She looked at him
In the dimly lit room
Sensations blooming
At her plush lips
Every inch of flesh
Taken impatiently
His playing hands stroke
His intention clear
The moves playing
Of rhythmic ardor
We are like the universe and the stars,
visible only at the night,
Inside one another,
Burning bright
Without shame.
Without tiring.
In the audio recording you sent me
An hour of touching yourself
punishment for misbehavior
you giggle and cry at the same time
With a trembling whimper

It's too late now, for a confession.
We were never so honest, as our sex
Violent, passionate
suspending reality momentarily

Life's one true sin, objectification.
And now, you are a recording.

Your eye begging Me, The Cuckoo Bird
To Free you from your own fingers

like the cuckoo bird
My religion
Only gave me one hour
To howl, at passing time.
Inked Quill Jul 6
I’m voracious
For his passion
Seeded in
Too deep into me
My parched lips ache
To surround
His growing urgency
My gaze glides
On peachy contours
Of his chiseled body
That naked shrine
Inked Quill Jul 3
My cravings
Seeking deeper taste
Of you
Insatiable desire
At the centre
Of my heart
To write poetry
On your chiseled body
Your moans
Send me on frenzied flow
Sinfully voracious
Visually I feast
Your naked hide
Every curve of your body
Purest form of masterpiece
Inked Quill Jun 27
I want more
Than just to touch you
As you kneel down
Licking my feet
Your wrists fettered
By cold metal
The leash
Adorning your throat
& you look up to me
With begging eyes
Exposed for my needs
I slap you
While you cry for mercy
Kaze Poitier Jun 18
Ice upon bare skin
Limbs bond by silk sashes
Helpless and unable to breathe
The pressure of the air caused by your very demons are like weight upon your breast.
As skin touches skin
As the atmosphere becomes gradually more tense as the two of them merge
As the heat of your body is disturbed by my cold touch as well as fragments of ice that navigate you as ships do the sea
Aimlessly wondering in places they should not go
Then your body truly begins to mirror the ocean.
The once conservative flower which oozed nectar has become a waterfall
Overflowing, nonstop
Your eyes that were once filled with curiosity, excitement and innocence are now the very embodiment of intimacy, they are indulgent and filled with lust
A mind that races
A body that spasms uncontrollably
A voice that beckons because the soul is overwhelmed by such sensations
Is the sweetest music that echoes within an empty room
beauteous body
of lines and curves
soft swell of breast
full bloom of hips
secret flower within
bury my heart
in your sweet folds
Sassygurl95 Jun 6
Let me straddle your mind until I'm confined

to the empty spaces you refuse to acknowledge ,

taking hostage the inhabitants of this grand mental escape ,

I equate this mission to landing on the moon - you consume

every fiber of my being I intrude ,

wishing to know what you are thinking

it sort of pisses me off when you choose sex over celibacy

just assume it's my jealousy I'd rather have your mind than head

as we lay here in bed I listen to the breath that escapes the dark carven of your lips ,

you kiss me so softly with vocabulary I hear clearly how deep you crave me,

such a sweet sentiment from a sapio sexual

someone who can fornicate my mental with intellectual ,

you eat out my riddles and digest philophosy

have me shaking feeling close to God see ,

we get bare naked to the truth

Exposing absolute equations and reasons why , I sigh .

Gagging on your brilliance

you present such increments of human creativity ,

swallowing your mysteries

stroke me close and slow

fill me to capacity with the knowledge of you

tell me the truth you love to fuck me

with your words You encourage this insanity

This perplexing wet whirl of words gushes ,

and i demand to see the length of your lyrical havoc

I wish to kiss and grab the sensual sentences you string together

& nothing could compare to the pleasure when we intertwine our minds .

It's ridiculous how meticulous you are with my mental

we lay there , gasping sinful in sections of ecstasy

i watch you vividly , react to my melodic passion

i hold on - grasping my fingertips around your brain

you dig deeper and in pain i give you my vunerability


speaking languages I forgot i knew

yet I know I cant dispute

our connection from confessing the truth

you sparked theories bigger than any bang

articulating art using slang

we decode out way of conduct

it was just pure luck we fucked through conversation
Briarose Apr 28
Is it fortune or fame?

No it’s not what she wants.

It’s the freak to whom you can talk.

She is me, and I am she.

Every move makes the sublime wind.

But, my baby’s at home,

And I walk away with pride.

I am not coming back for I made my mind.

They call it sin for I see it nothing but a win.

Every thrust takes me to a place I call home.

Every touch makes me want it even more.

So, see though this naked desire.

For it shed every cloth for the simple fire.

Fill me in with every drop

Take me away to another world.

Bring me down for I care for you not.

A million times before, I have it again.

I have the stuff that you want,

Look me deep in the eye

Another dirty tale you will bury.

For, there is nothing but the open sky.
Humble attempts
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