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Closet freak..
As the **** in my eye turns into pure fantasies of how I want me on you in the most compromising positions...
****** game on repeat as these walls begin to beat on your meat...
Eyes closed because no witness to confess this sticky mess..our souls is on fire and this love making has turn into a straight **** fest...
Faster as my emotions begin to cloud my better judgement...**** it...i want you..
Is an UNDERSTATEMENT..let's see if you can keep up...
Under me...Is how you're gonna be...
stat is how I'm cumm'n
E..every inch touching my deepest spots seeing you hitting it from da back..this is ***..straight ****** on a new level.
Pull my locs as I **** your **** maybe you'll pop as I look in your eyes because you and I both know what this mouth can and will do for you..**** my pain away...hips rocking ...and they say a big girl couldnt keep up...well they cant compete with an arch like this...make em weak at each say my name..because you're all mines..on a new level confession of a closet freak!
Kenji Mar 30
>Stained on the lips, as you bite your lip hard, the blood drips, the taste of metal against your tongue.... sacrificial blood as the passion awakens...

<My body yours to the soul I give
Blood feeding into our veins
Drinking from my cup
O' holy grail
Fill you up
Can you ******* pain

>Feeding on my my insides, my body yearns for the touch. I feed onto your pain, as you unleash your burdens onto me, I feel your touch soaking deeper onto mine, I crave your sensuality, your erotica got me feelin' weak

<The words you never speak seeping in my skin
Holding all inside sharing love and sin
I feel you
I know you
You writhe in serpents hive
Let's wind back the dangers
Let us  **** and thrive
Beneath **** we shall dive

>**** harder as we thrive deeper in sin,  I feel you inside of me rushing through my veins, like electricity shocking through my nervous system... I try to hold on to the thought of you, but it rushes through me like a flash, I forget you, then it's done.
A collab written by me and Kate Rebecca Hopwood.
< Kate
> Me
Sexus Obscura Mar 29
I wake to something in my throat
g / r / o / w / i / n / g
it is yearning, hunting, haunting
it moves deeper, to darker caves
it is in search of a final burial site
it wants permanence inside of me
Sexus Obscura Mar 29
Oh, the way you inhabit me
I shudder, etched inside of me is the feeling of dying
Pulsing, your emanations
Consume me and I refuse to release you from my clutches
Struck breathless instantly
You offer little reason, but you return my robbed passion
I glimpse at your grave eyes
And I feel the tide of the sea within me start to part for you
You catalyze my stolen gaze
I almost feel you shudder and rush in my sodden esophagus
A soft pink suckle
I euphorically asphyxiate for you, on you – with you
Unuttered, my subconscious
Fabricates the smell and taste of your flesh using your words
My body is left ravenous
To the conjecture of your apparition as it levitates above me
Below you I kneel – impure
Please let your sensory invading of my aquatic mind cleanse me
I chant a plea to your figment
Imagining your tongue feeling the words move inside my mouth
My glistening incantations drip  
And I feel your stirring when my lips part for evening prayer
I awaken an appetent beast
Rising to dominate the submission hibernating in my sharp bones
My locked jaw wants it all
I won’t release you, so let me taste your last watery breath

I shudder, etched inside of me is the feeling of dying
Inked Quill Mar 20
Addictively sweet
Soaking wet
Moist tongue
Doused fervor
Brewing storm
At her engorged fruit
Inked Quill Mar 20
The seize
The hold
The grasp
Ain't easy
On my passion
My desire
Of you
Frasier Mar 18
Lips meet gently, then with force.  
The body & apex of their tongues dance intimately as she straddles his core.
His fingers glide down the right side of her body lightly grazing the breast as another set of fingers move past the navel and to the mona *****.  
The back arches as her hood comes into contact with his thumb and he applies delicate pressure to the *****.
She takes hold of his shaft while noticing their bodies glistening as they reflect off the dim lights.  She changes directions and eagerly rests her pelvic girdle at the top of his chest.  She fills his mouth with her as he places his hands on her hips.  
As he thrusts the apex of his tongue across her hood vigorously, she slides her tongue up his shaft and takes him into her mouth. As she climaxes repeatedly, he feels her passion dripping into his mouth.  
As their bodies begin to fatigue, she puts him inside her commanding a moan of heightened pleasure.  As she feels him swell anticipating his ******, she instinctively begins to pleasure herself as well.  As he bursts inside her, she arches her back, grabbing her own ******* while her eyes disappear during a series of body convulsing climaxes.
Inked Quill Mar 14
My body’s a fire
To be burned
With your caressing gaze
All teased
Nuzzled fantasy
Makes me
A bad girl
Eager to please
Your ***** sensitivity
Tie me
Choke me
Tell me Daddy
How will you
Discipline me today
Caroline Mar 1
I don’t know where I am,
And yet,
I’ve been here before to
This silent forest,
With the old oaks
Reaching to the sky
And the pines
Thick on the slopes of the mountain behind.

The air is fresh
With the hint of winter’s approach,
But still the stars burn
With the lingering heat of summer.

I can see the full moon,
Red, between the peaks,
And I know you will find me here,
Beyond the farthest reaches of time.

You are like the wind
That gently caresses my shoulders
From behind,
Leaving me shivering
At the touch.
Though my heart pounds like a torrential
Rain against the ground,
I stand still.
Every fiber of my being
Rooted to the ground,

Waiting for you.

I have known you my whole life,
But only now, tonight,
Have I followed this red moon
To this place
Beyond the prison of time,
Where you can touch me


Align your body with mine
And slip your hands beneath my shirt.
****** me, gently,
Where I, so excruciatingly, hurt.
Cup my face in your hands and kiss my trembling lips.
Trace your tongue in aching circles
To the quiver of my hips.

Lay me down,
Right here
On the rich, brown earth and
Raise my skirt.
Push apart my thighs,
And move into this dripping, molten fire

Like lava, it will consume us.

Pulse into me beneath these stars,
Let me convulse over you everything that
All of these years,
Has been yours.
Now blend into me,
Press your body so close that we
Desperately shake together;
That we leave a piece of ourselves in this
Space forever.
If you imagined the most intense encounter with someone you love, or someone you imagine, where would that be, and how would it take shape? There is something fun for you all to consider tonight ;)
FreyaXO Feb 24
I am phenomenal,
Fierce, strong, and brave.
I am proud to be owned,
Honored to be His *****.

I find strength in my servitude,
A peace I’ve never known.
By His hand I have flourished,
Through His teachings I’ve grown.

With devotion I serve Him,
With gratitude I kneel.
He awakens the deepest parts of me,
Where once I could not feel.

He protects me from harm,
When I lose my way.
He always finds me,
When I get scared and run away.

He knows just how
To summon the goddess in me,
His words are enough,
To set the wild woman free.

The sound of His voice,
Like music to my soul.
Singing to my broken heart,
Making it once again whole.
A love so true, so profound, I kneel in gratitude.  Grateful for all good which found its way to me through you.
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