awknight Mar 13
Your touch fills the cracks
of my crumbling flesh,
you hold my soul at the tip
of your fingers —
love finds itself tracing
the dangers of my mind
with ease.

Can’t you see, dear? you are
my god.
PYG's Whisper Feb 22
my love will
get you groaning
till you beg for mercy,
a magnetic string
ties up your body,
gravity can't handle it ,
you feel it
but no way to resist it,
you try to ignore it
but you're wholly

Pagan Paul Feb 21
I could kiss you through the words of a rhyme,
letters delivered with tender exquisite affection,
each syllable a moisture drop on delicate lips,
velvet verse licking porcelain, tasting perfection.

Stanzas saturated with the metaphors of love,
dripping salaciously upon your excited sighs,
I kiss your lips through the words of a rhyme
as they glisten like a jewel between your thighs.

© Pagan Paul (20/02/18)
Jade Bartlett Feb 16
Trace the curves on my body

like I am the moon

submitting to the dark,

tantalizing night.

I will offer up to you

my most precious craters,

dips of sultry grey


to be explored,


for you to undress

all the parts of me

you've never had

the pleasure of touching

under the prudish scrutiny

of daylight.

But the sun has long since

straddled the horizon;

the sun has long since

surrendered to the dusk.

And I am ready for you,

my sweet Astronaut,

awaiting the lustful force

of your gravity.

Take me. 

Your skin against

my skin--

the mere sight of us

will make the constellations

redden with passion

and the rings of Saturn

quiver with desire

as they watch as we

erupt into stardust.
unhook your bra now
and melt slowly in my arms
lets sleep till winter.
Daytra Jan 13
The thought of you touching me make my skin crave.  
I can no longer pretend that I don’t need you
I need all of you every single cell
My being craves for yours
No man has ever had me OPEN
Its not just sex between us  
I have your soul  
I have your heart  
I have your being
Your complete and total being
I have you OPEN  
This thing we have created has become more than I could ever have imagined
Master is what you are
Bitch is what I am
This feeling I am feeling has got me ummmm I can’t explain it, but I love it
My body my soul I can’t live without you I don’t know what all of it meant its nothing like  
The meaning I dreamt of it so much brighter so much clearer so much warmer  
This has my mind open to possibilities beyond this realm  
I am scared that I won’t be enough for your nature
I need to be yours  
I need to be yours
I can’t with no other  
I am yours
Engeli Jan 8
The touch of wine as smooth
and warmth as his caress
my body cannot resist

at the peak of the night
his hands on my hips
my neck on his lips

i clenched mine
as he thrust his in me
we are one in the galaxy
Endless Numbered Days 2018
helena alexis Dec 2017
hold my thighs
lick me as if i’m
the only source
of liquid left on
this earth

devour me like
an animal
pinning me down
lapping me up
as if you were a dog
on an extremely hot day
I’ll name my price
offer a body to contort
make you mine
to extort.

I’ll paint shadows
with the curvature of my spine
snare you in the anticipation of ecstasy
until you feel your heart beat
of skin.  
before I squeeze it in
that little bit extra
I’m already on fire
like Carmen Electra
you’ll never be able to afford me
after the VAT.
Someone tried testing my poetic ability and asked me to write an erotic poem about VAT. How did I do?
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