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roumen Aug 13
Centurie ago..
Humans ..
Rough touch...
I can see you.
Soft curves of your body.
Thiefs stiling your life.
I am fighting for you,nothing personal.
Not today ..
Am I in love ?
c Feb 4
When I was in seventh grade
Society told me
That curves can be beautiful
And I thought the idea of that
Was beautiful
Until I saw mine.

It was never
That I didn’t find beauty
In others bodies,
It was that I couldn’t
Find beauty
In what I saw
In the mirror

And I know that
It’s more of a -me- problem
Than a society problem,
But sometimes
When -curvy woman-
Means hips like rosebuds
And waist like fine china,
I get a little scared
Of myself.
All body types are beautiful, be you, be happy, be healthy, and don’t let someone else’s idea of beauty stop you from doing the things you set your mind to.
you're wearing
bright red lipstick
and a little black
dress but you
are a mess and you
can't even give the
taxi the right address.
You smell of cinnamon
and sugar mixed with
marijuana and when
you laugh I can see
the fillings in the
back of your mouth
and I resist the urge
to touch your cheek
and feel the curves
of your body beneath
your clothes.
I can taste smoke
at the back of
your throat
and I remember the
way you once wrote.
I think maybe
I'll love you
until this *******
has left my veins.
What was your
name again?
Miranda Dec 2018
I used to love my curves.
My plump hips,
My thick thighs,
My ***** chest,
My chubby cheeks.
All the curves, stretch marks, and the lumps,
Especially my lumps,
Made me.
And I loved me.

Until I met you.
When we first met, you worshiped my curves.
Kissed on my chest,
Gripped my thighs.
You used to say,
“I love my baby’s fat ***,”
As you would squeeze my thighs
and I would laugh.

But then reality decided;
“Babe you should really workout some”
“*** I really think you should lose some weight”
Or you would talk of other girls,
Thinner girls.
“Country girls are so hot”
“I saw this girl today at work and she was ****.”

So now I’m looking in a mirror.
In my black sports bra
And my mixed match pink underwear.
All I see looking back,
is not
my plump hips,
My thick thighs,
My ***** chest
Or my chubby cheeks,
Not even my lumps,
Hell, especially my lumps.

I see my belly overflow the hem of my underwear,
I see my ******* resting on my stomach,
I see the extra skin around my neck,
And I notice the way my stomach jiggles when I walk.

The sound of my feet hitting the ground,
The way things vibrate around me when I walk,
My shortness of breath uphill,
And the way my thighs touch each other instead of having that gap.
That cute gap.
That gap that skinny girls have.

But now,
I cover myself more.
The curvy girl who used to wear crop tops confidently,
Now wears a hoodie to hide.
Secretly apologizing to everyone who ever saw her curves.
Her plump hips.
Her thick thighs.
Her ***** chest.
Apologizing to everyone whoever saw,

And I compare myself to every girl around me.
‘If I had her legs’
‘Her stomach’
‘Her face’
Just maybe,
You would be saying,
“Nerdy girls are hot”
Or bragging to your friends
“I have this girl and she’s so ****”
And maybe,
Just maybe,
You would still be here.

And I would laugh,
And blush
And we would be happy.

But instead,
I’m looking at this mirror,
And all I see
Is a fat girl
Looking back at me.
For everyone who has ever felt this way, I’m sorry.
Alysia Marie Dec 2018
Within the darkness,
I felt it-

Your fingertips
drowning between
each individual strand
of my hair,

Your lips searching  
for comfort
in the delicate curves
of my skin-

And in mornings light,
I felt it once more-

Deep rooted memories
awaiting the return of
the fortresses that have
become your arms,

Where I shall feel
the safety of your
embrace throughout
the night once more-

Longing for it to be
a daily ritual of
waking in the presence
of your love

Alysia Marie 2018 ©
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Can't think of anything to compare to being In love
when you know that someone so special Is yours because you've won
her heart body and
The very first time ever you sleep with her, but she not
gone In the morning she still there so you're turn
Into her put your arm around
And to snuggle Into the beautiful warmth of her shapely body your own body fitting like a glove
to the lovely curves of
her charms smooth of
the skin you feel
the firmness of her breast cupped In your hand, ******* that harden at the touch of your fingers
you so happy to lay
and share her dreams so blissful you fall to sleep safe wrapped In the body of you're
Nothing compares to finding love first time you know you really love her
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Our eyes entwined together,
Whilst my fingers appreciate her curves.
With each touch runs a ripple,
Down her spine and beyond.
Her fingers swirl around in my hair,
Complementing them,
For the maze they are.
My existence buried in hers,
Striving to keep its identity,
Craving the honey dripping down her ***.
Her existence drowning in mine,
Like its hit by a thousand tsunamis,
All at once.
She tries her best to keep it all down,
Hide the obvious tell-tales of glee,
Her burning cheeks and scarlet smile,
Her twinkling eyes and dry lips,
But her sporadic breaths are telling the tales.
Revealing the secrets of the ecstatic sin.
Luis Andrade Nov 2018
As it begins to appear, there is sudden excitement
I slowly begin, from the top
Following every way, giving me incitement.
Every perfection, making me not stop
Slowing down into specific curves,
Leading me to warmth,
Giving me a great verve
It’s time to perform
To show you, my love
For your loving soul.
- Luis Andrade
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