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pn Mar 9
your lipstick lingering on my coat like wine, like blood. the lights shine and the music stops and there is the epiphany, your figure on the floor, on the road, in my closet. on the bed. on my bed. your hair like a prayer, your eyes whisper things that make the sky turn crimson.
your hair, draw a map, a pattern of a faraway land. on the sheets. between the sheets. your face like a remembrance. your kisses are slow-paced. and it rises and rises and rises like fire under the ash. im burning. i dont mind. you're all I see. the way you laugh and make the wind shiver in jealousy. the way you see pain as beauty. and if you watch the moon I'll watch over you. if you fly I'll go with you. to the stars. right through the sun.
i like guys...
but i also like girls
i dont know
how could i not

the soft curves and delicate touch
my favorite lipstick, just can't get enough
the sweet perfume
and her lighting up the room
the long legs and mischievous smile
feeling things that took a while
to fully process and realize
that i cannot continue living lies

now don't get me wrong
i still like men
but i can't resist  
my cravings for them
still figuring things out
i made up a fairy tale for her
about me and tiredness
(about us?)

but she put on her lipstick
she was glad to see me

and took a bag with things

we were supposed to spend the night
together with the same story
Take your favourite lipstick!
Now,  quick!
Use maroon, vermillion, or desire,
But it -must- be red.

Take your favourite lipstick.
Do you have it?

Write nuance on your knuckles.
And kiss the world hello.
Just something quick I needed to say.
K E Cummins Jun 2020
Blood and lipstick femininity
My heels crack concrete
Redder than wine
Smile in the corner
Snarl along the fangs
I bite what’s mine to claim it
Eat it whole and raw
Black dress, fiery hair
Hips like an empress
I know you think you’re king
Baby, I’m a lioness
You’ll eat what I hunt
Lick the gore from my lips
My slavering red mouth
My feminine blood and lipstick
Got new lipstick, felt inspired.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Sweet Centerless Sixteen
by Michael R. Burch

Inconsolable as “love” had left your heart,
you woke this morning eager to pursue
warm lips again, or something “really cool”
on which to press your lips and leave their mark.

As breath upon a windowpane at dawn
soon glows, a spreading halo full of sun,
your thought of love blinks wildly—on and on ...
then fizzles at the center, and is gone.

Keywords/Tags: humor, light verse, sweet, sixteen, never, kissed, lips, lipstick, puppy, love, infatuation, flirt, flirting, short attention span
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