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1.0k · Nov 2021
Forget, refuse.
Dakota J Dawson Nov 2021
Given in
No more

To think
I'm redeemed
A fault

Forgivness is
Laced unto
Selfish pity
999 · Feb 2018
Atheist in room 208
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
I can't believe
In Jesus
Or Judah

I'm not Jewish
A Hindu
Nor Christian

Christ has forsaken believe
For room 208
Has not been found

I'm tethered to the bed
Lampshade illuminating my face
A crusty ceiling aligns the walls

Doors are locked
Bathroom unchecked
Windows unhinged

Death a possibility
Or is it suicide?
I don't remember

I need love
To free me

From yearning
To music

Of the hollow
O'Brians grove
Shade of pain

From the triangular window, I see
Against my agony
That I'm clean
979 · Jan 2018
Come Unto Thee
Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
Smile with a touch
Growl an innate hunger
Climb the pillar

To see
At the cropped top
Lies the crown

Thorny and sublime
Creation bows
Zeus sings

Cries of Osiris
Echo his name
Pulling away the enchantment

Veils tear
Truth gleaming fourth
Constricted scrawls on papyrus

He is here
Setting us free
Throwing down shackles

The sun has risen
Nero has sung
Peter languishes in torment

First a laugh
Another kiss
A second betrayal

True to the construct
Doom is here
Armageddon begins
739 · Feb 2018
Bold King of Yore
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
I hate god
He devises strategies to invade
His' home and haven

Weakness being the sole characteristic of son
Constant is the spirit
Strengthening his' decedent onslaught

I cannot win
The Kingdom has come
Without any rain

Holding a crown of stone
Encased in gold
Lined with silver

I have no choice
But to worship
The tyrant who controls bold seduction
725 · Jan 2018
Bar Fly
Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
The beast mortified inside
Breast aflame about to burn
Inside he dies

Where the black flower
Blooms into anew
He will seek respite

For past sins
Old grievances
Poured into a summer blue

His *** meaningless
Spite cracks the whip
Plurality the dinner knife

Sanitation foresaw
Without the forceps
Boarding on a foregone conclusion

The spring mattress
Made broken
No time for resale

His' cage, not a solitude
Words obtuse and unabused
Love is his knight

Shining and gleaming
Scornful without hate
Shameful but sane

His burden
The heart
Colliding with the bar
667 · Mar 2018
Erroneous Lisp
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
I hate

Can't eat
Plead for a ring

Better sounds

Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
Can I pry
The gates open
And abstain

I want to be free
Maybe gay
Not sane

I can't configure
The shapes
In my mind

So am I gay?
I love a man
Desire a woman

And afraid
Of my choices

Nature and pawn
Or creation
And spawn

He sings
She cries
I can only sigh

The walls collide
I crumble
Air unpurified

It will take a while
Maybe a retry
But why?

I'm not a woman
Nor a man
Just a guy

Without time
No crime

Lust is dust
Plans turn to rust
Turning out to be a bust
630 · Jan 2018
Contaminated Love
Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
I'm contained by gin
Soulful and true
Insane but blue

Crimson stains
Withered sheets of satin
Coinciding in my mind

Edinburgh rides high
London below
Call the trolly

Games commence
Justifying my religion
Anticipated revolt

But I sing
And gleam
In Winter's dawn

I love him
And want

Colliding with my palms
Under a prayer of psalms
Ending pitfalls of ***
617 · Feb 2018
Hate This...
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
I see the emptiness
Of my Design

Can't count
My fingers

Best time
Is now

Near a
Clear river

Old broken
Italian wine

Must be
From Tuscany

Couldn't be
From France

If so
I cry

Dependent upon
Suicidal premonition

Breathe to
Gain flow

Jaded lyrics
Hating personality

Drunk in
Hedonistic wine
599 · Dec 2017
Dried Out
Dakota J Dawson Dec 2017
Slow ride into the black pond
Soot and root echo ruin
Slinging forth pain

She has gone away with the withering dawn
Stopping her silent withdraw
******* fruit with Dawson

Reaping hay in the October harvest
Rings form in her irises
Roles are switched

Rudely drawn wings spring out
Reminding the angels
Rewarding belief

Dunes of gold build up along the ridges
Dried lips soften and rehydrate
Dropping lifeless skin

Divine curvatures are left exposed
Driven off the warm host
Dying in a lonely place
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
He is bald
Plain to my eyes
Sublime in local geniality

