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They spread a rumour,

that I can't tie my shoes,

that I can't jump rope,

that I have fat fingers,

and then I wasn't around to hear it anymore.
Kristin Jan 11
Sedition is not just patina-ed oil paintings
mobs not just lithographs
treason not mere fading daguerreotypes

Sedition is chat rooms and airwaves of mistruth and its taintin-gs
mobs are our friends and neighbors turned bands of riff-raffs
treason, the weaponization of dog whistles and stereotypes

Sedition is here now
mobs are the so-called militia of the present
treason is happening now

It will be one for history books now
be present and accounted for
be the United States of America, treading down snakes
Oda Nov 2020
Rise from the earth!
Let your heart light
Illuminate the world,
Spreading seeds of love
Everywhere you go.

And just like a tiny seed
Has great potential,
To grow into a majestic
Thing of nature,
This seemingly small
Thoughtful gestures,
Can have the most impactful
Making of,
Heart piercing treasures.
Words' Worth Jan 2
No one knows why I went bad  
When the sun rose, I lost sight of that young brat
As days go by, I'm left with my past
As nights go by, I put on my mask

All I can do is fix the mistakes
Allowing myself to set sail on lakes, first
Letting destiny be my anchor
Its sails are carried by the wind and the water

I may carry on with some abandon
And the victories might come all of a sudden
Yet, the losses do not bother me anyway
I know I am destined to win, today
We made many of them. I have made so many of them, I have lost count of them.
Happy New Year
Zack Ripley Nov 2020
Yes, we are part of the united States of America.
And yes, it is important to be proud
Of where you live and come from.
But it doesn't matter
how united we are.
We will always be divided some way.
But that's okay.
Because we still work together.
We're still human.
I know you're probably sick of me
Saying that word.
But the fact is, we can't be proud
Of where we live, where we come from.
We can't make social change
Until we're proud to be what we are.
Beautiful, fallible humans.
Heaven once spoke
With laughter I feared
Powerful vocals
That threatened me
But time in hell
Let me see
Heaven once spoke
With laughter filled with fear
We have united
But drifted apart so slow
In my mind
I will never let you go
the story of one of my friendships <3
Nolan Willett Jun 2020
I love America
But sometimes I hate the U.S.A.
How do you spin,
Blocking airways?
Two party system;Our United States,
Couldn’t give better delegates?
And I despise all of the
Idol Worship,
Trickle-down culture,
Your distractions, weapons. Change;
not an endless hunt for newer things.
When Patriotism Trumps
Common Sense,
And we Masquerade our Liberty
Confined in an invisible pillory,
And you accrue,
While we make do,
At this point, if you are asking me,
Then yes, I would prefer shared misery
To your “equal opportunity.”
“Rise, like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth, like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you:
Ye are many—they are few!”
Nothing May 2020
I think I'm right
You think I'm wrong
I think
my headscarf looks quite pretty
you think it
is a chain
I think
that all people, no matter
their culture
can get along
but you think I'm wrong

I think
my stubbornness is
in you
so who
who is right
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