Job interviews I never attended
never turned up,
having been booked.

I'm coming - I said,
I emailed them to confirm,
and I didn't go. What a shame.

I was ready for it in the evening,
but in the morning I was like No.
They were ready for me though,
they always are,
they never sleep,
they never rest,
they hate their beds.

Empty were chairs at the table
where my boss-to-be was sitting,
suited and booted,
awaiting for me,
with handful of papers
ready to be read by my eyes
and signed with my hand,
they are still not signed,
they will never be.

My future employer
I never had a pleasure to meet,
I didn't shake my hand with him,
no smiles exchanged,
no Hi,
no How are you, no Goodbye.

Job interviews I never attended,
my poor boss-to-be I never met,
didn't woke up on time
and stayed in bed.

One time was too early,
another time too late,
and I ended up
not meeting my fate.

I wonder who is doing these job
I never taken up,
I bet someone does, someone
who came on time,
and read and signed the papers, smiling wide.
I hope it happened
and both sides are happy, at least,
I hope my ex-future boss
is still not sitting there, still,
waiting for me.

Or maybe others, like me,
maybe they never showed up.

Ron Gavalik Aug 23

The moment the mind floats
on two shots of bourbon
our physical and mental ailments,
the stress of bills, the job,
and our resentment for ex-lovers
clocks out for the evening.
Don't worry.
The shit storm will return
in the morning,
but that break and a quick prayer
gives us the tools
to withstand the storm.


Started from time
Forcing me to drag my feet
Stepped as them left
I whine, sob!
And complained to Him
Wait this as soon as I blink just now
Yes, I was a kid
My gut is still lousy
Still entangled in them
Even now ..

Both want me the best
I do not know what they feel
But I myself rebelled
Blaming the obvious time will not stop
I cursed the time
Why so fast
My body still wants to stay home

Wait, for a moment I feel wrong
Is not this good
I also want to make them happy
Dreams must try to climb
The ladder was already there before me
I'm among the lucky ones
Be thankful!
My mind divides
I convince myself with all my might

"This is not my home" I snarled
When I arrived at that foreign place
I was forced to stay
For the sake of the knowledge that I want to scoop
Yes, if not understand I will explain
I'm a student now
Predicate attached to me now
The views will all be different to me

Really i meet good friends
Fighting together, but still be independent
I breathe in ..
My time has now forced me again
It's morning already
I guess I have to finish my day
Doing my final job there ..

Cloud Aug 18

"Poets don't make money."
Did I ever want money?
Or the wealth of love?

Shofi Ahmed Aug 12

He looks like the moon from the sky,
His radiant eyes would steal the sunrise,
His shoulder stood high,
Heartbeats as if he smells his likely world
on his arm, there is everything but a tie!
He just doesn't have a job, been interviewed,
He expressed his qualities, many quantities,
but lost, walked out without a offer!

His sunny face was still shimmering.
The successful one, murmured 'my friend
you wasn't smart enough selling yourself!'
I don't think I wanted to do that, he replied:

Am is willing to serve to earn the means
to be served, don't mean to sale and buy.
If ethic has no value maybe then
a job is nothing but 'sale and buy'!

Mae Alfrey Jul 27

there has to be some defect inside me
to only attract people
who do easily can leave me
without a fight.

I'll mask these feelings
in alcoholic drinks and cigarettes
in dim lit bars and busy coffee shops.
I am left to accept kisses from just as lonely people that I have never met
and never will have the chance to.

No one shows you the inside anymore.
It's all about the exterior
because as I've learned
the second you show the inside,
they leave and it hurts more
than it did when you were alone.

I hope it doesn't stay this way forever
because God knows we all deserve a little favor
and a little better than what we've been given.

feel free to knock out a few
of your sweet teeth,
so you can get down to business
drinking this bitter bean juice

i keep screaming that it's just. not. smart.
if you keep cutting ties, you'll never get a job.
for one thing,
short ties look unprofessional
you'll not make much of an adult
without some more support
you need to put yourself out there
and find it on your own

the real world is scary
if the window cleaner would dig a little deeper
and you were less blinded by the shine of my bleached teeth
i'm sure it would be clear

Ron Gavalik Jul 20

About three weeks into one of the many jobs
the boss, some short, white woman,
stormed up to me like she meant business.
"You don't act professional!"
she screamed in an emotional rant.
"You don't dress professional.
Your humor isn't professional either."
I stared at her in silence,
occasionally feeling my eyelids blink.
When she finished, I asked a question,
"Can you define the word 'professional?'"
She stormed away with the ferocity
in which she arrived.
I was back on the job boards that night.

The working life.
Arcassin B Jul 11

By Arcassin Burnham

Beauty in the mist,
lights are sparkling,
And on earth your little dreams come crashing down like
project apartments,
while they let us lay in fear,
they make money off black inmates,
then the public sees that shit and think
that's all we're good for is crime and hate,
what did the president say?
say hes gonna make america great?
Man you ain't dong a good job,
Are you even trying anyway?
thats another display of hate?
bet you people regret it,
and there no resets,
gonna have to take it in and embed it,
we might be heading for a  fake world war,
don't hear it cause I said just research it,

Guess that's why I wanna float on to another world,
I honestly think that they make God to have these strict
rules when in reality he really wants all of you up there,
aka high chair,
aka ladder,
aka stairwells express,
aka the life after.

Rebecca H Jul 8

People kept telling her:
"you can't be this, you can't be that"
the girl pretended to listen, their words a blur
she sat there unnoticed, her face flat.

She went to school
receiving an education
she let her parents rule
keeping silent, hiding her creation.

When the nights closed in
and her parents went to sleep
she took out a notebook with a grin;
after all it wasn't theirs to keep.

She bled out words
that had stuck on her skin
outside chirped nice birds
unlike the crows she hid within.

Soon her graduation came
as she held her diploma in hand
she heard her own name
with it came the feared demand.

"You'll become a lawyer like us, right?"
the girl whirled around to see
her mum and dad standing up to their full height
she bit her lip, only wanting to be free.

"No," she told them, "I will not!"
she looked her parents straight in the eye
looking like they'd both been shot
but the girl didn't want to lie.

"I'll become a writer,"
she told them, with a light smile
her parents did not turn brighter
but that hadn't ever been their style.

- don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot be -
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