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You are shimmering diamonds
on the inside..  covered up
by all that was so unfairly
  placed into you.

You are worth everything it takes
for me to find a way in to you,
in order to finally become  able

to show you who you truly are.
You are on my heart and mind  
more than you may ever know.

To change the world  in you
by helping you to become free inside
of the hold the filter has on you
that blocks you from seeing,  and feeling
your own true beautiful, inner-glory..

     ..for me,  would be
     to change the whole universe
     by helping one of its
     most magical ones ever..

              to become free.

The process is explained perfectly,
through ****** metaphor,
but no one will understand..
and I am afraid that I will create
more harm than good..

.. by painting for you portrait  
of the gorgeous succulence  of your own
true inner beauty..

finally having the chance in you,
to becoming truly and fully,  felt.

You will not fall back into slumber..
You can do this, beautiful girl.
There are no lines  of wrong or right,

when in the process of becoming
             truly free.

You are extremely important
to every single part of who I am,
young lovely.
Thank you for still wanting to try.

You can do this, sweet-one--
There are times when every single cell
in that beautiful body of yours
lights up and tells you that it is true.

And real.

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you..
And everything you do.
moon man Feb 2020
He stares at the blank page of his notebook, wondering what he should write about next. As he stares into the blank page, he suddenly gets an idea and opens the curtains of his window to reveal the moon shining brightly at him. He reaches out and grabs at the moonbeams as he wakes up in the same position where he started. Filled with the inspiration of moonbeams and empty pages waiting to be written on, he grabs his pen and starts spindling poetry.
This poem is definitely a bit self-reflected on its writer (me, duh) but I felt that the sudden uprisings in my moon-related poetry needed a poem of its own
moon man Feb 2020
They stare at me, with questioning eyes. They wonder why I always look so tired, but in reality, I've never felt better. Last night I was able to speak with you again, tell you of my troubles and bathe in your light. They will never understand but that doesn't matter, for as long as I have you. I can handle the waking world just to have another chance to enjoy your company in a state of reality I don't belong in.
This is a little poem that's more personal than most of my original works, considering that I recently accepted the fact that I love the moon
moon man Jan 2020
I confess to you and only you, lady moon highest in the sky, to take my fears and insecurities and keep them with you throughout your path in the night sky. For when Daybreak comes, those fears I hold close to me will be protected from the burning light of the sun. For when Daybreak comes, the secrets I've shared with you will be shielded and safe under the dim light of your moonbeams. For when Daybreak comes, Nobody but you and I will know of the secrets I've kept with you.
I've been tapping into my selenophile side lately whenever I start writing poems of my own work. This is the result of almost two months of wanting to write about the moon
Mark Toney Oct 2019
moonbeams bathe the night
auroras shimmering bright-
fireflies delight
09/21/2018 - Poetry form: Haiku - FYI - The Rules for Writing Haiku - English Grammar Rules & Usage states the following: "Punctuation and capitalization are up to the poet and need not follow rigid rules used in structuring sentences.  A haiku does not have to rhyme, in fact usually it does not rhyme at all." My muse understands this, but this time my muse wants it to rhyme.  Just sayin'... :) - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
The uniVerse Jun 2018
She said her name was Janet
she was from another planet
so I asked her which one
she pointed past the sun.

I asked her if she missed it
she said she often visits
when she lays down for her dreams
she travels on moonbeams.

I couldn't help but be enamoured
she spoke whilst I stammered
but somehow I gained some courage
and with a sudden flourish
I leaned in for a kiss
but little did I know was this.

That kissing was procreation
I felt this strange sensation
it was a lot of fun
but now we have a son.

We decided to call him Mars
because whenever he would ask
daddy where I'm from
I would point past the sun.
Written to the tune of Up in the Junction by Squeeze which was in my head when I woke up however I could not remember the lyrics so I wrote my own.
RJW May 2018
velvet sheets
threaded from shimmering webs
glacier streams
alabaster; moonbeams
burnished drop of light
sleeping with eyelids
painted in shades of
Pauline Morris Jul 2016
Like a tree in the night I am the shadows
Forever an image froze

I'm just a mirage
Decked out in camouflage
A black silouet against a sea of gray
The drakness conceals the decay

Bending under the weight
Of this darkest fate
For I've tasted the sorrow
Of every single tomorrow

Watched the moonbeams resistance Against the darks existence
The star's twinkle in denial
But the darkness has been there all the while

And I ...... I am only shadows
An image froze
Wishes and false promises
On moonbeams and on stars
A year of dreams and nightmares
Of newly healing scars

Dreams are a seduction
An illusion of the mind
Dreams are for the children
They are movies in your mind

Age tones down those images
Dreams forgotten in the wake
Dreams vanish in reality
And that's the form they take

A dream left in the storeroom
Of a mind, with room to grow
Will flourish and grow steadily
And be shared for all to know

Dreams, are our existence
In the real world and the night
Dreams are full fledged wishes
That will die if not made right

Never lose the child
Keep dreams and wishes near
Keep fairy dust in packets
Of the darkness have no fear

Dreams are just illusion
but illusion isn't real
a heart can be un-broken
if you dream that love is real

share your dreams and feelings
write them out and read them too
never lose the dreams or wishes
they keep the child light in you.
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