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Some say we don't sleep others frawn
Many claim it is short my bottle rebufe
I can't count life days are not figured
I can't stretch blessing pleasure resists.

Poverty is a sin Covid 19 is a crime
No coughing no sneezing all at war
The world is faceless
The white gaurds at the frontiers

How many of your neighbors ache?
Were your grave enough for the pain?
Were your tears able to stream the agony?
The world is faceless.

Some became tycoons others cry
The Giants are standing to fall
There was no world no power
WHO sneeze America shiver
The world is faceless.
Rouge lips begging for yours
Bare skin wanting to be explored
Hazel eyes pleading to be blessed
Bejeweled hands yearning to rest
On your face, you broad shoulders
But you, so selfish and stubborn,
Will never offer your heart
To a woman falling apart
Just to be loved.
I cupped your face
and my hands stung
because you knew
what it meant
to be
fearfulpoet May 20
she said:
you are a man knowing cruel, knowing hard,
with strangest soft skin, a funny way of talking,
lick my face with your words so I’ll learn,
to be tough and tender too, this I want, wanted

he replied:
life gave me splinters, broken from rough edges,
left under my exterior to fester, blister, and scar,
life licked my face, taught me mean, and the words
that came with that, were sand papered on my skin

she answered:
I’m not blind, I can feel, smell your contradictories,
want your antibodies in my blood, survival skills,
to be what I am not, and keep too, what I’ve got, to
be infected and protected, knowing words defensive

he listened:
what you desire, is the health that comes after,
after what you don’t understand, until you’ve
loved, lost, been beaten down so that getting up is
miraculous, this unteachable, this licking by words

she insisted:
your arrhythmic rhymes, skinflint perspectives,
this is what I ask, what I need, what you can give,
what is in your possess, what you need to unburden,
making me better for making you lessened

he wept:
and said nothing.

for nothing taught appreciating silence and that,
was the beginning,
of what she wanted,
of what he did not,
of what he gives reluctantly

Wed May 20
Isle of Mind
KM Hanslik May 11
I'm on the underside
of an 80mph tide
& I'm sizzling in the slime
of your olive-oil compromise,
beat the color out of my face
and the bile out of my throat;
I've sang too many songs for you,
so I'll save my breath for
counting up

sidewalk gum
eraser dust,
saliva stains on clean pillowcases
2 fingers held up in surrender,
& a nasty place to take a pit stop.
If angels had faces on this Earth,
They would look like a mom.
My tissue got a scar over all my weary skin,
my tears got not tissues to clear my sin,
bearing all those scars, I've been with none but with myself in war,
I killed myself over and over, those scars now is a shining surface,
I try to hide my face,
Because sometimes I feel disgrace.
I wish I could go back and replace.
love should be mutual
not a slap in the face
A poem from my book
Void May 3
Even when I thought I knew you
You were being fake
Just like everyone else in this world
You were putting on a face

The charade is over
And the mask comes off
Revealing a face so putrid
And covered in rot
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