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NKP 6d
Please don't be sad on the ways
We lost eachother down the pivots
And sharp curves and intersections
Of a monotonous journey.

Keep clear of sabatoging the beauty
Behind stalled cars and small divets
On the pavement's concrete
Before seamless bridges.

We needed eachother then.
What a beauty that we had
Each of our booming voices
Singing karaoke, keeping company
While the traffic tried impeding our souls.

Stop being miserable about the ending.
The journey itself was historical
And a memorable, colliding spectacle.
Stop being so sad about pit stops and car crashes.
Kitten Yvad Sep 5
Now I love the small
spaces inside my body
that protrude
take more space than I intend

and you give me these eyes
Celebrate the darkness
and declare deliciousness
for all me,
every part of me alive
Aashi Sinha Sep 4
red eyes, green wine, weak smiles, hollow cheeks, shallow drips.

Dark, not Black.

a desire to be linear, now crowded with curves
sickly sweet
sarcastically sour
no longer sweet, just sour

hot on cold, cold on hot, sweet and sour but sour and sour
tick tick tick, did it feel?
tick tick tick, did you feel?
failed when born, how can change it all, before dawn?
Emanzi Ian Aug 3
Curves under your dress
Girl you really impress
Nights of drinking
Different kinds of smokes in the air
Constantly,cigarrette in between those beautiful fingers on your left hand
But still,kind as a saint
You share even the smallest in your possession
The way you are ever ready to hear out others and help them with their challenges,
Makes you even more likable
Shiny Bright eyes,fresh as a new day
You are such a perfect mess
Arousing attitude that makes you such a perfect catch
That smile with teeth so white like they are bleached daily
Your laugh so heartwarming like a well-made cup of coffee on a cold morning
Curves under your dress swerve, Left and right when you move
You are indeed such a beauty to behold
I love how you are ever so bold
Even when you are really old,
I guarantee that you'll still shine like purified gold
You are such a perfect mess,
I can never ever forget our first ever kiss.

Copyright Reserved By Emanzi Ian
1 July
Written On 1st July 2020 and edited the next day.
Inspired by the words 'Curves under your Dress' from a Kanye West Song.
Savio Fonseca Jun 29
The Sun was slowly Sinking.
The Day was almost Done.
When Darkness fell around Us,
We readied Ourselves for Fun.
I felt Her, with My Eyes.
To Memorise Her Golden Spot.
She Kissed Me on My Lips
and watched Me turning Hot.
With Her Ten gentle Fingers,
She guided Me to Her Door,
The Lion in Me got Woken
and We both landed on the Floor.
Hearing Her Moan and Whisper,
I went fondling Her Curves.
Each stroke that I rendered,
we're Tennis Aces one Serves.
kiran goswami Jun 21
When they look at my body,
they giggle between their teeth that are crooked but they call them curved. They perceive how curveless I look
and tell me to perform yoga
so that my curves can be defined,
so that I can shape my convexes and concaves.
I smile as bright as I can because probably those are my only visible curves.
I tell them how every time I sit to write
my pen curves on the pages
that are thumbed on the corners
so they seem curved too.
I begin by writing the first letter of the English language
and make slopes and valleys of this alphabet.
I form serpentines and swirling cyclones of my words,
I curve my 'S' to form into an infinity
so that I can hold on to him for as long.
I stretch my 'K' until the end of the earth
and make it look like a single leg shoulder stand.
And as I take all my alphabets,
I turn them from staff position to the plough position.
I make my words turn into Paschimotasna,
and my noun tries to perform Kundali.
My pronouns sit in vajrasana.
My similies stress themselves and flex,
while my metaphors curl into themselves and hide as Marichyasana.
When I am done,
my poems form themselves into Pindasana.
I remain coverless,
as straight and sharp as the pen I use.
I remain 'Arjuna's' bow
so he directs me into my own self,
my own heritage
and I end up killing my Bhishma,
my self-respect.
Hence while my words perform yogasana,
I stand still in tadasana.
EP Robles Mar 14
DO-liciously said i   fell in Love
be()()Tween your most'ist gloriously
grand trait Oars swiftly guided my
strong and long co AWK went the
swallow chasing her boyfriend
and babies are beautiful in

:: 03.11.2020 ::
Colm Istoirm Nov 2019
When you stand in the doorway
Beautifully outlined by its brightly lit rays
Your curves an eclipse of immaculate Dawn
The sight of you alone brings new contrast to day
Not all of these verses are about me. Like this one is about a simply beautiful sight. Quick and to the point like a passers-by.

Why is it that all of the prettiest sights never last for more than a few minutes?
roumen Aug 2019
Centurie ago..
Humans ..
Rough touch...
I can see you.
Soft curves of your body.
Thiefs stiling your life.
I am fighting for you,nothing personal.
Not today ..
Am I in love ?
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