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Trefild 4d
stand up (unzip), don't stop (don't stop)
a smoking hot beauty, thumb up (beauty)
stuck on her peach, she's hot, hot (hot)
pulling down the skirt to slap that ****
we moved on from touching to grinding, she's eager
I want your lustful body, lick your finger (body)
come and get banged, then *** and get thanked
make me quiver, fulfill my wishes
my speech is deadly stupid (dead)
cooking up a dope smoothie (dope)
picking up a sandwich smoothly (sandwich)
she got thirsty and hungry after round 2
"Bad And Boujee" hook parody
Nicole Oct 4
He wakes in the morning
With a different name on his breath
Every year
A different homage to a different girl
With something indescribable on his tongue
About them
Never noticing or beginning to ask
Why he gave up writing poetry.
madameber Oct 3
I am an insult to the concept of race,
A thought experiment that didn’t get far
Enough to be included in the mix,
A lack of imagination in their
classifications and categorisations,
I was unwritten, a source of confusion
For later generations convinced of
The natural division between nations,
I was a glitch in the system,
The number two where just one
Should have been, the result of somebody's
Irresponsible coding, I was an omission,
An improbability made impossible to be.

I am a danger to the concept of race,
Because I cannot be defined within
The limited scope of what it means
To be other, because I’ve danced
Across the lines meant to divide
Two sides, and played the roles assigned
To two supposedly different kinds
Of people, my flexibility confuses
The boundaries and disrupts
So-called realities, my existence exposes
The fault lines beneath the stories
We trusted to explain our selves to us.

I am a challenge to the concept of race,
Unable to exist on either side
I occupy the space between the lines,
And I am not alone in my defiance,
Not the only one tired of defeat and
Compliance, of being reduced into
Someone else’s truth, of talking politely
And making excuses so they can continue
Their ruthless manoeuvres to swallow
Us back inside the machine, dictate
Our personalities and wipe our minds clean,
But we've tasted freedom and we're not
Going back, we’ll reclaim our identities,
Invalidate the categories that divided
Us in the first place, the bitter performance
We called race.
it's a working title.
FJ Davis Sep 28
The present is wondrous; it simultaneously
becomes both past and future.
Fifty-one lines exactly,
Counted on my arm,
As always.
Kind of ironic,
Since I was clean.
For fifty-*******-one days.
Peter B Sep 22
There are lines
between the lines
and the lines
between those lines.
And another set of lines
inbetween of them.
Don't worry if you can't see them,
if you don't know what they mean.
One day you'll read them all
and understand everything.
emlyn lua Sep 19
I draw the Line in Sand.
My toes are brushing borders.
I feel compelled to forward step,
And yet I cannot cross;
The Line is as a barricade.

The Tide is creeping in
(it screams, it screams at me)
The Line is washed away
(i cannot hear it, cannot see)

It is gone.
And so I draw the Line in Sand.
This time further forward,
Always further forward,
Slow and steady,
Ever forward,
To the End I dread,
But cannot yet escape.

and then sometimes the waves come crashing in and
there is no Line – there is no Sand
and the swirling water engulfs my swirling self and steals the breath from my lungs
and irrational clarity pierces my hummingbird heart with icy claws
and in my desperation –