The garden he claims
Taimed in distress
Of the coming winter

I fear the tears
Sudden regret
For his' long forgotten trials

Forced to steep so low
Forward but below
Entrenched in sweet tasting anguish

His' body hard and unmotivated
The Sculpture of obsession
Must be completed with stubborn muscle

I seem to torment him
My love becoming
A betrayal of our lust

Battles commence
Volcanic eruptions
Shake the house of ruin

He never seems to trust me
My compassionate actions
Bring forth pork chops

The meal
Is shared
Beside each other

Without Sight
We fight against
White picket fences
573 · Dec 2017
Waiting for the Pop
Dakota J Dawson Dec 2017
The title reads "Petite Redhead"
Pity it is content
With filth

A record recycling junk
Strums together a jingle
Echoing its own hollow verse

Triggers and pins
Always seem to accompany
The gun

The grip is soft
Side rail cold and beautiful
Like an old bottle of ***

My mind is sporadic
Seeking any conclusion
Requiring nonsense to fill the gap

Deceitful fingers
Ready for digging

Her body still warm
Acting as a proxy pillow
The compromise of comfort

White to red
Crimson stains not withheld
A result of the rolling tide

Wrath of blood
Brought to fruition
And supplementation

To feel nothing
Is blissful and pure
Welcoming to heaven

The taker of life
Listening to a Redhead
No realistic sounds beneath
566 · Feb 21
Fault river
Where are you
That I’m lost
For you’re found

Eternal soul
A salt bed

Can’t fit
Won’t regard
Refuse contact

I don’t
Become you
Instead hate

In my
Regard the
Ominous regret

Does it
Even matter
Any more
506 · Mar 2021
Empty Seed
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2021
Father, it’s gone
I am not

Forgive me
Your son

And beggar

No meaning

497 · Dec 2020
Dakota J Dawson Dec 2020
I drown
Inside my sea

Crushing waves
Tsunami triggered
Withered morning
495 · Apr 2019
Minor Canyon
Dakota J Dawson Apr 2019
God been here

With Jack
Impassable walls

Stains of yellow
Falling down

Washing down
Acidic joints
Prettier beginnings

False roads
Gold with
Total fog
487 · Mar 2018
I can't be easy
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
I want to drink
Until the end
Of forgotten time

Let there be
A funeral fire
Withhold the time capsule

Rustic sounds
Should accompany
Alternating live music

Wood is warping
Bathroom darkening
It all stinks

Reeking of vanilla musk
Some savage old lady
Must have been here

I continue to drink
Without expiration
Giving into temptation

Wine contains a nutty
Whimsical flavor
Reminiscent of cashews

Salted just right
Stored on time
Purity in taste

Test has been passed
No more whims
Just explanations

For why I drink
Trying to write
Avoiding sobriety

Wanting ***
Confusion of the soul
Fusion for sanity

Sunday spreads
Wicked wings
Evil erosions

Condemning my being
Into ice
Deafening to my eyes

Plastering the pole
But in suspense
Avoiding the crowd

Can I possibly contend,
with a biscuit?
Perhaps not
479 · Feb 2018
17 rue Beautreillis
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
A white porcelain

Sits atop
The stool

Beside a resting
Toilet and silent sink

Drains are clogged
Must be the fog

Airing up
Inside the room

Thick and heavy
Full of cream

Like a hot
French Pastry

Soap melts
Into a fine cappuccino

Skin is soft
Not smooth

Tired of the water's touch

Lips separated
Leaking drool

An earlier soft drink
Makes its appearance

Sake makes my soul
Gold and sublime

A snowball I received
To the face

Magical cocktail
Island tragedy

In Paris
Couped up

Stuck in a bathroom
Head bobbing

And Down

Side to side

Direction unchosen
Ears sweetened

By a tranquil
Heavenly sound

A song
Heartfelt poem

Layne's voice
Shouting from the void

Guitar strings
Beats of a drum

Native quotas

Just peace
No hate

Possible gain
***** to be given

Fall upon my brow

Hissing in the heat
Chilling a man-made sea

Fingers tingle
Fabricating a jingle

Eyes swell
Blochted art on the walls

Feet numb
Deciding to stick around

Like a sore gum
Withered with gin

My armor
Solid arms

Continue to fall
Down with my divinity

I am Lucifer
Shining meteor of false hope

Chest heaves
I begin to grieve

Hope for a dawn
Pray to hear a new song

But here he comes
I am bleeding

Shaken by the storm

And crying

This means
I am dying

Is the time right?
469 · Jan 2018
Scornful Disgrace
Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
Christ put me in a tomb
An abode for the soul
Forever cold

