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Eli Za Jan 17
Men hunt one of two things
Either chasing your heart or carrying their mission
Traps you as a prey only if you're worthy of his reputation
Or invade the longing She world like a caped superhero

Looks away quickly upon seeing her tag price
"Oh she's just worth a penny not a daylight robbery"
They don't build a kingdom just to impress a peasant
Shines their armor only for the most rewarding Catch

Men gather one of two things
Either collecting to consolidate or winning as desired nobles
Pick the best chick to get rewards of capture
Maybe fight or flight as every rooster crows for *******

As they achieve to get one of these two things
They make women compete with women of women
A battle of lipstick and dangerous charm
Or strip one's dignity, stepping on each other's gowns

Some managed to play well on both things
So I hated the ratio of chickens over roosters
Hunters can't count chickens of their numbers
But I reckon eight chicks cackle for one rooster

You're face appears in all these ladies' dreams
What they don't know is you're a hunter
Will they end up in same nightmare I once squirmed?
Cause what they will know is you're a predator

I squeeze my hands every time a new girl arrives
She walks in and I watch how your eyes beam
Just the way they spark when I first saw you
I stand there vomiting all your treachery on me

Is it just innocent fun, an inevitable road to love?
Driving dangerous wheels 'til you break more a broken heart
Play the field before finding someone to settle down
With valor to conquer only to flee when thrown a question

"So what are we?", if you have to ask an alpha hunter
Behold how he'll run away like a scared little boy
Now you know the hunter's coup and tactic card play
Shame yourself all at once then take a bath of sunshine

All the ladies with a disposed and fragile heart
You better run, you better run, run, run
Hunters track your bones, throw their callous stones
Smiling and chasing with their neckties and swords

Don't make the lonely women's mistakes
Exposing their hearts like dartboards on the wall
Desperate to land a man until her fuel gets low
Real men climb just one tower with a closed door

When they stretch their arms in the shadow, take off and go
Walk with your head down, dodge their despicable arrows
Take a plane and get to a land called faraway
Save your heart in a town where hunters go astray

They thought we're just a pair of lips kissing their ego
Bragging marks on each other's cheeks yet they will never know
When we close our eyes each night, we chase a dream
Of ruling our own kingdom and not only foot-popping kiss scene

May your postponed expectations keep dejecting you
But never with the same superficial smile twice
May your heart keep bleeding and remain breakable  
But never with the same shake hands twice

Never be so innocent you make yourself a target
Nor look at his eyes you forget what you are
Keep your smite cold and never ever surrender
Watch as he gone stale and lure a new willing prey

Caught me up in a wild moment unexpectedly
But crumpled my paper of love with your glint of con
So I became a secret garden in an artificial island
Peculiar in the sea of sadness, a creep in your hoodwink eyes
Daisy Hemlock Aug 2020
i just ate dinner
now i'm a new person
can we start over?
nice to meet you.
He asked about me in the first meeting.
he was so curious to know the whole time, we were talking.
what should I tell, what should I hide?
my life is so confusing it never was a joyride.

being emotional, I end up hurting.
I am not the one who loves flirting.
believe in giving all or nothing
every time it's easy for me to trusting.

failed so many time yet not learning,
As soon as I become comfortable life starts turning.
got ditched so many times still friendly.
Always fall in Pitts more than deadly

Low in confidence, thinking negative.
serve myself for people to take benefit.
knowing yet not doing anything for the betterment
world is moving fast and talk about empowerment.

with all these flaws I still, love myself
those who cheat will pay themself.
I won't change, I never become you.
will always be loyal and to myself true.
aceladka May 2020
Babe I seen here,
Buys moi a drink.
You see and I blush
At a gentle come on

Covered, I'm bare
Us apart, I'm felt inwardly.
Sensitive you there?
Lovebuds, all over me

Juices be yuck, then
Juices yummy
Better, emote me out
And emote in me

Minds'd be tantalized,
You'd overwhelm my senses
Me high, and me satisfied
Now playtime commences...
Written by a hopelessly romantic, moderately *****, gray-asexual demi-male
Meysa May 2020
Like flirting with a cigarette, studying it
teasing it between these slender fingers.
Turning it this way
that way
and putting it out after one
measly puff.
You know, before the cancer seeps in
like that.
colette alexia Apr 2020
He was all charisma, curls, and commitment issues
And ****** I fell for it
SA Szumloz Mar 2020
you're like a rose
living in my garden, you pose
as a rare beauty living in the grass
you have such class

but when I touch you
your thorns ***** my skin; boo-hoo!
this doesn't bother me, though
for I know our love will grow

in time...
Expressing your love to someone is beautiful. Just remember your boundaries!
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