I drew a flower,
With your lips as a model.
The petals of bright colors,
Looking tasty like apples.

My flower as a heart shape
And perfect curves,
Satiny draped,
Shining like pearls.

Nichole Jan 5

Eating green peas,
Looking at the stalk curling,
With little twists and curves and edges.

What is that plant thinking of when it twists?
Is it pain? Is it bliss?
Beautiful and healing I thank the plant.
And continue eating...

How pretty is this little squiggly curved thing.

If you like it let me know :)
Peter Balkus Jan 4

Influenced by Alphonse Legros's sculpture "Female Torso"

Look at this,
have you ever seen
anything more perfect than that?
Wold you ever say no
to this unearthly shapes?

Look at those curves,
they are but one angel's curve.

It is more than you could want,
more than just a body to touch,
more than just a meat to ridge.

It is something worthy living for.

Lex Dec 2017

You look at my body
And tell me i'm pretty
I turn away and you say
"Dang what a hottie"

Why is it that every time i hear
a catcall or whistle
instead of feeling good  
I turn in anger and I bristle

I wish when you saw my curves
you wouldn't gawk
instead walk over to me
and let's talk

I feel nasty in my own skin
I shrink out of embarrassment
uncomfortable in the only place I've ever been
wishing more than anything that I had no body

I fear that the only reason you like me
is not for my heart
wish that wasn't how it has to be
but that's how it's been from the start

So I will ask now
will love me, for me?

Bella Nov 2017

Have you ever taken off everything but your skin
and admired every curve, fold, and line
think about how wonderful it is to be curved, instead of pointed
I'm so glad my skin is plush and curved and warm
it makes it feel so much more like home
doesn't it?

She ain’t too skinny
She ain’t too fat.
She has all the right curves
Right where they’re at.
I wouldn’t say she’s my fantasy.
I wouldn’t say she’s my dream,
But sometimes,
An image is
Better than it seems.

Innocent Arz Oct 2017

I'd like to talk about curves
Twist and turns
Dented surfaces

Or talk about God
Childish wishes
Open caskets
Broken promises
Surfing on Universal energies
Deciphering the Poems in the music

I'd like to visit Paris
Everglades sawn grass Prairie
With my palms caressing softly

I need a mental picture of paradise
A motivational quote before bed at night
These nightmares stressing for a fight

I'd like to talk with my dad again
I need a map of manhood
I think I might be doing it wrong
......Or just tell him that I'm a proud son

I want to dance
Waltzing around things I value
With black leather dress shoes
Courting yellows from blues

Using old memories as punching bag
Thinking about that kid who wasn't punching back
Curved spine with a heavy backpack

I want to be here now
No captions, just sounds
.....and curves

Kathryne Oct 2017

i miss your tender touches
down my curves
caressing the small of my back
i miss your sweet kisses
on my neck
i miss holding your hand
and hugging your heart
i miss everything about you
i am a fool
for ever letting you go

Virginia Kasmi Sep 2017

Reactions become routines,
and I didn't even know,
until your existence challenged mine.
Scary in oh a such beautiful way,
how all of my 5 senses react,         as I hide  my face between your sheets,
and they smell like strong morning coffee.
Terrifying how you make me feel
as dizzy as I get after seven perfect Manhattans,
when your hands get lost in the curves of my body.
My mouth jailed in ecstasy on your skin,
My lips wanting to write a story on your cage of bones,
Almost using the words I am afraid of even thinking .

Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2017

3 am in the morning sweaty bodies colide
Time to take an intimate ride
If you survive love will arrive
Give me the keys to drive your curves
Three gears,
one is touch,
two is the rush
three is when we combust
Hold on tight, this is going to be
the ride of your life

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