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ShadowSpy Sep 6
Heaven once spoke
With laughter I feared
Powerful vocals
That threatened me
But time in hell
Let me see
Heaven once spoke
With laughter filled with fear
We have united
But drifted apart so slow
In my mind
I will never let you go
the story of one of my friendships <3
Nothing May 15
I think I'm right
You think I'm wrong
I think
my headscarf looks quite pretty
you think it
is a chain
I think
that all people, no matter
their culture
can get along
but you think I'm wrong

I think
my stubbornness is
in you
so who
who is right
Zan Apr 23
So many things confusing to me,
we live in a world where no one can fully agree.
I want to get along with everyone,
and just go out and have some fun.
I want to be united with every person,
I want to feel that connection.
I hate being hated and judged,
but similar people end up being smudged.
So I always end up not caring,
cause I don't like sharing.


Why is everyhthing so confusing? How did everything get so diverse?
We try so hard to be like other people, but why don't we try being ourselves.
Bhat Aejaz Apr 14
Didn't i do right by pretending 'alright'?
Didn't i hold a sea of tears?
Shouldn't you appreciate this art of mine?
Haven't I averted a stormy flood?

Am not i hiding the wounds grave?
Don't i smile amid extreme pain?
Haven't i grown very skillful?
shouldn't you really applause for me?

Isn't it better to bear all alone?
Shouldn't i request them not to bother?
Am not i averting the mockery of my heart?
Don't i recognize the fake sympathies?

Don't my blames hit me straight back?
Didn't i let people spoil it all?
Isn't it maddening to regret all the time?
Haven't i waited for the doubts to grow?
Mystery in Indian occupied kashmir..
Karijinbba Apr 2
My mind is a fortress
and so is yours united to win
are summoned to heal self first
calling my own spirit guides
my guardian Archangel Ariel
eager to guide
Aries me exuding innocence (like that of a child) Ariel
“Angelic Ambassador of Divine Magic and Miraculous Manifestation healing others is
near or far healing the inner core first Cimi transforming
the mind whiter then snow
knowing how is the key hole
where goldlock unlocks
summons for urgent healing.

I close my eyes surrounding myself with nature's best
under the bright warm lumminous light of ten suns
My Guardian Angels appear
to guide dispersing darkness
with sun light beams
circling my whole being applying
Saint Germaine's violet flame adhering to this healing circle
of light waiting it's turn

Gold beams emanates from
My king's Jeweled mind
it's a heavenly healing golden light 
wrapping itself over this Violet flame circled beam
in deep meditation I beathe in light and exale out any darkness
unhealthy legions, until light exaled is whiter than snow
In the presence of light shadow people virus cannot infiltrate
darkness sickness all dissipates

I breathe in violet flames of Saint Germain and zeal in it's healing
breathing in the violet flame
exaling fear as pure as violet
flame exaled.

with mind busy my imagination becomes a healing deal fascination
the mind becomes its own healing fortress wheel
rolling is action ignition
enableling invoking the heavenly light healing beam plight .

all three circles become the
life breathing rings.

I breath in for others who can't who still wish to be healed.
it's all on a free will field.

Others breathe in healing violet flame undoing bad karmic trash

and exale out legion sickness
regrets averting untimely death.

dispersing healing living light
from this sanctuary tower plight
with healer mind replicating
circles of healing flame light
beamed around fellow Man's vessels
of distressed virulent souls;

they gladly re-live and breathe
we are all one mind united indeed we win.

Our minds joined as one
are the rolling drive needed .

Healing united mind to mind we are all the manifesting power for healing by the violet flame
04-12-2020 besting cov-19
Copy Rights.
Beware coloidal silver turns skin gray on white skin and even blue.

Top Natural Anti-Viral Agents
Winter is the time of year when we seem to be particularly vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses that are caused by viruses including colds, flu and cold sores. A virus is not to be confused with bacteria, which causes infection. Viruses are tiny bits of nucleic acids that contain information and use your body’s cells tor create more copies of themselves.

There are very few treatments, allopathic or natural that can **** a virus outright, as usually a virus must run its course. However the list of natural remedies here come as close to stopping a virus in its tracks as Mother Nature can get.


Silver has been utilized as a medicine since ancient times to treat scores of ailments, including the bubonic plague. Colloidal silver is a suspension of pure metallic silver in water, that is used to dramatically reduce the activity of the *** virus in AIDS patients, slow down the ravages of the hepatitis C virus and combat other viruses in general. It works by interfering with the enzymes that allow a virus to utilize oxygen thus, in essence, suffocating it so it cannot do damage in the body.


The common black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) has long been used to reduce the length and severity of flu symptoms and studies. Taking 60 ml a day for adults and 30 ml for children helps to facilitate a complete recovery, often in three days. Elderberry extract binds to the tiny spikes on a virus protein that are used to pierce and invade healthy cells and destroys them so that the virus is ineffective. Elderberry may also be effective against the ****** simplex virus and some *** strains.
Donna Mar 26
Everyone down my
street opened there doors and clapped
for the NHS

Me my husband and children opened our street door with many of our neighbours and clapped for nhs and other key workers **
mae Mar 26
In these dark, uncertain times
this is my prayer to the world,
that we all “distantly”
come together,
united as one.
Regardless of faith,
regardless of color,
or gender or social standing
let us do our part
so we can heal together
and win this common fight.
Mirror hung on my wall
I am staring at you
A conversation starts
between us two

Ununited the world is
You have hate to one another
Rage sneaks into your lives
to your nerves and blood
They love you when they need you
They leave you when you need them

The strong prey on the weak
The rich steal the poor
You have no right to speak
Patronage plays the role

Families divided
Decisions decided
Bad presided
You misguided

I come for a reason
to make you thankful
to stop the treason
and believe in handful

You came to teach us
but with a big fuss
Our families are pretty ill
Please, teach, but don’t ****!

Mohammed Arafat
Every new day comes while we are still quarantined at our houses and away from our friends and beloved ones, the Coronavirus shocks us with new surprises. Today, it inspired me to write this poem.
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