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Last night was first time In while that I managed to sleep all night before going
to bed I'd sprayed my pillow with my wife's favourite perfume

It felt as If she was still with me Estee ladder youth dew she loved that
Perfume every Christmas that's all she asked a nice gift set

I guess when I run out I shall buy some more then to sleep at night I'll go with perfume filling the air sweet thoughts of my darling as I fall gently to sleep
Helens favourite perfume Estee Laurder youth drew
I spray my pillow at night
Devika S Feb 4
A ruffled heart, an unsettled soul
The Almighty's kept her off the dole
'Why are you silent, mighty Lord?
Assure me, the universe acts per your accord'

She sauntered slowly down the street
Smiling at her loved ones, keeping life's misgivings discreet
She could feel the pain gently seeping in,
A scathing body, and a dubiety-clenched heart within

Of lost love and dead men they talk
Her agony of vacillations is why then put in a dock?
‘Smile, my dear heart’, she cried
There ain’t no world for the dreary-eyed

As the achy moments turned into uncurious days
Like mayflowers, new truths radiated
In her anxious ears, He gently whispered
‘Told you so, my dearest; T’you I shall always give the best’

Her heart triumphed, as His misty aura slowly unblocked
And slowly she rejoiced with every new truth unlocked
On fresh green lawns, she now runs
Ahoy! See there - a fortress of faith and new spring suns
I wrote this when I was in a semi-anxious, semi-delighted state. I haven't written any poem since this day, but when I read this again today, I realised the power of my own thoughts and words to lift me up, and remind me to keep faith.
Aishah Jan 6
it wasn't long
before I realised
you were the sun,
a riot of yellow

reflecting towards
my black and white

awakening the green meadow
from inside

I grew sunflowers
as a way of worshipping you
and thanking you

for bringing colours
into the darkest part
of me
he helps me grow in ways I didn't expect

a short letter to my lover, page five
Amanda Francis Dec 2018
They asked me to read them my favourite line...

Your name rolled off my tounge
Perri Nov 2018
I wish I could describe
with words of the unknown
the quivering of my organs
and the shaking of my bones
from heat of your mouth,
the potentness of your tone
because with every ' I love you'
I feel more at home
Jade Welch Nov 2018
I'm just trying
to cover my mistakes up.

He said "baby girl,
don't hide behind your makeup"
myrrh Oct 2018
Quick thought, fate deems me to be forsaken
Faith has been shaken, your love was just a ruse
You love to decide when you feel for me, you pick and choose
You make me feel blue, ironically that's my favourite colour
I have no clue what to do about you, because there will be no other
I understand that loves a mountain and you have to trek to the top
But the peak is below sea level and I don't want to drown, so I think we should stop
Gemma Davies Sep 2018
Your voice is music to my ears,
Your presence is my favourite song.
Making me feel so happy,
Taking away all that's wrong.
What would life be without music?
And what would I be without you?
Both would be so miserable,
Just not the same, it's true.
Your melody attracts me,
I know your lyrics by heart.
I'll dance to your tune forever,
We'll never be apart.
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Dark and spiced flavours warmed by
brown sugar, nutmeg,
grated carrots, ******, cloves
Vanilla cream cheese,
candied orange zest,
pecan nuts
So here's the eleventh Epulaeryu! ^-^
Timeless, tender, tremendous!
Carrot cake, the classic which is great with a cup of coffee, or in my case, a cup of tea! ^.^
This is my mom's favourite, too. When she took me to that cafe a few days ago, this is what she had. She tried my lemon meringue **** and I tried her carrot cake. Heaven in my mouth, I swear T.T I could cry from the freshness alone. I know I say everything is heavenly, but man, I can't describe it any other way!
...I'm coming off as a glutton, aren't I?
Lyn ***
Isaac Aug 2018
Shielded away
From the storm of the day
Tucked in warmth
I have hit the hay
Lying behind
A wall of time
In this moment
I'm perfectly fine
The present is night
Hidden from light
Free to relax
Without a person
in sight.
Written 12 August 2018
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