You are my golden Sun,
Your radiant smiles play sweet melodies in my heart.
You are my rainbow in rain,
An artist's palatte of colours,
A different shade for every new
You are my glowing moon,
Smoothing away my tears and fears,
With your mesmerising look.
You are my twinkling stars,
Studded in the night sky,
Glistening jewels of my eyes.
You are my red, red rose,
Your sweet fragrance,
Intoxicates my very being.
You are the apple of my eye,
Without you I cannot survive,
A frosting on my cake,
I must have.
You are my guardian Angel,
A precious gift,
Loving, caring tender,
The light of my life.

Dedicated to my granddaughter on her birthday.

Let our light shine
In the community
Let us draw in the
Broken lonely & vulnerable
Let us love with all
Our hearts in a world that's lost the way
Let's give hope
In a world
Where humanity is forgotten.

Be still and know that I am GOD
Miss Me Sep 1

To ALL of us who write!
   And to this DAY!

Cheers to us I send your way!

I wish for you today! And everyday!

Beauty hides this world's real monsters. - Ashton Amstutz

A view of blue leading a glaring eye
Toward a deathless heaven’s sigh.
Softly sinking the trembling sun,
As haply as I look upon you as I run.
In these thoughts I find myself desiring
God’s art within this simple man’s inspiration.
I look to the East, I look to the West
Looking for the primmer, Heaven’s Rosetta Stone, lest
It all be to difficult to keep it in heaven's focus.
I clean the lens and offer its richness
To a legendary creature somewhere adrift.
She gazes through my eyepiece bereft
Of the inner truth that she sees.
Focused ahead of you, you see the Helix Nebula
Otherwise known as the Eye of God, the Alpha,
The Omega, the Beginning and the End.
It’s then you see your body transcend.
You look from the eyepiece and then into my eyes
And I feel us tantricly knowing that we are soul mates.
“What do you see?” I ask as you turn back into the scope.
You answer, “I see the thread of hope
That holds the entire garland together.
I see that we are small and the world is big.
I see that we came from the one end and forever
We will return to the other."
Looking away from the scope she continues;
"In between in this life there is a contradiction
A duality – And if we are to ever experience
This oneness, the one mirrored in this eyepiece,
Then we as a pair need to break
Through the apparent reality and take
Hold of the hidden reality."
Looking back through the eyepiece
She continues, "That which I see
Is at the source of our dual niche.
Accessing, manifesting..
Mastering this duality returning us always
To source.."

The heavens are all the proof that anyone ever needs. Endless, timeless , mighty yet tame. I love thinking about timeless most of all.
Donna Jones Jun 13

In field with sweet
daisies , dancing in the sun
I got drunk on wine

hic hic :)

I went to my first big concert at O2 last Friday to see take that I not really a huge fan but they were amazing and it truly was a most spectular night , a happy memory made :)

I was a planet explorer
Long before they explored
The planets

Then I was a farmer
Long before they toiled the soil
With their hapless endless rows

I was the black man, the red man
The white man and the yellow one too
Long before there was any separation

I was a cowpoke
Long before there
Were any herds

I was your cabin boy
Long before you ever planned
That well deserved vacation

I was a pioneer
Building my home of mud
Long before there were any houses

I was a stream
Before there were any streams
For I filled each one of them

With my own silvery pearls

Ever heard the term "Cry Me a River" - well when anyone says that to me - this is how I respond to them. Touche'
Donna Jones Jun 6

The best feeling is
being indoors with love ones
My heart blooms flowers

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