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I heard the lines you never said.
I care for you,
but not as much I do for her.
I love you,
but not as much as I love her.
For I was the girl that could never make you happy
as much as her smile simply did.
my legs took me to a sandy shoreline
in a cold beach where I sat and wept
the spaces between my ribs ache
due to blistering darkness
and aching apartness
that left an abyss
and gave birth to
of vain
stained lines
that brought hopes
of starting fresh
but time and again
a small crevice brings back
dead dreams and decayed deceit
screaming to be avenged the way
Heathcliff takes his vengeance until
he drops his will and resolves to let go.
Rayne Oct 10
What does one do when the lines of the meaning of love are blurred for a girl at the age of fourteen?
When a girl is pinned down to a bed even though she said
But let it happen because she thought that was how relationships were supposed to be.

Maybe he didn’t listen because I’m wrong
This is meant to happen
I’m his girlfriend.
I should be okay with him groping me.
Stop being so uncomfortable.
Stop squirming underneath his grasp.
Stop trying to pry his fingers off of your breast as he laughs at your struggle.
He’s your boyfriend.
He loves you.
This is okay.

It must be okay
Because the pattern continued.
It must just be love when your boyfriend tries to touch you in untouched places while you’re trying to sleep
At the age of fifteen.
I’d never been touched there before
I’d never even touched myself there before.
And I had never felt any more uncomfortable in my whole life
But who was I to say
It was love,

And it wasn’t assault, right?
Surely I- a young, normal girl- didn’t become a victim of ****** assault
I didn’t say no.
I was too scared to say no.
I was too scared that the words
Became lost in my mouth
And my eyes were stuck shut because they were too scared
Too see the kind of  love he was giving me.

And I wanted to leave but I couldn’t
Because love is supposed to be this way.
I never had a physical experience showing otherwise.
This must be love
The lines are not blurred.
This is how it is.

For a moment I thought that maybe
I wasn’t wrong.
That this repetition of touching
That this lack of approval
Was wrong.
My body is my body
I’m not found strung on the shelves of *** shops
Or delivered in a package with a bow on top
Spread across the table for a man’s full course meal.
I am a person
And just because I have ******* and curves and a vulnerable physique does not mean I am up for grabs--

He told me he loved me
But if that was love that was no love of mine
And I told him
I exposed him
I may have been in tears but I told him I knew everything that he had been doing to me and I called out his love

And he
Did not apologize.
He did not explain himself to me.
He just told me that
It was okay.
I was okay.

Because that’s right.
I am nothing
I am nothing
How silly of me to think otherwise
How silly of me that I almost forgot that I am nothing more
Than an object for you to touch how you please.
Who needs sleep
When the man can’t wait
For you to wake up
For consent
For you to yell

Because who am I to say no?
divinity m Oct 8
one powdered line
becomes two powdered lines
then it's multiplied by four
and the only thing it gets divided by
is the edge of my worn out card
as i separate the small piles
into more and more lines
trying to subtract all the hurt.
Elizabeth C Oct 1
I was never expecting this.
You came out of nowhere and now my life will never be the same because of you.
I didn’t think I’d ever let a person have this much effect on me.
Sometimes I think I fell for you too hard.
But I don’t regret a thing. I never will.
I can’t imagine myself with anyone else.
I don’t want anyone else but you.
Even now I notice every detail of your face. Of your actions.
You made me believe in love.
I never want you to leave my life.
I miss you every day you’re not with me.
I can’t think about anybody but you.
I long for your touch. To feel the heat of your body pressed up against mine. To feel our fingers and legs intertwined.
I want you to keep tickling my ear with sweet nothings.
I want you to tell me about your day no matter how boring it was just so I can hear your voice.
I want you to come over to return that thing I purposefully left at your place so that I can see you.
I want you to hug me close so I that can hear the beat of your heart instead of goodbye.
Every time I imagine a perfect future, you’re in it.
I’ll never meet anyone else like you.
I’ll never find another love like yours.
I don’t want to ever let you go.
I will always love you.
Wrote this a while ago after I realized I've literally thought all of these things both after a breakup and after falling in love. Inspired by "14 Lines From Love Letters or Suicide Notes" by Doc Luben
Willow Sep 21
The youth have charged us by storm
You soul is soft, weathered, yet tough.
Even though the thread is thin
We hold tight with a fatal grip.
After prolonged, inevitable erosion
It would make sense to simply let go.

To paint the line we’ve created
A string must measure the length
Of how much time it’s been
To find the end of the string
Is one no soul keeps in mind.
All we unconsciously ache for
Is the end of the line.

How sad that is.
Pt. 2

In hope we wait.
Willow Sep 21
There on the tar
Lies paint with a purpose
We wander too far
Over the lines of hierarchy
Destined to face the consequences
Set by the ones whose eyes
Have experienced this all before.

Troubled souls state simply
That lines are meant to be crossed
They say this with impulse in limbs
With zero regard for the tarnished ending.
Souls of this demeanor
Will never wholy construct the finish
Solely being because of velocity.

You’ve state the line is blurred
The paint is worn or faded
Yet I still stand here listening.
This road has been shattered by youth
The less weathered assume the sun
Would’ve dried the paint by now.
Little do they know
The paint has always been wet.
Pt. 1
Elvira Sep 15
The ruins between my ribs held us static
We were parallel lines that were never coincidental,
A could-have-been intersection that ceased to draw itself
Just before the point of tangency.
You told me it was I who stopped pursuing you,
That it was I who fashioned these rusts in my own gears.
Apathy was my choice,
Until I saw the concern that lay beyond your hostile mask
That left me wanting for the unknown.
Rune Sep 14
I want to have you tattooed on me. In True size.
Every point copied; Pierced through my dermis and dotted under my skin. Line by line. Your soft curves imaged. The pretty picture you are.
The artist has to capture your look and feel.
Grasp the splendour of your character; without taking it from you whatsoever. You are far to untamable to be pinned down like that; there is a reason butterflies  are being framed and lionesses not.

Suddenly you stood there, and I was ****.
Nobody could forsee that I were yet to see a godess. They are not made as Beautifull as this anymore.
Seldom before and with greater exception after.
An attempt to translate stumbeled Words I drew in dutch with incomparable results and the question whether it is or isn’t a succes.
Scarlett Sep 11
it started in your bones
it ended in your heart
I miss your bright smile
I miss your cackling laugh
they told you it was time to say your last goodbyes
what do you do when your loved one dies?
you were a supernova in a world of stars
embracing everything that fell into your arms
the pears in the bathroom
the stuffed tigers on the shelf
its the story of my childhood
you taught me to love myself
an armchair and a gentle man
a woman full of joy
a godmother me
a  bakery near my home
the years grow in length, time passes
you're still gone
I haven't seen you in a while, I can't bring myself to see
the stone anchored in the ground where your head would be
do you still see us?
up in that heavenly place
do you still bless us, with your heavenly grace
I still message your phone
though I know you won't receive it
I can't bring myself to believe it
I've got the photos, the videos, and the proof
of a beautiful existence
but it's with a heavy heart that I say you're gone
it's not fair that you left so soon
so I close my eyes
and imagine you're in the room
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