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They say
that we learn from
our mistakes.
That's why I'm making as
may as possible.
I'll be a genius!
do not have to exist
of words
that rhyme.
They can simply be
made up
of words from your mind.
Even though I just rhymed, I hope that the message was realized   :)
Close my eyes shut out what don't want to see
very easy for me to do these days so much In
this life, I don't want to
see any more

Watching this Idiot government destroying our country cruelty beyond believe against
the vulnerable of our society they are
gutless absolutely no feelings toward the poor
of this country

Just hope and pray I live long enough to see them fall as surely they will but
best of all this the town I live the council Is going to ***** a statue of Margret Thatcher

I'm sure the poor of this town to which are many will be so grateful when they have been to the food bank to try and get food to feed starving there, kids

They will be able to view this wonderful bronze statue of
Margaret Thatcher the milk snatcher who created poll tax who single handed destroyed the working class

Of this once great country for It's they who In nine years have devastated and bought to Its knees the poor of this country God bless all those that deserve so much better

In life than this so-called government of complete Idiots will ever give them Heaven help us all
God help us all save from this Idiot government would be better of running a circus
Johnny walker Feb 11
Sat here drinking coffee just passing the time of day for I live from day to day now for alone there's no need to make any plans
And there's no place I need to be for no longer dose my wife call my name I miss
so much hearing her
It a year that has passed since she departed from life oh God how I miss her so each and every
For she was my world and all that was In It to all I needed In life for.when I first met my sweetheart It was she who gave me a life
Before we met I was a loner had never been loved In my life but my wife to be saw something In me that no others could see
And I never looked back In the twenty years she was my sweetheart all that
time spent
But life was cruel when It took her far to early In life and stole from me all I had In life that of my beautiful
I miss so much hearing her voice twenty years Is a long time together but she was stolen from me to early In life
Out there thousands of many miles away another country Is Angel who watches over me who every day
Sends messages that are so much a comfort to me messages that carried me through some of my worst day of griefing
An Angel who has become my true friend no question
about It, this Angel saved my life by hearing my cry from afar
Who sent a message to me and changed my life forever an Angel that has bought back light to my
once darkening
An Angel who heard my cry from afar an Angel who has become my friend
The Last few days felt so strange
shut myself away from the outside
world just didn't want to see just
couldnt face these past few

So I wrapped a blanket of dreams
around me and there I stayed for
five days and nights drifting from
dream to dream

Happy to just stay wrapped
up In my dreams of yesterday deep
In thoughts of one time sweetheart
Helen been passed a year

And I've lost her but I'm still asking
why was she taken from me far to
early In life far to young to die that
the way It felt she was stolen from
Helen always feel this cruel jealous world stole Held her from me because can't stand people being happy
No one is
everyone has
troubles and struggles.
You just need
to learn
to rise up from the
The point of
is not to get something
in return.
You give
from your heart and
the point
is not to earn.
Give from your heart
Matthew Feb 2
Love runs away
Fleeing with Stolen Hearts
so fraudulent
and sly
tiptoeing to our doors
to leave us a small gift.
When we wake,
to a find a Stolen Heart on our doorstep
We hide.
Crimes of passion
we don't understand
Yours aching to return
And when our eyes meet
so do our lips
Unsure of the warm embrace
and the new heart
A hybrid of yours and mine.
                                                    ­                                    Love doesn't shatter it.
A poem about love
My wife sadly died a year ago but since then my struggles have been of many because now of difficulties of paying
I've now been summoned
to court just like a common criminal for twenty years
my life was stable with my wife, just managing to get by and that all I wanted now
But I'm struggling to buy food can't heat my home
because there Is no compassion any more from a government that doesn't care, but I'm not going to lie down and
I'm going have my say through my poetry writing and try to help other's who are also struggling
Sat In the street on a freezing day a homeless man and his dog I watched people passing bye If he were not there
so walk up to him gave £2
and ****** his dog told him
go buy a warm drink
because I have compassion
for the human race,who have long since been forgotten by the rich and greed of this
From once stable life to a common criminal whilst struggle with grief
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