Madhu Jakkula Jun 26

As I map the curves of your body with my lips, I listen to your moan slowly.
I hunger to taste every inch of your skin from toes to between your thighs to your soft cleavage till your lips.
Your cries with pleasure is my new addiction, vaporising my lust.

Your lips on my lips your heart on my heart
Tinkles like a moment to remember forever
My sweetheart you are so beautifully so smart
I carry along your gorgeous curves and figure

Let me appreciate all landmarks of your beauty
Step by step I submit myself for your grandeur
Still I do not know how to be in line to be free
Come and take me in arms as just my real savior

My sweetheart be symbol of beauty of universe
My eyes have captured you as my clear sight
As a couple we definitely are strange and diverse
Open up like a bottle of wine to make me bright

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

The Lonely Bard Aug 2016

I love your eyes and the eyebrows,
And I love your nose & the lips.

I love your smile and the laughter,
And I love your grimace & the tears.

I love your happiness and the anger,
And I love your innocence & the glamour.

I love your appearance in my dreams,
And I love the lap dance you perform.

I love your sketch in all of my memories,
And I love those curves tempting to sculpt.

I love your memories with all my heart,
And I refuse to give up all hope even if you get married to someone else.

That's my undying love for you my murderer.

My HP Poem #1117
©Atul Kaushal
R Miller Aug 2016

He sat silently
across the room
and read my body
like his favorite
My curves the
chapters he’s
and licked his
lips because he
knew just how tasty
the end would

The truth hurts, as much as the lie comforts.
She isn't yours to console. The path she treads,
she laid herself, with sharp splinters, raw stones.
She bleeds with every step.
Don't feel sorry or try to stop her, all will be in vain.
And she'll be with you no longer. She'll fade away
to become one with the air, leave a void for you
filled with her absence.
She's too dangerous to love and you have fallen
for the wrong one. You've tried to make her feel
what somebody else made her feel, at a lost
point in the lost time.
You've seen her without clothes, with all the flaws.
The texture, the skin, the curves, the crevices.
The scars you touched with sympathy. You still
have not seen her naked.
Long ago she broke free and walked straight into
freedom, worse than the last prison. Why don't
you understand? You can love her, but how will
you save her from herself?

Joy Jun 2016

And as you look at yourself naked in the mirror
For the first time in months
Mulling over valleys of curves
Where other girls might find emptiness
Or the blush of acne
Where modest peach may be found
You begin to wonder - who spun the planets in their dance
And if this earth really wanted it -

Or if gravity's whimsy is really some mad beast
To which celestial beings are found
With zip-locked lips, tight, wide-eyed, forcing a smile
As they are twirled madly about -
As the stars watch their blood stained ballet from their ivory tower
Spewing spells of laughter in things called nebulae -

And as you look in the mirror
And gaze into the eyes of a girl who's seen
Thick and thin wrapping her bones like a trend
You ask yourself if the earth threw a tantrum
When it was handed it's stack of seven,
It's crummy hand,
If today it is still cursed to watch
A stumbling, shuffling race
Breeding life just to slaughter it,
And not thinking about where they plant their eucalyptus trees,
Blazing trails with their talk of taxes and alcohol-stench -

If the earth is left to bellow in the currents of it's winds
Or dream wistfully of the moon in its tides
If the whispers of the breeze
And the uproar of the hurricanes
Was just a way to say
If it ever cursed it's luck from the draw
To burden beasts of salt and volumes of soil,
If it cried and howled to the stars above
When it wasn't given it's way.

November, 2015
Nathan Wischropp Jun 2016

Her bone structure screams touch her, touch her!

Quote from a band I listened to sophomore year.
Brianna May 2016

I like the curves of your shoulders and the strength in your spine.
I like the softness in your lips but the roughness in your hands.
I like the sparkle in your eyes and the sarcasm in your smile.

I like the pieces of you that you hide away under layers of thick skin.
The sadness you try to hide when you bite your lip and look left.
The laughter you feel when you shake your head and glance down.
The irritations you know when you roll your eyes up and to the right.

I like those things more than you'll ever know. But the things I love about you could never be explained in poetry.

Elemenohp Mar 2016

With each breath drawn, the distance which parts our bodies will evaporate, like dew after dawn.

And with each exhale of humid breath, the time taken slipping out of fabrics slows to a streamlined unveiling; that could entwine me until death.

Devin Lawrence Mar 2016

Bold and blunt;
soft, and we romanticize the taste.
Tracing the curves -
valleys among mocha plains -
and passion reverberates
deep within the shade.

Innocence is corrupted
(we've all reached for forbidden fruit)
and it tastes as sweet as
You pass yourself off to be.

The draw of your baby blue eyes and
the pink of your naked lips
offer a look into what you used to be
or might have been.

But I suppose some sort of
came around and darkened the tint;
seductive and sultry,
and everybody wants a chance...

And I bet You know it.

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