I draw the Line on Me
A Life Line
To keep myself from crossing.
there's a happier sequel to this
GreenTrees Sep 15
You have a contract with God and you signed on the dotted line.
The fine print was written by the devil in Hellvetica font size nine.
Trefild Sep 15
‣ u're free to read this or not to read; I don't really give a ****t, but
‣ if u're gonna go for it, then be ready for a bit of text flood
‣ think I've got an odd feature, which is a presenting myself like I'm some kind of nightmare
‣ but the thing is that, for some reason, I don't give about it much care
[a sacrifice, that's a thing rhyme sometimes, just as beauty, requires]
‣ so, here is what I have prepared
‣ letting out some pieces of mine: some are true; some are just to spice up a line
‣ I don't remember it, but once upon a time, I'd been through hell & almost died
‣ (an accident, not a suicide)
‣ maybe on my way from being alive happened something like "access denied"
‣ or maybe Grim Reaper, when met me, was like:
‣ "it's too early for u, kid, & u don't deserve it, so u have to survive"
‣ cracking jokes about once being on the edge of kicking the bucket
‣ like it's something to laugh at; I'm not the only one of such kind, am I❓
‣ anyway, it seems that such a thing is not enough for me to appreciate & enjoy the life
‣ guess there is something wrong with my—
‣ yet I'm not ready to die, no way, hope my last days are extremely far from nigh
‣ but I'm haunted by the thought that I'm running out of time
‣ ain't wanna know my fate but would like to know the date
‣ if u're now like "oh boy, just stop", then I'm like "shut the hell up & do not interrupt"
‣ I just have some bars & don't see any better option to do with them than to drop
‣ even though they don't shine like the stars & never gonna reach any top
‣ 'cause how the **** they're gonna do that if I'm not capable to make a **** track?
‣ can't speak well enough due to the lack of language proficiency, let alone rap
‣ a walking flop, a hell of a *****-up, too wack
‣ spitting the line above, my voice would have probably cracked
‣ not moving forward, keep looking back
‣ think the light is waning in me, & I'm falling into the dark
‣ slowly but surely, I'm fading (have I ever had a spark?)
‣ I'm off track, no doubt
‣ but don't even think about wishing me luck, it's one of the things I'm sceptical about
‣ keep staying by myself, killing most of my time within the walls
‣ 'cause [M]y way of livin[G] got me into a vault, it's an isolation road
‣ hate to say it, but I'm a lost cause, at least I thin[K] so
‣ let me think if there is something else to say
‣ guess there is no need to mention that I'm not okay
‣ yet I'm not loco (at least I hope so), but occasionally I might be a sleepwalker
‣ usually not a talker, but I'm just trying myself as some kinda writer
‣ now, being neither in front of u nor behind u, I'm gonna be mean
‣ which means, at min, not gonna be kinder
‣ I don't give a **** if u mind it
‣ tryna fit more text next to all the ****t inside ur fvcking head
‣ which is possibly halfway to becoming brain-dead
‣ before u got toasted or fried, or whatever word u find the most fit
‣ to say mentally tired or even exhausted, better get lost & take some actions to unwind it
‣ this writing is playing as a distraction, with every line u're getting blinder (not literally)
‣ I'm not a reminder, but maybe it's time to remind u
‣ about one thing, which is inexorable & slipping away
‣ it's not minor, & anyone who's not out of their mind would like to rewind it
‣ aren't u having the feeling that u're dealing with the stealing of the TIME of ur miserable day❓
‣ an even more amount of which u, *****, are probably not willing (but I'm about) to WASTE
‣ a time waster & a waste of time, me & these lines, that's who & what u're up against
‣ time is neither a thing u can buy nor digital stuff u can just copy & paste
‣ now, a bit out of the blue too, here come a few lines about one thing many people like to do
‣ who knows, maybe it's regarding even u
‣ if u don't have anything reasonable to come out of ur mind or mouth
‣ don't even bother to come out, rather stay in the background
‣ if u have some, in that case, it's fine to even stand ur ground
‣ and if u're sick of reading my ****t or even just seeing it
‣ then wish me writer's block or even say it out loud
‣ just trying to do something at what I don't totally ****
‣ and besides, it's not like I'm not allowed
‣ "too much talking for a ghost that barely goes outdoors"
‣ u know what, the work is mine, so save ur complaints for
‣ a time when u're gonna be making urs
‣ yet I'm not sure it's worth staying to finish it, think this one is not solid at all
‣ maybe, saying so, I'm diminishing; or maybe not, it depends on point of view
‣ what I really know is that there is a whole lot of what I don't know, including u
‣ if u made it to the end, well, then applaud but not me, applaud urself
"some" counter: 15
In our mutual agreement of togetherness, I was alone.
I'll just start posting lines I never found a use for, maybe this will be a good home for them.
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