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Even when
All is said and done,
And I have become
A guardian angel
Over my past self,
Even then,
I have failed.
Om Ggai Sep 11
So happy yet I feel the highs and the lows
Life is a funny concept with all the situations it throws
Emptiness carried by loneliness my mania follows
Psychosis is the ultimate price for those
Suffering like the thorn between the rose....
POV from my side in seeing others suffers from mental health issues
Om Ggai Sep 11
Going through life's phases and it motion
Sometime superficially materialistic yet I think deeper than the ocean
Mortally cursed like Adam wont be cured by devotion
Life in itself is your heaven and hell, forget about magic potions
Glenn Currier Aug 20
When I start to regret the past
I have to ask
what does that piece of me mean
is it something best forgot
or a lesson
that turns my dark to green
It might make my dust into stars.

I should not waste my scars.
I thank Archer ( for the idea for this poem with his poem, “Waiting Game (
India Aug 5
From her lessons in independence we learnt that everyone leaves,
Abandonment as sure a fact of life
                                                                ­                                            as death.

We learnt that love was transactional,
A currency,
A receipted ***-for-tat tete-a-tete.

At the altar we were shown lies,
In the white dress a million yes’s but the question was never till death.

I could walk through darkness without worry,
I’d never been shown the danger,
Been encouraged to see an enemy in calories but not strangers.

We learnt to lie to avoid bruises,
Wooden spoons used for more than stirring soup,
The salt burning streaks down our faces when the *** boiled over the stove top.

Truths ignored and lies inelegant
We learnt to wield fists with tongues  
Sparring for our lives.
Cautiously awaiting the
whistle pop
truth drop
wished unsaid

feels incomplete but I don't know where it's going
Kassan Jahmal Jul 19
The pools of eyes; like tears of a sea,
the virtue of dreams. Morals in the
pursuit of laurels.

Even with the strength of Hercules,
still weakened as only being human; in part.
In solitude of dark thought—a deathless
night, looms like a menace of juvenile desire.
Lust and confusion, a drudgery of chasing eyes.
Such a defiance of love: Clinginess of flesh wanting
flesh—vexations of our once selves.

We've all been young.

Nurture maturity, to teach those behind early,
for their grapes to be full in seasonal vines.

Teach 'em as due course,
as 'verly so, you've once been taught.
As a given,
an open hand of the gift of handing
down wisdom.
Kassan Jahmal Jul 12
Where  dreams  are
  under the tears of stars,
   my eyes  brittle brightsome;
    child-like manner-aforetime adult scars.

"And as I look above,
  cleared of thoughts-vile of ourselves
   wrestling the mind in mud;
     think of your God, for as His purity
        ...shall I too think in His ways"

So did she say;
  torn out title cover of her bible at hand.
   Sunday school teachers taught my
      infanthood lessons, still in adulthood.
Kassan Jahmal Jun 19
The ocean blueness—fades further into the deep
A naked eye—in the needle hole,
threading old skins of past; to sew away
The present self being a stowaway.

Sheds of tears—falling from time to time
The grounds washed—drenched in eroding thought,
as the tears of an experience's memory
I've experienced so many things.

Beauty that is glorious—beauty my eyes attestor to
So seen is life—tasting all bitter sweet,
heeding the stories; touched by them all
Scented by intentions: to vocalize beauty we'd recall.

Swivel politeness—coupled by lessons from progenitor
Wisdom must be kept—holding immense value,
spoken in tongue; lips impart to succesor
Should it flow naturally in life: to your success sir.
Om Ggai Jun 11
Chasing dream and living life are the only things I can partake
Misery and misfortunes followed by heartache
Who am I to give you advise, my friend
Death is the ultimate destiny which we can’t change
life lessons
Kassan Jahmal May 28
Wait your turn, others will fail in front of you,
    Learn from where you stand
You too shall have your losses,
      But lesser the former:

Wait your turn, as love is a given,
   Still we must search
Not of a love out there, but a love
   In us—worth to be loved;
Don't chase what you can never hold,
   Nor trodden grounds of crave:

Wait your turn, till death picks you
  Not to be called by sparing lips,
Risks are life—though aren't the ones to risk your life
  Treat a moment as it's the last,—make it last:

Wait your turn, for no success comes in a day,
  No peace of heart is without pieces
Littered with worry, how do you dream?

Wait your turn, for these lessons
  Are what you'll always own,
Wait your turn, to be a father, a mother,
   A success, a people and great story
Wait your turn, my children to be
        A woman and a man.
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