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Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2021
He says pessimistic attitude will take me nowhere in this life

The way a solitary setback becomes an impassable obstacle solely because of my reaction to it

Howling at unfairness of reality and the trouble it tosses my way ever so frequently

With raw negativity that overpowers any sound advice or reason

Understanding my perspective an achievement nearly impossible to unlock

And deep down know he is correct

I silently resign to a few sighs as I try to turn my point of view around

My head is stuck
Stubbornness is the glue trapping my thoughts in a bubble of cynicism
What will finally pop it?
ce-walalang Apr 2021
borrow words from your best-loved poets.

choose to set your old heart free.

some things can’t be rushed.

all the world is made of
everything that keeps it alive,
and love --

the greatest of all is love.
notes from inside the bubble
Samantha Dies Feb 2021
A world beyond the dreams of mortals,
filled with passages and portals.
A magical place, of hope and grace.
The unreal is real, the real is unreal.
A constantly turning wheel.
A place I could only dream of,
the spreading wings of a dove.
The perfect place for all magic admirers,
a space where my dreams burn like fire.
But this such place, could it be true?
A place I know, I knew.
But this haven, it comes with a catch.
For it bears a key and a latch.
And now it can't even be found,
the wild vines that bind it can't be unbound.
Will I ever get to open the gate?
Could I discover it, before it's too late?
If I cannot my heart, my dreams, all will be shattered.
And people will laugh, like it doesn't even matter.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Make heart too heavy to hold
Beautiful thing to burst
Nobody else has the power
To break if you do first

Today the day to take control
It may be too late
Worried about romance failing
Proof of eventual fate

I am not just repeating words
A sock puppet limp and hollow
My opinions are my own energy
Do not trust other instinct to follow

Gentle reminder is not good enough
Gentle with only your hands
Let voice have authority over yourself
Answer no commands
I always always expect the worst to avoid disappointment. It's working out pretty good for me actually haha.
Traci Sims Oct 2020
My muse is fickle at times,
Nagging me when I'm busy
Doing the real world,
Taking a bubble bath when I need her most...
Shivangi Singh Oct 2020
In a world full of escape,
Too less to say, too much to ape

We are too quick to act
But no time to check fact

Is it about freedom or greed
Or just part of another breed?

Maybe its time to look back
Than forward

Introspect, even if they
Call you a coward

Till then, be in your own bubble
For outside is full of hateful rubble
xavier thomas Sep 2020
My favorite thing to play.
Popping each bubble,
helps the stress go away.
It distracts me from the outside world,
keeping me sane.

By the time I finish popping every last one,
I feel whole again.

Even as an adult,
bubble wrap is still my favorite thing to play.
TIZZOP Sep 2020
i live inside a bubble, fly with me into this bubble
life used to be a hustle, but it ain't anymore
gotta make summin' or gotta take summin'
come fly with me, my cubies are shining whitely

i reside on a planet which is full of whole ones
re'in up for all the phantoms, their fandoms
art nouveau balcony, bluely shimmering rooms,
you enter the hallway like dreams, embers in ya eyes

brother, i am all-night like owls, heavily religious
by the end of the day, i will be ******* the devil
we call that fly night, for everyone staying on it
luridly white marbles, everybody trippin', trippin'

our bubble is like frippin: frippin freely
and i'm skating through the garden, jeezy
today's my birthday: 500 peace of cake
my heart's racing, amg, i'll be waiting in the snow

fly with me, into this bubble, bubble
i wanna be higher than ever, higher
with me, there is no struggle, struggle
i'll take you with me, bubble, bubble, bubble

i'm praying, while i'm driving, and when 'm praying
i am thinking and i talk myself into a coma
raising in a 911, our bubble, bubble
stay with me inside that bubble, bubble

i am trustworthiy, since i been dealing with souls
but sometimes i freak out and jump out of my window
cause i read my palm lines and learned, when i'll die
so i grew myself a plumage, like birds, for our bubble

don't come lookin' for me, i'll be waiting in the snow
or under miami's sunset, nuns will be sinning
dem lyrics are for dogz, dem lyrics are for sinners
i want to come right now, just like a coup d'etat

cubies filled with magic, come into my bubble
the crowd is filling the castle and stars
are raining down, you close your eyes
you close your eyes, escaping into the night

fly with me, into this bubble, bubble
i wanna be higher than ever, higher
with me, there is no struggle, struggle
i'll take you with me, bubble, bubble, bubble
Kristina Aug 2020
is a construct
used by the middle class
to structure
things they don't understand
in order
for them
to justify
hiding in their
perfect world bubbles.

is a construct
that makes them
feel safe.

I'm not normal.
You're not normal.

Let's crash their bubble!
Spriha Kant Aug 2020
When my soul gets bubbled inside gloominess , there's only one potent voice that blasts the bubble ; my inner voice who calls me out , ' Spriha , don't listen to anyone except me. '
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