I feel the vastness of the hand
like I move my hands to and from the sun
or the moon to fit it right across the diameter
when it lands on your back and I start
moving up and down, to find
that you can’t be controlled like the sun
and the moon can be, from a distance,
that when I will scroll down to your beloved circle
you’ll be a rebel’s soul, parrying quietly

When my tongue will be a mast
in the throbbing waves of your inside
pointing towards the sky, it’ll 
fight the battles of the seas,
with the purpose to make peace with it.
You will wet my tongue mast and I yours
moving, thrusting, squishing between
the winds of my two fingers,
you and I will sighs the winds of storms
like they were trying to create
another earth only more, more.

“It’s throbbing more and more,” she said

Let it feel that it longs for a pacifier,
that would heighten its heartbeats first
perhaps even a minor undetected heart attack
burning like the bed sheet under us
lilt of our movements making air
from the fans incapable of extinguising
the fire that will only rest once
it has watered all the trees inside.

I want to fuck you hard on the kitchen counter
Then collect all your juices into a wine glass
And sip it slowly so it'll lasts longer
Because this sacred wine of your essence
Is too holy to be gulped down in an urgency,

You bless my eyes with your nakedness
Looking like the only brave angel to pull me out of Hell,
This Hell that I cannot be saved from unless
You help with loving hands and soul full of spells,

I cannot explain how much you affect my existence...
My love to you is as large as the universe
It stretches deep into the starry abyss
And it cannot be measured as it is of infinite appearance.

A rhyming poem has the repetition of the same or similar sounds of two or more words, often at the end of the line.

He thought that his interest in nude photos of women
Was becoming a serious addiction
Until he spent some time
Among people with serious addictions.
He realized
That this sort of hobby
Is a relatively harmless way
To relax.

You my love taste like a fruit only Heaven
can grow. Do I taste like that too? I'm beggin'
you to lick my juices and drown me in
immense sexual pleasure with your rough passion.
And I shall still make love to you when
you're old and grey because wrinkles and ashen
strands don't define the diamond you are within.
Why you ask? Because it's your diamond fractions
that I'm truly tasting every time I began
to dig inside your aging body and not your skin's
youth love. And every second I spend above
your naked body amounts to more than
a trillion sexillion billion blessings.
Blessings that only you can bless my love.

A 14-line sonnet consisting of an octave rhyming abbaabba followed by a sestet of cddcee or cdecde.
Engeli Jul 26

21:00 at a quiet evening beach "Nguyen tat Thanh"
long stretch sugary brownie field
two strangers face  by the shore
as the waves crawl with lure

Succulent are the thoughts
two caught in bait of mind games
kisses soft and caress exchanged
as her eyes meet his eyes

lips to lips
tongue to tongue  
skin to skin rubbing  
burning passion explosion

Yet they're in control hand in hand
with the emotional dramas
a feeling of detach and naked eyes
no promises to profess

The voyage of time runs a race
moments well tailored and kept hidden
morning comes another day
yesterday a tale story to say

Echoes from the Heart
Engeli Jul 24

Last night at the beach reggae festival
The beach was mirrored with the glow of disco colorful ball
The sand was floury underfoot and a feathery, sugar brown of hue
And reggae string of music made the whole village
so vibrant and glow

We went lying on that sugar brown sand
to catch some breaths and be with ourselves instead
We noticed the moon was out for its errand
leaving us all alone
in that vast sandy nature's playground

The sea was buzzing with its dormant strength
as the waves vigorously running to the shore
chasing back and forth like lovers
put me in the mode of sweet summer night

Then my mind began to wander of you
as I look into your eyes
I feel your body on me
pushing me against the sand

You began kissing my soft lips
and I answer once twice and thrice
I feel your charming robustness
as your hands cupping my breasts

Then your lips run over my body
touching my every curves and edges
I refuse to stop thinking the possibility
of making love with you...............
in that vast sandy nature's playground

Erotica & Nature
Engeli Jul 24

You have ways of words that stimulates my brain
I know this doesn’t make sense
as only few conversations exchanged
charmed me behind this little screen

As I close my eyes  
my thoughts of you
turn to longing
the longing  to be with you

I can feel your hands
wandering over my body
As my naughty thoughts
unfold in my mind

Your soft lips find mine
kissing me down my neck
and with the tip of your tongue
you play my erect ample nipple
bringing me orgasmic energy

Your tongue finds my clitoris
making me wet  and moan in my bed
The longing to be with you is hypnotic

Rose Nao Jul 16

He’s on top of me,
the night’s air is cool, refreshing.
The lights are off and his tongue is exploring my mouth.
He tastes of alcohol and love and sweat and peace.
I pull his top off, tugging at his shorts as he shimmies out of them.
His body moves in fluid motions, translucent and transparent,
he can see through me and I've never seen an anatomy like his.
A wave of tranquility sweeps over the bed
as the typhoon of my love lays on your soul
while you pump into me at a steady and sweet pace.
I don’t know what’s happened to me
but I’m throbbing for you and I’m cumming for you
and I’m needing you.
The night’s air is nipping at my nipples
and it’s biting at the cheeks of my bum.
While I ride him and his hands travel up my sides
and up my abdomen,
stimulating me from every angle;
the planets are in tune with me and you,
the heaven's are shining and opening their gates for me and you,
and that’s why we’re here:
to connect our souls, to syncopate your rhythm to our heartbeats.
You wear my nude so well and I wouldn’t be able to get this
from any other guy.
You were my sparkle, I call you Daddy.

it's fine

a sublime concentration, a possession ours alone

labile radiation intermingled with amorous aromas:

earl grey, chamomile wax, our viscid nectars, oh, I need not even be caressed!

l'épicentre throbs; sultry, supple, palpable

and fervent pleads echo

across l'épicentre impénétrable, composed by minds conjoined

To be set to music in the near future.
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