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Farm laws
They want
Govt. to withdraw
In toto
In toto
Farmers adamant
Govt. adamant
Are farm laws bad?
I am no expert
Are farm laws good?
I am no politician
Then what do you want to say?
Sirs and Madams
I want to say
There is a jungle of laws
Implementation biggest flaw
Inefficient judicial system
Makes laws virtually non existent
Litigation remains on earth
Litigant goes to Swarg
Further, law no exercise in linguistics
Intention behind it  is to be seen
So law is like plasticine
Judges mould it the way they deem
Good or bad farm laws
Shun hooligans and hooliganism
Dear farmers give a try
If you don't find suitable
Don't sell to private traders
Don't enter into contract farming
There's no compulsion at all
If Govt abolish APMCs
Withdraw MSP
Stop growing pulses, wheat and rice
Let people die
You are already expert in dying
I am given to exaggeration
This is my way of expression
Bobby Dodds Nov 2020
Who knew life would last so long.
so tedious and constant in aging.
( birth - one - two - … - dead )
And if someone knew how long it would last,
Why would they sign that contract,
on the dotted line on an oak desk with
all too important looking business men greedily grinning.
(the devils favorite disguise)

Who knew of the beating of the heart-
so exciting and focused on one lovely face.
(or set of lips)
Like a party with a spinning bottle,
Soon to be the pulse of the first date.
And first night cashed in bed,
rolled over from exhaustion- excitement.
(a steady rhythm takes on different meanings here)

Who knew that words would be so tough.
so damnable and lackluster
(until they line up just right.)
And poems a love-hate-multi-night-stand.
where we always bicker and fight,
but always come back for one more line.
or in my case,
nothing at all.
writing seems to be increasingly hard and unbearable- although just as excitable and confounding as always.
I guess somethings never change, although even that fact I doubt.

also, found a new poet whos style I'm currently in love and awe of-
next poem will be about them.
Andrew Rueter Sep 2020
Vultures draw circles in the sky
tracing the paths we run
concentric predatory perimeters
paralyze prey with peril
ping pong eyes pogo up and down
trying to detect fine print consignment.

Squirrels keep their head on a swivel
tightrope walking on telephone lines
or traveling along the branches in canopies
avoiding the ground with suspicion
of sentinel snakes slithering in the soil.

A contract is written in a newborn calf
standing up and beginning to graze
innately aware of wolf rescissions
and tornado trials.

Cephalopod ink spills on the page
tyrosinase blinds the opponent
suffocating in a dark cloud
while the octopus escapes
to grow into a Kraken form.

So eyes dart back and forth
reading back the record
of a jungle mentality
wandering high
to avoid predators below
and an ocean turning black.
Things are always not in same order
They get broader and broader...
Take me as an example
Time ago my heart was temple
Now I don’t care anything as I used to
I was not treating people as I do…
My heart was broken many times
But I fool was busy in making rhyme…
People make fun and say I don’t have mind
Someone please go and tell them
I have mind but you don’t have kind
Things are always not in same order
They get broader and broader…
To have someone our heart act
But after sometime it becomes contract
This is surely not god’s creation
If u acts just natural
You will always remain bachelor...
Don’t be what you are and be a fool
Show the world what you can and remain cool..
This is today's happy life mantra (chant)
Live life king size is only a sapna(dream)
Things are always not in same order
They get broader and broader...
When reality hits you hard
I wonder if you know
how often I pass
that church door where we kissed
(and kissed, and kissed)

Or how I'd desecrate
a thousand more
just to do it again
(and again, and again).

It feels now like a deal with the devil,
and too good, it lasted as long as one would.
For rapturous blasphemy, for ludicrous bliss,
I sold all my fears for just one shot at this.

I wonder if you know
that we are our own devils,
that nothing's contracted
that can't be redacted

That we spin our own fates
and can re-thread our revels -
Did you know? But you must,
(you must, you must.)

Yet I'm sure that you won't
and that all that we built
is crumbling, returning,
To dust, to dust.
Ammar Younas Nov 2018
In the State of mind...
thoughts were solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short...
where similes, metaphors and  personifications were quarreling with words...
until they decided to form a poem and gave up their natural freedom
in order to obtain the benefits of embroidering praise around her.
WordsHelp Nov 2018
i should have read the contract
before dating you
before loving you
before you
if i had read your terms and conditions
          -*** whenever i need it, your feelings aside
         - put up with my delicate ego, but allow me to slowly shatter
                    every ounce of your self-worth
          -you must not say or do anything more intelligent than I or
                    you have given grounds to publicly humiliate you
          -do not touch my fragile masculinity
          -i am permitted to treat you as inferior to myself

if i had read the fine print
then maybe i wouldn’t have signed four years of my life away
I hit
NDA that
❤️ me
the cast
but sight
furious as
her tat
for dark
on screen
and put
her spot
to the
bed she
caught this
action purport
law was
stage guitar
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
Sleeping is a contract
I keep signing
Waking is a contract
I keep breaking
I just want what
Kumbhakarna had
six months isn't much
so I can sleep this
sickness away.
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