You all seem to be
functioning perfectly
without me.

I'd be happy for you,
if I could make myself flash a few smiles.
But for these hundreds of miles,
I just can't do...

I'd be happy for you,
if I could pull my head out of the gutter,
and make myself happy without you.
But instead, I'll run on a weak heart's sputter,
and I'll forevermore stutter,
when I claim to not be lonely.
But each and every one of my friends, you, are one and only.

I feel so forlorn without your smiles and your voices,
although I am sure for you life is full of rejoices,
because I am gone now and there is nothing to long for.
But, what could I want, apart from my past? Nothing more...

My past lays within a wetland,
just choked out by fearsome storms,
and hardly justified but also incredibly made up for by people I long to see.
Still, for myself nobody could wish to meet.
04-19-2018 22:57

i miss my dad, my friends, my home...
Cana Apr 11
They whirl and swirl and dive
But do they?
The no see ‘ems, You can’t see ‘em
but you can feel them there
Cavorting and frolicking, invisible in the air
A dinner time dance, gluttonous splurge
You’ll know all about their evening soirée
When you discover the main course is
… You.
Stupid bugs. Biting my legs. I look like a heroin addict that can’t tell his legs from his arms.
Pearl Mar 31
Exotic petals of yellow,
Hot pink and leaves of green
A sunrise of baby blues
And clouds made of cream.

A parrot flies
In the melting sky
And along his wings
He carries the essences of Spring.  

A lei of Hibiscus
Black Beauties, Crystal, and China White too
A paradise of softheartedness
Where the sun will never set on you.

Lilac skies in the west
Clouds made with a dash of tangerine  
A Pink Flamingo guarding her nest
A sight straight out of daydreams.

The spirits sway  
In the shadows of the palm trees
So come on down and meet us by the Cay
And let all your fears fall away.

Haleigh Mar 26
A day of love, a day of hearts:
Valentine's Day, twenty eighteen.
The day started out like any other
But ended in a horrific scene.

Students in Parkland, Florida,
Shared their valentines today.
A former student entered the school
To celebrate in a different way.

An AR-15 assault-style rifle
Was that student's valentine.
Killing and hurting students and teachers
Was his version of "Please be mine."

All it takes is a single person
To drag a special day through the mud.
Roses and hearts with Cupid's arrow
Lie on the ground, splattered with blood.

Are we failing our people here?
When shootings occur, we ask for prayers
Instead of taking appropriate measures.
What a sad state of affairs!

Most of us enjoy our day;
Our lives return to normal tomorrow.
Valentine's Day for people in Parkland
Forever will be suffused with sorrow.
In memory of the victims of the 2/14/18 shooting
Wanderlust Mar 25
Bitter Black Hearts tell
Lovely Little Lies as they
Preen and Pose under exposure
with no Shame in their Sinful Settlements.

as the Children with Care and Concern take Charge
they Scream and Screech and Shriek for action,
yet Nothing is done and Naught is thought of
the Tens of Teachers and Thousands of children
as they are Insulted with Insignificancy.
This is a rhyme that hears to divine
a sacred line between "Plants are Alive" and "Animals that Survive".

This stems from the vine
that reached the minds,
who went vegan in time.

A rise above the ground
to eat only plants and grains from the ground
and any fruit laying around.

This has been the talk of the town.
Any voices around
from any blogs I have found
to the speakers in bound.

The community around, a conscious connection,
only some of us have found.

Allow this
to be the map you have missed
to find a diet of bliss
that your taste buds don't miss.

The opprotunity will be lived
with a community that is
a hotspot for this.


"Soflo vegans" is proud to present
the connection for this :)
Random line: So, board this train so veganism remains.
A vegan poem for veganism and for a community in South Florida I work with.
Arcassin B Mar 6
By Arcassin Burnham

Behave, like angels,
We can't,  be able,
Provide,  the Lord will,
Changes , are not made,
And people , will be fake,
See now, we change for,
A worser , endeavour,
I feel this is forever,

Unless , we do something,
The end, only ends you,
The choices , you will make,
Make sure , you care for you,
And build , a better virtue,
Write a , four page letter,
To a , misguided lover,
That will go on forever,

Palm Coast , city of twos,
Based , in a state of reckoning,
They will, forget you,
No time , for all the moping,
To search,  while hoping,
Hope you , could stand the weather,
Will my family be here?
But they won't be forever.
William Marr Feb 25
once again

I heard bang bang

bullets shooting out of an assault rifle

rip through innocent young bodies

setting off a series of wailing cries

once again

I heard clink clank of gold coins

dropping into the golden bowls

held by weapon manufacturers, NRA,

politicians and dealers

setting off a series of hearty chuckles
we heard
there’s a rumor of war,
and there’s nowhere to

we killed
those Floridian kids
to make room for
our guns;

we shrugged
when we noticed the graves
overflow with our

we can
get used to anything—
like a school slick with

we will
destruct according to
the Devil’s bargain we’ve
Guns are not greater than kids' lives.
alanie Feb 21
its been less than a week since the Florida shooting
there is no progress
nothing is happening
the government
is doing
when is this going to stop?
when more bullets hit skin?
when fear overtakes the desire to learn?
enough is enough
were those teens' lives less important than others?
their lives meant something
and they were taken away in a matter of minutes
this is not an issue that needs to reoccur
endless times
it has to stop here
those kids were promised
they would be safe at school
none of them knew what was going to happen
when they walked out the door that morning
some of them didn't even say goodbye
and they will never get the chance to

their lives were precious
and they were gone too soon
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