for the droll, poverty-stricken derelicts...

when the eviction notice
has well past expired
and you’re tossed out
in the streets with your
personal belongings
that quickly disappear
by the scavengers of
society and the car
has been reposed and
the card keeps declining,
all without job or drink
and you’re feeling
tired   hungry   broke
and completely
down and out...
remember that
you always have
Monday as a gift;
a gift only to yourself
and you can do what
you want with it
when the rest of the world
are tucked away in their
crestfallen jobs
Sometimes it’s hard to end a day, of heavy work, for little pay, then go to sleep the counting way, and dream of nothing, as I lay, but work, work, work…
I like to complain, it makes me feel better!
Chris Neilson May 16
When meeting someone new
you're asked, "What do you do?"
how do you respond?
maybe with a monologue of
a soul destroying job
perhaps with an exaggerated
declaration of fulfilment
in how you spend your days
crushing your very being
to pay to keep yourself alive
that may be the bald truth
but you dare not say it
your identity and definition
are much more complex
if you're paid for spending
your time in an activity you enjoy
you are to be admired
others may envy you
but natural born talent
only gets you so far
hard work gets you to the top
we're all good at something
that's what "they" say
whoever "they" are
but few of us make a living
from pastimes we enjoy
wealthy poets are thin on the ground
but I wish to be remembered as one
despite its paucity of monetary value
discard unwanted labels others give you
you deserve to define yourself
so the next time you're asked
"What do you do?"
be honest
tell them you're a poet
do it.
Here I am on a picnic blanket watching you play on the monkey bars. Smile across your face. The only complaint out your mouth is that Your thirsty.
Then I’m here fighting back the tears for my aunt and my lost child.
I’m doing all this for you.
I hope you see that one day.
How much love I have for you my dear.

                            WIth love,
Jessica S May 11
We drink alcohol
and smoke cigarettes
and kiss stupid boys
that don't care about us
Just to forget about
We want to feel the rush
the adrenalin
because in reality
we have that boring job
and that one stupid boy
that doesn't text back.
reality hurts
and we don't want to feel pain
Mane Omsy Apr 26
I shot down opportunities
Then stared at the wall
Watching them painting
Differences from their hearts
Building new stairs upward
While I managed my downfall

The lights weren't bright
Then I coughed on the dust
Pushing my vitals to decay
I spoiled my life and now I pray
God please help this pathetic
To raise both hands in joy
To raise my head in pride
Aa Harvey Apr 25

Love is a job.
Dating is the interview.
Rejection stops me applying to be with you.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jack P Apr 15
They say a picture is worth a thousand words
And the horse with the broken leg
Is lamentably doomed to the stable.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words
But a picture is still worth not enough
To put any more food on my table.
hanaz Apr 11
I apply I apply, Yet, No reply No reply,
I apply I apply, Yet, No Interview No Interview,
I believe, I believe, I will get hired,
I believe, I believe, I will shine,
No matter how many times you reject, I apply I apply,

I linkedin, I linkedin many recruiters,
I throw many applications in Dice,
People say a friend in need is Friend Indeed,
A friend indeed found a job in past,

I wonder i wonder, all these job sites really work,
I wonder i wonder, all these job sites really work,
If you want to prove it right, find me a job where i sit tight,
If you want to prove it right, find me a job where i sit tight,

Job seeker, Job seeker, where have you been,
I have been to all these websites, but in vain,
Is there a train, which can find a job for my brain,
Time will reveal when will be sun shine!

I believe, I believe, I will get hired,
I believe, I believe, I will shine!
This poem is dedicated to all the job seekers!
a lawyer's
batch in
a brief
if hiring
direly break
trepidation that
equality sucks
when a
state of
confusion interrupts
rights to
a genuine
occupy of
love where
intent only
makes mark
in society
a note on hiring in land of oz
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