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San-Pei Lee Jul 4
The United divided
Optimism can change progress
Justice matters
Make better and inspire
To be that dream
Ava Courtney May 20
We are all the same.
We all bleed the same color.
We are all cells in the body of humanity.
We all have this strange delusion
And utter fantasy that love, only love
Could heal our brokenness
And make us feel whole again.

We all love someone so much
That it hurts us inside
We all love someone so much
That we can't hate them for leaving

We all fall down
Cry our eyes out
Feel pain
Taste the rain
Fall in love
Get our hearts broken

We all have strengths and weaknesses
We all have deep cuts
One so deep they’ll never heal
And you’ll always feel the pain

We all live this life day in day out
Sunup to sundown
Breath to breath

We are all the same

We all bleed R E D
They say evil strikes at the stroke of midnight
But they struck in clear daylight
After a decade of Peace
The bombs detonated

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
Paradise bombarded
Peace flees.
50, 100, 200, 300....
The death toll kept rising.

Now we're left in the wake
Of pondering how
We can keep
Fractured at the seams
From shattering

Tears flooding at the thought
Of the lost
Ungracefully robbed of lives
Families torn
Six feet under

Politicians in parliament
Raging blame at one another
Throwing words
Our leaders graced homes with their respects for the Dead.
Hospitals flooded with patients
And cadavers.

7, 8.
It seems to have ended now.
The bombs have done.

Paradise may be thrown into terror,
But we've still got generations
Who've seen agony before
We've got people
Unified and knowledgeable
On the secrets of healing
Who've regrown peace.

3 minutes of quiet.
3 days of mourning.
3 hours to get back to work.

Paradise will stand taller.
Paradise will remember.
Paradise will.

And Paradise,
Will never let this happen, again.

-21.04.2019 Terror strikes Paradise. The Easter attack in Sri Lanka.
We will overcome. Together. No bomb can tear us apart.
Oluwatobi Apr 16
So many promises made, yet the walls still crumble!

He said "He is our saviour " and he has the answer to our troubles

Words were spoken

Untruths were told

Nevertheless,  all He needed was influence and riches

APRIL 2019
Taylor Feb 25
Are you okay?
I reply No
Oh well society says
You don't belong to us
With smooth pale faces
Secrets are hidden among us
Besides you aren't
Enough for our Standards
Sorry you didn't make the cut
You can always apply next year
This is full of metaphors and things representing what society is doing to people. That is something society needs to wake up and realize we are all alike but seperated by our flaws but our flaws shouldn't make us outcasts.
Badshah Khan Feb 4
United Arab Emirates

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

The nation always attend the simplicity,

Respect the bonds towards all commitments,

Enduring the past and securing the future,

Always greet you with smile, and embrace you,

This is the Year of Zayed! The Dream of Our Zayed!

Pleased by every citizen and expats

This is U. A. E….. This is My U. A. E ♥️
United Arab Emirates
Loss of limb, loss of life, the words we dread are spoken.
And all we know that came before fades out, so black, so broken.
Our inner demons **** and poke at questions yet proposed.
For answers though we need them, can we stay composed?
What evil dwells upon this earth? What terror lies in store?
But we must not fear too deeply, for there are things to still adore.
The sunrise in the morning, a sign from close ones up above.
We will fight until our dying breath, for beauty, truth and love.
So come at us with your war and hate, united we will stand.
For this is our country, no more bloodshed on our land.
United We Stand
Divided... We Have Fallen
Balance is the Key To a Better Way....
So why isn't the Balancing beam being set up....for a success and a brighter day?
A Volcano of lies
Lava Scolds the Truthful and the Innocent
Sitting on our hands
We merely die like lost sea creatures boiling on the sands..
Of life's Symbiont energies peacefully brimming with  healing purpose and fluid intelligence to heal our Misguided people from destruction..
The Oceans push their waters .. harder then harder
As the Gods of Fortune, Health, and Care..
Buddha's tears fill a great portion of the ocean.. devotion...
We must stop and bath in these of nature,,,
End the senseless ignorance and violence,,,
Becoming who we know we can be..
Gentle creatures over-flowing with gleaming gifts of solution and equal distribution of rights and softer tolerance.
Until the Volcano is put to sleep with truth's song...
Until the destruction of a great world comes...
At the rate and on the road on which we have traveled, wrongly, down...
The time until the Vengeance of our Angry and Devine Creator, upon us, his wrath shall be seen quickly and deeply strong.
We, as a free and gifted world, should united and see the gifts of our creator signaled to end the suffering of ignorance. Self made unneeded trials.  Not just in government and this "migration violence" "drug dilemma" the world is a beautiful place..if we unite and work, listen, and care as one. Together.
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