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Nica Monet Oct 13
she thinks older than her age
but she plays like a kid with bliss
like a ferocious dragon—treated wrong
face the fiery rage, you’d lose your wits.

treating her right does not guarantee a kiss
only to the one she loves
she’d grant that wish
you do her wrong
not a piece of you would be missed.

like a kid she goes
willing to play and learn
eyes gaze at her with awe
what a sight to see
lovely as she.
And now it's over
The hours count down
No more water
No more home
No more free
No more crown

Just a desk and some work
Just a phone and a girl
Just a sunset sad boy
Loving the world

Or hating
Hate the people
Hate emotions
Hate the power
That the feeling he's knowing
Is the encroaching by the hour

It's surreal enough to laugh
And it's absurd that he might cry
And the sunset summer kid goes to wipe away his eye

His girl, his work, and his hope.
Begins now.
So do.
Or die.
He's going to try
He's gone without
For a year now

There is no die
There is no doubt
It's hard not to see how,

He won't succeed
His confidence agreed
So he wants to ask
Her hand in love

A safety pin hangs
In his closet
An ungiven gift
Waiting for the night
That lovely night
When he knows
That he'll love again.
Heavy head
Heavy heart
I did the thing
I said I'd do from the start

I didn't chicken out
I committed
I breathed

I breathed in relief
For now I know I can
I'm free because I don't care
It's a liberating feeling
To prove it

I breath in
The stench of confidence
Of sleepy gratitude
That I did it

I tried
I succeeded
And I'll do it again.
With a friend
Or two
He makes a last stand

A last word
On a fleeting land

Tell him it's over
He'll hold on tighter
So he's grasping the air
Is that a lighter?

The final stand
Of numb dejection
Well guess what
He succumbs

The story goes on.
Who does he look to
With a sense of safety
Her and her words
Because she feels like quiet

Like sinking
In a good way

Like Icarus
In that one picture

She makes him feel
Like the sun
Like the deep

She is the blue
And the red
And she makes him
Feel better

But he worries
If she can make him
Feel better
She might leave
Then what will he feel?
However there is an awful interjection
Specially or required re-inspection
He has to leave The Room
His room
And he breaks
Attacks riddle a weaker boy
And he thinks fondly of summers prior

He recalls a world free of those anxieties
Could you imagine?
He thinks of this now with a sense,
Of crippling disassociation

The feeling is fading
He doesn't want that feeling to fade
That would mean admitting defeat
That would mean it never really mattered
Did it matter?
Eyes swelling
Sparkling in that light

Fiery burns
Cake the bodies
Of a three certain boys

He's purely happy
Or is he just sad
Oh what does it matter

The lights are
So **** bright.
Friend can be friends
Even if the others
Are *******
Because aren't we all
Or maybe that's flawed reasoning
Because he knows they're not good

But like a drug, they're fun
To be proud
But does he sacrifice fun?

His standards aren't low
But such is his mind
That he can reason his way
Out of guilt

A burning sun sets over conflict
And he reasons
He'll stay a moment longer.
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