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Environment is frozen
Sentiments are hidden
Praying to God
He be brought
Sparing the rod
It's just a thought
Smirking a lot
Finds him hot
Stemming the rot
Environment is frozen
Horse is Trojan
Lots of erosion
Lots of confusion
Praying to God
He be brought
Finds him hot
Stemming the rot
Environment is frozen
Raising the temperature
By her *****
Environment may thaw
He may be hotter
A hot star!
He may be brought
Or bought at par!
OC Aug 2019
As summer unfolds
the scent of dusty roads
urges us to roam
the succulent fig
the crimson mulberry
overcome the mother’s call
to scurry back for dinner

Instead, we scatter
like sheaf thrown to the wind
and there is nobody but us
in this unraveling earth
for we are
ones of a kind

When winter comes
frost kisses with its lips
the sills of our windows
its curling fingers
grips the air without a touch

Then, we slouch back
and huddle like a flock
of penguins in the Antarctic
seeping heat one onto another
waddling in circles
flowing as a whole
a collective race

From without inwards
from within back out
we are
together, and apart
11th installment in the series of poems inspired by physics (see first installment for background). For more information: (the introduction enough).

Thoughts and comments are always appreciated
Juhlhaus Feb 2019
Mercury expands
As pinched faces are eased and
Flowers remembered
Hints of a thaw.
I was
no fool                        
and here
my favor
was one
that overcame
a voice
of salacious
mold and
might throttle
my goad
and too
berserk with
her bare
in this
fold with
Carroll Stream

that extreme
today in
Carol Stream
there was
the cold
went to
bed with
a sweater
just to
wake a
buddy in
Claremont weather
that a
whiplash tomorrow
made best
picture in
ole  LA
Suburban Chicago
Elisabeth Oct 2018
your frozen heart barely pumps slushied blood all the way to your blue fingertips
you hope for me to grab your hands and warm you even just for a second
your heart is a rock
abiotic and unbeating
just a cold weight in your chest to remind you of your lost humanity
maybe once you knew warmth
but now you don’t even shiver
you are so far gone
you treat me like ice to freeze me just as you’ve been
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Cold and heat combine.
Temperatures are a gaze we lose our mind.
Currents of the ocean predict.
A pattern for me and you something we can not forget.

Weather is used as a weapon.
Not only by nature but second guessing.
How can this be, you would ask?
Something more you can give us, something we could grasp.

We are all in for a rude awakening.
Electricity is all that they would be faking.
Plants and animals cease to exist.
The kind of anger that makes me pound my fist.

This is the only weapon they can use.
To feed our guilt to fill this ruse.
Being human and united is the only way we can be.
In the future maybe then you will see.
Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
My teeth chatter with surprising rhythm
One-e-and-a-Two-e-and- A
bright red face
from the scolding wind.
My knees knock,
One and Two And
my feet tap,
One Two
times this week I've sat in the cold
And two times this week
I wished I were inside
Originally Titled; "When We Were All Outside Smoking Cigars and I Thought I Was Freezing to Death, or. Why Must We Sit Outside, or, The Rhythm of the Cold, or, How Are You Guys All Fine Out Here?"
Paul Jones Jan 2018
it is cold
then hot
                    so quickly
it is tough
it is hard
                    but melts with heat
it tings
it taps
                             the surfaces
                    of the kitchen worktop
             these are properties that stir tea

it is cold
then hot
                    so quickly
it is cool
it is calm
                    but bends under pressure
it sings
it raps
                              the textures
                              of existence
             these are properties that stir me
Viseract Sep 2016
Bubbles and smoke
Wavering flames and twisting, spiralling water
Like two tornadoes of varying temperature and temperament,
And equal as different the opposing elements
Earth and air lay dormant as I lay,
By the visions that my very mind manipulates into my reality
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