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Elijah Lee Jul 2
The stars shine bright
In the night

What a beautiful sight
A stunning height

Skies stretch
With brimming elegance

My favorite sight
A starry night
Here's one of the first poems I wrote! Critique?
That eyes
That promising eyes

To live/die for
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Stunning
Like that

You are right
Genre: Observational
Theme: Being the witness
True reason
All believe
To a person like you
Who will not lose their mind?

You are
Mosaic of the
Entire Universe
Who may not have this thought?

Here, I'm
Genre: Observational
Theme: Act of kindness, culture of calmness and balance of elegance, what you are made up of.
She moved like water
Grace as it is in every curve
Boundless beauty laced in movement
Infinite flow compressed by subtlety

Her dance as seamless as wind
Perfection carved in every step
Flares of passionate glory fills her skin
Never rigid in her creativity
Though as the crowd joyfully stood
Brimming the room of loud applause
She shew a triumphant smile
Now painted with fearful misery
A picture of serenity
a reflection of divinity
a clear sense
beneath blue sky
as the birds dive
take a flight high
a space in matter
a few words in a letter
a nervous energy
fizzles out
gather and revolve
a freedom so poised
all fall in right places
the nature blooms
to the elegance
inspiring a change
that spirals to a pleasant vision
Where is your,
Dream destination?

It's simple
To travel through your eyes

I saw you, I wonder
How do you gracefully
Inspire me
Without a clue
Balancing elements of

You are, You
None, can be
The one
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Where dream meets reality
मन गोरा, रंग गोरा चंचलसी अदाए
दिवाने बनगँए हम देखकर उन निगाहँे
य खुबसुरती तुने पाइ कहाँसे ?——२

समलकर चल्ना जालीम हे हर नजर
दवाकर रख्ना अप्नी बढ्ती धढ्कन
बन्द कर्दो होठपे लव्ज अप्नी
कम न पढे खुबसुरती तुम्हारी ——२

राहोमे तुम्हे भट्का सक्ता हे कोही
आवाज देकर बुला सक्ता हे कोही
बन्द कर्दो दिलके सारे दरवाजे
कम न पढे खुबसुरती तुम्हारी ——२

सकल तुम्हारा उस चाँदनीकी तरह
साँस तुम्हारा उस चमेलीकी तरह
दिल तुम्हारा  उस मोमकी तरह
य खुबसुरती तुने पाइ कहासे ?——२

उम्मीदे मराहँे जिनेका गम पिकर
दिप लग्ताहे हस्ता हो मेरे उपर
आइनो ने मुझसे बन्द कर्र्र्र्दी बातँे
समलकर चल्ना जालीम हे हर नजर ——२

मीलाव जुत्फे अप्नि मतलव निकाल सक्ता हे कोही
गिरालो अाँचल अप्नि देख् सख्ता हे कोही
बन्द करो होठ अप्नि पुछ सक्ता हे कोही
य खुबसुरती तुने पाई कहाँसे ?——३
Genre: Romantic Gazal
Theme: You are Beautiful
You know
You are beautiful
Your mirror knows

That is enough
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Beautiful people have kind heart, compassionate mind, what makes them beautiful.

If still confused
Ask the writer
Who wrote
"About you"

See how
He will prove
You are beautiful
gabrielle Mar 6
madness and elegance
of thorns and lust
she was born
without end nor bourne
exquisite but ever torn
sophistication and thirst
of blood and the gracious curse
beautiful imprecate
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