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Johnny walker May 20
Since my lady has left
this life passed on to another place far beyond no fears of anything In
life do I have for nothing  bothers me

No unpaid bills that arrive In the post no treats at my door no fears do have for nothing  bother's me not anymore for It's to Helen
that I care
There's nothing In life no
Government threats were one time I would have feared all but through my loss I have
to the outside world for nothing can hurt me my wife Is all that
matters and  she still takes
centre stage over
Nolan Willett Apr 28
I really did think you were cool,
Mesmerizing smile and bright green eyes.
So now I kind of feel a fool
Knowing I must apologize.
I think I could have loved you
But the timing wasn’t right ,
I had too much to do
And now you’re out of sight.
But our time is finite.
So if you can find the time I could not
Come back and love me,
‘Cause I had the afterthought
That we were meant to be
Can I love who I barely know?
Johnny walker Apr 27
In this ever-changing world In which live In
and most of the changes
I do not wish to see for
this life I no
all the killing and the cruelties towards
the innocence of this
ever-changing the world In
which we
live so I'm going  back to the safest place that of my dreams and memories of  Helen because although Helen's has passed on
to next
I know she still loves me and feel she watches over me so locking  within
memories and dream for
I have an Angel who watches over me day and night an Angel who was once my
We all live In a world of uncertainties dangerous
time:s  not the world I grew up as a kid It wasn't perfect but better than niw
Johnny walker Apr 21
With my thoughts driffting away on such a beautiful summer day Im smiling to myself miles
for Im thinking of Helen who Is no longer here In
body but Oh so much still here In
for Helen only left the building but hasn't left my life and she Is still such a comfort
to me
just as If she Is still here with me and Helen even though she's gone can still make me
Helen only left the building not my life, she Is very much hear In the spirit, and she can still make me smile
Kriti Gupta Apr 1
A simple distraction
A week long attraction
Directed my attention from the one that couldn’t happen
Little infatuation
Oh **** I’m saying his name again
You calling on my cellphone is enough to forget him

I slip between the boundaries
I wonder if I’m bothering
And every time I see his tribe I know that this is foreign tea

You were the perfect plaything
He holds my heart in pieces
And now I know that loving him hasn’t disappeared for a second
CL Fjell Mar 26
Flowers are the mind manifested
Sometimes your rain may fall
Much harder than normal
But you'll find eventually
That the sun will feel so much
Brighter than before
Tough through it. Rest in Piece you wonderful person
Skywlkr Feb 4
Yes Rose's are Red but To you they are Dead,
I Remembered what you Had said,
I'm Forever Stuck in this Bed,
Never to Escape my Head,
You Reckon We Shouldn't have Wed.........
So My Words to you is Please wait till all Theese Thoughts are gone Instead,,,
Keep seeing roses are Red so I thought in my head I could make this rhyme dead....
David Bojay Jan 10
long days are becoming more comfortable

things to do

away.... selfish me
let her be
no one to please
enlightenment to seek
dissolution of thought

seeing through the fissures

visiting the empty creeks

totsiens boo
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