Karmen 3d
This memory of us which I do not share
Hold onto beyon depths of all ruts
A moment that felt of sincere
The most secure
About what you mean to me
And remain a place in heart
Honestly didn’t expect , so this memory I’ve never shared revealing my moment of true care for you removing years of doubt I always felt
Everything changed
What was always said, the real meaning of true friendship was no longer just words
But something that I felt and now understood
Cause we always mistook things that weren’t even spoke
Giving us a taste of the sandyhook
Remaining alive , center of the disasterous path it weaved
Leaving speechless on how to rebuild
Attempt to heal things not meant
     Hospital bed, coming to side ; squeezing in as I lean at your chest
Then began a quick rest
You never spoke , not even a sound
Remained still though cramped in that tiny patients waiting bed
Time going by
Still no sign of you even being real
You remain still
I assumed you were in own zone
Don’t know if you felt some wave of what i consumed in something of so many things that were all too real and hard to reveal Cause it had feels
A friendship I never believed
Disregarding your words of expressed care and love that you shared for the bond we built a friendship that be constantly stalled in building up.
I fucked up and thought too much
Made myself think I was Trippen on what I felt
It wasn’t real
Something in Munich head
Cause you weren’t really all there
You were no where near
And silenced vibes no physical motions
Made me feel I was honestly on my own
Just with physical feel cause the owner mind and soul were off seeking some guy and struggling its own mind of so many past nights
I killed my feelings of real and moment of love in the doing at being to my side cause there’s never been such type of cool connection in relating to us .
Exsistent in present time I’ll never know
Nor do I wish an answer to provide clarity of mind
Whatever it be
You there with me and all
Or simply gone out in another realm
Doesn’t matter at the end
Cause was I cherish to the most
And never exposed
Means so much to me
Not even this of what I write can really
Tell how I feel and felt
What change it made
The vibe of friendship once filled of doubt and thoughts of lies
Now washed , given little trace and
Added feels of a bit more to be some home
Knowing the battles we will fight
Won’t diminish our care and love
We will always remain great friends
Even when things are not said
Or if we go dead
But that I added as a last minute joke cause well I don’t do closings to my feels all great and shit
But that’s how you know it’s real
A random close to something meant to be forreal
So swoopesdela- ooomf
Right now sharing you’re awesome posame late early write tired too tired phone call good night fighter higher power devour
Fear, please don't embrace me.
Please don't come chasing after me.
Please don't.

Fear, please don't stop me.
Please don't make me to be afraid to even worship God...

Worthlessness, please don't replace my mirror.
Please don't take away my identity, the truth I hold onto.

Uselessness, please don't come and be my secretary.
Please don't be my frequent notifications on my phone, on my heart.

Unloving, please don't come and replace my heart.
Please don't keep captives my thoughts, my words, my actions.

No. I am not asking.
I am telling you.
To leave.
Before I knew it I ate half the bag.
Fifty pounds deliciously resting the bottom of my stomach.
I regret nothing.
Weighing my stomach with my hands.
I tried to save some.
Each piece more than the last.
Resting on the coffee table of her heart.
I didn't expect to eat as much as I did.
A decision made in haste,
I smiled.
Easily reaching into my own bag.
Replacing what I ate with that of my own.
Her pieces taste far better than mine.
Knowing that they belonged to her.
My heart rejoiced in knowing this.
My taste buds on the other hand longed for more.
Savoring the taste.
Ready to reach again.
Her heart, the sweetest candy I know
Malignant gangrenous political cancer
     corrupts, festers, and poisons United States,
     thus opposition cannot wait,
especially since Gospel in accordance

     with feeble minded Donald Trump
     implemented wrought ugly trait,
particularly obliteration, sans progressive
     human rights legislation

     more or less pronounced positive
     in every L ionized Nittany or cotton bowl state
and ratiocination inherent within
     mine Democrat oriented mind doth rate

this forty fifth president (defect)
     with sawdust packing
     his noodle oven egotistical pate
trophy wife (spouse number three),

     a Slovenia mate
donning "I don't care anymore"
     t-shirt rousing media firestorm of late
essentially silently corroborating,

     fostering, and illuminating hate
mutely bolstering the Trump anthem,
     viz make America great
again, which pathless,

     pithless, and pointless aim
     roars like an earsplitting runaway freight
     train oblivious of wailing soul asylum,
     that no era meets said criteria

     backtracking time machine before
     rightful indigenous occupants of this land
     got decimated as one after another
     exploiter did inundate

(comprising a multitude
     of indigenous variety of village people
indignantly subjected to Genocide,
     when first "discoverer"

     of new land didst promulgate
activation wrought deliberate sealed fate
vis a vis capitulation, demolition,
     and extirpation, cuz

     a scathing rebuke aye attest,
     those murderers didst equate
worthlessness of
     so called "Indians" on 1492 date,

and still remnants of storied tribes,
     now attempt to create
historical documentation operate
ting with limited resources to adjudicate.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Food methinks doth buzzfeed drumbeat agog
at pyrotechnics July 4th, 2018 shared as blog
posts, a falsehood prevails which dog
gone “FAKE” brewed watered down grog
posits that the majority of Colonialists stay hog

tied to strict task masters, and mainly the scant
upperclass experienced autonomy,
     no matter the under class didst futilely rant
and rave with the occasional
     uprisings over time did grant
minimal appeasement to stifle violent kant!
Jme Love Jul 3
My mind wanders.my thoughts go astray.sometimes it feels good to just slip away.away with my paper. away with my pen.its the only time i feel completely Zen.i love to see the paper come to life as i fill it with words of all different types.hoping one day ill get everyone to see that i truly do have a hidden talent inside of me.
i love to write.i enjoy it.im not out to make money or get famous.i just want to share it with people who enjoy reading it.this seems like the perfect place to do just that.
lins Jun 22
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong
I read this poem to my mom
and you know how she chose to respond?
with a soft grunt that was truly withdrawn

she doesn’t seem to have a care
for what I might choose to share
I used to leave my soul out bare
but now I voice my thoughts elsewhere
Maybe unfinished maybe not.
Poetic T Jun 17
She was the only plaster that
I needed to cover wounds, because
no one saw the cuts deepening beneath.
scratching at my tears, crying underneath.

