Light bouncing off of you into my eyes.
Blinding me.
All I see is white light.
A pure Angel.
The light darkens and your face appears.
My dear.
Since the first time I saw you.
You have always been my sunshine.

                        With love,
Thread knuckles into notches of your spine,
you were mine.
Held down as carotid fought hard,
to keep open your eye.
Staring vivid as clouds overtook.
I can taste you through your musk,
hear the quivering in your thigh.

Stomach acids crawled into your nose,
and petals bloom. Belly aflame,
throat bleat with each beat.
As vision tunneled from expanse
to pinhole spindle of our room.
Bared teeth like a wild animal,
eyes wide with excitement.

If you could breathe a word your smile soon'd fade.
Porcelain comtesse cum undress with maroon'd face.
Amanda 6d
You do not love me
It's obvious you love her
You cannot live without her touch
It's her kiss you would prefer

You lie to me still
Say you love me
You don't. Stop pretending.
I know her face is all you see
This is another old one from my early high school years. This is about my camp boyfriend haha. We lived 150 miles apart and he had a girlfriend so we didnt get the chance to be together for like a year after this was written.
My heart
feels like it ran
a marathon
I am
in my
t facing
y   o   u
Simpathi Apr 15
I could see her face,
From outside the window,
She was lost from the rain,
Didn’t know where to go.

She shielded her eyes,
With her unblemished hands,
Just trying to hide,
Things she never had.

I scraped the glass,
As if I could meet her,
She seemed to have it,
But I’m not really sure.

My legs started moving,
And I rushed outside,
Out to where she stood,
Far past the line.

Her eyes meant to glow,
Through the perilous night,
I yearned to reunite,
Like the blind and their sight.
What is the window separating her from me? xx S.B. <3
Robert Apr 14
I'm not really sure what is it I like
About you
Maybe it's your pretty face
With a cute little smile
And big glasses hiding your eyes
Your long hair clipped behind
Two ears or falling in front
Of your face making it hard
To see you in full
Maybe it's the fact you seem calm
Quiet and shy
Studying by yourself with no one to talk
I'm not yet sure but the fact
That I like you so much
(photo session baby picture)
Serious                                                 ­                                                          
no smile

Come on, child
I don't have all day
What's wrong with you

Oh go ahead
take one anyway
(early school years)
Serious face
no smile

speak up, Child
no tales to tell?
of schoolyard adventures
games to be won?
you're so quiet...
what's wrong with you
cat got your tongue?

sad little face
tears running down
(high school)
Serious face
no smile

rattling papers
quivering lips
how long did this speech have to be?
knees won't stop trembling
how long can one take this misery?
can't see for tears forming

hot burning face
crippling disgrace
tentative: "I have an idea
I'd like to present..."

oh let's move on
that won't work

("why did I bother to come?
I feel like a jerk")

burning eyes
lip silently bit
don't let the tears slip
And people don't understand why I was shy and sometimes still am.
Mostly moved past this..mostly! :-)
Tranquil Dawn Apr 12
In crumpled silk
her old woman’s profile
tempts tactile voyages
teases makeshift sifters.

Is she doctored by sepia tones?
Cool to the touch
yet warmth emanates
from her wrinkled glaze.

Dive under her character folds
discover the dermis paper-thin
eroded smooth by gritty tales
trickling in her time capsule.

And when you do
looks can be..

She survives by experience.
She inspires by being.
And we live impetuously by
playing sculptor to her secrets
disrupting her satin strands.

Perfectly coiffed,
she preens and cajoles,
coaxing those who thrive
on making waves.

And every hair slides
right back into place.
Picture prompt and credit:
Worn and torn
Belonging to no one

French name
Empty gaze
Plastered face

Terror and gold
Behold the old

Siren and pain
Holdfast against the night

Temptation will last
No matter the hour
Deliverance a foregone conclusion
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