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emerald waves upon
solemn fields greet the amber
smile of Helios
a haiku
Open Valley
The valley is a special place for me
It opens out into a wide plain below me
Following miles of winding steep mountains
Great to hike but so very perilous
The beauty worth the hazard of death or bad feet
Those who dare go here know the price that beauty asks

And accept it easily

Only a few score a year go all the way
Down the full length of the valley
From the precipitous highlands
Right down the mountain chain
To the chilled out lowlands

An immeasurable distance

But some ask how far it stretches?
I would tell you but then again
Go find out for yourself and tell me
Was the beauty your find there?
Worth the answer you find?
This valley is only one of many

But something ethereal makes it special

I could list the prominent features
Or show you photos and videos
They are cool but single dimensional
You must go there and risk it
Small little you and the big infinite valley
Risk the awesomeness of Mother Nature
To see one of her hidden prizes

Even if you die it’s worth it...
Justin Zheng Jan 11
i like to leave read receipts on
because i know they belong
in a world full of deceit
tell the truth
an imperfect audit
of truth
Divine Dao-3 Nov 2018
White Cat-v~.~v-Haiku
˝~˝¨~¨ (˘->w<- ˘=¨˙˙˙

´Mačkon Sanja ... Belo Poljano´˝=  *¨~
¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨
­˝~˝¨~¨   ˝~˝¨~¨
Mačkon Sanja ...
                   Bel     ¨¨~~¨˝~:)˝~˝
¨~¨   Galeb Preleti Most     ( ;  ˝~˝¨~¨
          Hradčanski Lep Grad.   ˝~˝ * ¨~¨

¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨
˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨­˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨
c´mon daarlings, for sure you´ve got
already experienced such a blisful silent moment
numinously and sacredly frozen moment in time - for ever packed deep within nano-electro-magnetic-wire-of your marvellous, great synaptic valentine nice likevoid

Jo Swan Nov 2018
In the Shadow Valley;
Ferocious Black Crows strike
Like poisonous propaganda of Third *****.
They circle around:
Viciously striking Children at first sight-
Leaving their frail body with ****** wounds!

Black Crows nastily grin;
Children cry; tears of fright.
The Children’s spirit scarred with sinister sin.
What will become of them?
Innocence lost by this evil sickness.
They are discarded like infected phlegm.

Voice so powerless!
Black Crows pure victims;
The Children has tasted the world’s wickedness.
Darkness now stronger;
Lost in the wilderness of dark shadows,
Will cruel corruption of evil conquer?

In the dusky distance,
The rod and staff glimmers-
Black Crows tremble at the sight of its existence.
A fire torch shimmers-
Sparking hope; Children follow like sheep
To the mystical luminous sight.  

Though wounds may be deep,
Their soul shall heal with the Light.
Breanna Stockham Nov 2018
The highs and lows, the valley views,
The good and bad, you win and lose,
You’re up and down, mountain to valley,
Praising then tearful, sad to happy.

But what happens when you get stuck?
You climb and climb but can’t get up.
In the valley you settle, in the valley you stay,
Less sun, less warmth, more shadow days.

But is there ever a valley without a mountain?
Is there ever an exit without a way back in?
Nothing’s forever - the good or the bad
If you can’t find your way, find another path.
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
I looked at the moon
And got lost between her eyes
I conform to her moves
Like the ocean and its tides
I hear her whispers
As she reflects the bright of the sun
Telling me
To lose all the doubt

You may be young
But you don’t have a lot of time
Take the initiative
To go out and live life

She spends her time lighting my way
Making sure I’ll make it to the day
She protects me
As she were the love of my life
And I thank her for lighting my nights

I’ve gone through valleys
Wondering if it’s my place in life
Little that I know
That I was there to lift the status quo
You were there too
Waiting for your paramour
But alas I’m here for you
In the same manner
That you are my moon
You’ll light my path
And I’ll light yours
Together we’ll see something more
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
Pathetic warrior...
Down to the meadow
of the valley you went

To fulfil the dire task
of thy nation and
cut the scarlet heads
of those foul lilies

You stand alone
provoking the mighty wind
into a single combact

Viewers of that requiem
are merely the mountains
and the streams
Who's the enemy of our nation?
Who's your enemy?
Why having an enemy at all?
Hannah Lanayru Oct 2018
Through the mists I see
A hidden valley shrouded
In cold chilly air
A mystic place of beauty
A beautiful sight to see
My first Tanka poem
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