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of black and white keys
I long to reach the end of this piece,
each finger mastered the proximity of notes,
of compositions filled of longueurs and musical anecdotes.

I must play this piece not to lull the audience to sleep,
put your head up, let your soul play, this is a lesson to keep
harmonize your hands with every touch and play
tame or ruin the instrument, don't mind what they will say

even if these longueurs take hours
or a dull eternity, play in the stage
until they applaud you with flowers.

For BLT's word of the day challenge: Longueur.
v Mar 2019
my dreams reveal to me the inevitable
in my dreams you see me
and we are together, as we once were
in what seems like the distant past
but we are bound by our souls
to unite as love itself, once again
We all just long for peace at heart
And for life to allow us a restart
With gazing eyes we start dreaming
Reminiscing times when our cheeks were beaming

The weather outside is a distinct drizzle
Making the world appear like a single grizzle
And you just stand there waiting
Because nothing else seems to be more fascinating

Than the rain drops and their continuous sounds
That just makes you feel so inexplicably profound
And you breath deeply through this moment
Thinking about nothing less but gods dethronement
it's not love.

you will make it out of this.

saying no does not make you a bad person.

saying yes too much will leave you empty.

you probably don't need those credit cards.

whiskey does not drown your sorrow.

this is the only body that you have.

be kind to it

and your heart which

shatters over and over

but still lives.

you will make it out of this

you will fall in love

with yourself and then

maybe one day another.

you will live to see 22 and then 25

and then, eventually, 30.

today, we are 28.

we are happy.

we are grateful.
happy birthday to me.
History must be the worst teacher,
Or humankind her worst student.
Over and again betrayed by the
Wisest and the kind that be fools.
She ask again in exasperation,
Do you reckon what might be the answer!
I dreamt of having a friend for life  

instead, I got a lesson for life  

trusted the wrong people with my heart  

So it ended up getting torn apart  

Standing here numbed with pain  

Hoping my tears will wash it away  

My childhood dreams have now faded  

My adolescent mind now has woken  

The people I dreamt who were my closes friends  

Turned out to be my closets enemy
Love hurts, but not like the simplicity of the 5 letter word it is. It feasts on your mind and makes it way down to the heart. Burns your memories, only to play it all back like a magic trick. And at the end of a day, you wish for it to be your last of every days. But love is wicked, it never kills. Taunting your soul, your body knows no hope. Fragile and unaware of what road it may take. Love hurts in many ways. It’s ironic way of making you brave only to say, it was all a mistake. But there’s a naked hope we all fail to hear. A feeling of relief and supreme ecstasy when this roller coaster called love is over. And with all scars and broken hearts we stand high and say “What a lesson to learn”.
dailythoughts May 11
Love hurts
Friendships expire

Are we only here to learn lessons?
To witness the harsh reality?
Andrew Layman Apr 30
Allow me to borrow your golden halo
agree to let me purchase your soul
every thing that shines has a silver price
every one who walks the earth must know
nothing sacred remains here
there is no more holy ground
crusaders and pilgrims alike have all faded
and the world has muted its siren sound
Mae Apr 27
In life,
we shouldn't be
counting every steps
we've made,
instead we make sure
that every step
we've made,
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