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Haylin Mar 12
The yellow ball soars through the air
From whence it came I do not care
And with a great, tremendous whack
I send it soaring, soaring back
Haylin Mar 12
15 to love, still able to win,
gotta tough it out,
winning is everything. Losing's a sin.
I'll keep trying. I'm still in with a shout.

My backhand slices
the ball to my foe
(Joe's my friend but in a crisis,
I shift where the winds blow)

He parries, sends the ball to the line,
his touch is immaculate,
cleaner than mine.
I leap like a cat

return it with ease
he flicks it back over the net
intending to tease.
I grimace. We made a bet

and now I engage
into higher gear,
my brain fills with rage,
my heart fills with fear.

Advantage to me,
the crowd stands to cheer,
Joe falls to one knee,
buckled, losing a tear.

I volley. It whizzers
past his frozen form
he tries, but misses,
defeated, forelorn.

At last I have won,
the gold cup is mine,
another dream spun,
back to the factory line.
Seanathon Feb 12
It's electric friction beneath the feet
Like stockcars locked on the inevitable path
Matching until meters burst
Exceeding the limit and flying off the track

With powerful pinpoints and frustrating fault lines
And the breaking of makeup on the skin most bold

It is a poker face across the way
And the frustrations of knowing that the crowd turns cold
Whenever you've failed to play perfectly within the fold

Is the realization that you are IT, and all that which influences the bouncing ball
You came,
In circles
Like a woman
Anytime I looked you with lust, you fled astray.

Again you came
In turns
And turns
Smiling like a playful boy with iron canines
This time, you feigned a child and squeezed my testicles.

Often you arrive higher this way
At a completion of a parabola
Right at the base,
Hurling us inbetween coffins and graves
With a sicken essence
That we may die through struggles and still die again.

de Negre Oct 2018
part, the first; serve

           a good conversation is like a good game of tennis,
(with no winner) the ball drunkenly goes from side to side.

           coffee shop, asking to pass the sugar,
the serve is delicate and precise, making it is key.

           acceptance with the splenda is passed along with ‘sure’,
the receiver must lose their name, anticipate the arrival

           following up with such a statement, a vocational inquiry
title lost, the ball has been struck and thrown as response.

                                 part, the second; dance

the game has truly begun;
                      the beginning is not the serve,
           but the response to.

back and forth in endless banter,
                      meaningless question,
           to meaningless answer.

secretly, both don’t want the volley to end;
                      not often does the
           passing sugar trick work.

                                 part, the third; point

a fatal slip- achilles heel:
remembrance. no appointment is worth
           losing a point, even
one for a prostate check (despite common opinion)

good thing then; the score
does not go to a single point, it requires
           four or so completions,
though by four they will not count score

(and will drop the rackets).
ben is tennis smennis glen whips send hits gremlins
Simon Soane Jul 2018
with yourself
put sparkles
in my ground;
and unearthed with ease
when you come around.
Simon Soane Jul 2018
You make me fabulous,
all wow and starry;
feel I can usurp King at Kong
and then move on to beat Federer
at ping pong
on the Atari!
David Huggett Jan 2018
All summer we play tennis with friends

On sunny  days  that we hope have no ends

At the LTC  in the heart of the park

Where many players like you have left their mark

Its not the score nor the one who swore

That  encourages us to play more , until our muscles are sore

So Lets play tennis

As we won’t cause a menace

We'll play all day

Starting in May

We will focus on returns

So we don’t get the burns

As for the serve

It will take some nerve

Remember most swing in a hurry  

So it’s the volleys that should worry

And lets have no lobs unless we're old

Or too young to be told

As for the seniors, we won’t play at night

As we can’t see to fight

We'll play at noon

And create a big boon

Throughout  the season where we love it all

Just for the chance to whack  that wily yellow ball
Credit goes to Noreen
David Huggett Jan 2018
There once was a great player named Tom
who hit every shot like a bomb
the forehand was a Grenade
and needed no aid
The backhand was nuclear
and always particular
The volleys shot like an arrow
and stung like it, hit your bone marrow
But his smash was the stash
and you wouldn't want its lash
So let's hear it for Chadwick
the man  who's game is so madwick!
Madwick in Tunisia means powerful and thunderous or so I am told.
And also please note its a balmy minus whatever but we don't get any sunburn or do we need expensive sunscreen.  
Looking forward to seeing Tom's thunderous and powerful shots maybe it will warm things up here!
Credit goes to Terry T.
Ileana Payamps Aug 2017
Have you heard about our tennis player?
She is our first singles slayer,
She can serve and she will probably hit you with an ace,
She is impossible to replace.

She can be the sweetest girl you have ever met,
Before the game starts, we shake hands by the net,
But do not try to mess with her when she is playing the tennis game,
She could hit you with her racquet’s frame.

But let me tell you about this girl:
She can easily win the game,
Not only with her smart brain,
But also with her skills that will surely get her to the hall of fame.

If you ever see her around,
She never has a frown,
She will gladly give you a smile,
But do not forget to slowdown and take a look at her style.

You might recognize the girl,
It’s the one with the awesome curls,
You will see her around these halls,
And her pictures will be hanging on the walls.

She is our proud valedictorian,
She will forever be victorious,
One of our most outstanding students,
Oh what a big inspiration but she is clueless!

This journey has been tremendous,
So let me give a shout out to tennis,
Is the sport that brought us together,
I could not ask for anything better.

Now looking back at the place we were,
Only makes me cherish every moment I spent with her,
I will always be thankful for every advice,
That has helped us reach our own paradise.

The best I wish for her career aims,
I hope to see her in the Olympic games
And be the player she wishes to become,
I am a proud friend to see how far she has come.

I never thought I could be this close to her,
Nobody else I would prefer,
To say a “see you later”, at the end,
What a big blessing to call her one of my best friends!
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