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Vast men
Since the birth of Adam
Hath walked before me,
Planting enduring legacies
Within Yahweh's fertile earth;
Moving the hungry to mirror
Their patterns with their contrasting
Talents by Yeshua,
That they too may join
The assembly of trailblazers and inventors
We adore,
For we know they serve
Humanities best interest.
everyone has a voice here
every note will flow
some of us are nightingales
some of us are crows
some of us are magpies
collecting shiny things
some of us canaries
which in the coalmine sing
some of us are larks
singing in the copse
some of us are ravens
gathered 'round a corpse
some are Laughing *******
who scream to beat the band
some of us are ostrich
with our heads in sand
some of us can "Twitter"
how we love our "tweets"!
some of us are silly coots
with funny orange feet!
some of us are toucan
with beaks that are outgrown
some of us are parrots
with a beak that's not our own
some of us are robins
hopping on the lawn
some of us are lovely
angelic, graceful swans
some of us are mockingbirds
yes, you could fit that bill
some are birds with feathers
which make a lovely quill
some of us are peacocks
great beauties, but a bore
some of us are hawks
which o'r deep canyons soar

some of us are eagles
symbols of our call
I welcome you to
where we are poets


(C) 2/4/2016
All except for the parrots.
They need to be plucked!

What kind of bird are YOU?

Catherine Jarvis
by Michael R. Burch

for Kevin Nicholas Roberts

I liked the first passage
of her poem―where it led
(though not nearly enough
to retract what I said.)
Now the book propped up here
flutters, scarcely half read.
It will keep.
Before sleep,
let me read yours instead.

There's something like love
in the rhythms of night
―in the throb of streets
where the late workers drone,
in the sounds that attend
each day’s sad, squalid end―
that reminds us: till death
we are never alone.

So we write from the hearts
that will fail us anon,
words in red
truly bled
though they cannot reveal
whence they came,
who they're for.
And the tap at the door
goes unanswered. We write,
for there is nothing more
than a verse,
than a song,
than this chant of the blessed:
"If these words
be my sins,
let me die unconfessed!
Unconfessed, unrepentant;
I rescind all my vows!"
Write till sleep:
it’s the leap
only Talent allows.

Keywords/Tags: talent, poem, poetry, poet, book, sounds, write, writing, words, art, creation, creativity
Everyone per se is a money buyer
Without money no survival
Some buy money
Selling their talent
Some by creative intelligence
Some by manual labour
Some by physical skills
Some by running businesses
Some by running industries
Some by horse trading
Some by cheating
Some by beating
There are myriad ways of buying money
Most efficient being a political leader
Least tiring being a
Beggars don't accept in kind
They need money in hand
After all they need to buy a bottle
They can't ask for it in the open
For buying money
You have to put some effort as a price
Hard work to begging
Everyone per se is a money buyer
It's just a satire!
Bhill Sep 2
the singer should have warned us about his out of tune song
it was so undeserving of our live ears
the melody was unpleasant and the tune horrific
how could there be devotees to such bad talent
it just shows you that some ears are deaf...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 241
There is many a hidden talent
I marvel at their magnificence
Award winning is their performance
Oscar nomination they deserve
There is no special mention in the Registry
Names not written in golden letters in history
Standing at the door, I looked on the floor
Teeming ants were so talented
They were working unrelented
They had no bad intentions
There were no pretensions
But I perceived the attendant danger
Of spoiling my sugary vayanjans
Empty handed I was impotent
Hit spray in my hands made me potent
Single shot of spray wiped them out
In frustration their queen came out
She declared me ultra vires
More dangerous than corona virus
She declared she would drag me to the UN
You have used chemical weapon
Her petition was rejected
She didn't represent human civilization
She was asked to petition to the Creator
For the wrong done to her army by the chemical weapon user
I was arraigned before His Court
There was a volley of questions of all sorts
To cut short the story, I was asked why I used chemical weapon and destroyed queen's army
I said I did it in self defence, Your Lordship shouldn't take offence
He said, I could have taken a cue from the Indian army
At the most indulged in fight using stones and iron rods
Excuse me Your Lordship, I said
20 soldiers lost their lives in the fight
They made the supreme sacrifice to uphold highest moral standards
In dealing with the treacherous, talent of treachery is required
Had they used their weapons
Much less casualties would have happened
You are a smart guy, He said
It's unethical to use chemical weapon
Especially against small creatures like ants
Oh Lord, listen to me
A single ant is a potential danger
It can **** an elephant
Had I used conventional method of using my chappal
Many ants would have sneaked into my territory like Pakistani terrorists
You know they are so talented
Award winning is otherwise their performance
I can't buy your arguments any further, He said
Head for head, death for death is the law
I issue your death warrant in your honour
Oh my Lord, stay be granted
Dragon's case is to be represented
They spread corona virus the world over
In inventing biological weapon
Don't vent out your frustration Here
Go to UN for your grievance redressal
I stay your death warrant till further orders
First serve corona imprisonment on the earth
You may file review petition later
I may condone your death penalty if your talent is not resented.
O queen of ants, you are also not innocent
You are colonizing everywhere
I am leaving you with a warning
Keep your talent within your boundaries
There is many a hidden talent
I marvel at their magnificence
Award winning is their performance
romy Aug 18
Your strength is something I've always admired
you probably don't hear this enough
but, you've always motivated and inspired me
to push through dark moments

Your light keeps me warm when my heart is racing
and your breath feeds me new beginnings
helps me back up after I've fallen

You're absolutely beautiful inside and out
and it makes me happy to call you a friend
If I'm lucky, one day we'll get to meet
until then, don't forget how extraordinary you are

Talented, raw, inspiring and strong
Sending you my love and happiness

You have me here always,
If this finds you, I hope you know how important you all are.
Violet Stage Jul 30
That’s talent
Sniffing out drugs
Down two floors
Down deep in the recess
Of your drawer
Because it lay
Down deep in the recess
Of my mind
Down two floors
Stored for a slow
Take down of your mind
Whilst it picks away
At my carefully
Orchestrated sobriety
Down deep
Layered over
With career
With kids
With paint
With healing sounds
Don’t come around here no more
But it do
But it do
Cause I’ve got a talent
for Sniffing out
The drudgery
For sniffing out
The dark side
Wars colliding in my mind
Cause the army I built is
Only as good as the fort I built in front of them.
And this nose. This nose..
I’ve got a talent.

Hidden voices rings true into the icy microphone
Fingers tremble ~ hearts pound ~ eyes squint blindly
At the light which shrouds the audience in shadow
There's no mockery being conducted by the blob of folks
Only anticipation rises in their bellies like a baking cake
That and the silence encourages the fireworks of the night
To go off ~ explode ~ scream ~ whistle ~ burst with color
Until dawn breaks in the sky.

Your dream is a kite
Don't let it go.

It's so beautiful when a person in the shadows comes into the light by expressing their hidden talents to the world.
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