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StuKerr Mar 2015
Ruptured urethra
She has worn it to a nub
My filthy *** fiend
StuKerr Jun 2014
Alcohol my life
Blur it and let me be free
Inhibitions melt
StuKerr Jun 2014
Coffee salvation
Caffeinated ambrosia
Beloved Barista
StuKerr Jun 2014
That Ron Burgandy
He's so misogynistic
Baxter is Awesome
StuKerr Jun 2014
Steve the ocelot
Works at the supermarket
But can't reach high shelves
StuKerr Jun 2014
Powder blue adam
Won't somebody **** me please
I miss the nineties
  Jun 2014 StuKerr
Dark Holes
Your ****'s on parade
Snapchat your privates for me
**** pics of the soul
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