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Becky Clark Jan 29
As I sit on the porch,
Droplets hit my toes,
Like sprinkles of renewal from above,
The sound of rain frowned ever stronger,
The smell of beginnings pursuing my nose.

The sun sets behind the full-bellied clouds,
Stepping off stage for the star of the show,
The black opal sky takes its place overhead,
Embracing the stars,
ensuring their glow.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
We were once better together
When we were madly in love
All we have are broken dreams
Memories of what this once was

At night visit photo reels
Happiness left in the past
I was a citizen of your world
Instead of immigrant trespassed

Toss and turn in twisted torn sheets
Up late because I can
Don't sleep next to eachother
Holding grudges with gentle hands

We used to share same mattress
And blankets as well
Awake to face every morning
No reason to argue or yell

Into memories I retreat
With no success
Sound of your laughter a mocking song
And half-hearted at best

The day we promised to always be
Friends no matter what
Forever lingers on my heart
Perfectly etched with sharp cuts

The way you looked at me stayed different
Tone of your voice when you'd say my name
From touch to your kiss to everything in between
Only blue eyes remained the same

Our soft skin no longer free of marks
Nowhere near as fit
Smiles on rosy cheeks
Naive and unaware of the coming *******

Back then conversation was not forced
Felt comfortable baring our hearts
These days hardly speak to eachother
Were much happier at the start

And darkness fuels nostalgia
Resurfaces in its daily routine
Screaming when exactly and where along the way
Did you start forcing what you mean?

I miss the couple we were
Passion without the pain
When your heart was still golden
I wasn't half-insane

Hours and minutes spent in a hurry
And cigarette packs
Problems that seemed so significant
Give anything to have all of that back
Written 1-23-19
fray narte Nov 2020
i had missed too many sunsets hurting in silence. to this day, the sky is in a graying shade of blue. to this day, it is mournful and decaying over me — or inside me, i do not know. i had lost count of the months i shunned the sunsets and headed straight — disgracefully, to the arms of the dusk. besides, falling apart looked harsher, and messier, and more vivid in the light. and so i had missed too many sunsets; this too, is becoming a wound.

i wish i were kinder to myself.

i wish i could forgive myself.
SOM Sep 2020
The sky’s ablaze with sunset rays
And we are bathed within it.
An ember of the dying day
And we, a witness to it.
Carmella Rose Sep 2020
hello dear stranger of ghost town,
with good hair and tanned-skin,
i honestly thought i wouldn't able to like someone else
but i liked how you showed me the different hues of halo
and you saw my thunders and storms
you made me feel as if my scars are beautiful
i'm forever thankful for those late nights
morning talks and lil fights
for being a happiness in a short time

for making me feel emotions again,
you saw me in different phases like the moon
i am imperfect, and unstable
i still have those times where i feel every emotions
and it hurts so bad
but when i talk to you, when i hear your voice
i feel safe, i am at home,
you were my daisy at a lost place
and i adored you from afar

i still don't know why'd this have to end in silence,
when all i want is you, in every sunsets in every angers i've had
i would've stayed, but you left
i think this is goodbye?
and now all i have is  numb heart and memories.
i liked you, you were that first boy after the tragedy that i actually truly liked, but we became strangers again when we didn't even became close to lovers, it's okay, i'll be okay, i've missed you.
Tsunami Sep 2020
Our talks of the sunset
Were poems themselves
i still think of us
Aer Jul 2020
as the final rays of sunlight disappear over the horizon
I look up to see my silhouette flush against the wall,
the dull colors accenting my lonesome shadow.
with eyes closed, I attempt to forget
how you intertwined my fingers with yours,
and how your breath danced against mine
under the low-dipping summer haze.
and with the same chapped lips
that uttered the words "goodbye"
you told me, gently,
"I love you."
silhouettes in summer nights.
dailythoughts Jul 2020
every colour the sun paints while bidding goodbye leaves you smiling even wider for what you'll witness after is not dark but hope in shapes of a few bling bling
Cox Jul 2020
You are my sun,
so keep setting only to rise back to me in the morning.
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