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Distance memories of life as a child we would wake to see jack frost on our windows
no central heating for the  poor In those

Dads old army blankets and hot water bottles to keep us warm would appreciate so much  when dad had lite the open  

He would call us down remember dad breaking up old furniture In order to keep the fire going sometimes we go In search of wood on his

But they were happy days so many restrictions nowadays to prevent one from doing most those things we did as

Conditions were worse as kids but somehow not the
pressures of modern day living If I were given a choice to relive my

But such as wife family friend staying as they were In this life I'd take all of this back the age I was when I married Helen
to the time of the fifties and sixties

And be happy back then free from the pressures of every day living of greed and self Importance and the destruction of our planet

By pollution caused by man the fifties and sixties for me any day days at least, we could live and play as children
Memories fifties and sixties were at least we played as children should didn't go to school till the age five
From the rise of the golden empire on the sky,
           to the silver one shining over
            my head,

From listening the morning songs of those perfect singers who fly,
           to their coming back to bed...

From the time I get conscious,
         to the tiime I'm intoxicated,
               I'm addicted,
To borrow some words,
                     from nature's hymns,
To colour them in my emotions,
                     & create my own rhymes...
The only work I do with happiness, else than my workout is poetry...
nadine Oct 2017
you were always so dedicated in fixing my hair
everytime you stop, you smile and stare
i was so sure the galaxy was in your eyes, not outside of earth
fast heartbeats and halted breaths right after you've found tranquility in my shoulder
when tears have filled my eyes you were there
your chin rested at the top of my head trying to make me feel better
i've never felt so beautiful and fair
until you told me i was, you even swore
those ways got me and my soul ensnared
by you, a debonair, and your words
but do you really care?
i have thousands of questions hanging in the air
i don't ask for i already know the answer
maybe you do, until you've found her.
maybe you do, but i can never be her.
maybe you do, and i wish i was her.
maybe you still do but now i just want to take me back from you
oh please, tell me i still could.
stop me from falling deeper
Think as raindrop falls
Exclusively towards it's goal and aim
Without hope it falls short
Of becoming snow
Although sometimes as rain it does not remain
Full of surprises and changes
noir Jan 28

So bright

Soaring above everything

Everything that I knew

And everything I didn’t

But those wings have been caught


And eventually


I remember how we cried

Asking why

Why this had to be ours

And the only answer we got

Was an echo of madness
I wrote this one a while back (like a week ago). I'm not sure what it was about, but I know I wrote it with like... no sleep so... enjoy!
What is the commotion?
Can't you ******* keep it down?
Deception crawls &
Connivers chisel a network
Into the earth below their brains

& There's nothing you can do, so, please

Try to keep it down.
Identify the signs.
Shut your mouth &
Disengage, or you'll otherwise
Wake the beast - & you don't want that.

Let the covert lie, as they breathe,
& take a note. *******   take a note.

Don't you repeat the mistakes that keep
your mind & your heart wrapped in their affairs,
when the manipulative, & the easily led
certainly won't miss your meat, as they are
well fed in their reciprocal designs.

Don't waste your time.
Like I wasted mine.
TheSaneSaloon Jan 26
When I hear the knock at my door
Will I hide under cover?

Yet, It doesnt matter, It will kick it in,
So then, how will it find me
Wide eyed, crazed with fear...
begging and muttering "No's!"

when the knock comes
prepared I pray.
Resolute, inviting the inevitable.
"Will you sit? stay and drink, if this is it."
A guest in my home, and one finally, fully welcomed.
We leave together
A ****** grin, a countenance, resolved my resolution, and departation my celebration
amuba Jan 3
I write this small piece
As I sit here and sing
My mood flies and cries
Unknowing the truths or lies
Blocked my vision with your words
Your expectations and your wants

I guess to save myself from this pit
I need to dig a hole something deep
A hole in you and a hole in me
I will fill it with the same thing so that you can see
The same thing I aspire one day to be
And one day we will rejoice the fruit of being free
Let me be free, let me be one, please do not separate me with my vision and yours.
Isaac Dec 2018
If reality requires work, let us work hard as ****.
Written 26 December 2018
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