermon, but you couldn't stand up when the congregation sang.

and I like to think that Saint Jude called me out of your blaze, and that I left you there with all of your confessions and your communions in your own personal hell.

either way, it's not my cross to bear anymore.
Sylvia Fénix Apr 2021
how long can you stare at a picture before realising it will never stare back again
if it turns out he's dead imfolowing
Sameer Omles Mar 2021
You are something silly,
You are something else,
No matter what they talk **** about you,
And  you don't need to be one of them.
You will remain something unique in your own way...

Brumous Mar 2021
I want to be as happy people can be, and hide this lonely me

To take a quill,
And write a story,
Then find my real identity.
WiltingMoon Mar 2021
I ache,
I scream,
But never shall you see nor hear.
Voices in my head crack and break,
But you will never hear me stutter when i speak.
Its a cures to be able to remember the past,
To remember the thoughts.
The details of those night alone.
The wall felling like they are closing in ready to crush what little strength i held close.
A life time i thought the voices would take, claming it as there own, never to let me or anyone else forget.
Almost I handed it to them on a platter made of fear and tears.
Almost did walk to the place where i would never be found again.
That life time is still going strong.
Those voice tho still present, not as loud.
And the aches and the screams are still felt and heard,
Washed away by the light, the little strength that was left.
Slowly... finding peace in life.
I asked her, why?

Why she couldn't hold my gaze
Despite the indescribable connection we feel for one another.

And she told me
That we were like two sides of the moon
Always longing, but never meant to even see each other.

And nothing good would come from the fight to understand
The fight to see one another.

The fight to stay alive as two halves of each other.

For we do not complete us
We love so deeply we swallow ourselves whole
Trying so desperately to have more of what we cannot have.

We are two polarities
And we cannot co-exist together
Not like this.

I bid her farewell
Leaving her only in my thoughts and in the sky
That I often see her in.

The moon never seemed so dark as it rushed  to four quarters
Of what it used to be.

I love women <3
Him Feb 2021
I'm laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling. You're staying in my head, and I can't shake these feelings.

My every word and deed, confesses that you are my need; love has sown her seed, and from it roots my heart bleeds.

I'm laying in my bed, while you're laying in my head, and so this tragedy begins. Might someone please rid Shakespeare of his pen, and let this story come to its end?

The tempest winds are blowing strong, I am slowing falling down; I feel that I am suffocating underneath water, but I can't seem to drown.

My heart can't get any sleep, causes it speeds up its beat, when I tell you that I love you... but you don't repeat.

I am staring at the ceiling, imagining that you are staring back, and for now... I am content with that.
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