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Shofi Ahmed Aug 22
A treat for every eye
a potion for every cup
a room for everyone.
One day the sun
will drop into a lap on earth.
It looked red, red
the first day it shone
is still the same red rose!
hazem al jaber Jun 2018
Your lap ...

my home is your lap ...
there where i wish to stay ...
there where the peace ...
and the warm place ...
which i wish to be always ...
until the last breaths ...

your lap ...
is my home ...
the only home ...
to my all wishes ...
and to my dreams ...
there where it will be as true ...
only with you ...
between your arms ...
into your lap ...
within your sweet breaths ...
your warm breaths ...
which it gives to my soul ...
the happiness that i seek  ...
from so long years ...

yes sweetheart ...
my home is ...
your amazing lap ...
there where we both  ...
can make our kingdom ...
within our passion ...
to live forever together ...
only in love ...

come sweetheart ...
grand me your lap ...
open your chest to me ...
to stay forever ...
so close to you ...
next to your heart ...

hazem al ...
Saif May 2018

There was this inncocent little soul
I wouldn't say a boy or a girl
All it longed for was happiness and happiness was it's only goal.

In childhood it ran behind the ball and jumped over fences
In highschool went to ball and enjoyed the lovely dances.

Traveled the world, met different souls, married and had children.

Never could it find happiness as all these were just joyful events,

As it went through albums over and over
Alas, found the true solution.

Ran back home and dived into the lap of it's MOTHER!!
love your mother
K Balachandran May 2018
a tree egrets crowd,
one more wants to land on top;
now all fly skywards!
Amaranthine Jun 2017
Your womb was my home
And now
I roam with your half genome....

I used to nap on your lap
And now
I map you in my rap....

You & me were together fused
And now
you are my amused muse....
Dedicated to my funny mom....
Timothy hill Mar 2017
Space is black, so as too it why can't you win a race.

Face it winning, is my honor you are like gum sticky and silly only filled with envy for you will never become a winning.

Know, I was just kidding your "OK" at getting second place, when im looking back your head bagging to my style.

Slow down pal forward, only no slow motion because as is sacred gemetic shapes  see to it I'm the out line of gold.

So yes you now can behold, you are a silver me is of gold so be better next time and don't forget to become bold.

Cuz heating thang's up is my cup of gold low and bewilder of change and flow.

So, watch out as spring become's of snow and your feet get stuck in the soggy cold.

I will laugh, with glee as you become of fever you should have wore a coat you dreamer.

Im, a thinker slaying reason of flaws we shall talk of winning.

Winner winner points on board is the defender.

Loser loser you are sad and clueless.

The options where not fixes as to your believing them to be.

When we raced im a spotter of flaws.

Calcated your movements and pace.

Sure too glance, before the race to Duluth your out looks at 1st.

Now you seem, to think back nodding do you understand it was my plain at hand.

Not to say I cheated using methods unknow for my win.

I just Foget basic Principles of thought and see all points of reference.
Winning method cheating I think not.
ShenequaMonroe Mar 2016
I could live in your lap
But I rather reside somewhere deeper
I could live in your mind
But I rather make you feel me some place sweeter
Miss me like you never saw me
Want me like its what you never had
Both graduated with PHDs
Speaking knowledge when those head games are applied
I could submit to my knees
But I need to look into the eyes of the one..
I crave more of you than just fun
Quick nights and games with our tongues
Let the raw truth follow
After one night comes tomorrow
Then those lust filled lies become that much more hard to swallow
So until then..let me hold this lock
With infatuated anticipation hoping
You will insert your key inside my Pandora's Box
Get me off with the thoughts and energy of your touch and actions
Cause contractions inside the walls only you know
But you have yet to let it be known
That your lap is where I call home...
inspired by Andre 3000 and someone special
Nirvana Mar 2016
Ever wonder if-
          Seeking in someone's life  
          was possible & ain't a crime
          whose life would you chose?
          for sure, I'll opt for yours!

Ever wonder if-
          given a chance
          to get someone's glance
          whose face would you opt?
          for sure, you're the one I got!

Ever wonder if-
          we could give away our smile
          & make others happy for a while
          whom would you give your smile to?
          for sure, every time I'll give it to you!

Ever wonder if-
          were allowed to die with peace;
          in someone's lap, who put you at ease
          whose lap would you opt for?
          for sure, I'll need yours!

Ever wonder if-
          sacrificing our life
          was possible to let others survivor
          for whom you'll sacrifice your life                                   for?
          am **** sure, I'll do it for yours!
Arvind Bhardwaj Mar 2016
One day after working for long I was taking a nap,
A pure white dove in the form of love, came & sitted in my lap.

I was shocked and also amaze,
I never thought about and never craze.

I was thinking what to do, keep with me or let her flew

Suddenly, my attention went on dove,
So sweet & So cute, I gone silent my feelings gone mute.
Heart was beating but mind was quite,
Is this a trap or everything alright?

Leave it and let it be, I thought..

With the passage of nights and days,
I was changing in many ways,
sometime I was dark, sometime I was grey,
I was behaving like an actor in Life's Play.

I was learning new things from dove,
How to Hate and How to Love.
How to accept and How to refuse.
How to have fun  and How to amuse.

I was so happy and so amused.
One day dove came and refused,
Dove said Its the time when I have to fly,
You learnt everything from me, Now learn How to CRY

That was the day when dove left my lap,
I remain silent for a long time gap.

Then I realized, sometime Life teach a lesson in the form of dove,
I learnt what I need, I will win yes indeed.
I sat with a cat in my lap.
This cat is having a nap.
I wish she'd get off me,
I have to go ***.
This cat in my lap should ****.

This kitty is itty & bitty.
She jumped up to where I was sitting.
She needs to get down,
I'm wearing a frown.
My bladder is making me giddy.

So here I sit like a twit.
My lap must be made of catnip.
My need is so great
But she just won't vacate.
This cat in my lap should get.
The cat's name was Mystery, by the way.

© 2011  J.J.W. Coyle
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