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That turquoise light, my dear. Sparkling
on our faces when we ran across the
beach, raptured by a sudden craziness
as the waves embraced our flesh. Our
flesh. So fragile and yet strong under
the throw of the dice. I held your hand
while the waves slapped us with pleasure.
You held me tight while the flow of the sea
was taking me away, taking me away, under
the twist of fate. Keep my face on your mind
now and forever into the waves, into the waves…
If I need to write to forget your name
Am I really forgetting it?
Or just ingraining it more?
Only the heart can see when they fall,
And know that they don't lie;
You don't see them outside,
Dry tears.
Catch them if you can in the silence,
Where the deepest feelings are hidden;
That the face don't reveal them that reside,
A soul crumbling in the tides,
dry tears.
You'll forget their face
  only a matter of time
You'll forget their name
  only a matter of time
I'll forget the way she looked at me
I'll forget the way she talked
I'll forget the perfume she wore
I'll forget the color of her Blue eyes and Black nails
But is that the truth?
Sam 3d
Back then when I was a kid,
I used to picture a demon's face.
I thought it has horns,
I thought it has tail,
I thought it has wings
and thought its color was red.
But growing up in this world
made me realized I was wrong.
Demons has no horns,
Demons has no tail,
Demons has no wings
and they were never color red.
They weren't ugly - instead they are beautiful.
They weren't scary - instead they are soothing.
Their looks are decieving
which makes us keep on sinning.
They are someone we always see
and something we can't let go.
They look more like an angel
but leads to trouble if we fall.
I remember the times when most people use to scare kids by telling them stories that are scary to make them obey what they would ask to do. Back then I was scared that I imagined a demon's face ready to prey on me at my sleep. I was so so scared. But after growing up in a world with a lot of situations happening in my life. I have realized every thing. That sometimes, there are moments that we couldn't stop making sins. And the very reason we made those sins are because of the demons that keep on decieving us. That moment I realized, demons would never look scary to come for us and tell us we should do this and that. Instead, they will look so innocent and beautiful so we can be decieved. That's how a demon works.
aquis Sep 12
your mouth
is not a safe place
for words to rest

there’s another space
on your face
where they can stay

no disturbance
only allowance
to let them to reside
and escape any time

you open
your eyes
Eyes say all the words needed to be said...

“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways.” Rumi
Hard winds
keeps on coming
hitting on my face.

Sun shines
all the same time
blinding my eyes.

Waves coming
very much so inviting
becoming my only solace.
xbdulrxhmxn Sep 8
talk to me
the way you spoke to your god,  
with your eyes closed
and tears on your face
Gemma Davies Sep 6
When I look into my mirror,
What is it that I see?
Just who is that face,
Looking back at me?
I see eyes that have cried,
So many tears it's true.
But not just in sadness,
But in happiness too.
I see lips that have smiled,
Complete from ear to ear.
But they have also said things,
My parents wouldn't want to hear.
I've seen things I wish I hadn't,
I've said things I wish I'd kept inside.
But I've also seen such wonders,
And said many things so dignified.
I love my reflection,
It's a map of everything 'me'.
I'm proud of that visual echo,
And all that it can be.
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
Kevin Zhang Sep 6
the peace is erupted,
as my fellow oak friend,
swings to welcome many.
burden of warmth and joy,
all over my self, and face.

particularly my face,

                a down face—
     a falling down face—
                    a dead face—
         a far too dead face

still meets those fine rays.
yet no makeover,
left in one fine daze,
rife with all new face:
     a faced far worse face—
       a face none more face—
         a wished no war face—
a closed the door face.

all to erase, what face.

so, bring back the peace: NO delays.

so, put me to peace: NO more face.
Face the all...
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