Blackbird Sep 28

my bones break
at the thought of you

my heart turns to wax
in the fires of your passion

enslaved and enraptured
I dive willingly

into the sea of  love
let the waves cast me

upon the shores
of your pleasure

forever to bask
in the sunlight of your eyes

IamJayMack Sep 25

She is the colour of my sea,
Dead at every passing glance,
Every touch burn like hellfire,
She snarls and all heaven falls,
Silent scream and sunken teeth,
Into shoulders that heave,
Kitties claws draw blood,
I taste her bitten lip still now,
As she does the kisses I laid,
On her collar burn,
And I'll show my love,
In a cloacal kiss,
Even now.

A girl from yesteryear walks back into my life (albeit slowly) so I've dug this out my journal from that halcyon summer.
Blackbird Sep 21

She opens herself to me
As I press in deeper
Her scent releases me
My heart is on fire

Together we move
To the rhythm of our hearts
Faster, harder deeper
Ecstasy unleashed

Hot breath mingling
In the cold night air
Moonlight dancing in her eyes
Hearts light becoming brighter

She is the honey on my lips
The fire that consumes me
Every part of me is released
As our love is spent

Together in the afterglow
We hold each other closely
Locked in loves sweet embrace
Waiting for the tide to rise again

Unfamiliar face, with your touch that melts so warm.

Foreign bodies with the same intention, wanting more.

Exchanging breaths instead of words,
No expectations to be heard..

But this-

Asking nothing but a moment of euphoric selfless bliss

Just thrusts of lustful passion fulfilled by fingers, mouths, and hips


  Subtleness -

Slowly does the ship first set sail,
But quickly does it get use to the fast riding motions of the sea

Our bodies both plea-

And while we continue to succumb to yearning of this pure desire..

this stranger doesn't feel so strange at all,
like the flames amidst the burning fire.

-Bobbie Leigh

I was a well written novel and you were a curious reader. You wanted to know what my words had to say. So you read my words silently, in the dark night as moon hid behind the clouds. You traced my passages from page to page, you didn't leave an inch untouched. You learnt my secrets and read your favourite parts over and over again. You scrutinized every tiny little detail, as if I was the most beautiful work of art and you were about to go blind. So you memorised my entire story and narrated it's tale, because you were too afraid to forget my name.

talia b Aug 23

the jewelled hands. a finger each /
peel the skin and let her blood
meet the air. this is
unbecoming of a lady / she says i will
never marry; her mouth curves
around her
laugh, beckoning. taunting /
if you keep going ; lover
i'll be yours
always / and he drinks her in. consumption / consummation / salt and iron and lust. how have they lived
so long
he wonders, inside her, on her, in himself,
how could they breathe
without it ?

watched "the interview with a vampire" as a kid and it never quite left me alone

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Arihant Verma Aug 21

I feel the vastness of the hand
like I move my hands to and from the sun
or the moon to fit it right across the diameter
when it lands on your back and I start
moving up and down, to find
that you can’t be controlled like the sun
and the moon can be, from a distance,
that when I will scroll down to your beloved circle
you’ll be a rebel’s soul, parrying quietly

When my tongue will be a mast
in the throbbing waves of your inside
pointing towards the sky, it’ll 
fight the battles of the seas,
with the purpose to make peace with it.
You will wet my tongue mast and I yours
moving, thrusting, squishing between
the winds of my two fingers,
you and I will sighs the winds of storms
like they were trying to create
another earth only more, more.

“It’s throbbing more and more,” she said

Let it feel that it longs for a pacifier,
that would heighten its heartbeats first
perhaps even a minor undetected heart attack
burning like the bed sheet under us
lilt of our movements making air
from the fans incapable of extinguising
the fire that will only rest once
it has watered all the trees inside.

I want to fuck you hard on the kitchen counter
Then collect all your juices into a wine glass
And sip it slowly so it'll lasts longer
Because this sacred wine of your essence
Is too holy to be gulped down in an urgency,

You bless my eyes with your nakedness
Looking like the only brave angel to pull me out of Hell,
This Hell that I cannot be saved from unless
You help with loving hands and soul full of spells,

I cannot explain how much you affect my existence...
My love to you is as large as the universe
It stretches deep into the starry abyss
And it cannot be measured as it is of infinite appearance.

A rhyming poem has the repetition of the same or similar sounds of two or more words, often at the end of the line.
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