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The Vault Sep 17
No more tears for me.
Rap and punching
Pain is my new relief.
KM Hanslik Sep 7
Lately, been on an ego trip
just trying not to flip my ****
or put my fists wherever they'll fit,
meet your skin and feel it rip
Been on a lifelong ego trip
telling myself just to go with it,
feeling lost and trying to sift
through all the *******, leaving matches lit
wherever I go, take a sip but swallow slow
feeling like I'm about to blow,
about to go off & I don't even know
how to make reparations
with all these half-strained relations,
half-numb sensations
eating away at my patience;
hit the ground running; touchdown on pavement
& you can ask me how my day went,
maybe you really do care
about global warming and solar flares,
but it's been rough even trying to comb my hair
hit me up like you've been there
or follow up with one of your blank stares,
but I'm good on that, I think I've had my share
trying not to go off in parking lots and coining insults on-the-spot
one-liner comebacks on-the-dot;

Been on a trip with my ego
just following wherever she goes
but she can take me down some dark roads,
I guess that's why I go with the flow
so much but I'm tryna break out of that
like trying not to swing when you're up to bat,
swimming in **** like a sewage rat,
Been riding my ego cause it gets me high
head in the gutter, middle fingers to the sky
leave my conscience on standby,
shooting shots like a drive-by,
ground zero and time to let these bullets fly
just another petty cry
for something we never knew was a lie
turns out we've been milking our will to live dry;
I think it's time to put our egos aside,
I think I wanna get off this ride.
Remember kids, ****** is never the answer. ****** is, of course, the question. And the answer is yes.

Remember kids, if you ever stab someone, punch them where you're gonna stab. They'll think you punched really hard, they won't realised you stabbed them.
A "poem" every day.
C 'est au coeur du punch
Que je vois le reflet de ton infidèle image
C 'est au fond du calice trouble
De pulpe de citron vert écrasé
Et de sirop de batterie
Que je vois enfin le reflet de ton infidèle image.

C'est une image qui tourbillonne
Comme un aiguillon kaléidoscopique
Car tu es cent et un oiseaux orange
A la fois dans la charmille.

Une image, que dis-je, un flot d'images
Secrètes et sourdes qui t'exhibent
Au goutte à goutte
Des lèvres au gosier
Et du gosier au cerveau.

C'est à cinquante-cinq degrés
Dans le coeur de chauffe du rhum blanc
Cent pour cent agricole
Que ton souvenir me vampirise
De ses poèmes lubriques
Et que j'offre mon cou et ma nuque à ta morsure
Douce, nue et sincère,
et à tes griffes amères comme le schrubb !
malluraeh Jul 9
a punch in the face for me is like a
waking up call to do more. More punches more text.
Philomena Jun 17
"It's caving in around me
What I thought was solid ground
I tried to look the other way
But I couldn't turn around
"It's ok for you to hate me
For all the things I've done
I've made a few mistakes
But I'm not the only one

Step away from the ledge
I'm coming down

I could never be
What you want me to
You pulled me under
To save yourself
You will never see
What's inside of me"
Philomena Jun 17
"I'm drowning in the bottom of a bottle.
Running from a man I swore I'd never be.
No one ever has to face tomorrow.
But I'm the one that has to face me.
It's the demons I've created for myself.
The tragic truth.
It's hard for me to understand myself.
So it has to be hard as hell for you."
The years went by
And the letter presented itself
Among many a person
In the community
From law to the police
He or She was known as L
Exposure to the case would result in a mistrial
Case getting handed to the Kira case
Was known to have connections with Kira
Till now it's just how it is between them
Obsequious as L was to Kira as always
There were some battles that had to be won
And I guess it was an inferno of self-destruction
For the series of Death Note animes that
Presented the book to its real form
Thank god for the bars to academically write this letter.
My resignation till the very end.
I guess the guy who got out
Of this mess was a fairly smitten fandom manga girl
Rightly could write her last note, but had no children
It's obvious that this case for the viewer who is familiar with the
Forbidden book, let's just read on.
Philomena Jun 4
"Hope I'm on the list of people that you hate
It's time you met the monster that you have helped create


It's hard not to be a menace to society
When half the population is happy on their knees"
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