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It's all been done before
Time, as a construct is illusionary.
Past, present and future are combined.
There are no dividing lines
We have existed in awe
to learn again from our elder selves.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
All said was done
All done wasn't said
For I read
Between the lines
Hang me
If it's a crime
Raven Feels Jun 16
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, when you wish upon a star
your dreams come true-Cliff Edwards---do they? :>

remember when you called us quits too soon
one year later in a **** same room
all the blacks and whites grayed out a little on me
but never returned the woods in thousand dreams

remember when you took that hug in a theft
burned the station down and couldn't hear a left
but things a carry a chocolate cake would never cut
all so small to you but me just a single much

remember when the ice we clanged and freed
even the cold I've missed the day you chose a fleeing cheat
all the hours and runs we held the hands and lilac
but I know again a no more a wont come back

remember the dark ages we bled and rhymed
cared and favored out on every other than not crime
all the shadows and hunts tracing the midnight sky
but the stars would never forget a lover's align

but my heart and soul would never know to draw a line
but my nights and getaways would never dim a dime
but my soul can't erase veins on violin classic chimes

LC Jun 4
she studies his soft features
with furrowed eyebrows,
catching every detail
in the palm of her hand.
the palm lines show their story.
It's been a while :)
From the warm breath of bright light,
blue sky breaks through our dormancy.
Cool breeze still keeps on bare air,
whilst curved lines rise bound in time
to care for the meaning of life.

We're expected to expand or contract,
responding to vast constructs set upon us.
It's easy to forget measures of the present tense.
Stillness often corrects parallels to connect, as impulses bubble up to ****** inside the mind.

Characters unseen play amongst the set,
there are integrated games we gain but our existence is said to be simplistic.
Focus on your sense of self and betterment, less complicated within the riddles of preconditioning.
Here to give, win and begin again.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Martin Boško Apr 13
Like parallel lines
Meeting at infinity
We’ll find each other
Aged, wrinkled and worn
Our Palms of fortune and destiny
Show tracks leading to new places
Playing out the timeline of our lives
Like a show - a Chorus Line
The queues will flock for the matinee
And so this poetical line ends.
A poem on the theme of 'Lines'
© Joshua Reece Wylie
selina Mar 28
i know that we were young and naïve
and our promises were vague
but i assure you, when i said

"i will love you until the end of time"
i spoke with my whole heart
dangling on a line
Rupert Pip Feb 16
They say she couldn't read between
the lines, like the page was scrawled
with shapes of black ink, without
the formation of words.

Perhaps this was true.

I once saw her
put paint on wet skin and wonder
why it all rolled away, and asked
me why she looked so pale.

Maybe some
of us creatures just can't see
what lies beneath the tree,
or deep beneath the ocean
top where you dive in and
found yourself bitten.

This is just how it is,
but sometimes, the lines
are only there for show,
and life just writes free hand
anyway so you're forced
to find the order
amongst the
Jaxey Feb 2
I don't care
if you don't know
how to read between the

If my thoughts
were that simple
I wouldn't be writing
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