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This is not even a poem, call it a brief story
Showing you how bad the situation will be

Doers and Watchers, as far as I can see
Are sole perpetrators of this class 1 felony,

I’ve tried to portray them as simple as possible
So every single one of you can hold them responsible

Let’s take a deeper look, we may find a solution
Before we die in this environmental pollution

Clean is such a nice word, especially with air
Some purposely don’t get it, mainly profiteer

I’m having hard time to understand how come
People neglect seeing the devastating outcome

Of an ecosystem, that is breaking down
We’re stuck in this weary, alarming countdown

Earth’s been around for 4.5 billion years
In a couple of centuries, wounds in all spheres

Technology is fine I guess, gave us a new angle
It’s the ******* money we just can’t handle

The elite won’t lift a finger for the sake of masses
But soon they’ll have to do it, to cover their *****

Greedy, hungry, and egocentric *******
Urging climate apocalypse, these money masters

Trying to accumulate cash, power and chairs
With appalling ignorance of the world’s real heirs

Think about it! The only crowds of the future
Because of their advantageous nature

Are innocent kids along with the youngsters
Only if they can survive these cruel gangsters

I’ve seen their honor were melting down faster
Than the arctic region. Now, that’s real disaster

The mathematics whispers in my ear saying that
If part of the surplus that the richest had

Could be used against, say; global-warming
There would be no need for any prior warning

To save the mother earth from any danger
Before we turn it into a toxic stranger

Or else people will extinct with a lot of money
I know it sounds sad but also pretty funny

The end seems close, maybe in our life time
I honestly cannot think of a bigger crime

We’re not even aware of that. It’s a crying shame
Like we have nothing to do with it and aliens are to blame

Green and blue are both becoming pale gray
Few mind that, the rest turn their eyes away

It is already costing us a pretty penny
Why wait for digging graves for more than many

We need to change the dictionary we’re using
It is self-destructive and nature-abusing

A good bank for instance is next to a river
Internalize that well, thus you can deliver

Why talk about climate, what’s with all the huff
How about hunger, poverty and bunch of other stuff

I’m not saying that they are not of vital importance
Come to think of it, suppose the order of precedence

Suggests nature first, because without mother-earth
No nothing else will ever have a date of birth

Don’t listen to any of those blatant factions
And without-further-ado, take necessary actions

It means a lot to terra, it can’t thank you enough
Believe me, nothing to fuss about, nor is there a bluff

Convincing even one soul, I mean, a single person
Before above troubles deepen and/or worsen

Cannot be underestimated. Nor can it be judged
I know for sure that nothing’s left to be fudged

This lone writing hopefully, aiming at the subject
May encourage someone to rise and further object

It’s up to you my friend to give a **** or not
This humble work proves that I’ve at least tried

Other methods were tested and results are pathetic
That’s why Labyrinth’s warning you in a way so poetic

You might as well quit. But what if you liked the skit.
If so, be my guest and start spreading it
Pending copyright process
Danny Sep 16
Was just a kid with no silver spoon
Yet didn't see the world in black and white instead as colourful
Thought of the gods as super heroes
So waited earnestly for them to come to his aid

Like the periwinkles by the ocean
Get washed by the tides in any direction
So it was with him, poor kid
Yet days went by everyday with no greetings from his adored

So many questions he needed answers
No one could or would give because nobody knew any better
Who would put an innocent kid in this cruel world?
Was he a criminal of the hardened type in his previous life?

Got tired of waiting on the edges of miracles, been doing that all his life
Cursing under his breath threw his chill pills into a flowing river Nile
Stopped asking the day what Providence had for him
Started believing in himself soon as he stopped believing in them

Lost his wrong convictions when he broke free
His words were "***** destiny the partial queen
I had all in on inception so I'd rather put my luck on my inside
Than put my faith in the hands of fate

I know that no one would take me to El Dorado
Only i can take me to where me wants to go
I'm not an architect but i design the life I love and see
Nor am i a builder but i build my own world in this world
Believe in yourself
Quinn Adaire Sep 11
I really wish
I was 23
Because then
I’d finally be free
Not really
I’d be pinned down
By worries
College degrees
Apartment fees
Oh wait
I have that already

But still
It’d be better
Or so it seems
Than being a kid.
Or so it seems...
Ciel Sep 5
Black boy stripped of his innocence.
Black boy denied his right to be a kid.
Black boy labeled since birth.
Black boy criminalized.
Black boy stereotyped.
Black boy violated.
Black boy silenced.
Black boy monitored.
Black boy put into a box.
Black boy seen as a menace.
Black boy forced to grow too fast.
Black boy with his back to the world.
Black boy, you are loved
Black boy, you are a prince
Black boy, you are beautiful
Black boy, you are smart and worthy.
Black boy, go on and speak your truth.
Black boy, go on and dance.
Black boy, go on and sing.
Black boy, go on and paint.
Black boy, go on and be a kid.
Pyrrha Aug 21
they spent so many years treating me like an adult
that I never had the chance; the right
to be a child
I was told to grow up so quickly
that I never had the gift; the innocence
of being a kid
Invisible Aug 8
I know I'm growing.
I know I'm evolving.
I'm changing.
And that's not really the problem.
There actually isn't one.
It's just something I don't like.
I'm a kid.
I don't understand the real world.
And all it's problems.
I mean, that's what I'm told.
But what they don't know,
What they can't see,
Is that I do understand.
I'm a kid, but that doesn't mean,
I'm small.
That doesn't mean
I can't see past the dashboard.
I can see the causes, the effects,
I see the people.
But what I don't like,
Is when I feel like they're right.
I don't like it when I feel small.
When I can't see anything.
When I don't understand.
Because I'm just a kid.

I don't know anything.
That's what they say. Sometimes I believe it. I try very hard not to.
I don't have the experience they do. I haven't gone through what they have. But they won't go through what I will. They won't know the world that I do. Because my world is not their world. I'm not them. What they understand, is not what I understand. It never will be.
The world's different, so am I.
Iz Jul 30
It is 10 pm and I’m crying again
Tears a stream that is so familiar to me
But I’m not crying because I want to die
I am crying because I wanted to
I am crying for that 12-year-old girl
Who twirled
with suicide every night
I am crying because if the pills would have worked
the way I wished they would
I wouldn’t be here
I just wouldn't feel this way
Lapping water
Airplane noises
Dancing bugs
Singing bird
Shiny sun
Peanut butter and honey pancake
Hearing music
Dripping towels hanging from the porch
Mowing trails
Fixing bikes
Tractor ride
Fireworks late into the night
Catching fireflies
Missing Gramma and Grampa
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