By Arcassin Burnham

I was looking for a way I could make it though a life
Where people take shit too seriously,
I was looking for a life,

Had too many hardships in a world so invaluable
To the next life in a cryptic​ sleep,
Finding a way to dream,

There's no other way to say that I can't forgive all the
Things u put me through,
I hope it gets back to you too,

Just your average ordinary teen just looking for a job,
Of course minimum wage,
This is not my true virtue.

Alan Crilley Jun 15


And Alan is around all alone
begging banks for balance
catching cards collectively,
expanding expenses everywhere.


He's a tosspot; doesn't care.
She's a mother; never there.
He's a brother; needs affection.
She's a sister; no protection.

some days,
i can be very brave.
some days,
i can be a coward.
i am a coward.
i walked away.
i walked so far
that i left my job behind.
i was a coward.

time to look for a new job... oops...

(To the tune of "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree!)
Today, I was offered a job, prithee,
Tutoring crims in literacy,
Silent reading for all the he's,
I'd be part of their conspiracy,
They'd all have a million dollars, you see,
Buried under the jail's old oak trees,
For their chicks and kids to live comfortably,
That's why they like gardening, you see,
It looks like the gophers have been,
The crims have left the scene!
They swiped the prison bus,
Forgot about "Literacy and Us!"
The governor put the blame on me!
So much for teaching prison literacy,
Now there's lots of holes under the jail's old oak trees,
Yes, the gophers have been,
The crims have left the scene,
All with a million dollars, you see,
Well, they learnt to spell 'conspiracy',
That was my job teaching literacy!

Feedback welcome.

you don't want to live

you don't want to earn

you would rather not make

you wouldn't talk to again

death silence is your making

me you didn't see it coming

mutates in myriad ways

oh so quietly and

right in your suicidal-in-waiting face

The mosquito doesn't know you -
you weren't introduced.

It doesn't have anything against you.

It doesn't care.
You could be the queen,
or the pope,
or Mick Jagger,
or a freshly squeezed into this world baby..
In fact, it couldn't care less who you are.

The mosquito is just doing its job.

Just like you are "doing yours",
every day.



RLG May 2

Is anyone reading this,
Staring into Microsoft's abyss,
Wondering: is this why we exist?

Alan Crilley Apr 30

I stood there to calm them down,
I mean, I was trying to, because
it's my job.

But now I'm the only one around,
I mean, they left because
I didn't do my job.

I feel like a sailor and they're filling the sea,
I was there for them, and them for me,
I mean, at least I was, because,
it's my job.

Sitting alone now, creating poems in the moment, they all left in anger, as I wasn't able to hold it together, yet again.

There's an acutely thin line
between the total lunatic fringe
and that which is acceptable

I straddle the line
much aplomb
I'm afraid
my feet
dangerously close
to the edge of a

not brave enough
to plunge
not detecting
firm footing

where the "normal" people tread

saying I care not
what they think
I watch
with both longing
trying to mirror
their ways
just enough
to preserve
my secret

I have preserved my secret

haven't I?

Written when I was in a confining job. Once I left, I was my own boss...and have been since...very freeing! "Lunacy" feels great!
Vexren4000 Apr 19

Stoic abandoned complexes,
Where such work was done,
Men's lives worked away into dust,
Until they were shambling shells,
Scarcely resembling,
The proud human they used to be,
Driven into retirement,
A lone chair to decay into,
Passing time and days,
Spent losing youth and life.
Man the only animal,
To work himself to a grave.
To have his son he spawned,
Do the same.

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