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Kalakip ng bawat “oo”
Ang mapapait na “hindi” ng Tadhana.
Kung sa’yong palad ko ikakahon ang sarili’y
Mauubos ako sa sarili kong lakas
Habang sumusuntok ako sa buwan.

Mananatili akong aliping
Nakagapos sa sarılı kong mga pangarap
At marahil ito ang maging mista
Ng tuluyan kong pagkabulag
Pagkat sarili ang aking naging Lupang Hinirang.

Ni hindi masasaklawan ninuman
Ang bawat sumisirit na imahe sa aking balintataw.
At walang sinuman ang makapag-papahele
Sa akin hanggang makaidlip
Pagkat iba ang ritmo ng Pagsintang aking kinapapanabikan.

Kung sarili ang magiging lason
Ng aking pagkalimot sa aking unang sinumpaan…
Ay mas nais ko nang tuldukan
Ang bawat silakbo ng damdaming
Hanggang lupa lamang ang kasarinlan.
Our dearest love has fallen
The night arrives the same
Shocked and feeling solemn
For when darkness reclaims
It's an unpleasant surprise
Daily grave planet digs
Towards ground in varying size
Pebbles and twigs
Disturbed a deeper level
Dashing beside fear
Black eyes of the devil
Secrets and lies appear
At dawn grief will linger
Faded heat of the sun
Greater the poison from the stinger
Shine is at point forced to run
Weighed down by loss I am feeling
Our frame anchored to the ground
Burden remains leaving us reeling
Within in blackness does astound
With sharp blow takes the victory
In daylight look for shame
In moon hide what we're scared to see
Have only sadness in us to blame
Written 2-8-21
Every dawn is a nexus, /
Every twilight is a beckoning; therefore, /
Embrace the fickle future /
Ensconscing within the sacral oath /
Of a thousand words: /
These utterances shall envelop you /
When upon Triumphal Arcadian Skies /
We meet again. /

Save your tears, /
For love shall reign /
From the empyreal aethers above /
To the Gaian epidermis of /
The Magnanimous Matriarch; moreover, the mellifluous kisses /
Of The Sovereign of Songbirds /
Will burgeon within, /
Will descend upon you as The Holy Dove. /

Unfurl your third eye, /
See with an indefatigable clarity /
All that you were meant to be: /
Strong, Wise, Just; /
Love; /
A luminary fulminating /
Radiantly, resplendently upon /
The Denizens of the Terrene. /

(—Se' lah)
Your heart /
Is an impearled grand piano: /
Every word, /
Every thought, /
Every utterance, /
Is an ivory key emitting /
A sonic, an aeonic testimonial; /
A reverberation of spirit./

Awaken your senses, /
Trust your intuition, /
Burgeon in the beauteous /
Molecule quenching, /
Rays of the Feuillemorte, /
Hiemal, Vernal, & Estival Sol. /
In truth, our Mother Lodestar /
Transcends the seasons./

Evanescent, /
Though life may be, /
She is worthy of every /
Onerous breath, /
For all is a quickening; A preparation /
For the auric-ascendence, the platinum self-transcendence /
Awaiting us in /
The Realm of Greater Eden. /

Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III, AAS

KHY Nov 2020
You are greater than that which you are named
Until that which you are named becomes that which you are
Ivy Chakma Sep 2020
I know i was born for something greater
than just wait and watch life pass me by.
I have a purpose i feel deep within my core;
A need to fulfill every time my heart screams
"don't settle, not yet".
I believe i can be all i want to be,
All i need to do is hear my calling
in this suppressed world of illusions.
I don't know how far i can go
but i won't stop trying.
You will always find people especially loved ones who will not always support your dreams, but if you want it bad and it gives you chills, know that it is the right thing to do. Don't dishearten yourself with failures, it is the most vital part of your progress.
Orah Jun 2020
Hope nowadays resembles the wind.

One second people have it,

And the next it’s gone like the wind.

When an obstacle greater than you presents itself and stares you down.

Don’t coward away and forget about hope.

Being obedient to retaining hope pays;

People who are obedient,
Who remain faithful,
Who hold onto hope without hesitation,

Will see obstacles,
No matter how great or small,
be conquered by the divine.

You see when an obstacle seems too big for you, or too complicated and the how just won’t present itself .. it’s because you’re not supposed to be fighting that battle.

It’s God’s battle.

Give him his FIGHT BACK!

He called and asked to have his fight back.

He wants you to return it.

Give it BACK,
Let go and Let God.

Everything happens in divine timing.

Don’t let your hope dissolve,

Don’t let hope escape from your grasp like the wind, instead hold onto it with both hands and stand witness to how OUR God will conquer the fight.

Because he is the king of kings,
There is no obstacle greater than him
And he will succeed.
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