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All my yesterdays
done tomorrows still
to come new challenge's
yet to be, for now, I
have to face them all
How I'll cope I do not
know, my darling you
we're my only one, the
best friend one could
ever have
Trying to cope without her after twenty years together
what has happened to me?
you are there with me in every mirror
scars that aren't mine cut into my skin
touching where it hurts the most

you place your hand against my face
I cry, your tears birth new pain
I long to free you from this world
of fire and shattered dreams

you call out to me
I speak your name and there you are
no longer lonely in the darkness
I hold out my hand, open my heart
you say, please don't leave
I say, come to me
So many unsolved mazes
Hid under their fake faces.
One word
And you are an
The perfect face
The perfect mind.
One word and
I am yours.
One word and
You are nothing but
I wrote this poem about someone I met over the summer but never actually spoke to until the summer was over. He was one of the kindest, sweetest, smartest, and amazing people I have ever met. I completely fell in love with him and not some kind of puppy love. It was something only one other person has ever made me feel. He lives in Cape Town and I'll never see him again but the feeling he gave me when he called me gorgeous is something I will never forget and something I so long to feel again.
Let me do something

And tell you important thing

That words I have remind

And repeat them every moment

In my heart, in my mind

That I love you from my heart

I love you and do as you act

My heart goes, when you go

My heart stand when you stop

My eyes open wide to see all your smart

They can't bear your bright

This shines from your face

That means the life that I demand

The words that I'll say in fast

"I love you" that I want

I discovered i foget

Or it can't be told
the man can be good if he found true love
I draw
I draw a face
Is it yours?
No, not exactly

Because I draw from memory
And my memories are weak
I'm sorry
I have no pictures of your smiling face

I draw
I draw a bird
No, not a crow
A raven
Very different birds.

I don't draw it dark enough
I'm too scared
If it's too dark,  there's no going back
Don't touch the 9b

I draw
I draw a storm
Not my storm, no
Just a storm

Wreaking through the houses
The walls
The roof
Just to get to you
And I let it

I draw
I draw a mountain
That I will not climb
I refuse, it's too big

A mountain of my fears is always too big
I don't wish to try
To climb
The things I cannot control

I draw
I draw tears
Tears that were mine
But no longer Belong to me

The tears for you that I shed
The tears I wish I did not have
The tears rolling in the back of my head
The tears wishing you never bleed

I draw
idk. I just have a writing bug, I guess.
Elmo Cross Nov 4
I will not deny
That your smile makes me sigh
I will not deny
That your smile makes me stare for a while

For when I see you coming
I feel my blood rushing
And when you start talking
I cannot reply without stuttering

With a smile
You charmed my heart
And with your smile
I've fallen into your heart

How amazing life could be
That with a smile you can fall forever be
If this what love feels like
Oh how amazing our *** is like

I wrote this poem
Because of your lovely and graceful smile
And I hope that someday you will come home
Still with that beautiful Smile
Ahhhh my heart!!! I can't contain my feelings  when she smiled to me last Saturday. How I wish I could bottle up that moment.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2
When I see that face
I forget all the pain
I have been through!
Then the only words I got
on my lips are I love you.
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