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I've known her for many years, I have made her laugh, and wiped,
Oh so many tears, from her dreams, that disappeared.
She always comes to me when she's down, because I've never,
Played her love, like all of those other men in town,
That give her the run around.
She never has stayed long with me, her safe place, with everything,
She wants, all of her needs, her eyes, never seem to see.
She always goes back to the ranch, finds another tree,
Hangs on from a broken branch, she might see tomorrow, by chance.
Only when the branch starts to break, she'll give me a call,
Before it's to late, I'm the only one who ever catches her falls,
And makes her feel so tall.
She always feel's safe, when she's with me, my spirit inside,
Makes hers feel free, that's what she craves, and needs, is the,
Feeling of her spirit, to be free...
Savio Fonseca Aug 2021
A BIG word of Thanks,
for all what U have Done.
U have been an Inspiration,
to Me and Everyone.
U have taught Me,
lessons over the Years.
Those Lessons I will hold,
for the rest of My Years.
U mean a those,
who are Suffering.
With all your Prayers,
they show signs of Recovering.
U are My Guiding Light,
for the Battles I've Won.
U are the Light that shines,
like the Morning Sun.
Dedicated to My Cousin,  San Castelino. Happy Birthday. Remember your best,  is yet to come.
Is this the Subject, of the story                                         ,                          The way, it is explained to you,
Those, just playing their part,
Or you really, just that board,
Your life, without a clue.

Is it all about competition,
Bragging rights, about what you do,
You will never get ahead,
When you only follow, their rules.

Those voices in your mind,
Your inspirations, for life, this time,
At different moments, in this journey,
They come to life, to keep you in line.
2/12/2020 AD   Tom Maxwell
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Throw me to sea
A message in a bottle
See where I wash up
I was born to be free

Spirit raised by coyotes
I spend my nights howling at the moon

I will come back here one day
For now my roots are short so I plant myself wherever the wind carries me
Bloom in any soil

My heart guiding the way
I try to be adaptable but it has taken me a long time and I still have a lot to learn but I try my best every day!
Maybe I am following a light,
A junction from where I took right
Some days I'm just chasing a high,
Is it just some words arranged tight
Or is it chastising yourself through the night?
For when the sun is shining bright,
I love taking my emotions for a flight.
I'm not hunting for any limelight,
Nor do I have any foresight.
I'm just driving through the misery and the plight,
Knowing I will always stop at a red light
Like a deer in the headlights
I'm trying to be my self-guiding light,
Try as I might.
Sometimes we don't even need a reason, but for days when the reasoning is strong, it must be upheld and respected. Cheers to all kinds of poets :)
Amanda Nov 2019
Looking across the purple plain
Swallowing scents of violets
They fill my soul, lift my brain

My grandfather’s smile takes my hand
Leading me into an unknown land

Fear drips away like poison from a vein
I can breathe in the future possibilities
He is showing me. I can live again

Mistakes are like a pointed stick
You can’t escape as they **** and *****

You tell yourself that school is out
Hard to relearn a new life skill
Fighting against the smothering doubt

But my grandfather is my steadfast critic
My moral compass, my super heroic

His calming tone speaks quiet and clear
Don’t dwell on the past, its gone and done
The future awaits, so be brave, don’t fear

He died on a Tuesday, the sky was a heavy grey
My tears never dried, so it rains each day

But I can still smell the purple of the violets,
His garden was filled with the delicate blooms
Times spent talking, watching golden dusted sunsets

And if I could choose the scent of heaven and floral plume
Then it will be clouds of purple and a violet perfume
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