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There's an artistic sensuality to what she does luring with the eyes and capturing with the body, each motion a painters ****** on a master piece she is a master of her craft both artist and art. She will burn you to the core and bring forth your rebirth from the ashes, she is a phoenix she is a goddess, she is perfectly imperfect
Do you know love
Love is not tough
It converted you to be elegance
And caught your eyes
To be tied with hearts
And make life full of peace
love is the bets way to bget peace
Josh Sep 26
Black jeans, black trainers,
Black coat. Stern expression,
But pretty face,

But if you look underneath,

White t-shirt, fluffy socks,
Pink pants. She’s thinking,
Beautiful face.
When it’s about grace

I remember you
For the vocabulary stock
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Inspiring Icon
Wyatt Aug 29
I wish my world
was like your poetry,
full of elegance
and tranquility.
Always working,
fitting a scheme.
I grew chaos,
but you built your words
like a dream.
She was the epitome of simplicity,
A key to elegance.
It was her style,
Her signature on what she wore.
Her own style she picked from fashion,
Cause fashion fades quickly,
Style remains forever,
It represents quality.
The colours she wore were those that looked good on her.
She dressed not to be noticed,
But, she dressed to be remembered.
It gave her confidence,
Boosted  her personality.
Promoted modesty, beauty,
And above all elegance.
Trembling, wondering, knit together tight.
A blanket of stars, swept upon the shoreline.
You count each dreamer with a smile on their face.
How can the world say their struggles are fake?
Brighter than the blinding flares of the sun, shimmering outward with power of thousands of stars
yet comforting
yet soft.
Filled with oceans crashing and wild, turning over ships, rushing under a powerful storm.
yet still
yet calm.
Filled with wonder and curiosity, yearning for the unknown, desperate for enlightenment
yet wise
yet content.
Eyes so wide, so deep, filled with delicate roses, the power of mighty warriors, elegant as Venus's flowing dress, filled with souls of thousands, with passion, with yearning, with desire.
Filled with beauty
Filled with you.
Thomas King Feb 9
Flowing effortlessly
as you arabesque twirl and spin,
as the music in your heart
starts to begin.

Poised and graceful
as you move to the sound,
as if your talented feet
are not even touching the ground.

Fluid and elegant
like wind through your hair
as you fouette’ and leap
and fly through the air.

Delicate feet
landing softly again to the floor;
to impress all the world
like never before.

You are poetry in motion
and our hearts you do lift
to be able to witness
your beautiful gift.
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