if you give a kid a match
they will learn to start a fire.
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
You got me feeling
Like a kid again
****** stomach feelings
I've dated alot before
And i know how to talk
But with you
It's weird
I don't know what to say
Nor what to do
Am awkward all over again
Happy from the tinest
Stupidest things
Legs touching
And am on cloud 9
How did i change so fast
With you
For you
But again
I will always
To lose myself
Or you
Am not what you want
Apoetisonly Jan 4
Yeah, it’s true, I got feelings
I just learned to masked them as a kid
Cause the tears pouring down your face
Won’t do **** to stop or save
The person you love the most
From getting beaten on by the hands of disgrace
On winter days like these wet windy and cold my mind goes wondering to
warmer days when I was a kid
whole life In front of me
the days I played without care In the world they were days thought I'd never get
60 years ago that was, and It seems more like a million years now, Man lives but a short time It's said
I look back on my childhood It seems so long ago almost an eternity I suppose when It my turn to depart this life
I'll be ready, I'm already starting to feel tired
need of a long  
Winter days wet windy cold my mind goes wondering go when I was a kid and warmer days
After all of these years that's passed me by but there's so much anger
In me for the
that I took from the hands of mother and still asking
why was I treated so badly beaten by my mother sexually abused by my brother
how did this come to be and what did I do to cause them to treat me that way and the scars that they left me will never ever go away
Abuse leaves scars for life one never forgets just have to learn to live It but not easy
kiran goswami Dec 2018
" Short stories to make you fall asleep. " Typed the insomniac.
After 15 minutes ...
" Where are grandma's fairytales? "
The kid inside her wondered.
kiran goswami Dec 2018
She was a kid struggling in with her
And he was an adult caged in 'childhood'.
L B Dec 2018
Was I ten?
I think?
Was it December?
that I became distracted
by the snow's

The ******'s hills lure me
the curving walk
Toward home--
I surely know
my way--
path invisible
snow beyond my knees

but for the patterns of the trees
that etch the skyline

My love....
...were it not for those
I would be lost

My feet lift depths
The snow
could be this deep?
could take this much
should trudge so far
my depth
my breath
a fog-- of
I own

I am wading in the white
in spite--
of freezing
of parental threat...
wind brings tears
to reddened cheeks
Toes, long since numb
...and I am late-- as always

Wipe my nose on sleeve
Pull mittens with my teeth
tissues damp in pocket deep

I have gone so far
too far
into the ******'s windings
with my mind

and night is falling
Night is watching
from the hemlocks
now behind
my purpose--
the gray of sky
the ghostly silence
of the moon rise

I don't know where night came from
How it got here
why I came
only that I want to linger--
than that twinge of fear


soft tick
of snow
against itself

Wind in white pines
saddest of living things
begs a loan of time and winter winds
I had been reading Frost's "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" again, and I think I know just where he was.

Yup, in trouble.  Street lights definitely on.

******:  Irish, for a small narrow wooded valley with a brook, in other words--
the back woods behind my house.
Sketcher Nov 2018
Narrator: I set the scene with a small child,
And a mother who is extremely wild,
When it comes to beating and cheating,
But right now the mothers mood is mild,
Mother asked daughter to go to sleep,
Because this insane child was being mean,
Dad is outside of the room with open ears,
By the end of this, I hope you're laughing with tears,
Maybe you will laugh hard if you are ****** up as I,
Now the story begins, so I'll go for now, goodbye,

Kid: No, I'm not tired, all I want is a lot of candy,
And mom, you're a liar, you said I could stay up and watch Handy Manny,
I want to play with toys, but not with her,
She's mean and annoys and ruffles the fur,
Of my teddy bear, I hate her,

Mom: But she's your sister,

Kid: I don't care,

Dad: Hey, can I barge in for a minute and just say...,

Kid: No, get the **** out or you're gonna get it,

Dad: Okay,

Mom: I said you have to go to sleep or get along with your sister and play,
I really don't want it to be one of those type of days,

Kid: What?, the days where you and dad fight,
About **** and whether or not they have rights,
And other ****** **** that shouldn't cross your mind,
But I'm just a kid in my room so whatever, it's fine,

Mom: I'm not going to allow this type of language,

Kid: But you allow dad to bang some other *****,

Mom: How the **** do you know what's going on in our lives?,

Kid: Your words hurt my sister, apparently they're like knives,
I don't care none though, I like the fighting yo,
Almost as much as the guy you ****, what's his name again, oh yeah, it's Joe,
And he gets stuck in you every night and he's tamed you,
Is that why dad sleeps in the basement,
And why did you punch dad, you gave him a face dent,
It leaked blood for hours,
Joe's a good replacement,

Mom: He's not a...,

Kid: Sure he is,
He even has kids,
They are probably better than my sister,
We could replace her too, I wouldn't miss her,
Let's **** em' both, cut em' up, and hide them in bags,
Put em' in the shed and clean the ****** mess with some rags,
I've planned this out before,
I've thought it out a thousand times,
I might be in love with gore,
And also speaking in rhymes,
I know I'm only eight but I've slobbed a ****,
And rode a rod like...,

Mom: OH MY ***!,

Kid: Oh, is this jealousy I'm starting to see,
I'm getting more **** than you, yeah, go me,
It's easy to trick kids into the game,
They're all young so it's kind of lame,
But I say my mouths a door and your *** ***'s the key,
And if you're lucky I'll let you put the key where your mommy had you,
But hold up, are you a Jew,
Cause I can't **** them,
I'm against them,
Because I'm against people with abnormally large body parts,

Mom: Can we finish this story?,

Kid: I've barely begun to start,

Dad: I've heard everything and I'm very disappointed,

Kid: I know right, moms rude and pointless,
Let's **** her,

Narrator: So that's what they did,
They stabbed her to death,
And when Joe came home,
He met his last breath,
The daughter and father hid them in the shed,
Lived as murderers from this point till' they were dead.
Expelling the ****** up parts of me. I don't think I'm even close to reaching my full potential yet...
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