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Bekah Halle Dec 2023
Was my stroke a cruel, twisted **** up?
Or one of divine luck?
Has it not taught me compassion?
Anger? Acceptance, how to ration criticism?
And laugh when I muck up?
Now I breathe gratitude,
My world has opened up to
New experiences, people, circumstances,
Even living in new cities, towns and states.
Mastering rehab, new knowledge and careers.
Working through old fears, sure, I've got new ones,
But who hasn't?
Connected and trusting this journey.
Now that's the silver lining!
Ackerrman Aug 2023
I sit and mourn
What could have been,
From the boundary, trying not to be seen.

A tiny nick
Has snuffed out my life,
Success always resting on the edge of a knife.

I sit here pondering, sorry.
Should be out there fighting.
Every strike sounding like lighting.

I rushed too hurriedly,
Spurned our honour
And became connon fodder,

Because I got the plan wrong,
Sung the wrong song,
Regret etched

Across my face,
Death dressed in lace,
Struggling on a sticky wicket,
I guess that is just cricket.
Sometimes you die before your time and then have to sit with all of the other dead souls. I suppose most people feel like they died before their time...
Michael Murphy Jul 2023
It happened fast
In a step, a stroke

Happened shortly
After he awoke

From very clear
Fog, confusion, weak

Once strong and vital
Now cannot speak

Still sees the world
With healthy heart

Can't express
Where to start

For me,

Yesterday morning
I was free

Yesterday child, now
Parent be

Role accepted
For tender care

Cooking cleaning
Cutting hair

A smile required
To ease the stress

Parent, child
Needs me to dress

I play the role
I play it well

My role an honor
I'm here to tell
My father in law had a stroke a few weeks ago. It is amazing how life can change in an instant.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2022
A drop of snow on the face of the sun
a stone throw from the rainbow
fondly close over the tulip colour stroke
next to the Snow White's looking mirror?

What a sniff it gotten on the way?
Turquoise butterfly is on the fly
up on the top floor is lapis lazuli sky.
Did it not only deduce the hunger pang
time is on the run took the breath away
even forgot the death maybe an inch away!
Aurora Mar 2021
I don’t want to be alone
But only to be surrounded by a sea of ghosts.
Maybe I need some help.

I’m coughing up puddles of black stuff
And I feel like I’m covered in bees.
Maybe I need some help.

The January sky has a pallor.
The snow is ordinary and monotone.
I blend right in;
I’m a vacancy.. I’m the void.
I think I need some help.

I would fling myself at the feet of the appropriate person.
I just need to find the appropriate person.
Someone who isn’t dead inside per se,
But happens to have a similar hole in their heart.
And really we should be dead by now.
Really it should be over and it shouldn’t hurt.

You’re half gone.
Your resolve wavers like the tremble in your voice.
I’m in a free fall.
I’m plummeting through floors of hospital rooms
Trying to find your SELF.

Losing you half way feels like a funeral in small parts.
I wake up each day hoping I might get to see you again
And leave having grieved for another piece.

I don’t even know if you can hear me.
I don’t know who I’m asking for

Slowly, eventually but all at once,
I realize that I’m it.
I’m the help.

I’ll sweep up my spine and claw through the fog.
I’ll come out of my coma to wake you from yours
And maybe if I dig hard enough
I can put some of you back together.
Maybe there will be a reason for all of this.
There has to be a reason for all of this.
Something written and completely forgotten about after my mother had a hemorrhagic stroke and brain surgery.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2020
On my way into  
the chamber of the rose
I saw there was no rose
a thorn is on the door!

Slash it cut it bin it off
I did these all
only to grow many more!

I took a chance
without drawing close
with a pinch of salt
I played a creative stroke.

Ah did I rub the Aladdin’s lamp
now it seems to talk?
Fostering an array of whispers
we tend to build a bubble.
Only to realise I am
still outside at the door!
Mediating with the thorn
yet to art over to the rose.
Savio Fonseca Jul 2020
Her Beauteous Body,
was filled with Curves.
I took some Time,
to settle My Nerves.
My Lips set Rolling,
a Hundred Kisses.
I never Dreamt,
for this kind of Blisses.
I unwrapped Her Fashion,
to settle over Her Map.
Her Kisses kept pouring,
like water from a Tap.
As She parted Her Lips,
I entered Her Holy Shrine.
With every gentle Stroke,
    Her Face began to Shine.
Poetic T Apr 2020
An attitude of purrfect proportions.
              But those,
                              come to stroke me

Yo­u smile until there guest scampers
              over your feet "surprise,
Shadowhollow Jul 2019
Come stroke my hair
With lines of poetry
That you wrote for me
For my hair hasn’t been stroked
In a while ....
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