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yann Mar 1
and everytime i come to you,
everytime i listen to your hurt or your joy,
to your brightest ideas or your worsts,
and everytime i let you bring me closer and make me small in your arms,
every single time,
it's because i chose
to keep on loving you.
Jessica Oct 2020
Does love rain down like blossoms in the fall
I wondered...
A thousand colors of pink and yellow
A parade of time and a conjunction of feeling
Tender like the hands of a prayer whispered
In joy
While kneeling
Or does love possess
I pondered...
With a shallow smile that rots in beat
To the petals on the pavement
Mimicking the neutrality
Of a dealer waiting for the cards to fall
While they are dealing?
"I am only answers, not questions",
said Love
"With too few regrets to mention".
South City Lady Sep 2020
Do you ever imagine
      you've lived this day
long ago

only under the beveled glass of a dream,
and now,

you're just going through

      the motions using muscle memory?
Are we carrying out the tissue of our dreams conjured up centuries before?
Mrs Timetable Jun 2020
The only piece
You let anyone see
Is the broken one....

It is beautiful
As is
Sometimez  "as is" is good enough. Some things can't be fixed
Nolan Willett Apr 2020
If we can never sail the ocean
We’ll still dream of the sea;
all have their own notion,
Of what it means to be free.
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
True friends do not care
About appearance or clothes
Accept you "as is"
They are not concerned with your condition they just want to be with you for you
Garrett Johnson Feb 2020
Ode to the hand that's held.

Leaf blower suicide.
German going in & out.
The precious things.
Lay on back.
Looking up.
Doing only what is known.
Wondering what isn't.
Going side to side.
Talk the ride home.
We only went to Wyoming.

Garrett Johnson.
& what isn't.
Left Foot Poet Feb 2020
as our letters age

my twenty six best friends gather round a winter fire,
a Valentine’s Day retreat from the bones internal chilly yellowing,
we’ve been together from the Day One beginning, a life of
commencing conception, deception, immaculate and messy mixing

practicing fumbling, making and breaking the conventional,
we arrange and rearrange our unique ordering, overlapping
with your version, cousin, so we communicate, but uniquely ours,
individualist letters, witnesses, markers, word~children, born, lost

soon seventy will come, and a party, a literary review to be held,
mourning the many, works uncompleted, toasting the few that satisfied,
acknowledging the collaboration of all the twenty six with
special guests,
an aging five senses
that were the kindling that sparked them into action

oh my dear ones, my best friends, your knew me too well,
my best, worst,
my progeny, blood of my blood, voice of my guts,
consoling friends, who
brooked my self-deceptions, yet denounced them when
comforters of our mutual ashes buried in one casket,
our final poem, clutched, at last...
my alphabet of life...

Sat. Feb 22, 2020
you will be invited.
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