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Palpebra Apr 9
Guys don't like
girls like me
pretty to the eyes
with insides ugly
a past so aghast
a mind so contrast
a tongue so sharp
a mess of shards
all I'll be
is me
and me being me
isn't ****
I'm repulsive
I'm impulsive
I'm not impressive
but very expressive,
some days I'm cold
some days I do what I'm told
some days I give you the fight of your life
some days I wish for you to make me your wife,
guys don't like
girls like me
chained to my fears
appearing to be free
I can smile in my pain
then cry in my regrets
keeping my heat safe
I'll love you in my brain,
all I wish is for
a guy like me
to like me
for who I am
and not what
he wants me to be
a chance, a risk, a gamble
a love story in shambles.
Isaac Apr 6
A rose's beauty is highlighted by the pain of its thorns
without the needle *****, the softness of the petals couldn't be as rich
sharp enough to make sure, you never miss
handle her, hurt her, disturb her
Squeeze onto her so tight, break then curve her
meanwhile, she was doing everything right, you thought you owned her
but being enamored doesn't translate to possession
possessive obsession, your toxicity closed her
to the world, to the void in which she internalized
all the subsequent shortcomings can be traced to the day
you decided to villainize, the sweetness of a budding romance
the natural pull
insatiable lust
unimaginable thrill
but now that landscape is draped in shame and tucked away
the rose grew thorns because she saw how the other flowers were destroyed
hardening of the skin in an effort to contain joy
the innocence of a child, the truth of a smile
the words echo through her mind
"don't trust a boy"
a rose's curse is that they are beautiful, people want to possess beauty not honour it
Man Apr 1
on the wall
hung a clock
melting in the day's ire
running toward the ground,
it ran fast sometimes
and occasionally
mind numbingly sluggish

in the washbasin
the rags i wore
soaked in a soapy stillwater
waiting for the wash
that these tired hands
must do

these blemished hands
how they hurt
strained from work
like the oil stains
on his shirt
they are worn
they are torn
and are without comforting
though his resolve is strong
his will is weak
from the havoc wreaked
from a life of low pay
struggling to live
week to week
knowing you deserve better
sergiodib Feb 17
It is in a fold of the untold,
In a soliloquy full of rage on an empty stage,
In an instant photo that goes beyond,
In the wave that tunnels like a cave,
In a place that I couldn’t retrace,
In an undeciphered mark on the Lost Ark,
On a probe that disappears into the sky,
That hides the answer to why.  

Or - this is nothing new -

Right Within You.
Lindsay Hardesty Dec 2020
Babe It's getting late and I'm tired, I better drive home now she whispered.
It was the last thing she actually wanted to do as she felt the weight of his body on her lap, with one hand intertwined with his, and the other caressing his back.
The moment was perfect, sitting in silence just being with him
she could stay like that forever, but she could  feel those three
poisoned words wanting so desperately to escape her mouth, fear
started to set in, a deep real fear that this could all be coming to an
end in a few short weeks, how could that be, they had been through
so much, always coming back to each other like a wave to its shore.
She promised herself she could do it, she could be friends with him, she
could separate her feelings from his tainted lips and electrifying body.
But as she leans down placing her soft gentle lips on his head it's clear it's
too hard, she needs to escape, she can't get this close again, just for him to
leave, so she'll lie and tell him she needs to go, kiss him goodbye and once
again drive home with tear stained eyes.  
I still regret not telling you I loved you, when I had the chance
Satvik gupta Dec 2020
I promise ,

You will be the first person to hear about my happiness .

I promise ,

I will be the first person to hear about your sadness .
Garrett Johnson Nov 2020
Laying under circumstance.

Certainty waving back in ink.
A tar.
Why do it later.
How about now.
Au revoir.
Within Mantles of.
Pristine composure over Thought of the drag of thought.
Only a little ill.

Garrett Johnson.
Almond milk and the sight of a smile
Zack Ripley Oct 2020
It's not about me. It's not about you.
It's about what we do.
What we do with the time we have left
With the people we meet.
With the challenges we face.
With the rumors we hear.
When we come face to face
With our fears.
With the love we have.
With the love we lose.
What we do when we have to choose.
What we do when we realize
We have responsibilities.
That's what life's all about to me.
For love ,we pretend yet in pain. For love we give our self and our time yet we losing out. For love we accomodate yet we are taken forgranted. For love we support yet we are ignored. For love we pray for hope yet we are in the list of people that will be hurt.  For love we smile yet our eyes I fill with tears.

For love we travel miles just to be with Love yet love is somwhere looking not for you. For love we speak faith yet hatred is planned for us. For love we doing evrything we can yet none is done in return. For love
We **** and die but still love will not stay forever. For love we will not stop searching.
By Spherical.
I meet you without knowing who you are.
I saw your smile and i found love.
You showed me life, you even took my form and you almost forgotten that you are an angel.
You walk with me through the valley of happiness and pain. You even cried for me when I was out of tears.
You climb with me on the mountain of knowledge and I made it. Fly away my angel.

Time was with me but I failed you and you almost lost your wings. Fly my angel, fly.
Tears are my home now and happiness has chosen you, yes you can fly. Fly away my angel.
The river of love is dry now so there is no life  anymore and it's time my angel, fly and fly away my angel.
Your heart is sick, and bleeding so it can't carry my name. Fly away my angel.

I don't want to believe that you are special but time has shown me.
I treated you normal but your form has been aweken, so fly away my angel.
Everyday you gave me, you but now you gone.
Everyday you ask for love and I gave you tears so now you left.
You kissed me but love was not there n now you gone.
Fly my angel, fly and fly away.

Never change your form cause you almost lost your wings and forgotten to fly.
Never cry for the problem cause you are blessed and he has a job for you.
Never stop fighting because he gave you the blade of time.
So now fly my angel, fly and fly away.
By Spherical.
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