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My Dear Poet Feb 7
Set sail
upon the sea of faith
where hope is heaven without sun
and in the glory of light we bathe

Set sail
amongst white wings and clouds
where peace is beyond
blue oceans of time and waves

Set sail
and follow the way of wind and breeze
where voices call you to be strong
and beckon you to be brave
Lit by nature,
a flame of beauty

burning fiery
in her eyes.

Glowing like
mountains sunrise.
and calm
like lilly of
the valley
beside spring.
Modeling silky
Making my bell 🛎 ring.
Rainbow 🌈 worship such allurment, can really
make carnivores
easily feed on grass.

Beautiful creature,
perfect nature.
Mystery girl intrigue
birdy May 2022
the whole valley
blended into a sea of black
stark to the starry blue sky
the mountains are the waves
I am only a water bug
Odd Odyssey Poet Mar 2022

could be a streaming river of a constant flow of words.
My tongue tip speaks of many things (All could be so

Lessons are hidden to blind eyes of my river; why not
walk alongside it? Follow along the lessons that stretch
(You may learn)

This river, made of a thousand tears in my eyes. Draws
greatly, and a great sorrow. It tastes sweet, at times
tickling at your throat (To ease a thirst)


Like a tall and mighty mountain; and pieces of treasure
no eye has yet seen. My words that are untouched,
the bare minimum of being bare. This land feeds
all others before me and us (My love has great care)

On top of mountains, two rocks at a peak. All rests on them,
all that's made of my dreams. These dreams are always
placed so highly, hoping they're high enough to be seen by
a God.


This Valley of stories, of both past & present. The days of old
and soon the many days anew. Of a place I call God by so
many different names.

Mwari, Nkulunkulu, Jehovah, Jirah, King, Lord and Father.

And like God, I witnessed his beauty and glory,
And like God, my mouth spoke of his many creations;
And like God, I said: "it is good"

This valley is where I'm found.
Rainswood Jul 2021
I’ve tried to leave her before
but watching from the plane I cry.
the patchwork valley below
digs into my heart.  
nestled between blue mountains
cradle me here, I am safe.
I literally cry whenever I fly away from home, therefore I know is where I’m supposed to be.
jǫrð Jul 2021
I couldn't bleed red
For just anybody, I
Hope you understand
The History: Uncanny Valley
Death Valley Rainstorm

I got dry,
as I got wet.

James E. Roethlein ©2013
Jim is the author of two books of poetry “Musing On The Cricket Game of Life Part 1 1/2” and “An Extravagant Way of Saying Nothing “ both available on Amazon
Nikkie Jan 2021
I feel your strong masculine energy every time you cross my path. You systematically shut down all my
defenses, and hide the key esoterically inside your heart.
I’ve felt a new elevation ever since I said that special prayer.
I began to notice this brand-new hue; the color
wasn’t clear to me at first. This feeling is different than
I’m used to, one that I didn’t understand when we first met.

One day I saw an attractive light, which leads to a
mountaintop high above me. Step by step, I climbed your mountain, with deep ravines and steeper valleys.
Some peaks have tried to block my travels, but I am
making my way beyond your hills.
I want to be born all over again, with you my King,
taking my rightful place upon your regal thorn.

Our souls will intertwine, to complete our sacred mission
from God. We have no choice but to take our place, a place of love that feels just like home.

This trigger “affect” is what’s taking place. You’re the truest essence of my answered prayers. This is not of my time, not
of your time, but in God’s very own perfect balance of power.
Trace your silhouette
And I'll trace mine--toned darkness--
I fall in your lines,

But I don't need saving; your
Valleys are the peaks of mine.
Savio Fonseca Jan 2021
I Kissed My way through,
Her Hills and Her Valley.
In search of a Treasure,
that lay between Her Alley.
She spread Her Legs,
across the White Sheet.
Welcoming Me inside,
so Our Souls could Meet.
Our bodies got locked,
as We both Embraced.
We were following a Trail,
Our Passions had Traced.
We had no control,
over what We were Doing.
But till the Dawn of Light,
Our Romance kept Brewing.
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