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CautiousRain Sep 27
Cold as ice and cold as sin
a man that lost shouldn't've been
but he played his cards
and he played them right
cause nothing touches a man
cold as ice.
Rambles and rhyming
As ya do
Seanathon Sep 16
Leaves learn first to fly
Once the test of death behind
Is last in their sight
I find it ironic that they only get the freedom to fall when they stop growing. Interesting. And if you're reading this, I hope that this colored your day in a positive way. *wave*
Seanathon Sep 16
Because you are
         A whole universe is
         I am addicted to you
Because I am
So addictive it can be.

To lose yourself in another person and their lack of answers.

Bongani Sep 9
As i lift my head
Looking ahead
I see my feelings expire
No time
Its too late to inspire my desire
What you did ignited the fire
While im heading down
Cause you are no longer taking me higher
As time goes...
As time goes by
Johnny walker Aug 31
The passing of time can sometime cloud memory
things of the past become not so clear as If
like a
one starts to think things unreal and did they really happened and was this only In dreams  
when awake and and think was all that went before just a dream I had just awoken
from old
must be clouding my memory you start to lose the plot of what Is real and what Is not .
I'm just old man who growing even okder by the day and who Is afraid of completely losing his
Amulya Aug 27
I wish someone told me then,
That getting A's isn't the only thing that's important,
That you need to learn to talk boldly,
Need to look people in the eye,
Learn to hit the ball up high,
To know the route to back home,
Not just learn the chemicals in soap and foam,
Learn to get groceries from the store,
To cook the soup I completely adore,
Wish someone told me then,
I can't go back now,
Can't relive the pain,
I need to start fresh again
There's hope
Johnny walker Aug 27
Today I'm people watching
In my local cafe and It's still early morning had very little sleep again last
And from last night to now I've had nothing In my head
but thoughts of Helen for she's forever on my
And that how I need things to be I live because of memory my way of survival In order to live each day without
Helen Is constantly In my thoughts day and night never a second in a day passes that I'm not thinking of
When you've loved as I have
then there's no letting go doesn't matter If you can or can't even though
You still won't them near they've been so much a part of your everyday life you don't won't to ever let
Yenson Aug 18
What failures
oh the failures of leaving home at seventeen
of living and thriving as a minority foreigner
of working and studying to post-grad levels
of maturing wonderfully and being up and decent
of loving and marrying and creating a good home
of no crime, no debts, not a drunk, not a player
of no stained reputation, no borrowing or theft
of being easy-going, nice and friendly, an all-rounder
what failures
the failure of being successful and capable in grace
the failure of doing so well a white neighbor burgled
the failure of saying that's not right, you're rotten thieves
the failure of standing up to bullying thieving mobs
the failure of being gangstalked and destroyed
the failure of being an educated professional black
the failure of being a solid, courageous, wholesome man
the failure of knowing you can't do wrong and get by
Ladies and Gentlemen
these are my failures
Its all there in black and white
its the failure of being a minority
In the british democracy of the Socialists
for it is greed to work hard and be successful
its a failure for blacks to aspire and do well when your white
neighbor is a drunken, welfare dependent waster and thief
And Blacks beware, for if you dare tell them to go change
you will be stalked, hounded, smeared, defamed, humiliated
harassed, bullied, slandered, sabotaged, and basically driven to
suicide or a breakdown
They manufacture Failures to reflect their own failures
They call it Trading Places and dish it out to 'Uppity' Blacks
Hey, listen now

You can't be wrong and get right
No matter how hard you may try
Anything that is in darkness, must come out in light
For you can't be wrong and get right

Now if you tell a little lie and think you get away
Cheat a little bit, then you will have to pay
'Cause when you think it's peace and safety, my friend
Sudden destruction's your end
Remembering the first time I kissed and held Helen In my arms magical moment lost In her beautifully spell cast upon me her mistical
Memerised by her eyes that told all with a glance from that very first moment I was For I hooked on Helen from that day on I never left her side
I knew In that first moment what true love really meant to me I'd been searching for this all my lonely days my prayers had finally been heard a day I will never
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