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who set her heart at the ocean
that long for the rushing tide and a beautiful sunset

much more than just a pretty face
a warrior and survivor, who grow through what she goes through

who dance with me throughout sadness, fears, joy, and heartbreak
who said "you made of gold, not bronze" in between the moves

the one that make part ways unbelievably hard
who broke my heart because she left, gone for a greater good
what can i say?
a short poem i wrote on my best friend's birthday, who now lives a million miles away from me.
Star BG May 6
Oh to think...
just 66 years
and 358 days ago
I was born.
Just a kid destined to
have grand experiences
good and bad.

Oh to think...
Soon I shall embark
on year 67.
Mystery and miracles
do wait at my doorstep.

Oh to think...
more huddles to jump
and gold metals to get.  
More tears to cry.
and hugs to collect.

More wisdom to gather.
and gratitude to shout.
More friendships to make,
as I move about.

More dances to take
as miracles soar
my souls journey blossoms
in peace thats for sure.
Just thinking how in just a few days. May 13th I will be 67.
Happy Birthday Me. In life I do see
all do walk with divinity
Bella Feb 21
I forgot your birthday, after 9 years.
But you were the one who left in the first place
and I have no reason to forgive.
So I will only continue to forget.
Ryan Vallee Feb 6
i’m dying soon
on the side of a highway
as cars pass like comets
and trucks rumble by
to stir the gravel
as avid teeth sniff
me out to pull
at my porcelain skin
before the bird beaks leap
from the sky
to peck at what’s left
of my brushfire bones
i’m dying soon
and it may just
like any other day
that i’ve known
You are like a box of kleenex
But you are more than a box of tissues
You are there when I am sick
Or whenever I cry over personal issues
You are there to help me
Clean up my messes
You are there to comfort me
With my life stresses
I need to take you everywhere with me
In pocket form, when I travel too far
And traveling gets easier
When there's one in the car
You help me aid others
When they are sick or need help
You can never have too much kleenex
Or a mother's love for yourself
Non Pescador Oct 2018
I couldn't find the right words,
Nothing seems to make sense.
All I can think of is when we were together,
There's no dull moment.
We had our fun, we had our time.

But my friend I want you to know,
Burdens are lighter when carried by two.
If you need somebody to comfort you, just call my number whenever,
Cause I'm always here for you, day or night.

Happy birthday my friend.
I want you to know, I want you to hear
I love you so dear,
And you complete me, that’s no lie.
For my boy best friend xoxo
Anne Oct 2018
To Isaac (JOLAI? <3)
Who has come to my heart
And charmed my body and soul
And who has turned a bridge
Into a rainbow for us to walk on

Another year has passed for you
It's time to cut the cake and celebrate
And once again I start to think
Of the things about you that I appreciate

Happy Birthday, and many years to come
Who knows what our lives have in store
Happiness and lots of fun
Making the both of us stun
for my ex MU i just want to publish this even tho its to late for the both of us so yeah hope you all like it
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