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They crest the white foam in perfect formation,
With purpose and strength they flap as they glide,
Fixated ahead in assured navigation,
Each trailing the other with nowhere to hide.

Then all of a sudden with no clear command,
They veer on some path and head for the sky,
Soaring the waves like a mischievous band,
Riding the thermals with a predatory eye.

No longer a pod but single torpedoes,
Spotting their quarry they launch with intent,
Diving at speed like rapacious mosquitoes,
To feast on that glimmering shoal now hell bent.

Again and again they dive to then surface,
Their sacks full of loot hidden from sight.
Transfixing, majestic, nature's true circus,
The curtain then falling as they once more take flight.

Florida's Pelicans, a marvelous sight,
Gregarious and cheeky with us so entwined,
Once hunted and culled as merely a blight,
Now in our hearts so fully enshrined.
Hope you like
Francie Lynch Jun 2021
Giddy-up to Goofey-land,
Saddle up the pachyderms;
Ain't Florida grand.
They click and cluck
Don't give a ****;
They kiss... kiss...kissing
And yet they're missing
The white hat way of life.
They know squat,
And that ain't a lot,
As they ride off
In all directions.
Tip of the hat to Stephen Leacock for the last two lines.
Juliana Apr 2021
I hope every day
brings you as much joy
as you felt riding down
that Florida highway.

I hope you can drive
with the windows down,
sunroof open,
a convertible as safe
as your recurring fairytale.

I hope the wind
blows through your hair,
the humidity feeling
like a warm hug
from the clouds.

I hope the music is loud,
and you know every word.

I hope you’re present.
Black Petal Apr 2021
Sweet fragrant citrus
Awaken my tired senses
The essence of home
Black Petal Mar 2021
Moon glitters on waves
Blackbird sings in the shadows
Nature's midnight song
Simran Modhera Mar 2021
Cigarettes and coffee and you.

If I had to name three things I couldn't live without,
I guess those would be the things. But it’s not an addiction,
per say. I only like cigarettes when your callused fingers
offer them to me,
your wordless expression showing concern and contentess.
I blow away our pain and worries and pass it on for later,
thinking I’ll make some coffee again today.
For both of us like I usually do.
Coconut milk in yours and creamer in mine, right?

My toes are suddenly cold
I dip them in these tender aqua waters,
juxtaposing itself with the Tampa humidity
that laces my cup. I can't tell if
you resting your arms around my waist
brings a fire within me
or if it gives me chills.
I start swaying to some synonymous tune
that happens to play in both of our heads at this moment,
even though the only music is
the wind whistling
through the shells and stems of the palm leaves.

My lips are, coffee and cigarette and you stained.
The painful heat always disrupts this heavenly time for us.

So we’ll meet here, same time tomorrow.
I wouldn't want to live without it.
Francie Lynch Oct 2020
I came to see an alligator, lizard or a toad,
Drove along the waters to the Tamiami Road.
We took our time to see the myths all about the park,
But still I wanted desperately,
To hear the gators bark.

Watched the dawning day arrive
Above the mossy trees,
Watched the night herald morn,
Tasted the salty breeze.
We lived a captive life
Along the shell shod shores;
Traded time for trinkets,
Shopped the main street stores.

We oiled our bodies near
The alligator swamp;
Waited bated near
The large tortoise hole;
We didn't see the turtle,
Didn't see the shell;
So looking for the gators,
Remained our only goal.

We heard one lived in the lake,
Invisible in his lair;
Eating shanked golf *****,
Go on look, if you so dare.
We watched from a distant bank,
With each kerplunk,
Our odyssey sunk.

We searched further down
The TamiamiTrail;
Studied bees in their hives,
Awed by the order we saw there,
Made us more alive.

We wandered lost in orange groves
Perfuming winding trails;
But we never saw a gator,
We never saw a tail.

So, if you want to see some gators,
Skip the Tamiami Trail.
Wow. Found this one I wrote in 1978 on my first trip to Fort Myers, FL. I was in teacher's college. Married for eight months. It was March Break (Reading Week) . There wasn't much time for writing poetry in those days; however, Ann had an Aunt and Uncle living out a Canadian winter there. They invited us down. What a terrific holiday. What another life. I sound disappointed, however, I must have done a lot. I should send this to my former wife. We don't live far apart. And we have daughters with children living in homes between us. What a world.
Max Neumann Aug 2020
teenager dreams, my friend's last sentences
we spraypainted the buildings in our hood
we lived this live, tryin to talk like legends
we didn't see an end anywhere, first we invaded streets

and then we gobbled down the city, if they were comin'
we beat em up, every baba that i construct
creates memories like the dawn of my childhood
fakers, jason warriors, half a kid, investment banker,

tremendous windows, art nouveau, and statues
statutes and club guidelines, rich business men
who bled to death in the rain, in front of their mansions
but i just took pictures, afterwards i chilled

there was no future for me, merely rappin provided a shelter
so i chained up my rage, but now i don't have to hide
i'm a giant-sized male and i endure feminists
as long as they never try to convince me of "values"

i'm a giant-sized male, mostly wicked and rotten
you got the palm in the back, catch 500 rocks, jason
into the py of queshaana, my name be tizzop
i am so true, find my face on dollar bills

and in downtown miami, where i'm shining with the sun
in order to negate a female's approach, just a pun?
i am macho like the rhymes, take you to the cinema
that much fun and a few nachos are enuff

to baste you with s
m, i got a hammer *****
and hammer nails like a banger, kiddo: set sail
everything been done, and we're flying to venice
fortunately, the beard is gone, gonna meet perla

straight into the face, always for the big splash,
they are just basslines, when i'm stressed out and
hand out codeine like jason to strangers
why you stressed out? i am styling myself walking

smoke during the videocall, like a chimney
fly over the curb, one hundred miles
hunting down the traitor, his name be freddy
but i scented that liar, ****** him good like a big daddy
For my frippy friends
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