Wyatt 10h
Me and death have been flirting
back and forth with each other,
but which one's the whore?
You complicated a compliment
on how good you look
hid yourself behind a book
Rolling away your skeptical eyes
You peered and took them as some lies
I said “It’s true”,
but seemed you didn’t care
So I continued to share
nice things about your nose,
and then I mentioned your thighs
It was then you took offence
‘Like it’s not the most important thing’
And in my defence,
I loved everything
But because of some insecurity
I was forced to justify,
what I  see
Even as a man
Even the way you stand
And your slender legs and hand
How I love your creases and curves
Every vein, muscle and nerve
Such fine shape, figure and form
How much they keep me warm
And somehow all this charm
Was only boiling up the calm
and there you broke out in a storm
When I said, “Your hips,
are better than your lips”.
It was the last time I’d see
You ever again that close to me
you got up and walked away,
I’m sorry
I regret
all I did was shape history
Where’s the line?
AAron Roz May 23
him: stop biting your lip. that's my job. softly chuckling
her: what? you gonna cut my arms too? and tie my nooses? and pop my pills? *fists clenched
Simra Sadaf Apr 30
in a cafe on this beautiful evening
i can hear the birds chirping,
we are sitting in our table
i notice your eyes are hazel,
your subtle ways of flirting
a moment i had been dreaming,
your eyes gazing at me tender
would you fall for me, i wonder.
Austin V Apr 18
What a fun little thing
You are to do
Never would I have imagined
I meant this much to you

Let's play the game
that we all know to well
For what we should say  
To cast that lovely spell

To capture those eyes
Which hold the sky
To touch the hands
Smooth as satin

We spin those words
So perfectly sweet
To tell that one
They set your heart a beat
Aishah Apr 8
the gaze you wear
a gentle stare
kindness and love
All of the above
I'm yours.

I waited a while
for a wholesome smile
took days and years
but now you're here
I'm yours.

those earnest ears,
our dreams and fears
Started with harmless flirting
now? never more certain
I'm yours.

to start I was weary
the Past has been scary
We gave it a chance
and you make my soul dance
I'm yours.

two hearts that need feeding
no longer bleeding
now sing a sweet song
where they belong
I'm yours.

We're now planting seeds
and that's all we need
On our way
day by day
I'm yours.
Midnight Apr 6
oh this is fun
one and done
it means nothing
just an inner warmth
you tease me
and i tease you
how talented we are
making each other
feel so special
we have no intention
of taking it further
to bed or to alter
but rather
we found a way
to pass the time
and pass the time
we shall
Irene Hao Apr 3
He sits in the corner of my class, not my first one or my last one. It's one of those boring middle-of-the-day classes everyone dozes off to.
He sits in the corner, wiggling his eyebrows at the girl in the table next to him. He's always partners with her. They're good friends. I think.
He always has on a sky blue hoodie, littered with cliche inspirational quotes he scribbled on. My favorites are "Where the shadows crawl, light is always  close by" and "Nothing is perfect. I am nobody. Therefore, I am perfect." He always takes the hoodie off afterwards and stuffs it in his locker. I know because I've seen him do it. Every day.
When I first heard his voice, frankly, I thought he was a she. He gave off a cool vibe, a dramatic obnoxious drag queen diva. And I wasn't wrong.
First time I sucked it all in and approached him, he blew into my ear, laughed, and walked off. Second time, he approached me, said he liked scaring me. I don't quite understand it.
But the way he babbles, the way his smile just gets me smiling with him, I understand that part of him. The way he looks like he's always having fun, even during his science presentation, I like it. He's always smiling. I don't know if he really does, but I like to think so.
Latina1813 Feb 7
If all i get to do is stare
Im kinda ok with it
Because your look is just right
Im simply really feeling it
Your leather jacket and cocoa skin
Id wonder where you came from
Cant just be heaven
And i get corny with you
Cuz u make my brain weak
You make my senses storm
You take my heart to its peak
So if all i get to do is stare
Im kinda ok with it
Because your style is just right
I gotta say i really dig it
The long hair and built, chiseled face
Id wonder where you got that height
But its obvious, perfectly you were made
And i cant help but stare
When you come my way
I got to be just right
Hoping you dont miss a day
So if all i get to do is stare
Im kinda ok with that
Because your smile brings fire
Sends chemicals outta wack
Your smile melts my shelter
Walls it breaks and cracks
And if all i get to do is stare
Im kinda ok with it
Because your presense is enough
I gotta say i feel your aura
Weed and reggae are in order
Id wonder where you got your cool
But its obvious im simply into you
So if all i get to do is stare
And play this little game
Im kinda ok with it
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