I fear the slumber
And a slender plumber
With his wrench and pipe expertise

The hold he may have
Solid grip
And strength

It could corrupt
And maim me

I want to hide

But I am trapped
Lost in the blaze
Of the plumber's gaze
468 · Feb 2018
Russian Tartar
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
A Russian
For one day

And paint

In gold
Draped in satin

Beware of hope
It will grip you
Make you into a Mongol

Control your mind
Destroy your abode
Invade the holdfast

Become neat
Fight to breathe
464 · Mar 2018
Perfect sin
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
I can't believe it
Five seconds I was sober
Due to Evan

Worst drink
Best friend
Empty vase

Lying to my face
Preaching happy thoughts
Corrupting fables and dreams

Bourbon is fine
William not
Confusion without show

Conclusion too far away
Drifting in a sea
That I can't reach
454 · Jan 2018
Cynical Truth
Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
By the way
To all the cryptic beings
Find a place in my heart

Away from the public
Toward the evening dawn
Bordering the bright blue sea

There you will find grain
Possibly wet sand
Coconuts by the dozen

Enough pleasure
Just the right amount
For a hairy beast

Sadly, it is all lies
A hairy beast
Coconuts in the sea

This poem means nothing
Really that's the point
It really is cynical
448 · Feb 2019
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2019
I am uninspired
Gripped by addiction
Personal Sedition

Reduced to fumes
Fire upon stone
No lone wolf

Only the hollow
Toe with gray-green
443 · Mar 2018
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
Led into bed
Whats the beef?
I need to take a leak

I don't want
Cushioned sheets

Fantasy and anticipation
Leaving you
Would be sane

Romanced into
****** depravity
I am drowning

Toward sleep
Unsure about

Never can be
Loved beside a pool

French pastries
Morning breeze
Leaning toward my Jeep

Forcing my hand
For a getaway drive
In the mountainous haven

Pine stained air

Here I am
There you stand
Am I glad?
435 · Aug 2019
Feet on the Floor
Dakota J Dawson Aug 2019
Shaved and clean
Feeling Shiva tonight
End of the world

Knowing fate
Intro to Outro
Fateful fornication
With a light

The wait is over
Floor cracked
Drinks have gone
415 · Apr 2018
The Tragedy of King Charles
Dakota J Dawson Apr 2018
The crowd sings a tune
Most dreadful

It is with steel
Cold retribution
Uneven fire

That he shall die

Formalities unsecured
Royalty disbanded

Speech said
Hostility silenced
Peace has come

A hairpiece
Eyes an unnatural shade of blue
Hands reaching for a god

Face unsure
Blade ready
Head severed

Without God
Tangible mercy
England is set free

Gold to ash
Mind to dirt
Heir to none
Dakota J Dawson Dec 2017
Pop music and Alaskan ice
Whiskey is cool and I'm blue
So too are the bloodied few

Smoke rises and inspires
Creation spirals into anew
Sending geysers ski high

Letting go the rigers of life
A summon of ice
Falling of snow flakes

Seasonal prices are here
Signs gripping onto holsters
Finding *** and coal

Air stale
Quietly rancid
Unholy desperation of breath

Job is old
Feeble are the bones
Lost is the soul
406 · Mar 2018
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
2018 is bad
An artist with a silly hat
Ugly fur coat
Solemn face
Hurting and burnt

2018 our fate
Violence is now hollow
Birds still sing
Same songs and melodies
But different strings

2018 my hair
Blond now
Left dry and weak
From the drink
Making me stink

2018 I hate
Individual in despair
Needing some air
A blank slate of the mind
Creativity without care

2018 is clear
Loud as an ocean
Rushing toward land
Crushing against solid realism
Forgetting to dream
398 · Dec 2017
Sex Straddled Stallion
Dakota J Dawson Dec 2017
Dreams are black and sullen
Like the black stallion
Pure beauty

Though it lacks simplification
Relying on my obsession
Killing the temptation

Is Our love true?
My love is false
No one cares

Any shining stars of a beautiful moment
Fade into oblivion and darken
Leaving me high and wet

Where is your hand

*** is all that you are to me in this sphere of time
To not talk nor greet at the given moment
Equals talking to an unknowable god

To you, I amount to nothing
Stallion you are to me
Beauty identified

There is not a time frame for us
No goodbye or a hello
Just another sigh
395 · Jan 2021
Dakota J Dawson Jan 2021
I’m killing myself
Own muse

