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SNTL May 10
I want to be loved the way the sun sets,
Gently, beautifully, filled with warmth.
Allowing oneself to forego regrets,
and be a sanctuary for a heavy heart.

To be reminded in the midst of chaos
To stop and take a second to breathe,
To give yourself a few moments of pause
And to grasp again your inner peace.

To be gazed upon with love and wonder,
To be fearlessly vulnerable and at ease.
To be comforted that you are not asunder,
And to be valued as a masterpiece.

I want to be loved the way the sun sets,
How symbolically light bends through a mountain.
That in between the shadows and silhouettes,
Lies the strength and courage to love again.
You're like the sunrise
     the one that shines my yesterday's mistakes
         for me to see a new solution

You're like the sunset
      As the sun rests itself on the sea
in your arms I found my peace
   and the hands that will hold
my future

You're like the moon
      In waves of spectacular moments of being in love
        I was pulled by your gravity
and drowned by your healing waters

No matter what the skies offer me
     I thank God more
      for having the brightest woman
to light up my life
Oh my love
  you're a masterpiece
insane Mar 15
i would spend my life
watching beautiful
sunsets with you ;
Blaze Feb 27
When I chase the sunset to somewhere unseen,

When my footsteps cease to be something the Earth can taste;

I want to plummet into sky

And flail like flames, falling into eternal twilight.
Mae Feb 17
like the beauty of the sunset,
your love leaves me
and in
I have always loved sunsets
The way the sun makes love with the horizon
Giving birth to a warm and golden sky

Sunsets remind me of car trips
Of rides home
Of rest after a day's work
Of respite
Of calmness
Of peace
The entry into the night
Far from troubles
Far from pain

When they called me names
Sunsets were my escape
When they pushed me to the ground
Sunsets were my escape
When they punched me in the face
Sunsets were my escape
When they ridiculed me and stained my name
Sunsets were my escape

And when the love I thought was love
Turned its back on me
Sunsets were my escape

I am not afraid
I am not dismayed
Because I will have my sunset
This time, eternal
This time, final

One final piece
Before the peace
Life, is a beautiful messed up mystery
It can make you laugh, how it can make you weep.
Somedays you can feel like your floating on air,
others you can be crying staring at the moon,
feeling lost and broken, looking for a way out.

Sometimes you feel like you just can't lose,
other days you want to hit refresh.
But there are times when you know there's so much left.
So when life gets too much,
Never forget the beauty in sunsets, the late night kisses 'till the morning comes.
Sam H Jan 26
Golden sunsets
Beautiful in its prime
But like all good things,
It fades into night
And as time passes
The joyous yellow fades
Yet from it, I feel consoled
For the dawn introduces
Unimaginable iridescent shades
Breathing hope
into my weary soul
keneth Jan 3
love is dark; a universe. a cluster of stars
so close, yet so out of reach
a glimmer of hope for something to reach us back.

when i'm inside your orbit
south is up, north is west
radiating the never-ending decay

say, what is it like up there?
overseeing countless cities of competition
of who's the brightest?

there's no true north.
no inside or out. just, just you
and me, and the lunar sunsets

love is empty. love is distant.
watch me watch the sunset, hold my hand.
Es Dec 2019
you are like the
pink sky to me,

followed by darkness
once you leave.
-es's poetry.
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