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In my life there are three things:
A feeling of emptiness,
a hollow laugh and blank face,
Hiding behind a mask

I wonder day by day
nothing changing
the world around me is unimportant.
In my life there are three things:

My own emotions elude me
they go about their days
hiding in the back of my brain
a feeling of emptiness

Upon my face there sits
a person I don't know
Because of all I ever am is
a hollow laugh and blank face

Day by day, night by night
nobody ever bothers to look
but I never bother to tell, I'm
hiding behind a mask
This is my first attempt at a cascade poem
J-Long Sep 29
Finally home
My little safe space
The only place in the world
I can show my true face

Not the happy face
Smiling at a bright tomorrow
But a zombie like expression
That shows nothing but sorrow

So this is me
In all my "glory"
Just a "happy guy"
With a truly sad story
Bhill Sep 28
As the chilled breeze wisps across my covered face
I think about the life I've led and wonder
I wonder if somewhere along the path I wronged anyone
Anyone that crossed that path
Anyone that bid me hello or goodbye
Anyone that could have or should have made a difference

Not at all sure why this particular moment and this particular wispy wind has brought such thoughts to my senses
All I know is that thinking so deeply gives birth to the heightened awareness of my faults and weaknesses
What to do
What to do

Brian Hill - 2019 # 244
Let your deep thinking begin...
What will you find?
Each time I shave my face,
I scrutinize with my eyes,
To look for my mistakes,
But my eyes, they fraternize,
With the enemy on my chin,
And so, too late,
When on a date,
I feel them with my fingers
DAF Sep 26
Keep truth bottled up in a pen
It awaits escape
Penciling about the day
It will get to show its face
So truth is inside of the pen. Meanwhile it writes in hopes of one day being written.
Chicken Sep 22
When he slept
I saw
The peace in his face
He was the cherub
Dealing drugs
He was the greek god
Aspiring to be a ****
He was the wonderful light
Darkened like a burned out building
Full of charm
Of homelessness
Of Victory
and of whisky,
Oh come bear witness,
Ronnie’s face.
My sons father. He fell asleep before the rest of us one evening, and I fell in love. We spent 10 or so years together.
The moral? It isn’t love if it doesn’t include everything.
Shofi Ahmed Sep 19
////                                  /////
                         Terra is rosy
               'shadow and light'
                      and evergreen.
                 It's never a world
                                 this is it!

            Numerically perfect
                             is scientific
            painstakingly poetic.

           Walk along the beach
                             never think
                   you are alone see
  the clouds fly in sheer bliss
      The ocean of the rivers is
                       forever flowing.

                        It's a mundane
                   yet hallowed holy.
      The artists' kaleidoscopic
                       the pious men's
         immanent metaphysics!
Dark eyes
Waking slowly
I'd cry if I could
But my best friend
Is dressed like Mothman
Red tinted glasses
Rose is all I see
You ****** Karkat wig
It's a different outfit
But it's all the same to me
We're always on the upswing, baby.
sometimes being sad makes her happy

sometimes she finds beauty in sadness

sometimes she enjoys crying at night while it rains
she is us .. she is a poet ..
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