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m h John Sep 11
i think you and i
would grow much better together
on mars

we have already taken up
too much of each other’s
oxygen anyways
JGLutes Aug 29
all of that

out there
past the city
past the airport

none of casualties of civilization

I could
not find
an inappropriately
m h John Aug 14
you locked me in
a state of mind
where i could no longer move
as if i were a child in the womb
who does not have room to grow

a state of mind
where i forgot how to breathe
unless you were there holding
the oxygen mask over my face

a state of mind
where i felt as if i were
a rose petal surrounded by thorns
but you were always there
reminding me of how fragile i am
by pulling me apart
one by one
Jule Aug 8
I breathe to take in
what I can’t feel
Oxygen doesn’t linger
The dioxide fills
Likeminded individuals surround
They keep the place interesting
And my soul sound
As I try to search
for what I can’t feel
I close my eyes and listen
I know what I see isn’t real
Amyrah Jul 19
I was too comfortable,
My privillages we just oxygen.
I m losing it all now,
And I feel dead already.
I ll miss you crazy
...The universe breathes in the dark
It's the starlight that shines through your transcended soul
samara lael Jul 10
the calm synth exhales.
i close my eyes as the rumble of the wheels turn.
palms face up on my lap, i pray.

señor, cuídame en este viaje.
estás conmigo.
inhala; exhala.

my stomach dips with the beat,
the bass picks up & so do we,
right on cue in perfect harmony.

i’m not scared of flying.
i found a peace in that moment
where the song, the sky & my soul
snapped into sync so smoothly
that i sighed in serenity.

i’m not scared of flying,
but sometimes of where i’m going,
& of what lies ahead.

but let me have this moment,
where daniel & kali
soar through the clouds with me,
where everything seems to click.

let me breathe,
despite the lack of oxygen outside.
& save a seat for Him.

~ pilot of life, perfect attendant & guiding wind.
Joyce Jul 6
without any delay
i jumped in the water
my lungs were burning,
screaming for oxygen
but I couldn't back out
not until i could pull you out
safely with me
for some time, all I could see
was the infinite gradient blue
of the ocean
i could swim away
but i rather drown with you
again i find myself
drowning in you
****** together
like waves on the shore
i'm ready to go under
and feel you fill my lungs
you are my oxygen.
- you're the only one who can push and pull my tide.
Deep waterfall slowdown it stream.
And time of movements also slowing down.
Red flowers which around me standing motionless.
I hear silence wind and eachoes sing the song of calmness.
The mountains whispering though trees.
Soft melody of harmony and balance.
I take a deep, deep breath.
And each my cell get fill by oxygen.
The nature teach me to accepting everything like it is.
Don't struggle just accept that.
Relaxing waves flow throug my veins and fill my blood with love and calmness. I'm here, I'm now in presence moment.
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