And I thought for a moment.
With all the anxiety that goes on in the world.
Lay with me for a moment so that we'll both know all that ills.
The insecurities we dress ourselves with that reveal only what we want to show.
Soon remembered when were all alone.
For what you truly define as a moment without rush.
Fill a void that isn't easily removed without first knowing a strangers name.
That ensues unanswered phones and a loss track of time.
The beginning of fear, the turmoil of new habit.
Step into the unknown.
Meaning total comfort in your own skin without a means of being judged.
A spontaneous eruption of minutes that burst into hours, oozed into the rhyme of songs played on repeat
Until we forget entirely what it was that we were planning on doing next.
And I thought for a moment.
This is complete and utterly insane.
Moving from the bed to the floor.
Finding what's been on the edge of our fingertips this whole time

Thank people for sharing their thoughts with you.
Giving voice to those jumbled lines inside the mind is one of the most precious gifts a person can offer.
"A penny for your thoughts."
As if a monetary value could be placed on those silent ideas that so rarely escape the confines of their prison.
Those seemingly unimportant thoughts are sacred.
When a person shares aloud their inner dialogue, they are speaking less of their ideas and more of their trust in you.
Thank people for sharing their thoughts with you.

R 4d

They're there.
I'm here.

They seem nice, and I hope they see the same in me.
They write well, and I hope they feel the same for me.
They've gone through a lot.

I hope they know I'm there for them.
Will they be there for me?
That doesn't matter.

I joke with them,
I laugh with them,
and I make them poetry.
Is there nothing else I need?

R Nov 6

I want to make you feel special today.
Gently, I feel your hand against mine as I kiss the back of each individual finger
letting the shiver from my lips down to your spine travel and linger
as I press my forehead and trace the tip of my nose gently along your arm.

My arms wrapped around you, I slowly rub your back to help ease you out of
the long hours you definitely have worked today. I want to pour my soul into
you to melt away the tensions of the daily wear and tear of your life
and remind you that there are things worth living and loving for.

Gently I trace my naked chin against the nook of your neck as my lips continue
trailing along quietly until they reach the lobe of your ear. I give it exactly one
soft, gentle kiss. I lean deeper into your ear and gently whisper,
"You've been working out today. Do you know how wonderful you look today?"

You deny it coyly but I whisper more, "You're so cold. Please, let me gently hold you
close to me and give you my life, and let it melt into yours. Let me feel every part
of you in an attempt to stoke flames pacified by society. Tell me about your day;
tell me every intricate detail about you. Don't hold back."

You tell me something about how a coworker screwed up something and blamed it on you.
"I'm sorry that happened. Take pity on them; they could never hope to shine as greatly
as you can. I can already feel my eyes melt in sheer bliss when I so much as gaze upon you.
You deny it with a laugh, but I tell you that I would die perpetually for the chance to be with you once more.

I make a joke quietly about how we're two plucked chickens flapping around as our embrace tightens and for
a moment you can't take the situation seriously anymore. We laugh heartily, and only bury our hearts deeper
into ourselves. The night devolves into a choir of moans. We sleep tightly together through the night
as the moonlight gently blankets us, blessing our union together.

People who make love seem to forget, that the body is just a part;
the little things, the jokes, the care
come from our soul, mind,
and heart.

Safe, warm, though not in love's embrace;
But just your voice in it's place.

Drifting in comfort on a sea of bliss,
Knowing that come light I'll miss this.

Because moments like these seem to forever extend,
You'd never dream from here that one day they'll end.

To everyone that has ever meant something to me.
Brent Kincaid Oct 23

Walk right through
The handy open door.
It should be obvious to you
What the thing is for.
There may be no mat
Saying ‘welcome’ on the floor
But that is fine piece of
Symbolism to explore.

You can stand and knock
And be exceedingly polite
Or walk in and say hello.
That would be all right.
There is a liberal here
So there won’t be a fight
If you can also stand
To stare into the light.

The light is the glow
Truth casts on a lie.
If you can’t stand that
Then, you might say goodbye
And find another door
With some pleasing soul
Who will gladly take on
A much more passive role.

So, through this open door
We’ll talk about a good cause,
But, cheers for inequality
Won’t be met with applause.
How to make the world better
We are willing to fully explore
How to find more ‘yes men’
For you, this is the wrong door.

Ryan Holden Oct 16

When the giant sleeps
he lays dormant, never to be heard.

He sleeps like a baby but breaths like a lion through the caves as it echoes.
But to the surprise of those glaring,
waiting for a beast to emerge from
never seen reputation he has built.

'Tis only the gentle touch of his hand
that gave him his second reputation.

A soft one, a push over - but ha, I laugh in the face of unlaughable emotions, kind notions and love potions.

But that's just not me is it...?

I said to the wall in front of me
I needed to pass but,
to my amazement,
I could never even see,
a wall, a mere
mirage to the retinas deception.

But I question why I ever mention,
my thoughts and perceptions
like the worlds in one convention.

Despite being mouth to horse -
I always got stared at,
trampled down and taken for.

Ironically I'd say for granted,
but I'm left stranded, demanded around then commanded - like this sleeve hadn't already,
seen the washing powder one too many times.

All the lost faded faces I left on my brain,
all the sleepless nights,
I thought my help could turn me insane,
But as the day repeats,
I'm thinking... "Not this Again"
Not another sleepless night,
Just waiting the next day.

But at least I know
before I take my final breath,
It was all just a test,
until death,
And I don't live a day,
with a shard of regret.

A poem about me personally. Always getting called a push over or soft, because I live my life as "that guy" wishing everyone a good day and making sure I put a smile on others before myself. I recently sat and assessed people around me, who was bringing me down, who used me, and I cut loose ends. For once I was selfish - yet I still help them despite breaking. Even if I hate - I give kindness. I live with no regrets, and despite my pain I always wear a smile! Live to the fullest, love, laugh and share dreams, that could never be written even in your mind. Enjoy the read!
Amy H Oct 11

“No,” she said “just no.”
I wilted,
watching her detachment
as if I was an insect crossing her plate
to be brushed aside.
Embarrassed, shutting down
where hope to share myself had sprung
but met her disdain.

But I’m your mom,
and they don’t care,
these strangers without a single string to your heart
or mine.

And yet she yanks on mine
as if my thoughts will hurt them.

What can I do
to get through to you?

It’s not my life but yours,
and someone else who loves you
that may fight
then move away.
I pray it’s not ahead for you.

I don’t have the luxury.
You demand my heart
the way you did my womb.
The hope of all our years
placed in my arms and at my breast
after sweat and tears had left my body.

My baby,
my everlasting love,
my singular weakness.
The one I could never turn away.
Dismissing a part of me with “No”
as if I need permission to be tender
and reveal myself.

Where did I go wrong?
I don’t allow this from anyone.
I walk.
But no one else has my soul by a cord,
through my heart,
taking nourishment for life
and sending back a sense of purpose.

Nothing greater in joy or pain,
than mother.
And this, I know,
is ahead of me for life.

For anyone who has ever been bruised by their child.

Love is giving.
Love is kind.
Love is caring.
Love is sharing.
Love may be just in your mind
But if you find it, don’t decline.

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