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Seanathon 36m
You are ivory magic without a single tusk taken
Boxes of fun without a single gift opened
More gold than any pocket, more silver than any second place token
You are the pounding crescendo in my head unbroken

Yes, I like your sound
Take a box, one that rocks....
rgz Feb 9
A hallowed scene flickers, bereft
echoes of what was
A shallow sea mirrors the theft
covetous and lost
Harrowed screams from listless breath
call the faithless home
To shadowed dreams of whispered death
a folly all your own
Should it be a comma or a dash I don't really know?
I think a comma looks nicer anyway
Johnny walker Jan 19
If I a chance to travel back
through time and space to a time and a place of my choosing
It back to fifties and sixties I'd go where life was so much simpler when there weren't the pressures of everyday life we were able to enjoy growing up as
Then we moved Into the sixties new fashions bright colours pretty girls In their mini shirts could brighten one's
Time of so much change Incredible the sixties was a wonderful time sometimes think we'd be better of not moving  on with progress stayed In the sixties frozen In time well I would be
For the time I now live In there no difference
between working day life struggles I'm now retired
but there no difference Its
just the same continuation
of my working life
What was the point of those working days to retire to nothing complete and utter waste
We should never have moved on from the sixties well that the way I see It bring back the
the sixties
Just some thoughts while passing my day my feelings
You're gone and I'm sure many people appreciate that
I don't have to worry about coming on this website and dealing with all those hateful, harmful words because she is gone...
Oliver Philip Dec 2018
The Bankers pledge.
Barriers built we’re safely behind
What makes you think we’re worth support
That they are for sure the master race
The cash they grant hand over hand
Has limits to it , and that’s a fact.

Have they ever taken their pound of flesh
Do you think you can expend so much cash?
They are taking plans to now enslave you.
Take that plastic card they offer you today
Choose a number and now go out to play.

The maze that you are in , it grows and grows.
And you don’t see just how out of control
The numbers grow with little hope of paying
You are a prisoner of this awful nightmare
No solution offered except another poem?
Written by Philip
December 12th 2018.
We are all in hock up to our eyebrows.
Skylar Kunaris Sep 2018
   You. Do you

It's whatever.                   No worries
                                       Good night
. . . You
**** me, you
Are the best thing that has ever
Happened to . . . Me. . .
I thank God for you every day baby
Bryce Aug 2018
Lung tree
Drink me
Take in that consequential
And please
Touch the sun with buds and dance
Until the day is said and done

Upon what day will you melt to butter?
In what age will you split
And our squishy nubs will touch
The ***** land
Of younger
To caress trampled memory

Great comet
Of the heated sky
Roll chariots to the marble
Castle far by
Draw the ceiling and cast alight
The endless view of the constant night
Great God of mine.

In the photobooth
We do a silly face
Clicking the parsecs back into focal
And drawing upon that inflationary
To which we ride
A darling damselfly
Old and full of chitionous youth

Old dirt
Move softly your mother
And place her dead things upon the nether
To compress into flaking chert
And ****** from the depths
An exhibit of great feature
The future of us
Lost within
The earth

Great road
I see not where your terminus goes
I know not from what strange township
You built the mountains and tumbled abyss
But when we shall be missed
And the world will roll on with constant bliss
Forgetful of the citation of our greatest works
And the obliteration of everything
Daniel Ruiz Jul 2018
“I like you”

Those words came out
Of my 8 year old self,

Playground love,
Swinging from the ropes,

Playing with hearts,
destroying some more,

“I love you”

Those are the words
that came out of me

I don’t know why,
Or how,

I’m overwhelmed
By her
Not caring,
I should have known enough

I’m not a kid anymore
I don’t expect you
To love me back,
I expect you to move on
From this little “error”
That I just did,
Because I don’t love you

I really don’t love you

But here I am,

Writing about you
One last time.

And that’s
the only mistake here

Your smiles,
Your curves,
Your eyes,
Your presence,
Will be here forever
In the words I write.


Those were
my last words to her
Or at least I hope so

No talk to you tomorrow
Or hope you sleep well,
Or goodnight,
dream of
Being successful,,
Because you will be,

You will be more than successful,

You will be happy,

And I guess that’s enough.
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