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Sylvia Fénix Oct 10
for a long time i felt chained in a basement somewhere
the faces of my captors hidden as i writhed against rusted shackles
they surrounded me with doctors, therapists, all the like
made me feel like there was something wrong with me
hell, maybe there actually might've been
but it wasn't what they were trying to cure

i was furiously dragged away from any chance of success
but not by a diagnosis or approximation
i was bullied into failure by those supposed to care for me
those who tried to "fix" me

they broke me as a child
i died pretty long ago, the candles in my soul
they went out maybe a decade ago
but im still here, trying my best to ignite them again
'cause most people i know havent even lit theirs yet
someone i used to be really close to just found out they're on the spectrum and they arent taking it too well
i really doubt they'll see this, but on the offchance: its not going to stop you, trust me

you're a talented ******* with more going on in that head than 95% of the dull ******* that will ever tell you that you won't amount to anythnig.

you wont disintegrate, you aren't stunted and you aren't a ****** savant, you're a **** good writer, an amazing artist and one of the most switched-on people ive ever met. we're just playing this ****** ******* game on a higher difficulty, bigger risk bigger reward yknow
Nova Sep 3
I love it when the words
Just click into place.
Just like that!
Isn’t it great?
Jonathan Moya Aug 31
I like America’s Got Talent,

especially when they have dog acts.

I love dog acts.  I cry at dog acts.

I wish dog acts would bark and chase

those young kids and aspiring adults

who sing opera every year and

get into the semifinals off the stage;

chase the pretentious dance troupes

and acrobats; half-funny comics;

the children who sing lustily in adult voices;

the seniors with fading contralto dreams;

the day glow CGI artists who

illustrate on a big, dark canvas;

the magicians with their card slight of hand,

even the ones who just do regular magic—

right off the stage with a bark and

a push of their snouts.

Dog acts are pure.

They sit.  They heel.

They stay.  They obey.

They even sing, dance and draw too.

All acts should be dog acts.

All dreams should be dog dreams.

Every million dollar winner,

mongrel or pure bred,

should have a 100% canine heart—

even though they would trade it all

for a pat on the head, good treats

nice walks with you and belly rubs.
Johnny walker Aug 27
It's makes no difference to my thinking Helen although physically no longer with me but In true spirit she surely
She Inspired me to take up writing something I'd never done before but In order to write tributes to her I had to learn
Since that first time I wrote of Helen thinking that would be my one and only I Never stopped writing sure I
makes basic
But to me It the words that count that tells the poems story that I believe so much talent Is
because they're judged on the mistakes and not the words that are Important far more than spelling or
Mari Aug 26
Talent lies in the blood.
When it floods
A master-piece is made.
Bhill Aug 4
Leave it Open...

Have you left your mind wide open
Is there things that must be spoken
Remember life here is a balance
We all have lots of talents
Those talents are ours to share
And sharing can make you aware
Being aware of others skills
Can lead you to life changing thrills....

Brian Hill - # 194
Sometimes your mind is so ope. That all your brains falls out
Anastasia Jul 17
i think you're really pretty
and you're so sweet
more than the cotton candy
i had at the pool
i think
that you're perfect
i think that you've got a lot of talent
you're my favorite thing to dream of
i think
that you're wonderful
Nigdaw Jul 11
Unabashed by sexuality
Untied by chains
Of commerce;

Such a shame
The line stops here,
Queen of soul;

No young prince
To claim your throne,
A talent entombed
In your own,
Strange Love.
samara lael Jul 10
use your brush
whether it be cracked or stained.
use it to paint a picture
that shows people why
they are made.

use it to write the words
that went unspoken.
use it to keep your mind
from swirling murky clouds
making you broken.  

paint me a picture
to explore what you do;
not for me to judge
but to admire what  
the Lord has poured into you.

~ share your gifts.
Aa Harvey May 23
You have my pity

You are not very nice, but I don’t mind,
Because you are not very talented,
So I will give you some of mine.
I have it in abundance, whilst you lack any kind of meaning.
Your words are so redundant;
So keep on dreaming,
That one day you will become important.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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