feel free to knock out a few
of your sweet teeth,
so you can get down to business
drinking this bitter bean juice

i keep screaming that it's just. not. smart.
if you keep cutting ties, you'll never get a job.
for one thing,
short ties look unprofessional
you'll not make much of an adult
without some more support
you need to put yourself out there
and find it on your own

the real world is scary
if the window cleaner would dig a little deeper
and you were less blinded by the shine of my bleached teeth
i'm sure it would be clear

About three weeks into one of the many jobs
the boss, some short, white woman,
stormed up to me like she meant business.
"You don't act professional!"
she screamed in an emotional rant.
"You don't dress professional.
Your humor isn't professional either."
I stared at her in silence,
occasionally feeling my eyelids blink.
When she finished, I asked a question,
"Can you define the word 'professional?'"
She stormed away with the ferocity
in which she arrived.
I was back on the job boards that night.

The working life.
Arcassin B Jul 11

By Arcassin Burnham

Beauty in the mist,
lights are sparkling,
And on earth your little dreams come crashing down like
project apartments,
while they let us lay in fear,
they make money off black inmates,
then the public sees that shit and think
that's all we're good for is crime and hate,
what did the president say?
say hes gonna make america great?
Man you ain't dong a good job,
Are you even trying anyway?
thats another display of hate?
bet you people regret it,
and there no resets,
gonna have to take it in and embed it,
we might be heading for a  fake world war,
don't hear it cause I said just research it,

Guess that's why I wanna float on to another world,
I honestly think that they make God to have these strict
rules when in reality he really wants all of you up there,
aka high chair,
aka ladder,
aka stairwells express,
aka the life after.

Rebecca H Jul 8

People kept telling her:
"you can't be this, you can't be that"
the girl pretended to listen, their words a blur
she sat there unnoticed, her face flat.

She went to school
receiving an education
she let her parents rule
keeping silent, hiding her creation.

When the nights closed in
and her parents went to sleep
she took out a notebook with a grin;
after all it wasn't theirs to keep.

She bled out words
that had stuck on her skin
outside chirped nice birds
unlike the crows she hid within.

Soon her graduation came
as she held her diploma in hand
she heard her own name
with it came the feared demand.

"You'll become a lawyer like us, right?"
the girl whirled around to see
her mum and dad standing up to their full height
she bit her lip, only wanting to be free.

"No," she told them, "I will not!"
she looked her parents straight in the eye
looking like they'd both been shot
but the girl didn't want to lie.

"I'll become a writer,"
she told them, with a light smile
her parents did not turn brighter
but that hadn't ever been their style.

- don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot be -

What you have does not matter.
But what you become
is far more important.

All the riches of the world cannot make you happy .
But  Who you are and how you treat others
Is a different matter.
Arcassin B Jun 28

By Arcassin Burnham

I was looking for a way I could make it though a life
Where people take shit too seriously,
I was looking for a life,

Had too many hardships in a world so invaluable
To the next life in a cryptic​ sleep,
Finding a way to dream,

There's no other way to say that I can't forgive all the
Things u put me through,
I hope it gets back to you too,

Just your average ordinary teen just looking for a job,
Of course minimum wage,
This is not my true virtue.

alan Jun 15


And Alan is around all alone
begging banks for balance
catching cards collectively,
expanding expenses everywhere.


He's a tosspot; doesn't care.
She's a mother; never there.
He's a brother; needs affection.
She's a sister; no protection.

some days,
i can be very brave.
some days,
i can be a coward.
i am a coward.
i walked away.
i walked so far
that i left my job behind.
i was a coward.

time to look for a new job... oops...

(To the tune of "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree!)
Today, I was offered a job, prithee,
Tutoring crims in literacy,
Silent reading for all the he's,
I'd be part of their conspiracy,
They'd all have a million dollars, you see,
Buried under the jail's old oak trees,
For their chicks and kids to live comfortably,
That's why they like gardening, you see,
It looks like the gophers have been,
The crims have left the scene!
They swiped the prison bus,
Forgot about "Literacy and Us!"
The governor put the blame on me!
So much for teaching prison literacy,
Now there's lots of holes under the jail's old oak trees,
Yes, the gophers have been,
The crims have left the scene,
All with a million dollars, you see,
Well, they learnt to spell 'conspiracy',
That was my job teaching literacy!

Feedback welcome.

you don't want to live

you don't want to earn

you would rather not make

you wouldn't talk to again

death silence is your making

me you didn't see it coming

mutates in myriad ways

oh so quietly and

right in your suicidal-in-waiting face

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