Through him
I discovered all my Love.
To Love unconditionally
is to Love all there is to Love
just the same as I Love him.
and knowing that I am Love
and that my heart is meant to be shared.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
Alisha Shibli Apr 17

Don't talk about your sadness,
They'll say you're an annoyance.
Don't talk about how terrified you are,
They'll say you're frustrating.
Don't talk about your struggles,
They'll tell you all about their triumphs.
Don't talk about what you're going through,
They won't understand.

Don't tell anyone anything.
Simply cause it's pointless.
Struggles of the dead are valued more than those who are alive.
Nobody wants to sit with you and hear your sad story.
They want you to toughen up and get over it.
And that's not what you want to hear.
So don't say anything to anyone.

Devin Ortiz Mar 31

I am lockbox full of mystery
I embrace that every second

People come, inviting themselves in
Fumbling with their key ring
Ever so set to open me up.

People go, out the door with harsh words
Offended that I dared to guard myself
Always so angry in the end.

I want to spill out, to share my words
I want to fill your fantasies with mine

But the time it takes, is not for everyone
Don't go steal my secrets and end up on the run


That feeling,
Of having nothing,
As we are surrounded,
By eternal riches,
That we are all,
Capable of sharing,
Our wealth comes,
In the form of Love,
Soak it up,
In abundance,
Love is plentiful,
And it generates,
A wonderful feeling,
The giving and receiving,
Of this gift
Can have such a precious,
This is,
We are blessed!

Wendell A Brown Mar 14

Kindred spirits sharing love from around the world,
Touching each other with their welcoming words
Having never seen another face to face at all
Embracing life pages as their words are now heard

We find great hope in the hearts and minds we meet
Eating from the same table of Gods creative delight
As are filled daily with amazing genuine words
Finding our great love for sharing helps us to unite

Daily together we lift up hungry spirits in this world
With our individual gifts trying not to leave one behind
As we all are part of the same beautiful sharing coverlet
Full of the real love which our God always had in mind

Even though we as humans in many ways are the same
We each are gifted specifically by His heavenly design
Being bound to the loving spirit of sharing our words
To shine radiantly through others His true love divine

United we become a real compelling power to others
When our written words genuinely carry true weight
Because the strength of our inner spirits great vigor
Over time helps many lives in this world be reshaped.

“You are all beautiful people, continue to help
change, and reshape the world.”
Devin Ortiz Mar 6

She pours her honey words down my throat.
It takes but moments to become drunk on her artful prose.
And the lavender fills my spirits
As she buries her head in my heavy chest

Yet, you'd dare say she's sleeping with stolen dreams.
That it should be your words which intoxicate me,
That your perfume should give me life as you lay your soul into me.

And maybe for a moment, some time ago it was your words,
Which set my soul aflame.
But on came the night where you made your great escape.

It was I who was but a passing fancy,
with kind words and a gentle heart.
Was it not also your tongue
Which lashed it poison onto my breast.

She is fluid, calm and formless.
As the fire passes and I call to be healed.
It is not your words, but hers, which soothe.
So on your bitter thrown of curses, do not dare
Say that she sleeps with stolen dreams
For it was her words which rescued me
And it is her pen, which will write away this pain.


Time passes through life,
Time can be here then gone,
Time stops for no one,
Time is all we can give!
Time is all we have,
Time is sometimes all we need,

She was the earth
I was the sun
She would shy from me if I shined too bright
I would dim just so she could breathe
She would weep as greedy men would throw trash at her
I would dry away her tears
She would turn to face me often, a different side to her everyday
But I can't help but burn everytime she'd turn
Knowing the moon got to love her as well

Brent Kincaid Feb 23

Someday I’m going to learn to speak up!
I swear I’m going to proudly reach up
And take back what is truly mine
And that day will be fine.

Someday I’m going to tell all the people
What I think that the bad people
Should not  be allowed to do
Like commit crimes on you.

I’m going to let people know exactly how I feel
And not silently pretend things aren’t real
That are hurting, denying, robbing
My fellow human beings.

Today I am going to change things
And appreciate what life brings.
Listen when the birds sing.
And what poets are writing.

Someday I am going  to raise my voice and sing out
Whenever there’s something to sing about
Even when there just seems to be
Something important to me.

Erica Danielle Feb 15

I’ve heard more stories than you could imagine
I’ve heard tales of heartbreak and sorrow more vivid than the sun
I’ve listened to the cries of so many angels
That the word “heaven” sounds like screaming

We carry the weight of suffering the way that Atlas carries the world on his shoulders
Is it a responsibility, or a punishment?
I am not Atlas, but neither are you
We’re all carrying a world on our shoulders

Sometimes the weight of our own suffering is heavier than the air that we breathe, it pushes so hard against our chest that every breath feels like a war
Your load feels lighter on my shoulders

You are a warrior
But no warrior has to fight alone, no war will be won if you are crushed before you can fight the battle
We are warriors, and I will fight with you

So give me your stories
Give me the suffering that you’ve been holding on to for so long
I’ll carry it, so that you don’t have to
We are Atlas, we can hold the world up together.

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