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Savio Fonseca Jun 18
U will never find a Sunrise,
that Sunsets Her Treasured Smile.
U will never find a Season,
that Offsets Her Romancing Style.
Her Mind that races Faster,
has Hands that are often Kind.
Her Heart is always Forgiving,
with Generosity U will never Find.
She's your Shade, in sultry Summer
and your Blanket, when it's Cold.
Her Nights are lit with Passions,
with Desires Hot and Bold.
There's much more to a Woman,
than what's written on Her Face.
With Feelings that are Full of Life.
She will win any given Race.
I wish I could spell out,
the Tears that are Falling. 
Whipped by a Breakup,
Your Name they keep Calling. 
The note that U left behind,
Broke My Heart in Two
and now My Life is living,
with Memories of U.
My Heart that lies shattered,
across the bedroom Floor. 
Has each piece waiting,
for your knock on My Door.
At times a Broken Smile, 
appears on My Face.
With a hope that one Day,
your Face it will Trace.
Nigdaw May 8
I see your inside outside
smiling at me
topography of your personality
LC Apr 15
He greets me with a light kiss
reminiscent of a monarch butterfly
delicately landing after a long migration.

Iced lemonade in a glass
rests on the table in front of us,
witnessing the butterflies on our faces.

Water vapor relaxes when it sees us,
and the glass leaves a culaccino
for forever and a day.
Escapril Day 15! Prompt: something very gentle.
By the way, culaccino means "the mark left on a table by a moist glass."
I loved writing this poem, and I hope you all enjoy it as well :)
LC Apr 11
a person barely within earshot
may absorb the cheerful ring in my voice.
they see me in glimmering gold
embellished with refracting glass -
always with crinkles adorning my eyes.

someone else may be right across the table
and see small smoke tendrils escaping my ears.
laughter follows the smoke, and it fades away.
they see dull gold topped with smashed glass.
the crinkles sometimes disappear,
only to return a few seconds later.

A few can see my heart whenever they like.
they hear unsteady tremors between words.
they see billowing smoke
emanating from my ears and mouth.
they know the wrapping is gold foil
with smashed hourglasses piercing my skin.
the crinkles appear whenever they want.
nevertheless, they see me rise, even as I ache.

I, the permanent resident of this body,
shed the itchy foil whenever I can.
my cells are clouded by smoke,
and the hourglass fractals
swirl into a tornado behind my sternum.
the crinkles have been starched.

But, I remember I am walking on diamonds,
and I slowly sculpt my armor.
I exhale, and the smoke clears, bit by bit.
I reach behind my sternum,
grabbing the fractals to line my armor.
I splash water onto my face,
and the corners of my eyes crinkle again.
Escapril Day 10! Prompt: magnification. I wanted to "zoom in," to the different ways in which people see me vs. my reality. This is my interpretation of the prompt.
I hope you enjoy this longer poem! I also hope the metaphors make sense. I'm not really sure how I settled on these descriptions, but I made an attempt 😊
Stephen Star Feb 28
Diving into an endless void with never ending clocks that float in every direction

Ticking to time zones that no longer exist.
Cascading upside down I rise into a world
on a distorted path of the less traveled.

I land on a solid platform of rocks and rubble.
filled with no sense of security I walk towards a figure with a face of light projecting old memories onto a wall of painted pain.

It’s filled with uncomplimentary colors devoid of all light.

I float to the wall that was created on the tears of bad luck and I paint my yellow light down the wall in a single stroke.
It ages instantly becoming duller but
The yellow remains moving along with the other colors.

I move my hand against the wall as I am pulled upwards and I can no longer touch it and it eventually vanishes away.

I float higher looking up towards a light.
it engulfs me, now it is all that surrounds me.
Leaving my shadow with nowhere to land, so I caress them in my arms.

I hear clicking and I close my eyes.
"Have all the opportunities passed?
Have all the paths ended?"

I feel the warmth of everlasting sunshine on my skin
and the sounds of calming winds and rustling leaves.
I open my eyes to see a bountiful blue sky
of puffy white clouds and rainbow rays of sunshine.
with emerald green grass forming to the shape of my hands

and with no sense of purpose, I smile.
feeling so stuck in time. and in ways I don't mind being stuck. I smile knowing there will always be a beautiful sky above me and a soft wind blowing even if I'm not there to see it. Stuck. Am i writer? a poet? a singer? actor? content creator? am I all of these things or none of them? How do I begin? How can i be seen by the world but feel safe at the same time? How do I do anything when I feel like I know nothing.
Nigdaw Feb 6
the cracks in the mirror
start to show
makeup morning
becomes the show
unrecognisable face
made up to be
someone you know
still laughing
just not sure at what anymore
Nigdaw Feb 2
there are days
when even your own phone
doesn't recognise you

stranger face

it's when you find out
who your real friends are

the ones who make an effort
to talk to you
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