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Over silent waters
The swan is sliding
Nothing seems to be moving
Not even the waters
Soft whispering sounds
as the wind caresses the trees
Full of elegance  she is moving
to meet her mate.
To mate for life.

Shell ✨🐚
Swans ,What a beautiful sight
What elegant birds!
Ode to nature
Remember her, old friend?
She was...hideous,
You think she was ugly,
oh no, far from it.

She was the fairest,
Her lavishing sable hair,
Her viridian eyes,
Her glamorous smile,

Her soft-hued skin,
Her delicately slender body,
Her dazzling manners,
Her ever so warm demeanor,

Her moves,
Fluid, graceful, focused,
Capturing the essence of the music,
with her mesmerizing artistry.

She was indeed perfect,
Unique, as no one could be as elegant,
Charming, for no one, was as lovely. no one was as rotten.

What she was, my old friend,
Was an empty vessel,
the soul of which had perished,
mortified by its actions.

For all she ever wanted was approval,
so what she did was put on a mask,
losing herself in the process,
becoming a ghost of her formal self.
I am personally very proud with how this one turned out. People have told me that it reminds them of the main heroine of the movie the "Black Swan".
There are beautiful souls
Somewhere in the limelight
Unexposed to the colorful world
Unwritten in any verse
Not tempted to hear
They are beautiful
Incarnation of angelic spirit
With noble decency

Beauty like that
Manifest rarely

You vibe that
Genre: Inspirational
Those constellations that reflect,
In the illimitable rainforest, dark and damp,
Are those, if truth be told, galaxies?
Or glass chips embossed in your guise? O! beauty!
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
If you feel childish
Hold on, never be adult
I see honesty in it
Genre: Observational
Theme: embrace dope soul
Author's Note:
Most grown up kids are
Something different
Something unpredictable
Something unrealistic
Something inhuman
Something unholy
Something sick

So called grown up
Are like filters
They may
Say LOL without laughing
May text Umm without reading
And idk while knowing
Remember that
And you need to understand
Whom to keep distance
Whom to stay close
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
The one
Like no other

The fabric of nobility
And that fire and zest
You are
More than
Just beautiful
No one could deny

With that
Exquisite grace
Mighty presence
Vibe in
As a cerebral delight
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: That's you.
Author'sNote: Where were you before?
neth jones Aug 2020
heel to elegance
but don't let it stew in you
one detached glance up
from your stooped bow
and you'll see
Fheyra Jul 2020
Festive morn, I crossed with thee
Embellished silk shines with whirling elegance—
Of translucent textures and fine fragrance
The royal formation— that anticipates a chance—
A romantic browse of catered acquaintance.

As I swipe to slant,— Thy arms braced my shoulders— and uplift me—
In awe of my still,
Slipped palms of thy distant longed—
In the halls of hide and seek—
Despite the fragments,— Thou aimed to break the lines,—
Chasing this harmony,
Unravelling the elflock sway;— to clutch the Orchid; Until she stays..
In a prestigious ball, where all has started. They met gracefully.
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