But I never knew that she was the one
silently unstitching my wounds. She'd begun  
long before I was cut, but her words kept
me from realizing tears weren't for me id wept.

She never needed a reason to cut me deep inside.
I was the doll, stuffing pulled from within denied
the respect of my pride. but still I thought her my
plaster healing this cut, while reality cut deeper, why?

Why would she want to hurt what was our love,
why could one cut at that that showing her truelove.
A plaster only hides pain, covering up  intentions
of a misguided trust. I became my own intervention.

Life since our love had blossomed had been rough,
our petals were razor wire memories of those tough
times we had seen before. But I thought our time
had coated those petals, washing away past grime.

She never needed a reason to cut me deep inside.
I was the doll, stuffing pulled from within denied
the respect of my pride. but still I thought her my
plaster healing this cut, while reality cut deeper, why?

I now know that some cuts weren't mine, sharing
her past with me. But instead of healing,cutting, wearing
down what was within me. I needed to feel whole be
myself within no cuts seen. I loved her, but I was unfree.
SelinaSharday Jun 13
Cyber Kids R Us!

Your facebook took over my myspace..
I had to tag you on my tagged Place.
Your so tagged.
I googled you and was wide eyed to my surprise..
I found you world wide web styled.
I found you had gleefully twittered beautifully.
I searched you on Instagram.  
And like dang Peeps on your page going ham.
And on skype! Your tag line is so hype.
So your on my laptop. Owwee Bop bop!
I can even touch you on Imvu.
So owee baby yahoo..
Let me stop twittering this thing.
Its making me google eyed.
Has my Facebook all hooked.
You have places and video's I ain't even looked.
It's like your my new candy crush game.
I'm all lit by your social media fame.
And I wanna dine in your Cafe or play your poker holdem.
Being your follower is such fun.
Add me to your snapchat.
I'd be so down with that.
I am so here to Comment you've peeked such interest.
Gosh I made you a collection in my pinterest.
But its a shame how I over looked your youtube.
I feel a bit screwed.
Your such a Gift I need ya to know.
Long as we don't end up on Bill Cunningham show.
we can stay surfing on this web thing anywhere we go.
Oh Im not a virus...
Just a cyber Kids R Us...

By selinasharday the rosepoet.
All rights reserved..
if you repost plz post with credits to Author.
went over to myspace
oh its been taken ova by my face- Book
I'm all shook!
I can finger twitter on yahoo till I'm
google eyed. All over my facebook..
Instagrams my lil nook..
rob kistner Jun 10

to the angry wind
you converse
but no one's there

hardened stone
your hidden secrets
they cannnot care

with the lofty tree
your broken dreams
you hurt alone

you need connection
a pulsing heart
tender flesh
blood and bone

a battled brother
seasoned sister
someone to hear you
to feel to see

to dry your tears
to call your shit
if that is how
it needs to be

someone who's there
someone to care
but only if
your heart is true

if you live
outside your self
you can be found
by love's rescue

let yourself feel
be vulnerable
honest and real
though you may lose

but take a chance
in love's aweet dance
your final fate
is yours to choose

if you do this
then you can love
just give your heart
a tender shove

then all your secrets
your broken dreams
your precious stories
find home again

a healing place
to feel a touch
to feel pleasure
to balance pain

but are you ready
are you willing
have you reached
that fragile place

where it's ok
to lose it all
to find yourself
to find your grace

only out here
deeply bruised
at the battered edge
midst real fear

can you ever be
what you must be
wholly human
truly free


rob kistner © 2013
(revised 2018)
I wrote this piece exploring a concept of random, irregular rhyme.
This is a contemplation on the fear of vulnerability, but the possibility it representd to bring you genuine love.

A view of blue leading a glaring eye
Toward a deathless heaven’s sigh.
Softly sinking the trembling sun,
As haply as I look upon you as I run.
In these thoughts I find myself desiring
God’s art within this simple man’s inspiration.
I look to the East, I look to the West
Looking for the primmer, Heaven’s Rosetta Stone, lest
It all be to difficult to keep it in heaven's focus.
I clean the lens and offer its richness
To a legendary creature somewhere adrift.
She gazes through my eyepiece bereft
Of the inner truth that she sees.
Focused ahead of you, you see the Helix Nebula
Otherwise known as the Eye of God, the Alpha,
The Omega, the Beginning and the End.
It’s then you see your body transcend.
You look from the eyepiece and then into my eyes
And I feel us tantricly knowing that we are soul mates.
“What do you see?” I ask as you turn back into the scope.
You answer, “I see the thread of hope
That holds the entire garland together.
I see that we are small and the world is big.
I see that we came from the one end and forever
We will return to the other."
Looking away from the scope she continues;
"In between in this life there is a contradiction
A duality – And if we are to ever experience
This oneness, the one mirrored in this eyepiece,
Then we as a pair need to break
Through the apparent reality and take
Hold of the hidden reality."
Looking back through the eyepiece
She continues, "That which I see
Is at the source of our dual niche.
Accessing, manifesting..
Mastering this duality returning us always
To source.."  

The heavens are all the proof that anyone ever needs. Endless, timeless , mighty yet tame. I love thinking about timeless most of all.
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