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I will not do drugs
I will not do drugs
I keep hearing myself saying that.
But I look confident in the mirror,
the rancid smoke fuming from my nostrils.
Krysha Sep 9
We are nothing but
A passing thought in the mind
of the universe
like a child’s dream at night
that comes only to die at dawn
My teacher in Creative Writing asked us to write a tanka and i feel like sharing it, so here it is. :)
Anne Jul 21
c l e a r
blue skies
the air warm
the familiar smell
of the s a l t y ocean water
the gentle crashing of the w a v e s
young children rushing down to collect shells.

happy faces
old memories
familiar feelings.

I smile at myself
at how  f- a- r
I’ve reached.
Seanathon Jun 11
As close as the rain which runs down the veiny leaves of the poplar trees. Closer still to you and to your thoughts do I wish to be.
Slowly as I did, to descover this desire within me.
Tara Tags May 20
I think—
I think
I think.
Lyn-Purcell May 20

Hands of  Time

Won't stop for gold

But knows to slow when

longing ebbs and flows


Hands of Time

are a rare rare find

But it can blind in

the coin of life


Hands of Time

Won't stop, we go

The seasons flow

Dream and destiny bestowed

How I long to hold and ****** the hands of time
Hands of time...
It's all about do and die, life is anyway
So many dreams so little time

Be back soon
Lyn x
Deanna Apr 22
I am hurt
but so are you
you ask and ask
but I just say no
you don't care
you try and try
never giving up
because you believe
we're meant to be
#love #the one #no
Sam Apr 7
She’s mean
She’s annoying
She’s *** awful

But she’s my sister
So I’ll only complain
Cana Mar 18
I took that train again
The one that doesn’t stop
This time it took me to a land of blondes
A veritable tree.
With many things that a gentleman
Should not write about.
I’d like to think that’s me
Though I’ve proven myself wrong in the past
It’s quite the opposite.
None the less. The train was boarded
And the riders were comfortable,
Smiling and laughing right into the collision.
And why the **** not.
standing on stage
bound to love

love would never bind me

how cleverly they sing

here is an song

sing to me
sing to me unsung
your virginity
clings to me

the scent
mm hmm
my magic woman
come an dream awhile
with me

we know youve been touched before
we are deeper than that stream
well maybe it never occured
to me
just what
you mean to

ring an bell for our future
ring an bell for the tide
wedding bells
time to run and hide

catch me in an corner
with your
haloed pass or

tie me to the wall
just because you caught me
for the fall

time left me

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