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Seanathon Oct 3
They aren't just standing there
Breathing in and out your air

They are standing at the very spot
Seeing with the same clear eyes

And feeling that which you once did
The breath, the silence, the reply
Part want, part passionate distaste for it. Sharing as such.
three or four conversations a year
the tv goes off
and We confront each other
for who We really are
underneath the pleasantries of Love

You tell me what You went through
when I was too young
to understand
You tell me of passionate youth
and now I get it.

I discover what drove You
the insight of Your desires
the things that felled You
what lit the fires
and now I get it.

You tell me how You struggled
how You fought the inanity
how loneliness claimed You
took You face to face with insanity
and now I get it.

We uncover all my lies
I'm finally honest
I let You in
to how I felt so far from You
when You wanted me close

We learn of a strange bond
that makes Us less deserving
of others help
coming from the best parts of Us
at the bottom

three or four conversations
that bring Us closer each year
relationship seasoning
enriching our shared soul
as life takes toll

- Love You..
We took each other through a lot.. everything changes, even mother and son.
Donna Sep 1
What I love about
my man is the way he makes
me laugh out loud
Love my husband Dean ,  my rock always x ❤️
F A Pacelli Aug 26
this armor i wear
strong and solid
heavy and rusted
shielded me from
arrows of suffering
but i grow tired
carrying this weight
to continue on
the path of life
i must shed
my battle-worn armor
and be free once more
As the warm breeze brushes the palms.

I feel my spirit rise.  Time away reminds me of simplicity.

Rejoicing in the moments we spend together fills my heart with peace and hope for the future times together.

Scott Pinto and Darren Tipton
Sharing Friendship
OpenWorldView Jul 16
painful memories
encased in a troubled heart
waiting for rescue
In need for a friend.
Creation abounds
It wants to be found
It seeks to be shared
Please don’t be scared
Because nobody cares

Nobody cares in the best kind of way
The way in which people don’t judge one another
We’re really just filling our vision with colors
Impressions appear but it’s rare when they stay

No one will see if you fumble or stumble
And if they do see, well let’s all be humble
How much of their attention will even go
To encode your fleeting failure at flow

So zoomed into our narrow view
We fail to see events unraveling
We look for something to do
Constantly time traveling

Forget the past
The future is glass
Relax and be pleasant
Let’s stay in the present

In this moment nobody cares
The spotlight you fear shines from within
So emerge from your hidden lair
And finally let your life begin
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Thanks for reading!
Donna Jun 10
He writes his emails
Quietly day turns to night
I pour him more tea

My husband works super lots to keep a roof over our heads , a cup of warm tea is always on offer for him as he hard work never goes un-noticed , loving my lovely man everyday he makes me laugh everyday he makes me smile xxxx ❤️❤️❤️
Donna Jun 8
Tomorrow I shall
cook a roast for family
Together we eat

Having my all my fambo over for dinner tomorrow it’s going to be a lovely day **
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