Hell in mind
Captivity in

What other word
Beyond thought

Blame into

To let go

And die

Though really?
394 · Mar 2018
Established Pain
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
I want a call
For my name

An Alabama wedding
I love her
I mean him

Decison unto my simplicity

With a bag

Wrap it
Around her
Sunny head

Where is he?
I am sad

Constant pain

Toward contract
Ultimate commitment
381 · May 2018
Poem for a writhing night
Dakota J Dawson May 2018
I'm  a dead man
Deceased by crime

Shame corresponds
With my rather
Complicated mind

My spirits dampened
Spent on *****

No heir
Empty desire
Hateful glare

Waiting for
The spark
A grateful gleam of hope

Embrace ruin
Choices made on a whim

Tired and broken
No high
Simplistic grand opera

An end to all
Up and over
Down and under

Dead and alone
Forgiven against an empty space
379 · Mar 2020
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2020
I am unhappy
Most likely depressed
Could be suicidal

Revealing my mind
With whiskey

Empty knowledge
Corrupted genes
Ingrained endgame

Have I met
My own
Sufficient end
370 · Dec 2020
I break on my own
Dakota J Dawson Dec 2020
I break on my own

Love bequeaths
Lame opinions
Beyond my personality

Not to be
Boring games

Hurting in light
Left to hate
In heat of a moment

Solve my dilemma
Destroy me
Let me die
369 · Dec 2017
Peckish Flesh
Dakota J Dawson Dec 2017
Thoughts trickle down
The slanted jaw
Thick and strong

Eyes dim and shallow
Seeking a remembrance
Of yesterday's rain

Lips thin as paper
Chewed in distress
Down to a soft pink inflammation

When did I forget?
Touching and feeling
Even the familiar crime of regret

The song "Mary did you know?"
Becoming a creature comfort
Invoking a religious tether of tension

His love, not mine
The passion alone
Is sacred

I choose
To spite his' light

For life is black
Darker and colder
Than the moon
362 · Jan 2018
Jealousy Unhinged
Dakota J Dawson Jan 2018
Cultivating jealousy next to a gay man
Not for everyone
But just right for some

Tons of gossip
Lots of lip
Twisting of tongues

I the square of reality
Phone in hand
Stella at the ready

Fitness girl texted me
Says she is sick
Possibly dying

I don't care
She is number three
Or four

I offer a drink
Celebratory waffles
But to no avail

Church was given
I needed the sin
And received a gun

It had my name on it
With a wet rose
The color solid gold

The texture was cheap
Made in China
Sold to a sucker

I sit spinning and wondering
A question is asked
Does 2018 seem like a refresher?

My reply
In a solemn voice, wicked glance
Hell no
362 · Feb 2019
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2019
Techno beat
Negligible happiness

Mind free
Circles within a frame

Bashing stools
Ranch and fries

Corn starched face
Blank expression

Back to Jack
Melted ice
Painful decadence
360 · Feb 2019
New Horizon
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2019
From a temple beat high
Ride of your life
New dawn

Coral and sea
Stingy sun
Bright bulb
With an infinite socket

Summer is here
Forgotten sounds
Heaven with heat
Beads of sweat
Endless ecstasy
357 · Feb 2018
I'm Famous!
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
Drown and bask in the sunlight
Forward unto God
He is sinful

Made for the weak man
He is a cancer
Disgusting scorn of prudent woe

Always showing up
Like "BurgerKing"
Uninvited, not liked

Boring and yet sublime
Where does the confusion end?
Does it include a "Happy Meal"

Pop culture is tiresome
Tripping and stepping into territory
That is unknown, yet still familiar

Why can't it end?
The division and condemnation
Condensed to pitiful morality

Each case moronic
In design and fashion
Seeking an identity

Plotting to overthrow
The status quo
Implanting the negative flow

Stereo is doomed
Electronic in psychology
Dead to the depth
353 · Mar 2018
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
Hitting the vase
Emptying my angst

Unsolicited stranger

Not brave



I am better
Than this

I compare
The situation

To my past
Errands of old

Trusting my instinct

I decide to

I admittedly

Evil and vile
Thought or emotions


God's descent

With Abel
Hating Cain

Fall with me
Loving gypsy gold
352 · Mar 2018
Turtle Dove Above
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
Echoes of yesterday
Where do they end?
Upon the elf on the shelf

Santa has passed
Forsaken my abode
The inner being of my soul

He is the sole provider
My decider
Triumphant tyrant of woe

Must he be my foe?
Glowing with reassurance
Of the personification of hate

I'm a good boy
How about a treat?
It has to be just for me

To eat
Forcibly scarf down
My bitter hole

Santa will want
Me to rake
His' yard

But I will refuse
The suddenly offered abuse
From a passing sore of lore
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
I want you
to lust
after me

I believe
in being
vile and rude

Try to
understand my language
of impure thoughts

Condemned to afterlife
without relieve
from woe

Where is
my foe
of bout and confrontation?

