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Savio Fonseca Jun 2022
If the Ground was above Us
and the 'Sky' lay Below.
I would still Love U.........Darling,
as U are My Rose in the Snow.
If the Deserts had no Sand
and the Beaches had no Sea.
Concerts would be performing,
without the likes of U and Me.
If Today was Tomorrow
and old Memories turned New.
I would cherish all the flashbacks,
even if they were handful or few.
If only U turn, Days to Nights.
So My Dreams come True.
I would be a very lucky Fellow,
rocking the 'Sky' with U.
Savio Fonseca Dec 2020
We were chasing Our Desires,
in the Middle of the Night.
On the Waves of the Ocean,
the Moon shown it's Light.
Her Boat began rocking,
the minute I kissed Her Lap.
My Hands went for a Stroll,
all around Her Map.
It was below Her Waist,
where I lay My Head
and began nurturing Her Spot,
as She lay moaning in Bed.
Early the next Morning,
We touched the Shore.
But My Woman whispered,
that She wanted some More.
Savio Fonseca Nov 2020
Our Nights have never been,
so Romantic Before.
When U are in My Arms,
I can't ask for anything More.
U unwrap your Feelings,
by the touch of My Hand
and pour out your Passions,
like the Grains in the Sand.
As We go rocking Our Bed,
on sheets that are Blue.
Our Nights turn Wholesome,
Our Dreams come True.
I keep touching your points,
under a Blanket so Warm.
U Moan like the Waves,
that are caught in a Storm.
Viji Vishwanath Oct 2020
Rock always rocks
Whatever the situation may
Situation is; mere excuse
Whether it is rain
Or it is storm
Rocking rock
Always rocks
Whatever come
On its way

Rock says
You don’t know my worth
Am strong
In all environment
Am hard
But can be engraved
With art and words
I can be polished
To its utmost shine
I will rock
Wherever I am

Rock says
U devote idols
But idols are made of me
U devote rocks
But idols are priceless

What makes you priceless
Is the effort of you
The struggles of you
The pain of you
All that;
Made you strong
Made you beautiful
Made you precious

Rocking rock
Rock all its way
But it’s up to you
The transformation
You give to it
Rock always rocks
No matter what
Come its way
Rock wherever you go !!
ALesiach Jul 2019
Rocking on the front porch
Watching the stars in heaven play
Rocking back and forth
Sipping from my lemonade
Melting all my cares away

ALesiach © 08/05/2017
K Balachandran May 2018
music at its peak,
in rhythmic frenzy music rocks;
Joyous thunderstorm!
An old man sits in an even older rocking chair.
His skin was midnight, as was his hair once upon a time
When it had adorned his head
Within its very curl was a diamond, a ruby,
Like the crown of the richest king

But now the only thing that curled
Was his back
Hunched in that old chair
You couldn’t tell by looking at it
But it was once a strong body

Yes, the old man was young once
He was strong,
He was beautiful
He was proud
As he should be

But he was too strong
His exterior was that of ice and steel
Not the fieriest touch
Nor the most jagged of cries
Could penetrate

And he was too beautiful
His boisterous laugh, his perfect smile
Most found loud
And blinding

His greatest sin was his pride
He thought himself a mountain
But when the valley burned
All he could do was watch

The old man sits in the even older rocking chair
Weak, ugly, and disgraced
He once dared to think
God was proud to have made this body
He wondered what He thought of him now
Sethnicity Jun 2015
well I was sitting out back underneath the stars
Take in a couple of swigs play a couple of bars
Wonder where the time went and who's praying for me
I know somebody's gotta be praying for me.

So I'm feeling faux pa and bored with friends
angry with neighbors lonesome crowded winds
blowin me down like an eight mile island
I can't see out of the car I'm driving
but I can tell the future's not exciting
I work tomorrow then I'll strum my guitar
but not much to keep me out of the bars
cept poverty **** and writing in cars

So now I'm sittin out back underneath the stars
Take a couple of swigs eat a couple a bars
Wonder where the time went praying for you
I'm Still on my knees just praying for you

Well I don't know what I'm talkin about
Just wrote a couple songs and I'm spit'n em out
Ain't worth $hit and my brains on drought
but I, Should I, Reason my doubt...?
I'll drop a couple of classes I'm going for broke
Hit my head on the bad lands buried the Pope
stuck my nose in the air like I was downing a Coke
When I woke up in evening I hadn't gotten too far
They took an empty spot next to me at the bar

So Sitting out back underneath the stars
Take a couple of wigs take a couple of cars
Wander in the barn house pray Mr. Blue
huffing the Gasoline Praying for you
Funny when you predict your own future...and this is an old tune of mine. Goes something like this.
Mark Parker Dec 2014
The funny farm is the place to be.
We have soft beds, prescription meds, and cable TV.
When we party, someone loses their job,
or they might lose a limb if we form a mob.
It's one of those places you want to find yourself.
Electroshock is fun if you bring pop and chips.
Careful being around us, we're bad for your health.
Best of all, we're about to set sail on our blanket ships.
To the unknown and out of room 213!
Quick, hand me the bleach, I want to feel clean!
I have had many fine experiences, but this is driven from one of my friend's experiences.
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