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Mrs Timetable Apr 16
Seeing her turn around
Watching him
Walk into the room
Both adorned
Made his way to her
Leaned over the row of chairs
Her upper body pulled towards him
An embrace
His left hand
On her long dark hair
Disheveled upon where
Her neck meets her face
And then a sweet kiss
On her bloomed cheek
Meant just for her

Everything in my mind stopped...
This meant so many things to them
Hello my love
How are you? My best friend
My future
All the meanings of love
I've seen this before
Havent I?
Ever so openly
Simply done
When a older one kisses a baby
A mate kisses you goodnight
Kissing someone you've missed
This simple expression

But this
So secretly beautiful
In full view
Kindness and respect
For each other

In my mind
I looked around
And asked myself
Was I the only one
Who saw it the way I did?
True story.

I love it when a man puts his hand on a womans face and kisses her. I melt.
Psych-o-rangE Oct 2022
I'm not as half as beautiful as this man
But he's a Halfie like you
He's got no acne, I got scars on my face
But scars go away
Scars are scars they stay
No, they heal
Oh well, what can I say?
Savio Fonseca Sep 2022
Like Flowers My Life got wilted,
despite the pouring Rain.
The One whom I most needed,
left Me in Agony and Pain.
Trust when broken, is Poison.
It seeps right thru your Head.
Creeping into your whole System.
Leaving U good as Dead.
I thought She would trust Me.
I thought She would Care.
I thought She truly Loved Me
and would always be There.
I longer feel so Open.
I don't wish to show My Face.
I find Life, is so very Cruel.
After My love lost it's Race.
Psych-o-rangE Sep 2022
3 years
I find a new place
3 years
I wear a new face
3 years
I carry my shame
3 years
I burden my brain

Am I the variable, or a constant in march
It's never too bright and it's never too dark
A rolling snowball or a forest in fire
Border planted flags do not inspire
Steve Page Sep 2022
I look into her face, curiously more familiar, more frequent now on her departure. And particularly more prominent in profile.  
I look into her face and see the easy smile that comes with age and with the assurance of knowing herself and her place in the bigger scheme of things, particularly in the scheme of relatively earthly royalty and the ultimately heavenly King.
I look into her face and recall it in prayer at her husband's funeral, and imagine it now at rest, in darkness and in joy, in a brighter light.
I look into her face, on my pound coin, in the corner of my letter, on the street bill board, on the front of the paper, on every channel, an image etched in my mind's eye, a loud echo of a lifetime of consistency and service.  
I look and then in a prayer thank her God and my God for gifting us this servant queen, who lived well and only fell once she had done enough to help ensure others' lives were better for her being there.
And I pray for our king, that his long apprentiship in her firm serves him well and serves us well as we walk on together, into the unknown, in thanks for the service of leaders.
Queen Elizabeth II, 1926 - 2022
Savio Fonseca Jun 2022
U will never find a Sunrise,
that Sunsets Her Treasured Smile.
U will never find a Season,
that Offsets Her Romancing Style.
Her Mind that races Faster,
has Hands that are often Kind.
Her Heart is always Forgiving,
with Generosity U will never Find.
She's your Shade, in sultry Summer
and your Blanket, when it's Cold.
Her Nights are lit with Passions,
with Desires Hot and Bold.
There's much more to a Woman,
than what's written on Her Face.
With Feelings that are Full of Life.
She will win any given Race.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2022
I wish I could spell out,
the Tears that are Falling. 
Whipped by a Breakup,
Your Name they keep Calling. 
The note that U left behind,
Broke My Heart in Two
and now My Life is living,
with Memories of U.
My Heart that lies shattered,
across the bedroom Floor. 
Has each piece waiting,
for your knock on My Door.
At times a Broken Smile, 
appears on My Face.
With a hope that one Day,
your Face it will Trace.
Nigdaw May 2022
I see your inside outside
smiling at me
topography of your personality
LC Apr 2022
He greets me with a light kiss
reminiscent of a monarch butterfly
delicately landing after a long migration.

Iced lemonade in a glass
rests on the table in front of us,
witnessing the butterflies on our faces.

Water vapor relaxes when it sees us,
and the glass leaves a culaccino
for forever and a day.
Escapril Day 15! Prompt: something very gentle.
By the way, culaccino means "the mark left on a table by a moist glass."
I loved writing this poem, and I hope you all enjoy it as well :)
LC Apr 2022
a person barely within earshot
may absorb the cheerful ring in my voice.
they see me in glimmering gold
embellished with refracting glass -
always with crinkles adorning my eyes.

someone else may be right across the table
and see small smoke tendrils escaping my ears.
laughter follows the smoke, and it fades away.
they see dull gold topped with smashed glass.
the crinkles sometimes disappear,
only to return a few seconds later.

A few can see my heart whenever they like.
they hear unsteady tremors between words.
they see billowing smoke
emanating from my ears and mouth.
they know the wrapping is gold foil
with smashed hourglasses piercing my skin.
the crinkles appear whenever they want.
nevertheless, they see me rise, even as I ache.

I, the permanent resident of this body,
shed the itchy foil whenever I can.
my cells are clouded by smoke,
and the hourglass fractals
swirl into a tornado behind my sternum.
the crinkles have been starched.

But, I remember I am walking on diamonds,
and I slowly sculpt my armor.
I exhale, and the smoke clears, bit by bit.
I reach behind my sternum,
grabbing the fractals to line my armor.
I splash water onto my face,
and the corners of my eyes crinkle again.
Escapril Day 10! Prompt: magnification. I wanted to "zoom in," to the different ways in which people see me vs. my reality. This is my interpretation of the prompt.
I hope you enjoy this longer poem! I also hope the metaphors make sense. I'm not really sure how I settled on these descriptions, but I made an attempt 😊
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