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Savio Fonseca Sep 2021
Last Night it rained and poured,
Lightning and Thunder.
Passion seeped thru the Sheets,
of Two Hearts that lay Under.
Kisses were exchanged,
to pacify the brewing Storm.
Hands went Flirting,
soaring the Temperatures Warm.
As both legs got locked
high up the Shoulder.
The Night, turned Darker
and the moves, got Bolder.
Nights on White Satin,
are truly a Delight.
Romance is on the High Seas,
until the Sun pops it's Light.
Thomas Steyer Jul 2021
It is so bright outside,
I have to squint my eyes.
Has it snowed again?
What a great surprise.

'Cos Winter has long gone.

Yesterday there were blossoms
colouring the landscape white.
Temperature must have dropped
quite drastic in the night.

April's weird and getting weirder.

Changed my plans for today
and bear it with a grin,
just like the bumblebee
I've decided to stay in.
Carlo C Gomez Jul 2021
...of wine and mirth
and holy birth,

of flowers and promise
and braided calmness,

of hummingbird and dragonfly
and their descending sky,

of porpoise and whale
and us as wind against the sail,

of grown wishes and sadness
in the flat fields under duress,

of sugar-filled cocoons and syrup
and sweetest honeymoon trip,

of dimples of Venus
and smiles from Adonis,

of thin walls about her room
in hopes to visit soon,

of all things made and said
and each time we shared a bed...

Man Feb 2021
how do you get a boilover?
you can turn up the heat
add more water
or increase the pressure

of course, you're using a melting ***
so there might be some difference
in how much you'd need of each, respectively

no past recipe can really offer preparation
the water's not the same
the temperatures' change
and pressure varies wildly
from kitchen to kitchen
OC Aug 2019
As summer unfolds
the scent of dusty roads
urges us to roam
the succulent fig
the crimson mulberry
overcome the mother’s call
to scurry back for dinner

Instead, we scatter
like sheaf thrown to the wind
and there is nobody but us
in this unraveling earth
for we are
ones of a kind

When winter comes
frost kisses with its lips
the sills of our windows
its curling fingers
grips the air without a touch

Then, we slouch back
and huddle like a flock
of penguins in the Antarctic
seeping heat one onto another
waddling in circles
flowing as a whole
a collective race

From without inwards
from within back out
we are
together, and apart
11th installment in the series of poems inspired by physics (see first installment for background). For more information: (the introduction enough).

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