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Carmen Jane Aug 21
What is it to you
If I stay in this corner
Gnawing at my tender thoughts
And spitting rotten vibes

I don't need you to tap me on my shoulder
I won't turn around yet
I can curl like a ball
And escape between your legs
Than I would roll and roll
Twice around the world
And I'll come back wiser
Stronger and a bit taller
I would sit at your table
And sipp your hot tea
Of domestic flavors
I won't tell you
I drank better
I won't tell you
It was greater
I would smile and thank you
I would point to my watch
And tell you
See you later...

Greater are you my Letaba,
Scorched by porvety,
You feed us,
Your hand,
Is great.

Your hand took us,
Led us out of acrid desserts,
Where dreams where buried,
We flourish in your greatness,
Oh Greater Letaba.

You quench our thirsts,
Our babies nurtured,
In your care and land,
Vast beauty you have flowered,
Your hand in lend to all.

Your heart is mighty,
We are your cubs,
Oh Greater Letaba,
Now and forever,
Let your milk strengthen us.
My 1st praise poem, if its fitting to be one
mes Feb 1
is a battlefield
are flying arrows
when we hit flesh
and one more soldier is down to the ground
heavily armed with dreadful hopes in hand
dead are they
then alive they become
as their blood are pouring down like milk
as they go down in hysterical laughter
they finally make it
we become merely objects
cutting sharp whoever is on site,  
we don’t know what the **** we are doing.
but who is shooting us at the enemy?
who has sharpened us till we bleed? thrown our strengths in the fire
drown them into the water
‘til our wooden bodies get tired
then break
as they get finished?
chanting at fate’s face
the only thing we have held until that very moment
that once and for all
cheaters conquer the world
good ones make it to the finish line.
I feel like love is not our battle. We participate but it isn’t up to us, it happens without our hands involved. Love is something greater than ourselves.
The Sun gone away
Now the blanket of night
Feel alive and awake
Time of ‘day’ I feel right
Want to go out and play
Others fill up with fright
Don’t know why I’m this way
I was given this life

The Moon casting its rays
A pale hue of gray-white
A new species is made
It’s a fabulous sight
Like a rise from the grave
From dark earth with no light
Sprouting roots; here to stay
Never quit; rather fight

A “night owl” they say
Dark abyss I take flight
Hefty price that I pay
Usually lonely plight
If somebody said ‘hey’
Nightly cake; take a bite
We were one in the same
My dark world could be bright

It’s something we all chase
Like a kid with a kite
The wind swept us away
But that string we held tight
We were scared and afraid
But deep down knew we might
Dividends would be paid
Able to reach new heights
Written: September 27, 2018

All rights reserved.
Äŧül Sep 2018
I shall be the August Landmesser.

Low I shall keep my arm en masse,
Of course I shall not hail the Führer,
Viewing my parents as the dictators,
Expect me they do to forget love of yours.

Yet I shall not comply with their orders,
Of course I shall always love only you,
Until I am successful, rest I shall not.
My HP Poem #1716
©Atul Kaushal
(as imagined by this lumpenproletariat)

When no bigger then innocuous,
     ** hum, happy go lucky
     generic black whole
     sonny and cher full pinhead size zit,
thine pluperfect promising
     mysterious seat of pants whodunnit

     wordlessly wise wedded
     waywardness writ partly apportioned,
     thru totally tubular fluted circumcised
test tossed truly valued throned
     kingdom come emancipation *******,
     released special ops assigned prickly role

     donning spermatozoa swimsuit
owning papas hurtling
     traversing repertoire,
     noteworthy inherent pistol unit
flesh gun firing off biologic
     gum-shun reproductive script,

within zygote, sans courtesy
     squirt of flagellating
     fostering nanobyte superior vicesquad
     programmed fed tidbit,
stalwart sea men meted brooked shield
Dickensian gonadal mutual friend,

     whence gamete extolled finesse,
     (yet tubby revealed
     many a chromosomal trait)
     didst undergird uber reproductive
     up the down staircase
     reinforced by microscopic balustrade,

     yielding one ova Eggland's Best soffit
     rendering (unto Cesaer...)
     **** like magic fusion,
     whereby exiting fallopian tube
     deposition met fertilization,
     hence embryonic initiation

     wrought wondrous ultimately vibrant blastocyst
     triggered uterine settlement,
     ripely channeling
     tree men das transition
signaling ovulation to taper off,
    yet not entirely quit

fertilization triggered secretion,
     analogous quasi
     pollination process, qua gossiped
     biochemical romantic tidbit
     activated via powerful
     ****** popgun "hello kitty" visit,

milky dollop hormone
     exquisite in utero exposition,
     human female body electric
     generated chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG),
official warrant issued
     drafting subsequent surfeit

secretion spured double helix spin off
     flawlessly choreographed
     following impregnation,
     whereby molecular sized blueprints
amazingly graceful processes
     promulgated propensities

     prospecting proven
     (survival of the fittest) atavistic properties
     concentrated subatomic activity
engendered secure ankh cur,
     where wick keel lee reader rabbit
burrowed within amniotic

     filled sac didst outwait
nine month journey,
     a real swell gambit
for mother and child,
     thence bundle of joy
     exited birth canal.
ShowYouLove Apr 2018
Love Was Greater

Love was Greater
Love was greater than our sin and hate
Love is necessary in order to create
Love was greater than suffering and pain
Love bore the weight of all our shame
Love was greater than the power of death
Love gave life with it’s breath
Love was greater than all our dreams
Love is so much more than it first seems
Love was greater than all our fear
Love is something I hold most dear
Love is patient love is kind
Love is gentle love is not blind
Love is slow to anger and quick to forgive
Love is not jealous love loves to give
Love does not boast but acts humbly
Love is what can set a prisoner free
Love never quits when things get hairy
Love will not waste nor will it tarry
Love is what flowed from Jesus’ side
Love was shown when He spread his arms and died
Love was greater than what we deserve
Love has covered over all the earth
Love is greater than all treasure is worth
Love is our heritage love is our legacy
Love is a mystery love is our history
Love is greater than words can say
Love is the message we try to convey
Love is a peace beyond compare
Love is a presence that is everywhere
Love is opening the eyes of my heart
Love has painted us works of art
Love is a secret that needs to be shared
Love was so great that our lives were spared
Love was greater than death on a cross
Love said we’re worth any cost
Love Is Greater
alexa Apr 2018
the first time i heard the words
"greater than the sum of its parts"
my mind drifted to you, of course
because of your shattered soul and misplaced mind
always too much or not enough
of everything.
but soon the branches starting
tap tap tapping
at my window, owls waking me up
to whisper your secrets in my ears.
the first time you looked at me with your cerulean eyes
and made me a promise you soon broke,
i eagerly forgave you,
for i could not resist the sugar trickling off your words.
then it happened a second time, a third
a fourth
a fifth
and now, i can't remember what it's like for you to
actually make promises you'll keep.
the owls visited me last night and
with their words, it was the first time i thought that
maybe your whole is
less than the sum of your parts.
love this quote "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts"
also experimenting with different writing prompts which is why some of my titles are like this
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