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Abby Feb 21
A place that I don’t know
A path that I cant take
A language I dont speak
I will not hesitate

I am never coming home

The penance I have paid
The life I’ve been denied
The secrets that nearly broke me
It’s a wonder I’m alive

I am never looking back

It is fate that brought me here
My heart I’ll follow through
Til death or destiny one way on
To myself I will be true

I am never giving up
Sometimes life takes you places you didn’t expect, you lose pieces of yourself, and then find some again along the way.
GQ James Feb 5
I was prepared for it all,
Thru it all I stood tall,
Ever since I was a teenager,
I took the easy way out,
This time I decided to stand on my own,
It was rough,
It taught me the biggest lesson,
The biggest test of my life,
Brought me closer to God,
Learn the importance of faith and prayer,
Without those would've made it,
I'm wiser,
I see the world and people lot different.

Those who thought I'd fall apart,
Haha jokes is on you,
Never bet against but bet on me,
I was born to win not lose,
I took a few loses but I've got the big win,
This is only the beginning,
There's so many more blessings ahead.

Believe in me,
Not lose faith in me,
Yes I've made many mistakes,
But I've learned from them,
The biggest mistakes of my life,
Were the most valuable teaches,
Without failure you can't succeed,
I'm thankful for the slight failures,
It gave much insight about bigger success.
Miranda Feb 4
Please take everything I taught you;
The surprises,
The late night talks,
The sweet texts,
Take them and use them for someone else.

Please don’t treat anyone else like you treated me.
Pay attention to the way someone treats you
SiouxF Jan 31
Are just lessons
We learn
On our path
To Greatness
🌈 🌟
This should have never started, you and I.
Got lost in all the feelings and the moments of lies.
Now all I ever know is the pain deep inside, I tore my heart open just to keep you alive.

I always put you first and forgot who I was deep down inside, drowning in the fear of letting go of what we could have had, we should never have happened and you know that I'm right. This love we had changed both of our lives.

Now I think I've learned my lesson trying to keep you by my side, I never needed you all along and lost myself in the process to make you feel loved and you're the one.

I blame myself because I knew that I deserved better but I kept falling for you and your promises of a happy life just because I wanted to feel a love that I never had.

I never thought I'd find myself again after I lost myself because of you, but now the fog has lifted in my head and I see the real you. Changes are made by the ones that want it, but you... I don't think you'll ever change yourself to be the best version of you.

Don't expect to come back again now that it's all clear and makes sense to me, I put you first because you just wanted to use me, now I know that everything that happened between us was just a way for you to cope... Because you needed my love to pick you up and make you high when you needed it most.

It all makes sense now the way you treated me... Was just a reflection of how you couldn't see, see your own worth and your ability to love yourself so you needed me the most as a lifeline to save yourself from your own insecurities.
Thomas W Case Jan 24
Being 16 and free,
living on the sailboat
with my Dad and brother.
I was rocked to sleep
by the gentle
waves in the marina.
Just being...the wonderful
verb of youth,
Bills came in,
Dad would say, "They can **** us,
but they can't eat us."
We'd laugh and peel
up the Pacific coast Highway
to the track,
Hollywood Park or Santa Anita,
to bet on the horses.
We'd dope the racing form;
Get chili dogs.
Dad would give us
money to bet with.

I saw some of the
best horses ever:
John Henry
Bates Motel
We saw the greatest jockeys too.
William Shoemaker
Liffit Pincay
Eddie D.

Our tiny heroes.
The thunder of the
hooves coming down the
homestretch still echoes

inside of me.
Dad always said, "winners buy dinner, "
but he always paid.
We stopped at this
steak place on the
edge of L.A.
It was dark; they had the best
Fillet Mignon, you cut it
with a spoon.
The sun sank into the blazing
ocean, and with the windows rolled
down, we could taste the salt
in the air.
The Eagle
High above in the sky
flies alone
Shuns sparrows, parrots, pigeons
Doves, crows and ravens
Tells us stay away
Narrow minded people
The Eagle
Sharp in vision
Focuses target miles away
Grabs prey staying focused all the way
Tells us stay focused in life to achieve goals
The Eagle
Loves storms
Gets excited when clouds  gather
Lifts itself higher with storm winds
While other birds hide in branches of trees
Tells us
Relish challenges and use them profitably
The Eagle
Never eats stale meat
Eats the prey it kills
Tells us
Don't rely on the past
Conquer new frontiers
Tam Jan 13
There's a word
called "deserve"
I believe should
be unheard

It's a word
that's a lie
and has caused
lives to die.

The ones that
gave up hope
before hanging
from a rope

Cause of a lesson
they were taught
Falsehoods taken to heart
Hollow and distraught
while falling apart

"I don't deserve love"

This unholy lie
isn't from above.

Love is a need.
A message one
should heed.

Ironically so,
I'll say this
before I go,

"'Deserve' deserves to die."

This is a horrible word.
One that never
should've been heard.
Well, I guess this is the poem that came out about the word I hate.
This word is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  It's a bit paradoxical using the word I hate to write this.  But paradoxes are part of life.  Contradictions everywhere.
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