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It was an evening walk
Idyllic setting
Beatific smiles
Slowly and steadily
They were walking
Sherlock wandering
Zig-zag Zig-zag
Fresh breeze
Streamlining on the faces
Fear wasn't even in traces
Suddenly there was breathlessness
His body was sweating
She could sense the danger
Rushed him to nearby hospital
Doctors there showed the Covid -19  protocol
Asked her to take him elsewhere
His best friend, the anger,
Came to fore
He taught the doctors
What's protocol
What's not protocol
In a minute they were in line
Oxygen mask was on the face
ECG was making a trace
In the meantime
She informed her uncles and aunts
Who happen to be top class doctors
Immediately a well equipped
Ambulance was arranged
He was shifted to nearest Superspeciality Hospital
Cardiac Care Unit for him was the heaven.
Cardiologist did his best and he survived
For the time being he's the winner
All for he has a brave daughter
This isn't an old story
Day before yesterday's fury
Alicia Moore Jul 31
Oxygen is vital for survival,
but I require a special kind;
the breeze that caresses my lips
as you breathe gently—
Silent clips of your love being passed through the current.
White Phoenix Mar 25
They say I have a good heart
But Im not really sure
The **** that ive done
could have the devil running from the underworld
and if i run the world one day
id be tired
were all the same when our eyes are closed
just rest
and even if they dont agree
theres no need to leave the rest
they say the grass is ALWAYS greener
thats a lie we all need the rest

im an insomniac
FloydBrandon Jan 17
I put my fist in a blender just to feel something
Ran into war unarmed and let them bad guys shoot me
In hand grenade fashion
Love all your passion
******* away

It’s a beautiful day for a mood like this
Will you move with me through the Oxygen
Lie face down on the railroad tracks
Let trains put out our cigarettes

If you be my road ****
I’ll be your blender fist
Following up with a song in the (hopefully) not so distant future. I’ll update here with a link and on my profile, so follow and check back soon(ish)!
rk Dec 2019
my love for you
is like craving more oxygen
- essential for life.
- all i need is the air that i breathe and to love you.
hannah Nov 2019
I still love you
In all of my indifference
And the time that I have spent floating
When you don't so much
As cross my mind
You're still alive
Living in my lungs
Stealing all my
part one
m h John Sep 2019
i think you and i
would grow much better together
on mars

we have already taken up
too much of each other’s
oxygen anyways
JGLutes Aug 2019
all of that

out there
past the city
past the airport

none of casualties of civilization

I could
not find
an inappropriately
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