I must be
left alone
with suspicious ideals

That border
the extreme

Of my consciousness
borrowing into my mind
destroying my being

Preventing relief
to the
depths of Hades

I'm not an angel
nor a worn object of time
but the untamable beast fighting love
340 · Mar 2018
Roadside Tulips
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
Oak and pine

Electric lights
Harsh sounds

Crystal gaze
Wax figurines
Limp with a twist

Metal and plastic
Compose a score
Mozart baking tragedy

Red begets the black
Summer fun
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
I'm overcome by lust
A sophistication of the soul
Mind bent in two

Where I try
He betrays
Leaving kisses of sin

The Garden of Eden is open
Left alone without regard
Not a regret echoed in time

When will he come?
My knight of splendor
Germanic and full of crystallized juice

Reality makes him a Spaniard
To whom my life is bequeathed
Under the sun for all to see

My dream of an Arminius is unrealized
Traded for an exotic intoxication
Ready is the introduction of grieve

But still, I love
The lips
Constant touch of angelic purity

Forgiveness is the actor's end
Truce to end entry into the heart
Producing gratification of natural optimism
335 · Mar 2018
An object
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
Lust after
My Phone

He is called
App name
Monochrome in
His' portrait orientation

It can be
What I choose
Force into reality
***** foregone conclusions
332 · Feb 2018
The Gracchi are Dead
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
The bottle is soft
To touch
Caressing my sorrow

Crows scream
A usual tune
Prudent, but useless

I have to run
Into Rome
Where eagles fly

Caesar across the Tiber
Cicero in *******
Pompey unfound

Liberty is dead
The restless have arisen
Dread seeming to bribe destiny

Sword and stone
Catapult and Trieme
Feelings are fleeting

Houses catch the flame
Blades seer flesh
A list has been made

The weak are dead
Strong circumcised
Demons feed
331 · Mar 2018
Persistence in failure
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
I can't take the photo
Write the song
Draw a portrait

Hunting for grain
In an empty field
No poised goal in mind

Esclipe of the sun
Faded into black and gray

Time for renewal
Epic story
Intro to sonnet

Branded popularity
Abused grime

Story ends without
Groups of people
Just lectures
324 · Sep 2020
Man kills Boy
Dakota J Dawson Sep 2020
A day
Licks and panting

Promised to care
Loving devotion
Long walks

Psychodrama personified

Fear and abuse
Past never ending
Calling from deathly voids

Keeping you was

Gone along thoughts
False ideals
Idiotic passions

To end the past
Safeguard the future
You ended

With a bang

What have I done?
Wrote this after I had to put down my newly adopted dog. He had too many psychological issues that included abuse from his previous owners. His misery became mine after I had to do what I did. This has killed me inside.
322 · Feb 2018
The Thin Man
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
Too much of a fool
Forgotten and misplaced
Troubled until bled

Where is my bed?
The cushion increasing sedation
Upon my relapse

Almost skeleton
Reminds me of Auschwitz

Though I'm not a Jew
Or a so-called "deviant"
I'm recast

Believing in the brew
Gulping up the stew
Ready, set...implode

Film is shot
Grainy and poor
Full to the brim with fish

Smelly and grimy
Waiting for the director
To bail from comprehensive casting

His retort is strong
Like a solemn wind
Quiet until the storm

I quit
Remember the time
Forced to sing

I hate acting

It is my curse
Unforgotten desire
My Dunkirk of woe

When will it end?
Upon my cross
Submission without *******

Freewill intact
Instinct going into purgatory
Left to wait for the call

I have to run
Devise an escape

Hollywood calls
Beckons for my crouch

Billy Wilde is my name
Focused on terror
I fail to be Brando
Thumbs up for everyone who gets the classic movie reference, the series title star being William Powell.
319 · Feb 2019
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2019
Feeling blond
Rat in a cage
Bound and gagged
I want you
Only the man
Married but inspired
Hopeless to
Your touch

Why can't it be me
In a covenant

The obsession
Too real

The ground is hollow
Thumping up
For lunch
A date
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