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Eva Jun 2020
I've learned to love
the silence-
grew numb to all
its screams.

It's like I've died
a million times,
but still know how
to breathe.

Im conscious,
I'm alive...
but am I truly
Bryce Nov 2019
I want to wear a Persian shirt,
Run through meadows in a Celtic skirt--

I want to Don a Russian hat,
And plant my *** on the throne of Rome.

I want to bomb my words upon
London, Lisbon; Taipei, Taiwan

I would diffuse my fissile mind
And launch theoretical material like guided missiles

Give me this world of sand as a ball,
And children on the playground to toss against the wall--

It is a gift of thought to view the bulb
Of this time as a light in the firehouse
That ultimately dies
Only to be remembered by Liver's More.
someguy Apr 2019
Born in the dances of the night
Grew in the playful noises of light
Died and flew into the phantom blue of sky
Erian Rose Apr 2019
As the day grew short
Upon the skylight
Hands stretched out
It wasn't right
Shining high
enduring and bright
The sun drew
Escaping the sunlit sky
A love with no night
You're my one
and only

My Flashlight
Xaela San Aug 2018
I was waiting behind the door for you
And I felt the warm air blew
As those delightful memories I once knew
Shows an unforgettable, beautiful view
Of us looking up to the sky so blue
And, of us holding hands as we grew;

Without knowing time moves and flew
As if everything was a product of the untrue

I remember our sweet youth memories, we value.
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