Latina1813 Feb 7
If all i get to do is stare
Im kinda ok with it
Because your look is just right
Im simply really feeling it
Your leather jacket and cocoa skin
Id wonder where you came from
Cant just be heaven
And i get corny with you
Cuz u make my brain weak
You make my senses storm
You take my heart to its peak
So if all i get to do is stare
Im kinda ok with it
Because your style is just right
I gotta say i really dig it
The long hair and built, chiseled face
Id wonder where you got that height
But its obvious, perfectly you were made
And i cant help but stare
When you come my way
I got to be just right
Hoping you dont miss a day
So if all i get to do is stare
Im kinda ok with that
Because your smile brings fire
Sends chemicals outta wack
Your smile melts my shelter
Walls it breaks and cracks
And if all i get to do is stare
Im kinda ok with it
Because your presense is enough
I gotta say i feel your aura
Weed and reggae are in order
Id wonder where you got your cool
But its obvious im simply into you
So if all i get to do is stare
And play this little game
Im kinda ok with it
this mere mortal frequently feels:
   a. like joost another brick in the wall
   or b. feels comfortably numb while alienated
   in this condemn nation
with the sounds of silence

   written on the virtual subway hall
n wishes he could escape
   (like that eponymous spoon
   running away with the tine e fork)
   2 the dark n far side of the moon
   jumping without Humpty Dumpty fear 2 fall.

joost as an ass side (wit me only intent 2 tit till late)
   let me playfully close this email by readily admitting
   that voluptuous women with plenty of junk in the trunk
   (or 2 employ more outdated term zoftig)
does readily prompt a top notch rating of google times ten

   for those queen of denial big a$$ bot tum gals
   who possess buxom build plus smart n able 2 understand
   how 2 cosign via trig
anyway, for your edification, i wish for nada qua non
   one snarling day vid growl joining me
   in monogamous erotic gig
which latter mental ability

might not in the least matter 2 moost men
unsure if my poetic reply you will find hun abominable bore
   or be prompt an oh bomb in a bull barrack 2 dig
   this common joe just biden his time
but in a nutshell with no intent to be impolite,

   mine eyes (no surprise nor insult meant)
favor gals whose bosom happens
   2 be outlandishly big
   in tandem to the searing roe bust english language,
   which this simian i.e. homo sapiens doth adore.

from::the fool on the hill, who lives along
abbey road near penny lane
across the street. Eleanor rigby, Mister Kite,
the virtual nay burrs o this human grain
plus Norwegian wood, the latter actually a great dane.

words my (ahem) pen ultimate live aim
while trying 2 steer clear of reese sieving a wagging
   virtual finger in blame
neither at some fellow nor destitute dame

since chance circumstances of existence akin to being frozen
   in some space/time paradigms frame
attempting to extricate our selves playing lifelong game
which message offer in this poem rather lame.

email moi, which means
   applying cerebral muscles to flex
fire off a brief bull a tin i.e.
   preferably a brief text
mjad Dec 2017
Cracked kitchen tiles
Send chills down my back
Is this too sinful of an act?

His toned body against my own
warms my anxious bare chest
Will this prove too hard of a test?

As if they know every inch,
his fingertips began to trace my spine
But I am not his and he is not mine

My eyes meet his in the dim light
My hands decide to messy his hair
Our mouths indulge; we no longer care.
Mike Virgl Dec 2017
Sit there and stare
Its another game of pins
At those lanes of ours
And I sit there and stare

Four people bowl today
Like that one day long ago
Long ago, is time so old?
It grows longer still

How does time fly?
Can I still remember?
The details are fuzzy
But I remember her face

A sudden boom draws me away
As the ball rolls and rolls and rolls
My friend cheers with happiness
And all of the pins fall down

I smile but quickly lose my grin
Moving my head I avoid the smile
Avoiding everything in general, I suppose
I move my gaze to look to it, again

How distant a memory can feel
Yet be so real to me
And how fond it can be
Even though you probably remember so little

I remember my first look that summer day
Her hair, her jeans, and her smile
Her eyes shone into mine, her voice
Oh god her laugh replays and replays and replays

How can a room be so full of emotion?
I see it in my mind and laugh
A laugh that comes from deep within
Nudged by a touch you feel from a memory

"It's your turn to bowl Mike!"
I start out from a daze
My friends look at me impatiently
How could I blame them?

It was our last day, what was I doing?
I did it everyday, looking into the past
At that hockey table that I adore
Or maybe just the things attached to it?

I get up and grab my green ball
And looking down the lane
I count ten pins in all
Everyone of them stands

I look back and see the table
There is a couple playing
Both of them jeering and cheering
Both of them as happy as can be

I see the male one on the right side
Won the woman seventeen stuffed animals
From the claw game adjacent to
Where they cheer and jeer from

A smile creeps across my face
And I gaze to the scoreboard
"80" tenth frame, second throw
My friend threw the first one for me

Well 80 may be bad, but I am distracted
However, I would not trade it for anything
Because everything falls from concern
When I think about everything about her...

"MICHAEL BOWL!" One of my friends shout
I turn and laugh, smiling all the while
She does not know it, but she just did it
Made me think, and forced me into action

I turn and look down the lane
Counting the pins again
I exhale and hold the ball to my face
I step my foot forward and release

Swiveling my head I search for the couple
But they had already left, leaving that room
However I see they left two stuffed objects
A red freckled cat and a brown dog next to each other

I smile, and I grin, and I laugh
Looking almost insane
I turn around to see the pins left
There are none, and I still have one more frame...
Romance inspired by a wonderful memory
Dovey Dec 2017
Snowflakes drift silently through your beautiful lashes
and fall against my fingertips in melted splashes
It tickles, oh dear, your sweet words tickle my ears

Ah, love, don't be so cold towards my affections
Surely there's enough chill in the air without your rejections
Another condescending glance, to say I don't have a chance

Yet another day my hopes fall like snow
As you brush aside my clumsy attempts to woo
It's pretty clear I'm in nothing more than the "friend zone"
But hey, that can't stop me from falling for you!
Happy winter, guys. :P
helena alexis Nov 2017
it’s happening
it’s finally happening
a relationship between us
a friendship at most

long conversations as
we’re not doing anything
small smiles and cute
laughs all around

total eye contact
not turning away
for a single second

this is it
this is what I’ve wanted
for so long with you
i just hope it lasts
we talked all day at work and it was great
how would you address
if i wear this tight black dress
as dark as the nights
i might
spend with you
and might not

would you pay for me
at the restaurant?
thinking that you have already
won my sympathy
by this act of courting
hoping that i'll kiss you
on the first date
in addition

or will you blame me for my
female magic spells
because this is what tells
that i am just another
pragmatic bitch
in a dress that made
your breath

tricked you into this act
like it's not
a well-known fact
that i went out with you
just because you
leave me alone
and i couldn't
defend my own
without my make up
nice smiles and black dress on

so how will you address me
after that?
it's an old piece. well, not really, from last year, but i never posted it
so here it goes
Lindsay Thomas Sep 2017
I don’t need your pity flirts.
I don’t need the charm
that melts off your lips
like ice cream on a hot summer day
right off the cone.
I don’t need those eyes of yours
judging the shape of my body,
sizing up my insecurities and shortfalls
like I’ve got no place to call home.
I have plenty of love in my life;
real and genuine and always present.
I don’t need you to feel
like you can do your community service here.
I am not in need.
I’m not alone.
I never was, and I never will be.
So, I don’t need you.
Never did, actually.
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