sky Nov 2018
The door remains locked
when we mustn't leave.
The windows covered
and boarded.
The wood underneath me
doesn't creak
when we mustn't leave
as if he too fears what waits on the other side.
We mustn't leave when it's dark out
and soon we won't see the light
so I'll stay away from the door
and pinch my mouth tight.

When we mustn't leave,
we mustn't make a sound.
So I will remain silent,
and still.
Anya Oct 2018
Being frank here,
I think a lot

And I think about
my thinking

And I have a unique way of thinking
as do most people

But I combine my thoughts
with analogies
I conceive through
my creativity
And weave them
into words

Which I have learned to love
through my obsessive reading
in my elementary
That's it
I haven't read
enough official

I don't really
edit my

I don't overthink
too much

Just my thoughts,
on a lonely page
I've wondered time
and time again,
is this even

My thoughts
carved with

Rough on the edges
with spots of

As well as
as smooth and cold
as marble
The honesty hidden
other distractions
when the truth
is too much

But it's still me on the page
But what I can't figure out
do I do it
for social approval?
To be heard?
To spill out my emotions?
To make something beautiful?
Just cause?

A wintry night
the wind swirls around
blowing my questions
away with a chill...
This was inspired by the poem on this site "Poetry Reeled me In".
Amanda Aug 2018
I am like the moon
Covered in many craters
Nocturnal beauty
It doesn't really feel right calling myself beautiful but I do feel beautiful sometimes. Not compared to the moon though.
ph Jun 2018
You’ve grown on me
like moss and ivy,
slowly at first but
before you know it, I’m
covered in you, and I
choose not to remember
what it was like to be *****.
Nick Stiltner Feb 2018
Have so many days passed
since those shining lights were to
iris pressed, or have I just
covered my eyes?

Every man speaks of time
and how fast it flies
but I believe that it
gets off a hard day of work,
barges in the door,
founds its spot on the couch
and then collapses
with a gentle sigh.
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Chaos, demolition, destruction
controlled through supervised instruction
no end to slaughter, no reduction
have their own ways of seduction

In that throne, they sit and dare
The one which is called the 'chair'

Nation's green honour gone abrupt
you say, you're still not corrupt?
no one points at you, while you deduct
waiting for the world to erupt

Just about everything, you'll see here
Roots all clung to the evil chair

In which those so called governors sit
organisers, runners of this lovely bit
performing tricks for the show to lit
prepared for them is a special pit

Looters and criminals, all have a pair
Of gloves to keep stain off their chair

Don't believe their words, bark whatever
bamboozle us, truth from our eyes they sever
residing in those large structures like hever
could write three books upon their clever

Dreadful reality transferred heir upon heir
Criminals need not legitimate relations, just their ****** chair!
Didn't want to end it, but you know everything comes to an end at some point 'except' corruption. lol
JRaw Rodriguez Mar 2017
I keep quite cause I want to hide my pain , I keep it covered cause nobody ever would look at me the same , try to explain they can't relate , he or she would always play the same game ...
Solaces Feb 2017
The setting was beautiful..
Some forest somewhere as green as envy itself..
There was a very calm river with a covered bridge that ran over it..
The bridge was all white and looked like a house..
I went inside and found that the ground was made of glowing green grass..
The walls were made of dirt with flowers growing out of them..
The smell was so nice..
It seem cooler inside the bridge..
I walked on through bare foot..
The flowers were now an aura of colors..
Endless colors..
I awoke from this dream..
And I can't stop thinking about it..
I crossed a bridge in my dreams. A bridge that I made over a river inside of me..
Tony Luxton Feb 2017
I shouldn't have bothered.
I thought this was a posh area.
Now I see it's not.
'Tommy Rot!'

Look at the gardens.
The lawns are covered in weeds.
'*******! We grow herbs a lot.'

Even you're car's a mess.
Not been cleaned in ages.
'I wash it often,
every guilt trip day.'

And those dogs, do they howl all night?
'Oh no. Nothing like that.
It's just the neighbours in a fight.'
Lady Bird Feb 2017
echoed steps faster pace
shadows on every corner
running with no destination
tripping over her confusion
she's now on the ground
eyes covered with fright
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