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I want to make that journey
from your knees to
your hips again-
it was always my favorite route.
Soft plains,
colored of oats,
and each road
I know like the back of my hand.
With my destination in sight,
it's getting more humid
by the inch.
In Limerance
Longing lust lingers
A compulsion
Stroking your skin with my fingers
A sensation
As my body wells with more than just emotion
An impulse
Leading to slow soothing motion
I'm helpless
Against your irresistible body
None of it remains untouched
Expect the parts the animal in me wants so much
Soothing turns
Gasping breaths
Breathing and heaving in unison as I hold you in my clutch

Your whispers
Longing desires of the night
Our breath
Heavier by the minute, we can't control try as we might
The intensity
Heightened with rustling clothes and locked lips
Our clothes
Light thuds as they fall to the floor
A soft moan
Letting you know I want more
Your body over me, the most glorious sight
As I gasp for air and sigh loudly with delight
Our movements make the bed creak and crack
Slow thrusts
Arched backs
I feel you throbbing strongly, as you fill me up with a part of you

The sound of us in ecstasy.
This is where we create,
Our own ****** symphony.
A piece written for and dedicated to the love of my life, Steven.
Mitch Prax Sep 27
Toasted inner thigh
glazed in our honey and sweat
was always your specialty

12:21 AM
Mitch Prax Aug 31
an empty bed
and the lights turned down
is the perfect recipe
for you and me
Styles Jul 10
I want to slither my tongue between your thighs, until your eyes, roll back surprised, at my vibes, as they sympathize, with your needs. Baby breathe, as your lips sheath, my tongue; glistens with ***. Finger-flicking good, until you are done.
Styles Jul 10
Lather my tongue
In the long lasting taste
Of your lavender lace
Quicken your breathing
Pulse Hastened pace
From Licks lightly placed
In a place that invades your space
The feeling will never be forgotten
And can never be replaced
Like a long lasting taste
Styles Jul 10
Salacious thought
Brought on by persuasion
A part of the equation
That equals the occasion
Addicted to the rush
The high is amazing
Subside; never does the craving
The need I’m evading
But the flesh is weak
And the need is strong
My resistance is fading
Styles Jul 9
Eye closed, all alone.
Staring at my phone,
Wondering if it's you calling, ready to bone.
Wondering what it would be like for you to make me moan.
Hopefully dreams became reality, and your hitting it every week
You penetrate right through me, metaphorically and literally...
your words and your touching
******* me mentally  
******* soaked, clinging to my body  
I'm fumbling my words, I don't know what to say
You consume my thoughts, in every which way
Just thinking of you in me, it's somewhat hypnotic
The way you speak, the way you sext, so methodic
His younger sister was the bride
And he sat facing the gushing girl
He fondled the **** of his walking cane
As he waited for her eyes to meet his gaze;
When they finally did, he smiled a knowing smile
A vexing, blackmailing smile
That sought a response- a glint of acknowledgement;
It sent chills down her spine, sweat broke out on her back
She now regretted having been the one who'd started-
The impetuous demands that violated the natural
And made them feel like some Old Testament pairs
He'd become relentless, with pickpocketing deftness
At the drop of a hat, he'd drop his pants

Now, rising from his seat, he blew her a kiss
And that did her in
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