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Bigyan Rai Oct 6
Pain still lingers
Feels like I'm about to break
standing here aches
Not sure how much more I can fake
Put out my fire
Wipe my tears when they roll down my cheeks
Give me a handful of midol
Swallowing the handful of midol pills
Not sure if it's all in my head
My back is full of sharp objects
Even sitting down is excruciating
Just give me a break
I need some time alone
Just being alive is painful
Nobody to love
Even though I try hard enough
Nobody is willing to accept me
I' m always on my own
Never had someone
Just dead on the other end
All hopes has vanished into thin air...
Seanathon Oct 3
Life is grain broken
Barley thrashed and pulled apart at the seams of bread and beer

Grapeless wine
On tender loving vines in a budding vineyard still

Intent on being our sustenance from the start
Such things are born at the hands of man but by the will of Gods kind heart
Beneath Heavens, From The Earth
a scrap of our poetry is hanging
on the line that we've drawn
scraps of our poetry, playing in
the space between

scraps of our poetry
little by little dissolve to void
scraps of our poetry
hurt and heal my heart.

scraps of us, I throw and keep
to and fro
till its wholeness is here
you, with me.
to my first follower, hi mau!
Faizel Farzee Sep 17
Running slowly to catch my breath,
It alludes me, everytime I see your angelic face.

Your lips as sweet as nectar
Takes my soul higher every time I have but a little taste.

Drunk on your intoxicating love
For your touch, I'm scrambling to pull ahead of the race.

I'm floating among the clouds
Holding on to your smile, if not,
I'll get lost in space.

You extract the best part of me from me, for you,
I notion I will always be willing to chase

This a mere mortals words,
written in bliss, forever
sealed, with an angel's kiss.
Love is amazing, it makes float on clouds,
I look in your eyes,
I know eternally our souls are bound
A match made in heaven
My earthly angel I found.
Fact is, in this ocean of love,
We both willingly drown.
Seanathon Sep 16
Square me up with a new a vengeance
  Strike thunder of a different kind
    Pray not to see my gleaming face when you're ahead
      But hear me first
        Boom loud with anticipation
          When you're behind
I've seen thunder strike from the ground up. And it's ****** amazing!
Nat Lipstadt Sep 14
Hosannah (Mombo from Missoura)


Hosannah (Hebrew): an exclamation of joy, adoration

who says Hosannah anymore, I think, recalling
a question reversed,^ one, long ago, that she sent to me,
the answer comes, a puddle splashing grandmother,
Mombo from Missoura

a what?

doesn’t matter

Periodic perusals of the small fine poems here, jewels lost in the kerfuffle,
At once, a signet ringing word jumps into my historical consciousness,
That little place, where the childhood was puzzled, but purified, remembering
That little boy, in synagogue, lost amid a congregation chanting
             Hosannah! to
Yahweh, ghost god, user of intermediaries-whisperers,

Mombo from Missoura (today’s guest voice)

selected by greater forces to make him recall the unity of many voices

his squeaking tone, found among that pure noise
that went to god’s heart direct

exclaiming in joy, adoration of
a majesty unfound on Earth,
sealed with a Selah,
crowned with Hallelujah

that god who never, incapable of forgetting,
still chats with him, that boy, now a boy~poppy,
from time to time,
recalling when together,
they too, puddle jumped,
looking for oil drop rainbow spots
so they could unison shout out loud

Hosannah! A rainbow on Earth

Sabbath Sept. 14, 2019

^ ”who writes poems like this?”
did you think that a poem would not be forthcoming,
her Sep 10
I wish I could
Package each and every single adjective that I have used to describe you thus far
And send them to you individually
So that you could have enough pieces
To make a portrait
Big enough to cover the entire night sky
Not missing an inch
So you could marvel at it the way I do
When you’re feeling down
And if it does nothing else
I hope it makes you smile
The way I do
When I’m down
I know I’m not a healer, and theres nothing I can fix
But I am a writer
So I’d like to give you this

I’ve dug deep inside myself and found pieces of you buried in the depths of my heart
Places I’ve never known
Places I want to discover

It’s funny cause
I’ve started and ended this poem about 34 times.
I won’t address the other days.
This is a simple one...

I wonder if the lead in my pencil gets excited when I begin to write your name.

Sometimes, I’m jealous that it’s gotten to touch you before I have.
for you.
Most of my time now spent thinking what might have been If she were here with me still how different life would
I wouldn't have fallen so far from grace as have since she's been gone trying to deal with every day
Fallen apart I'm constantly fighting my way back In order to cope with her loss
with every passing
Just becomes much harder
I guess It Is In truth that Helen and I were never meant to be apart
from each
CROW Aug 28
Dear Kat Blackfog I sincerely love you,
I hope u love me too,
You matter the most to me,
And I hope that you think this and can agree,
Every time I see you I feel warm inside,
It combats my depression like a rising tide,
I sat here making this rhyme,
To tell you I am willing to accept you for you at any time,
My heart aches when your away,
Which is almost every day,
But I hope this poem isn't sad to read or say,
Because I think it would make me die,
To know this poem could make you cry,
I love you even when I cry out and bleed,
And I am pray I will always be what you need.
For The Girl Women And Kat I Will Always Love
From no where...

as the sun ...
as the moon ...
as this earth ...
i'm from no where ...
from that sky ...
the son of stars ...
i born there ...
and will go back ...
again one day ...
there where all souls ...
starts from there ...
the first station ...
and the last ...
for an eternal life ...
where the real happiness ...
only there ...
there where no bodies ...
only spirits lives there ...
with blessing and peace ...
lives a happiness with no hates ...

i'm from no where ...
i belong to no where ...
even if my body ...
buried in the ground ...
my soul return to it's home ...
to all skies ...
there it must be ...
because ...
i'm a son of sky ...
i born with a soul there ...

hazem al ...
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