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Anais Vionet Sep 2022
It’s 6:15pm. Peter, Anna, Sophy and I are studying in the common room of our suite.

“We need to get serious,” Peter whispered, but there was no subject in the declaration, so I was left confused and uncommitted, “about getting serious,” he clarified.

“I’m not sure I can get serious about a guy who doesn’t separate whites and darks in the laundry,” I say, gently.

“No,” he said, shaking his head in brief vibration, “we need to get serious about DINNER.”

“Oh!” I said, maybe a little too relieved.

“Ha!” He chortled, “YOU overthink everything!” He said, nodding his head up and down to prove it was true. “And speaking of laundry,” he continued, seeing me start to open my mouth, “the other night YOU asked me if your pastel purple ******* should go with the whites or darks - so I must be an EXPERT!”

I laughed at the idea of his laundry expertise, sailing in from out of the purple like that, it was haywire. “Well,” I said, becoming introspective, “I didn’t know you’d hold onto that question like a grudge,” I said, in quiet, wounded accusation, “from now ON, maybe you should stay as far away from my ******* as possible.”

“What are you two grousing about NOW?” Anna asked, looking up from her computer. “You guys are like an old married couple.”

“True THAT.” Sophie said, like a judge right before knocking her gavel to finalize a ruling.

“We weren’t arguing!” I said, looking around confusedly. I looked at Peter, who was smiling broadly, “Were we?”

“Nope,” he said, wrapping his arm around me in a bearhug, “we were flirting.”
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Haywire: “out of order or gone wrong”
Savio Fonseca Sep 2021
Last Night it rained and poured,
Lightning and Thunder.
Passion seeped thru the Sheets,
of Two Hearts that lay Under.
Kisses were exchanged,
to pacify the brewing Storm.
Hands went Flirting,
soaring the Temperatures Warm.
As both legs got locked
high up the Shoulder.
The Night, turned Darker
and the moves, got Bolder.
Nights on White Satin,
are truly a Delight.
Romance is on the High Seas,
until the Sun pops it's Light.
basil Aug 2021

you took my hat off and wore it
it looked better on you
you took my shoelaces and
tied them around your wrists like bracelets
i wanted to hold your hands

you showed me your poem
something a little dark, but i liked it
and you always tell me what book you're reading
you tell me to watch your favorite animes
even though it's been years since i've watched anything at all
i watch them all as if they will show me the world through your eyes

i thought i was special but i learned you do that with everyone
you told me a list of her favorite anime characters from memory
you told everyone in ap government the books you were reading

my shoelaces weren't even the only ones you stole
i wish i could stop pretending i mean something to you

i wish i meant something to you

u can't just give me a beaded ring and expect me not to fall in love with you, *******

Ava Yaki May 2021
Her eyes radiant and sensous,
she proudly wore them.
Her eyes allured praises,
and conquered the art of flirting.

She looked at him to flaunt her eyes.
Which, she knew will tantalize him.
She wanted to arouse his highs,
and have him fantasize about her.

She looked at his eyes,
assuming it's just another fling.
Powerful and authentic were his eyes,
but also strangely familiar and gently captivating.

Her eyes met his eyes.
For the first time,
her impish and sparky spirit
felt something alien.

His eyes were all that were focussed
for, the rest of the surrounding faded.
She didn't feel the air.
She didn't feel the ground.
She only felt the gaze.

Her always rambling mind
went thoughtless now.
Her burning desire to keep doing more
was suddenly extinguished.

She went quiet.
Neither into an uncomfortable silence,
nor a painful silence.
But a peaceful silence.
A satiated silence.

The haunting memories from the past,
the gripping fear of the future,
all dissolved and energised the ecstatic present.

