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Robert L Sep 1
Inspection leads some men
to brief resurrection,
But that course can also
lead to a defection.

There’s often some needing,
for a frenzy of feeding,
When we seek to feast,
on an ego that’s bleeding.

Is it real or some mirage,
lost in forest or garage?
So many casualties of truth,
how can we triage?

And this is that place
too well we all know,
that if you disagree
well that’s just your ego.

And right or wrong
you must submit,
Or be tossed from the circle
a dishonorable ****.

How is it we can be so blind,
to not see we are of a kind.
Who run about with desperate shouts,
without a mindful mind.

In the dark I see a wraith
Perhaps a remnant of our faith,
Ephemeral and tinged with rust
Forgotten father of our trust.

I’m not speaking here to thee,
what’s this paradox I see
But you said that, no I did not,
Oh, what a travesty!

Walk a mile in my shoes,
see for yourself what you may lose,
Perhaps you’ll find the fit so right
that it awakes you in the night.

And there you’ll lie and toss and turn,
amidst the loss amidst the burn
Oh, sad child who would not learn
Please say a prayer for me.
That's why ...

do you know why ...
i loved you ...
because ...
you are the only one ...
who accepted me ...
as i am ...
accepted all my crazy personality ...
with it's differences inside me ...
accepted my moody mood ...
my weakness ...
that i live within inside ...
accepted my jealousy ...
and my crazy zeal ...
and my severity ...
yes sweetheart ...
because you accepted me ...
as i am ...
with all craziness ...
that i live in  ...

and that's why ...
i do love you ...
and never ever ...
to live without you ...
because ...
no one can fill my heart ...
only you ...

that 's why ...
i do love you ...
and will hold ...
this love ...
until the last breathe ..

that's why ...

hazem al ..
rgz Dec 2019
I never had a thought that wasn't preceded by ten
confused by five
seconded by none
writing them down feels impossible
like choosing your favourite line from your favourite song or fully comprehending what it is about the beat that makes you move

my thoughts don't flow freely
they scatter and smash
cascading like the great flood without even a paper ark for respite
structured without form
prone to sink at the slightest wave

my thoughts misbehave
run riots
race wolves
some fly off to the ever after
and the darkest hover round like distant drones
a distraction
a constant buzzing
a worrying sight

I don't think I'm doing it right
I'm not supposed to think
just write

but my thoughts won't do what they're told
a kind of train of thought experiment that I found pretty hard
hannah Jul 2019
Cold days and
Cold feet
I just don't
Want to get up
Right now
Don't be sad
Or think that
I am
I'm not
I'm just tired
And frustrated
And I want to be alone
In the world
Doing what I love
I hope that's not
Too much to ask
Today isn't one hundred percent stellar, but at least it's cold where I am again. It'll only get up to 77° F today. It won't rain though. Shame.
Colm Jul 2019
When you're tall
    You unfold like sunlight
    Stretch like silicone
    And unwind like the outstretched cobbled road

When you're tall
    (and you apply yourself)
    You become something else

    You don't just gain a strength masked dangerous, no

When you're tall
    And you have conscious opportunity
    You grow
Be It Only Sideways - GROW
Jessica Jarvis May 2019
“I love you.”
“I know.”
Between the highs,
And the low,
In the times
When I’m alone,
That’s what love does.

It comforts,
And hides
In the corners
Of your mind,
Yet surprises
Just in time.
That’s what love does.

It takes
The chance
The percentage
Of circumstance,
The sacrifice
In glance,
And does what love does.

It conquers,
And pays
The cost,
Without delays,
As if it’s not much,
To stay,
Because that’s what love does.

It hugs,
It kisses,
It sees you
And misses,
Yer true love,
Rarely disses,
Because that’s what love does.

I haven’t written poetry in a while, even the silly, cheesy, lovey stuff. Even that used to be so simple and easy, but I haven’t done it in a while, primarily because of the most cliché reason: I’ve been too busy. My Love reminded me of what loves means, and how it supercedes that of any excuse. He does that a lot. He reminds me of the simplicities in life and helps me enjoy them. It’s just a funny coincidence how he said something that inspired me to write a poem about just that: “That’s what love does.” It wasn’t until after I wrote this that I realized all it takes is just a little of my time... If you truly love something, more than likely you can make something happen of it. I’m proud to say this was a result. Here’s to hoping that I don’t lose sight of the simple things in life, and Lord help me if I do forget by placing people in my life to help me remember.

This was written in just 7 minutes...
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