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Pandora Feb 12
Roses are red
Berries are blue
She's for me
if by chance
you take my place
i'll take my fist
and hit your face
Lieke Jan 26
I want to punch you 'till you bleed
twist you bones 'till they snap
vacuum the remainders of your heart
then squeeze your veins 'till you no longer

But when the starting gun is fired
I am stopped by gravity
pulling me back
humanising this creature dressed as you
solidifying the sea of hatred a mile tall

The more I fight
the more I cry
each drop that splashes on the ground
is a piece of my heart
                       for all the creatures in this world.
7 July, 2018
Emma Jan 11
You’ve done more to my pride than I thought I would let anyone.
And I don’t miss you, but I miss the surety I had before you.
You made the world so much uglier and so much less kind.
I wish I could take back all the power I gave away.
I wish I hadn’t been so weak and blinded.
I wish I could punch you in the face.
Makayla Jordan Dec 2018
your words hurt.
the way they CReep down my stomach
waltzzz in my intesTINES
swing across my kindeys.
turning it inside out.
makes me wanna crEEP up to you
wwwaltz around your body
and SWING at your face.
George Dec 2018
The first punch just landed.
You now have only seconds, with a million emotions swirling,
you recognise, fear, fatigue, confusion and pride.
'Choices' and 'Options' are the talk of those arm chair historians,
but not for you now,
for today what you do,
is what will happen next.
Sanny Nov 2018
I hear your voice from the corridor.

Your laughter triggers my grief, I get so weak.

The voice that once gave me butterflies now feels like a dagger in my chest.

I can no longer hide, time's up.

I have to face you.

I wasn't strong enough to look down and our eyes met.

I felt the space, the universe even, between us.

A cracked glass wall I can't punch through no matter how hard I'd try.

While facing reality the ground beneath me gets blurry.

I'll never get away from you.

The walls I have to build to survive having you around won't be crushable.

Loving you will be my loneliest downfall.
Rowan Oct 2018
I’ll look up and see a wasp
Or a bee, hunting around,
Ready to die.
Collaborations simplified in rivers abreast
Oh, the shores of Lethe are so delightful
With their ash marked eyes and solitude beggars
Potted plants of desiree, coal jutted shouts cross
Blanket crowds shoved in a bruised corner
With a madman screaming something about
Lasting generation and forced collaration.

See the basket cases? Claimed they were
From the devil, Dee did, muttering about kingdoms
and collard greens
With her stuffed, shrunk coat waddling round the
same Dickey’s, a corner from Westboro Baptist.
And kitty corner from the statues no one’s taking down
Cause Mr.White said nah son, that’s not right
As he bombed Bethel Baptist one more time.

And these shores are so delightful, don’t you see?
Harpooned sticks and scarecrows, oh sorry,
I meant social expectations, but who cares anyway?
Wondering why we all say “i want to die’,
Have you looked at the government mandating
People inhuman, or the money situation,
Should be on the news, but
No we here at Fox and CNN don’t believe that’s important.
Say, I don’t think we should have Onion headlines
On the New York Times.
So we say ‘i want to die’ and the Gazette tells us
it’s those **** video games again
or maybe it’s the stigma and lack of empathy from
The Powerful.

And you hear on the street,
“****’s ending this country,”
Sorry, I wanted a break from all this ******* noise
From a country pulling apart at the beaten seams
Of another unwritten book.
Anger, you’ll say, irrational, I’ll add,
But pointing at the statue in the park

And you wonder why all those wasps
And bees we look down on, the gerbils and
That we never pull a punch on
Why they escape through the way they know how,
Why, wouldn’t you too? But that’d require empathy, sir,
And apparently you lack more than morals, sir.

Look, there’s Dee, getting her collard greens
In her stuffy, shrunken jacket,
Round the corner from Dickey’s and cracked roads with
littered breezes blowing past cars open windows, honking and
brazen calls.

Welcome to the Lethe shores,
Don’t worry, you won’t remember a thing,
Slipped a bit of Liquid X in your alcohol.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
You need no hardware
across the zero’s span.
Only software will do
to land you a full
360-degree run.

A little null punch
but gives you
a colossal rise.
Run around the null
the way to go is digital!
punch the alarm clock
and go to work only
to punch my time in
at yet another clock
to punch holes at a
punch press and
fantasize about
punching my boss
in the face and
then punch out
from work and go
punch in my pin
number to pay my
bills that punch away
at my weak paycheck
and return home to
avoid the neighbor
with a very punchable
face and sit down at
the typewriter with a
tall glassful of spiked
punch and punch words
down on paper from the
lettered keys as I write
about punching love in
the heart and punching
sadness in the chin and
donkey punching ******
in the back of the head
while I go crazy and punch
holes in the wall and drunk
punch the night away and
never getting to the punchline.
b Jul 2018
it rained like
god was mad

and he was
make no mistake.

the rain brings out
the worst
in me.

but when it
stopped, i saw
his promise

like a drawing
like art
in my sea.

it may be tired
but it hit me like
the punch i needed.

i am deep in the
rain, but he
made a promise.

i havent seen
the stars in
so long.

or maybe i
havent bothered
to look.
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