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Two world travelers, one small town
Unfinished people, unfinished house
More thoughts in my head than I should probably say out loud

Sitting there at your kitchen table
Writing backstories for all your neighbors
Talking about the things that we want to be famous for

Funny how I barely know ya
Sitting there in your Patagonia
Envisioning a world with the both of us
Jo Mullins Nov 14
Here, I don’t have to make sense—
my sentences can be mangled,
any way I fancy.
Here, I don’t have to please—I can just be me.
I pray to see growth
hidden between these lines.
But I expect to also see hurt,
When words simply must pour out,
no one here will tell me that I must be
Andrew Nov 7
I'll love you
like an orange -

Something so easy
to handle,
so easy to
share -

A soft kind of love
that's already there,
that you just have
to take
the step
Amber K Sep 17
I realized yesterday,
that I've written many poems,
but only shared a few.
I think it's because I've convinced myself,
that my words are too much,
and that no one wants to read another tragic tale.

No one wants to hear about me,
my messed up emotions,
or my dead friends.
No one wants to read about,
the days I felt like I was drowning.
There's no point in sharing what others find boring.

But then again,
it helps when I share.
I feel like even when no one seems to care,
at least I got my thoughts out there.
At least there's a chance that someone who's struggling,
will see that they aren't struggling alone.

So from this day forth,
I won't hold back.
I will pour my soul out for the poor and unfortunate.
I will tell you the stories of heartbreak,
I will tell you about the one's I've lost.
Even if you don't care to listen.
My only goal is to make everyone realize they have purpose here and that we all struggle and we all have heartbreaks, but we aren't alone and we can make it through together.
Heyaless Sep 16
I just realised ,
Never express your feelings .
I just realised ,
Feelings will forever be misunderstood .
When I express myself , i get only heartache not with the words they spoke back ...But with my own expectations that they will understand .
Kelly Mistry Sep 11
Vulnerability is
                           ­ Source of power
                            Seed of change

By tearing down my walls
I invite you
To lower yours
Meet me on the field of ugly truths and lofty dreams

I didn't always see
Didn't always know

To be vulnerable
To speak truth
To share my ugliness and confusion
Gave me power

As I expose each truth to the light
They lose their hold
Guilt retreats
Shame seeps away
New growth can take hold

It is what it is
I am what I am
Exposed for all to see

The truth will set you free

        but accurate

What they don't tell you
Is that
Your truth

Can set others free too
What do we know of tomorrow
See a balance between
positive checks and negative threats
So many potential pathways ahead
The sense of protecting self
To sharing one's wealth
Look after your health
Certainly certainty can't be free
Awaiting those with fools gold
Surprises to shine
A wave of collective debt
Do not spend which cannot be met
Benefits kept credit is swept
How far ahead do our actions prevent
the aftereffects of consuming the rest
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Nilia Loh Aug 15
If words could pierce through you,
My poems will let you know how I feel.
But some things words can't express,
On days the skies are depressed.
If I could...I'll lend you my heart,
So you'll feel how it hurts.
I'll lend you my eyes,
So you'll see how much I cried.
I'll lend you my mind,
So you'll know that I'm not fine.
Just was a desert,
a land of sand,

Where people got nothing
but tanned,

When years passed
and they discovered oil,

Time had come for them to uncoil,

Thus riches and wealth
knew no bounds,

Now world’s tallest
skyscrapers surrounds,

They pray five times a day,

No wonder god has blessed
them so much they say,

The dollar world itself
looks at it with awe,

Afraid of losing it’s glamour
tries pointing each flaw,

Not worried they still continue
to grow with pride,

Tired finally the dollar
world tries to bribe,

Wealth should be shared
between the brothers I feel,

To those of whom one meal
a day is a big deal.
September 2017
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