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I'm a friend,
a family member,
a healer,
a net,
a sponge

I'm here to be dragged across the world
Through the dirt, the water, the skies
Wash it through me

Try to cleanse out the filth
So I can be used again
There's more work to do

After all the water is washed
After all the sponges are used
We can all be thrown away, no more after, we did our job, we got through

And if we fail, we'll overflow the bin.
And we can all drown.
A M Ryder Aug 28
Nothing to prove
Or disprove
About yourself
Or to yourself

None of us
Have to
"Go to" anyone
And the idea
That we do is
A mental illness

We can't keep
Going to
Each other
Until we learn
To go to

Stop making
Our hatred of
Someone else's
I had a good talk with the manager
About my numbers the account and sales
You need to do this and that

Yes I shall do my best boss
Here are my suggestions
To make the account better

First there is…
Next there is this…
Followed by this…
And lastly this…

Please see that this is done boss
So the account is smooth
Without issue or trouble

What a good meeting we had
I’m so glad the boss listened
Much will improve
Not Hopping
Some trainers in the BPO industry
Have worked in 20 or 30 different places
Brian met 2 or more such trainers
Both had worked in dozens of centres
Between a month’s training and years
Finally settling down to train others
Being Hoppers no more job to job
Instilling their skills info knowledge
With wisdom guidance mind set
It takes skill to be a trainer
And something else to excel
Getting the next generation ready
Reps support trainers OMs
A call centre job is a slave job
Like digging holes in the road
Or painting a truck with a toothbrush
Go work in a call centre
Do this do that all at once!
Multi task you’re all smart
Do more than one thing at once
We trained you and pay you
You’re the best so get on with it!
Make us some ****** money
Zywa Jul 26
In my work I can

add trumps and do everything --

if it comes off well.
Poem "The Profession" (2002, Lars Gustafsson)

Collection "Specialities"
Hollie Jun 1
Another job looking to hire
Resume uploaded
No I don't want to upload a cover letter
Yes I have the right to work
Click click click
It's almost robotic
Senseless and pathetic
Rejection after rejection
Sometimes it's radio silent
Clicking hoping for a reaction
Getting repetitive but I'm hell bent
To be among the many who slave away hours
Days into nights and again
It's a silly thing to envy
But it's the only independence
clicking can give me
Because you are a dear, dear friend,
as dear as you can be;
A person sweet, a joyous treat
to work here next to me.

Of greatest wealth your superb health,
until a cold you catch;
The bills, the phone, you can't stay home,
and so a plan you hatch.

To work I'll go, I must not show,
that really I feel lousy;
No pills I'll take for goodness sake,
that could cause me to be drowsy.

Your nose will run, you'll say "Oh ***,
a tissue may I borrow?
Please do not lock your tissue box,
I'll pay you back tomorrow!"

Because you are a dear, dear friend,
and I would not want to miss you;
This HOLIDAY SEASON my special gift,
This Limerick was written 11-30-1995 by Bradley Ray Wardle, for my mother Margene Wardle as an attachment for her Christmas gifts of Kleenex boxes she was giving out at her
place of employment Mountain America Credit Union.
She said that people were always using her tissues and she was always low so she wanted to make a point and give each person their own box with this poem attached.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2022
Lipstick to void. She is a race against time. The beveled past a disruption in her lines of influence.

Travel is dangerous, and tonight it darkens the highway of blood vessels coursing through her extremities. She wants to be luminous and under the skin.

While Dorothy dreams of tornadoes in Kansas, she dreams of remote climbs in lesser Glasgow, of party drugs in Tokyo. How many lights does she see?

In her hair are sixty circuits. But she waits, religiously inclined on the hotel bed. She drove through ghosts to get here wearing nothing but Las Vegas.

So strange at this hour, in a city full of sleepwalkers for the taking, she now dreams she's a bulldozer, she now dreams she's alone in an empty field.

Zywa Dec 2022
Do I hate my job?

No, not enough to quit and --

start doing nothing.
"Het Bureau - Plankton" ("The Office - Plankton", 1997, Han Voskuil)

Collection "Not too bad [1947-1973]"
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