Daytra 3d

The thought of you touching me make my skin crave.  
I can no longer pretend that I don’t need you
I need all of you every single cell
My being craves for yours
No man has ever had me OPEN
Its not just sex between us  
I have your soul  
I have your heart  
I have your being
Your complete and total being
I have you OPEN  
This thing we have created has become more than I could ever have imagined
Master is what you are
Bitch is what I am
This feeling I am feeling has got me ummmm I can’t explain it, but I love it
My body my soul I can’t live without you I don’t know what all of it meant its nothing like  
The meaning I dreamt of it so much brighter so much clearer so much warmer  
This has my mind open to possibilities beyond this realm  
I am scared that I won’t be enough for your nature
I need to be yours  
I need to be yours
I can’t with no other  
I am yours

Engeli Jan 8

The touch of wine as smooth
and warmth as his caress
my body cannot resist

at the peak of the night
his hands on my hips
my neck on his lips

i clenched mine
as he thrust his in me
we are one in the galaxy

Endless Numbered Days 2018
helena alexis Dec 2017

hold my thighs
lick me as if i’m
the only source
of liquid left on
this earth

devour me like
an animal
pinning me down
lapping me up
as if you were a dog
on an extremely hot day


I’ll name my price
offer a body to contort
make you mine
to extort.

I’ll paint shadows
with the curvature of my spine
snare you in the anticipation of ecstasy
until you feel your heart beat
of skin.  
before I squeeze it in
that little bit extra
I’m already on fire
like Carmen Electra
you’ll never be able to afford me
after the VAT.

Someone tried testing my poetic ability and asked me to write an erotic poem about VAT. How did I do?

I don’t need validation
Just implicit annihilation
a moment
when the unfathomable
of this world
their grip
and we lose it all
we just slip.

You linger
in the darkest corners
of my periphery.
Though you'd never know it.
These words aren't even mine to stay.

You could be anybody
I don't care
I can already taste
your fingers
entwined in the tangles of my hair
I'm already choking
on the smoke
I inhale
as I trace your fingerprints
you indented upon my skin
after we shared oxygen
and for a moment
were so lost
we didn't care if that lurid breath was our last.

Blackbird Sep 2017

my bones break
at the thought of you

my heart turns to wax
in the fires of your passion

enslaved and enraptured
I dive willingly

into the sea of  love
let the waves cast me

upon the shores
of your pleasure

forever to bask
in the sunlight of your eyes

IamJayMack Sep 2017

She is the colour of my sea,
Dead at every passing glance,
Every touch burn like hellfire,
She snarls and all heaven falls,
Silent scream and sunken teeth,
Into shoulders that heave,
Kitties claws draw blood,
I taste her bitten lip still now,
As she does the kisses I laid,
On her collar burn,
And I'll show my love,
In a cloacal kiss,
Even now.

A girl from yesteryear walks back into my life (albeit slowly) so I've dug this out my journal from that halcyon summer.
Blackbird Sep 2017

She opens herself to me
As I press in deeper
Her scent releases me
My heart is on fire

Together we move
To the rhythm of our hearts
Faster, harder deeper
Ecstasy unleashed

Hot breath mingling
In the cold night air
Moonlight dancing in her eyes
Hearts light becoming brighter

She is the honey on my lips
The fire that consumes me
Every part of me is released
As our love is spent

Together in the afterglow
We hold each other closely
Locked in loves sweet embrace
Waiting for the tide to rise again

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