If you don’t want to say anything,
Then sit beside me..
Even I love the sound of silence..

The silence that is all the bedlam in your mind, those that keep you awake at night.
The silences that tossed your love distant, but little did she know that it was all the noise that you could make..unheard..
So sit beside me, for even I love the sound of silence..

Did you not smile the other night, and muster the courage to utter the poisonous words, ‘I’m fine..’ ?
That venom is still deep in my spine, plunging through my nerves..
But dear friend, I know you are scared to share.. so sit beside me, let’s hold hands and hug tight.
Stay silent for the night..

I know it’s my fault that I let you alone tonight, and the silence made your blood make the chaotic clamour.. I didn’t believe you, lost my gamble..
The cut on your wrist betrayed me, and the one on your ankle was mocking along..
the puddle of your flesh and the red demon oozing out, the howls and snarls and growls in your silence, only smirked and scoffed and sneered in my face..

Little did I know that this is how much you love silence, that you confided into it’s humble embrace than share it with your only friend..

May I follow you? Send me the address to where you are now, may be we get to sit on that terrace and blow off our last cigarette, smile and stare into the blank.
That’s what we do best, that’s how we became friends..
Because you never wanted to say anything,
So you sat beside me, even I love the sound of silence.

Skye Marshmallow Dec 2017

There is something so distinctly vulnerable
About the naked trees in a winter forest
Hugging tight as one againest the frosty mornings
Whilst the christmas robins sing out their chorus

Scars exposed, out in the open
Pain not hidden but highlighted
Through the beautiful intertwining of branches
Their freedom no longer blighted

Miss Me Nov 2017

To walk with nothing
  In hand

Allows room for a
  Heart of gold

May we all share the holidays with a heart of gold!
Richard Grahn Nov 2017

Seeking truth,
Taking another step toward God,
Yearning for light.

Following the path,
Making an effort
To do what is right.

Should reason fail
In the darkest night,
What’s left to do but to

Trust in the journey,
Stepping each step
Without regret?

The destination lies
Just ahead,
Shrouded in mystery.

The meaning of it all
Defies understanding,
Requires much more than just believing.

To the end of days,
Getting closer to God
Is this moment’s most important task.

Caring and sharing,
Feeling for others,
Listening to

That piercing voice
From above and within.
Watching for

A chance to assist
Another in need of that
Guiding light to Eternal Love.

Skye Marshmallow Nov 2017

We sat
Me and him
A table between us
Its funny how we weren't
Even next to one another yet
I felt closer than I ever
Had before

We shared
A million memories
Childhood's present and past
Danced vividly, alive in his and my
Nostalgically saturated eyes
I thoughtlessly giggled
Carelessly happy

He spoke
Out words the
Colour of a beautiful rainbow
I'd never saw in him before
He smiled and for the
First time in years
I felt safe.

Dinner time chats.
Dave Parker Aug 2017

I write to share
Sometimes my pain often my joy
An idea to share
A dream to trap in some form
A view on life
Interactions interests indescribable
I fail more than I succeed
At least I think I do
You read this differently from me
Have I communicated
Have I breached the divide?
Depths of emotion
We share so much
But do we understand
I have a need to write
To share with strangers
Thoughts and ideas, feelings
That are unknown to those around me
I read your words with care
I am open to worlds apart from mine
I believe others are the same
So still I shall write
It centers my thoughts
Calms my soul
"The moving pen....."

Kewayne Wadley Nov 2017

And I thought for a moment.
With all the anxiety that goes on in the world.
Lay with me for a moment so that we'll both know all that ills.
The insecurities we dress ourselves with that reveal only what we want to show.
Soon remembered when were all alone.
For what you truly define as a moment without rush.
Fill a void that isn't easily removed without first knowing a strangers name.
That ensues unanswered phones and a loss track of time.
The beginning of fear, the turmoil of new habit.
Step into the unknown.
Meaning total comfort in your own skin without a means of being judged.
A spontaneous eruption of minutes that burst into hours, oozed into the rhyme of songs played on repeat
Until we forget entirely what it was that we were planning on doing next.
And I thought for a moment.
This is complete and utterly insane.
Moving from the bed to the floor.
Finding what's been on the edge of our fingertips this whole time

Fox Friend Nov 2017

Thank people for sharing their thoughts with you.
Giving voice to those jumbled lines inside the mind is one of the most precious gifts a person can offer.
"A penny for your thoughts."
As if a monetary value could be placed on those silent ideas that so rarely escape the confines of their prison.
Those seemingly unimportant thoughts are sacred.
When a person shares aloud their inner dialogue, they are speaking less of their ideas and more of their trust in you.
Thank people for sharing their thoughts with you.

R Nov 2017

They're there.
I'm here.

They seem nice, and I hope they see the same in me.
They write well, and I hope they feel the same for me.
They've gone through a lot.

I hope they know I'm there for them.
Will they be there for me?
That doesn't matter.

I joke with them,
I laugh with them,
and I make them poetry.
Is there nothing else I need?

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