She no longer wanted this to be a fling
for, she knew she was captivated.
This was the first her flirting failed.
And she knew she couldn't be bailed out
from what's to come.
Nobody Apr 2021
I love the times when he’s playful,
and I find he stimulates my mind.
He sang a pretty song just to me,
and I tried my hardest not to cry.
I dreamt of holding him close last night,
I was craving the warmth of his skin.
In the dream I tasted every inch,
and nothing mattered but his touch.
I woke up and thought that I knew bliss,
but at the same time it wasn’t enough.
I need him close by for one more kiss,
so I think I'll stay in my daydream with him.
July Gray Mar 2021
You told me you'd never
flirted with a guy
I laughed
I told you my tricks

You smiled and I froze
because I suppose
I figured you'd realise
I've used them all on you
a short one.
be brave and maybe ask people out. flirting is just talking, but really nice. it's hella confusing.
s1mpl3po3t Mar 2021
She's a cutie, yessiree
If I was single
And she was free,
I might propose
A rendezvous,
I'm sure there's something
We could do.

But then I left
Before we could,
Was that bad or
Was that good?,
I don't know
But it was fun,
To imagine things
We never done.

In the future
I might repeat,
This kind of thing
Is simple and neat,
Flirt a little
And laugh a lot,
‘Tis an exercise
That ends with naught.
Eli Za Jan 2021
Men hunt one of two things:
Chasing your heart or carrying out their mission,
A trophy - only if she's worthy of his reputation,
Or invade the longing She world like a caped superhero.

Eyes rolling upon seeing her tag price
"Oh she's just worth a penny not a daylight robbery"
They don't build a kingdom just to impress a peasant
Shines their armor only for the most rewarding Catch

Men gather one of two things
Collecting to consolidate or winning as desired nobles
Pick the best chick to get rewards of capture
Fight or flight as every rooster crows for *******

As they achieve to get one of these two things
They make women compete with women of women
A battle of lipstick and dangerous charm
Or strip one's dignity, stepping on each other's gowns

Some managed to play well on both things
So I hated the ratio of chickens over roosters
Hunters can't count chickens of their numbers
But I reckon eight chicks cackle for one rooster

Your face appears in all these ladies' dreams
What they don't know is you're a hunter
"Don't write your name in his fiction"
Like heroes in masquerade, your power is a hoax

"I squeeze my hands every time a new girl arrives
She walks in and I watch how his eyes beam
Just the way they spark when I first saw him
I stand there vomiting all his treachery on me"

Is it just innocent fun, an inevitable road to love?
Driving dangerous wheels 'til you break more a broken heart
Play the field before finding someone to settle down
With valor to conquer only to flee when thrown a question

"So what are we?", if you have to ask an alpha hunter
How quickly did he put his victim face?
That's hunter's coup and tactic card play
"Shame on her, blame on her", they all say

All the ladies with a disposed and fragile heart
You better run, you better run, run, run
Hunters track your bones, throw their callous stones
Smiling and chasing with their neckties and swords

Don't make the lonely women's mistakes
Exposing their hearts like dartboards on the wall
Desperate to land a man until her fuel gets low
Real men climb just one tower with a closed door

When they stretch their arms in the shadow, take off and go
Walk with your head down, dodge their despicable arrows
Take a plane and get to a land called faraway
Save your heart in a town where hunters go astray

They thought we're just a pair of lips kissing their ego
Bragging marks on each other's cheeks yet they will never know
When we close our eyes each night, we chase a dream
Of ruling our own kingdom and not only foot-popping kiss scene

May your postponed expectations keep dejecting you
But never with the same superficial smile twice
May your heart keep bleeding and remain breakable  
But never with the same shake hands twice

Never be so innocent you make yourself a target
Nor look at his eyes you forget what you are
Keep your smite cold and never ever surrender
Watch as he gone stale and lure a new willing prey

You caught me up in a wild moment unexpectedly
But crumpled my paper of love with your glint of con
So I became a secret garden in an artificial island
Peculiar in the sea of sadness, a creep in your hoodwink eyes
Daisy Hemlock Aug 2020
i just ate dinner
now i'm a new person
can we start over?
nice to meet you.
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