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Poetic T Dec 2018
Only a weak man would intrude
                    on virtues of another.
For a strong man knows that within him
                 is the virtues of a woman's birth.  

And with out them, he would be nothing.
            Those that intrude on the innocence,  
         have a weakness not of man
but of value and are neither of morality or humanity.

But the sinking ventures of humanities folly.
                For all of creations bindings are
                                but a creation of before.

And even those that are  pure some are always
                              damaged to the point of sorrow.
Never guise all under one brush,  
   because each is a different ******.

And some are just not meant to be allowed
                                                   to paint a canvass.
          let alone a memory upon another's ever
                                                changing innocence.
Anneli Sep 2018
pushing against my chest
longing to get heard,
trying to fit into my heart

Words that I have so carefully
not let in
That I have so intentionally
left outside,
not giving space for them to be spoken

It's just ******, isn't it?
How they always catch up on you
Whether it's through a sound,
a ****** or simply through a word
How they always stay, no matter how unwanted they are
They always stay

just like you.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Fingers ****** balance's beauty
as tiny joy blossom in
This poem WILL be completed! I won't let it defeat me!
Lyn ***
William de klerk Apr 2018
Happiness vibrates in my chest
and echos down my spine.
Thousands of tiny electric shocks
Excite my bones,
as My heart beats faster and louder
than My tapping foot.

My chest is tight , like a fierce embrace.
My mind buzzes like a confused crowd
as My focus shatters like the plate
I dropped

Tong tied and speechless.
Out of joy I collapse
My excited bones
       Give out
                        Underneath Me
My tied tongue spouts mumbled riddles
While My brain beats against the side of
My skull.

My tapping heart inflates
My veins like a balloon
i’M Locked away in my body
Limp and Scared

I scream out...
       I am still here
The voice rattles in my mind
as I remain silent

Held hostage with a plastic smile
Fading slowly into unconsciousness
I let go

This is the description of my first ****** like event when I was 16. My mind was scattered and I was trapped in a mumbling lost state. My entire body exploded in a sensation that’s very similar to holding onto an electric fense.
Swimming without assistance,
Progressing - ****** by stoke.

Gently moving along the surface,
Barely scratching the depths.

****** by ******, I become stronger and more confident.
****** by ******, I pound and ******* the water.
****** by ******, I overcome my previous position.

Each ****** like torture
Ripping myself out and falling back in,
Allowing the water to take a hold of me once again.

The water symbolised my struggles and insecurities.
A never-ending and already lost war,
I was battered, ****** by ******.
Rachel C Jan 2018
****** after ******.
We create art.
We are art.
Made by a creator.
A beautiful creation.
A wonderful masterpiece.
A work of art.
Sherry Juliet Nov 2017
I love talking to you
about how your hands got full of grease at work
I love talking to you
about how you want to raise our children on your grandmas farm
I love talking to you
about the amazing scrambled eggs you make
I love talking to you
about how you love when I ****** the hair behind your ear

and I also love talking to you
about how your boss gives you too much work
and about how you can't sleep at night
and about how much your father ****** you off
and about how much you miss your grandpa
and about your horrible coughing fits

I wanna hear about small victories throughout the day
I wanna hear about what you ate for dinner
I wanna hear about your favourite shirt getting ruined
I wanna hear about the kittens you found behind your house

I want to know you
and talk to you
and listen to your stories
because I love you
Noah A Aug 2017
I am Death
I haunt dreams
I create the last breath
I can make people scream
I am Death
I have power beyond belief
I control every mortal
I cause so much grief
I am Death
I can choke with a snap
I can drown with nod
I can cause a ****** with a clap
I am just like a God!
I am
Another rhyming poem.
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