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I could’ve burned in the fire for you,
for you I could’ve walked on ice.
But I knew you were fooling me
cause’ baby, I am kind and nice.

The way you have fooled others,
it’s not gonna be the same here.
Life had given me a lot of lessons,
can’t play me, I am a full time player.

I could’ve lost this game for you,
for you I could’ve broken the rules.
But I knew you were fooling me,
thought I went to the wrong school.

The way you have played others,
it’s not gonna be the same here.
Life had given me a lot of lessons,
can’t play me, I am a full time player.

—-Poetry by Paras.
Bibby 3d
Allow me to dive into your mind,
If I fail to **** the sharks, I'll learn how to swim with them.
Based upon my relationship in which over three years now, we have both learned to better care and understand each other's "deep waters".
It's been a joruney of tears, pain and lessons.
But we are now engaged and have grown and learned so much now!
I have this one
who I hate so much.
I don't talk to her
during clases;
I avoid her during lunch.
She hated me,
I hated her;
we both hated each other.
I've done
no bad to her,
she's done
no bad to me,
but we just didn't mix,
and that
was clear.
I don't know
why I hate her so much,
but to me,
she always looked like
a bad image.
That was all until
my math teacher did something
against my will.
She sat us together;
my enemy and me.
I didn't think that I'd get through
that class,
but I did...
The next day
I hated my enemy even more
than ever before.
I hated her so much
I wanted her
to go straight
to ****.
But soon
something changed;
I'm not sure what,
but I could tell.
I'm not a big fan of writing 'long' poetry, but here it is. I really felt like I had to write this. I will add on a second poem to go with this soon, I just don't have the time now. Anyways, hope you enjoy this!  :-)
There is a forest,
Somewhere around; Nowhere.
And in this forest on a barren patch.
Is a cottage.

On one side of the cottage there is a field,
That burns through night and day.
On the other side is a river,
Where it rains from dusk till dawn.

In this small cottage,
Lives a poet and his two pets.
One a Raven; as black as night.
One a Phoenix; burning brighter then light.

They fight and tease each other.
But although the Phoenix is stronger
The Raven always gets the better of him.
So the Phoenix rages on.

Every night, the house catches on fire,
And the field of fire consumes the house.
Causing the fire to grow stronger.
And spread through the forest even more.

But at 4 am in the morning,
The raven flies up to the moon,
And commands the winds and waters,
To put the fire out of the cottage.

Every morning,
The poet re builds the right side of the house.
Making sure the next fire,
Wont be as damaging.

But one day,
The phoenix turned from a fiery red,
To a midnight blue,
And burned not only the house, but the whole forest.

The river went dry,
The forest turned to ask,
The poet could not re build.
And the Raven had no water or wind to call.

The poet had to go else where.
But could only take one pet.
And although the phoenix burned brighter,
The darkness of the raven seemed safer.

The phoenix was enraged,
He became one with the burning forest.
He rose up to the sky,
And promised to reign heavily on them with ***** of fire.

The raven protected the poet,
And called on to the night,
And with one strong swing of her wings
She blew out the fire that consumed the phoenix and the forest.

Out of the ash,
The poet could re build nothing,
But the Raven offered him protection,
Under her dark wings.

In darkest of nights,
He was protected buy the calmest.
In the heat of the fire,
He feared to burn out and cease to be.
Allesha Eman Jan 11
Chase after moments and collect them like I collect the stars in your eyes.

Dance with the moonlight when you’re feeling ok, and I’ll watch your smile as I find mine.

Tell me your sorrows and rain down your greys. I’ll water the garden that you planted in my heart.

Kiss my forehead and watch me as your lips move to pray, I’ll keep your hands within mine.

Don’t just be my mother, be my moon and my sky, and I’ll dream of the night time.
Andrew Jan 10
In order to live life to the fullest
One must accept reality as honestly as possible
In order to better move through life
One must be able to learn the lessons they’re taught
And utilize those signs to move smoother
But people pervert the message of these lessons
Because they’re bitter
They learn edgy lessons
For example:
Someone feels betrayed
They say to themselves, “People can’t be trusted”
When obviously plenty of people can be trusted
And thinking something doesn’t make it true
So they end up projecting their bitterness onto people
Because they couldn’t handle the complexity of their pain honestly
Because they don’t like to think about things that upset them
So they learn an edgy lesson and call it a day
And teach edgy lessons for life
Deb Jones Jan 2
To be loved
To love

To never forget
We are all but a grain of sand

To never get used to
Unspeakable violence

To see the atrocities in the
World and cry for their pain

To never look away
And pretend we didn’t see

To seek joy
In the most unlikely places

To pursue beauty
Until our eyes are enchanted

To never complicate what is simple
Or simplify what is complicated

To ask why
To ask why!

To never forget
For forgetting is intolerable

To respect strength
Not power

To watch
And try to understand

To never look back on decisions
Already made and done

To know regrets are valuable
If lessons were learned

To meet everyone with a smile
Without judging
Political views
Or who they love

To overcome
To rise above
And realize
All it takes
Is love

To try to make your life matter
Not in an attempt to gain anything
But in small quiet ways
That make your heart sing

These are the words that define
Us as human beings
Let’s stop wasting us
To overcome
to rise above
and realize
all it takes
is love
~Temporal Fugue
but if we instead focus our energy
on the Love that eternally surrounds us
even whilst the walls we so delicately built
crumble to our tired feet
we will gain so much more momentum
towards finding the hidden meaning
to the lesson—to the blessing
each moment serves us a b’lesson
that we somewhere along the line
attracted to our path for self expansion
with each of our conscious choices thus far
we have manifested exactly this
for the Light we will gain
the blinding reflection of all that
our Souls are collectively becoming
love ~ so much love
and the light that lies inside
which through our becoming,
✧・゚: *comes to life *:・゚✧
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