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Johnny walker Jun 20
My sweetheart regardless of age never seemed  to grow old she always seemed  like a teenager to
And although she gone she still holds an advantage over me that is my sweetheart will
never grow like old
I happy what I grew u in.
I happy who I am now.
So much progress.
So much I grew.
Thanks to everybody who were affected on my growing.
And thanks to me too.
I grew up, even that was very painful...
someguy Apr 29
Born in the dances of the night
Grew in the playful noises of light
Died and flew into the phantom blue of sky
Erian Apr 17
As the day grew short
Upon the skylight
Hands stretched out
It wasn't right
Shining high
enduring and bright
The sun drew
Escaping the sunlit sky
A love with no night
You're my one
and only

My Flashlight
Smriti Gupta Dec 2018
Unknown to every one we settled down,
All had entered from the same door brown.
Some smiled while the others cried,
All I did was to look at the blackboard wide.

Within a few days we learned to be glad.
We all enjoyed but still some were sad.
Everyone started making new friends,
All because of boredom and lends.

Ma'am Mala who taught us everythng was so sweet.
In the lunch break the view of the class wasn't so neat !
I selected the set of humans I loved,
Within them one was my dove.

We grew up together playing, enjoying, dancing and crying...
Our confined brains dealing with the heart's dying.
From watching dragon tales with breakfast,
We moved to studying till 12 past

Abuses we said day and night,
But they never made us fight...
Java codes were too long to understand,
But friend's story always continued with another 'and'.

All these moments don't need a backup,
Somwhere between ABC & Aey! BC we all GREW UP.
Xaela San Aug 2018
I was waiting behind the door for you
And I felt the warm air blew
As those delightful memories I once knew
Shows an unforgettable, beautiful view
Of us looking up to the sky so blue
And, of us holding hands as we grew;

Without knowing time moves and flew
As if everything was a product of the untrue

I remember our sweet youth memories, we value.
I will go away
The time is not for me
The sky is not for me
The luck gives me
His back
The name of me
May be changed
As they called me
I was in the past
Runner in fast
Smartest and strongest
All females wanted to see
All females wanted to approach
My beauty is example
As well as my power is able
To change any result in competition
I got first at run
I am the first at the bet
All wanted my satisfy
When I grow up all were away
My happiness was disappeared
And I heard them saying
I must be killed
As I grew up enough
That made me lazy and tough
In everything
They said," I am hopeless"

"There were the notes of horse"
everything is good when it has power and smart. when it has author. it will be prefable. when all go, it will be forgootten
Luna Dec 2017
when did we get so old
to enjoy lifes leisure's
The simple pleasure in walking down an unfamiliar path
the simple pleasure in reading a book
To get a laugh
the the simple pleasure in feeling more than just happy or sad

digging into our childhood youth
taking the time to look at picture books a time or two
taking the time to write a short story
or scribble a dog in a note book
fold origami and try to predict our lives
through a little piece of paper
that only seemed to lie

when did we get so old that
a play date
meant ***

that a simple card game
lead to
An axe of respect

when did we get so old
that a drink or two
twenty two
When did we get do old?

We didnt mature!

We only grew.
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