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seeing your face again
makes me want to
invent new art
for expressing
how it makes me feel
theforest Jan 15
dawn breaks
and so do i
and all i can think about
is seeing your face again
i see your face in the sky
the blue color comes from your eye
the clear color from your face
i believe your name will pass
every wish to make my world fine
and the worst will be wide
every one sees his lover in clear image
Neo Montane Jan 12
I sought joy by holding on to pain
Sought freedom by holding on to a chain
Trying to keep track of the time, my lifetime but I'm too scared to watch
I'll see how it passes fast and my dreams I can no longer touch
Tell me you do see the watch on my wrist
Does it show you what wasted, am I at risk?
I'm looking for fame yet I cover my face
I guess my shame brought me to this place
IncholPoem Jan 11
Are  you  supporters the  ***  relationship.
Of  course
Why  not  !

The   ­ directions
of the  protest
have  been

   Why  someone  hide
his/her  face  like
a  hacker  
Are  you  promoting
the  ***  relationship
on    media .

Of  course
Why  not.

The  charm  of
protesting  has  been

Why  each  one  will  be
bound  to  hide
their  forehead  and eyes
like  hacker.
IncholPoem Jan 10
Your  middle-class
protein  skin
is  being  dominated  by
fat  body.

But  one  minuet
that  body is  the
real  reason
for  me  to  be
attracted  towards  you
like    the moon and stars.

Moon    is  too
fat  so
i  am  attracted  by   moon.

Your  face  
linking  with  the  moon's
invisible  opposite   side
in  where    you will  try
to  write it  on
your  science  note  book.
jonni inferno Mar 2017
no stone so hard
as this wounded heart
no eye so blind
to her beauty
nor ear so deaf
to her sylvan voice
ice and stone
mine only choice
what shall i be ?

ice and stone
impassive face
indifferent tone
unfeeling heart
of ice and stone
till the day
winter comes

no night so dark
no pain so deep
no outward sign
for her to see

what shall i be ?

ice and stone
till winter comes
to take me home
no night so dark
no pain so sweet
when winter comes
to set me free...
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
Your mind make up things
While you're asleep
You wake up
And it actually somehow

I just saw you today
With a mask
I know nothing about you
Not even your face
We didn't even talk
All we did was play pool

In my dream
I saw you
You are in my family somehow
But you're moving away
We didn't have much time
Even in my dream

We fought time
Just to smile at each other
Dreams are seconds in real life
But when we kissed
It stopped
It's not second
Am half asleep
Am aware of our kiss

When i wake up
I can't remember
Your face
Your name
Except what I felt
Seanathon Jan 3
Like the luminous points beyond the sky and on the screen
I see the stars just below your eyes
Winking quietly back at me
I saw your shoes behind the line
I’ve seen your face a hundred times
But now only in my mind
The rest of you is left behind
You lay there passed out on the couch
Words falling from your mouth
Maybe you like to drink too much
I could see you losing touch
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