Dovey Dec 7

Snowflakes drift silently through your beautiful lashes
and fall against my fingertips in melted splashes
It tickles, oh dear, your sweet words tickle my ears

Ah, love, don't be so cold towards my affections
Surely there's enough chill in the air without your rejections
Another condescending glance, to say I don't have a chance

Yet another day my hopes fall like snow
As you brush aside my clumsy attempts to woo
It's pretty clear I'm in nothing more than the "friend zone"
But hey, that can't stop me from falling for you!

Happy winter, guys. :P
helena alexis Nov 28

it’s happening
it’s finally happening
a relationship between us
a friendship at most

long conversations as
we’re not doing anything
small smiles and cute
laughs all around

total eye contact
not turning away
for a single second

this is it
this is what I’ve wanted
for so long with you
i just hope it lasts

we talked all day at work and it was great

how would you address
if i wear this tight black dress
as dark as the nights
i might
spend with you
and might not

would you pay for me
at the restaurant?
thinking that you have already
won my sympathy
by this act of courting
hoping that i'll kiss you
on the first date
in addition

or will you blame me for my
female magic spells
because this is what tells
that i am just another
pragmatic bitch
in a dress that made
your breath

tricked you into this act
like it's not
a well-known fact
that i went out with you
just because you
leave me alone
and i couldn't
defend my own
without my make up
nice smiles and black dress on

so how will you address me
after that?

it's an old piece. well, not really, from last year, but i never posted it
so here it goes

I don’t need your pity flirts.
I don’t need the charm
that melts off your lips
like ice cream on a hot summer day
right off the cone.
I don’t need those eyes of yours
judging the shape of my body,
sizing up my insecurities and shortfalls
like I’ve got no place to call home.
I have plenty of love in my life;
real and genuine and always present.
I don’t need you to feel
like you can do your community service here.
I am not in need.
I’m not alone.
I never was, and I never will be.
So, I don’t need you.
Never did, actually.

Jobira Aug 14

The moon is flirting with the sky, and
When the night gets darker
Their love affair is caught on fire.

To prevent men’s gaze, confirming her religious
Conviction, she wore a veil-black as ink, dark as coal-
No man could henceforth lust after her
Driven wild by the sight of her skin. Jump her.
Strip her. Fuck her! She drifted forever like
A ghost, an object, a hollow shell.

Only her husband saw her beauty.
And after him, another.
The institution of marriage demanded
Cloaks of invisibility, walls of ubiquity, anonymous
Submersion into gender.

Of course,
I was
The day
I kissed the
raised hand
of the prettiest,
chosen one
of my class

the girl
with shiny
straight red
hair that
never smiled
as I proudly
walked back
to my desk
for a short stay
before being
escorted away
I'd never noticed
her dancing

gmw '17

This is for every shy girl with red hair and freckles.
Devan Ducasse Jul 18

I knew what I signed up for the minute I kissed your lips
I signed up for long nights texting you
And wanting you to be with me and not her

You knew what you signed up for the minute you kissed my lips
You signed up knowing you were going to end my relationship of 2 years
And guilt constantly circulating in your veins

We knew what we signed up for the minute we kissed each others lips
We signed up for a night of wild hot sex
And always craving the other person

I knew what I signed up for the minute I started to straddle you
I signed up for always feeling bad that I caused you to cheat
And knowing what I was doing was going against my morals

You knew what you signed up for the minute your hands went down my pants
You signed up for days and nights of flirting
And trying not to show your fear of it getting out

We knew what we signed up for the minute our clothes came off
We signed up for sleepless nights of texting
And always thinking about each other

I knew the minute I signed this contract that our friendship would end
I knew this contract would make me swim in guilt but not care
And I signed it with my best pen

You knew the minute you signed this contract that I would begin to feel so bad
You knew this contract was going against everything you believed in
And you signed it so beautifully

We knew the minute we signed this contract that what we were doing was wrong
We knew this contract outlined all the sins we were committing
And we still signed it

I have only known you for a few hours
How are we acting like we are best friends
Harmless flirting since we both knew it wouldn't lead anywhere
I know a few people, that tell me they are terrified to talk to you
Sure you put up a tough girl look
Those people fail to see your heart of gold

You walk around with a sense of confidence that is unmatched
Your laugh is intoxicating
I had you laughing throughout the entire day
Whenever you saw me your eyes light up so brightly I could see my reflection in them

You even chased me when I walked away
Scratching and begging for my attention
I became your addiction which didn't have a fix

Weird how quickly I connected with one of my coworkers. Too bad she is in a committed relationship and or possibly married I really dont know. One of my other coworkers told me that he was so scared to look into her eyes because of how beautiful she is.
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