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Kelsey Aug 2020
I'm salivating for happiness,

Yet, never seem to get a taste.
I want it so bad
Dante Rocío Jul 2020
I ask of you beggingly,
That if there ever shall
Come a moment of this
Life of mine’s when
It abruptly ends before
Its goal,
Its soar,
Before it’s vocation is greeted
Properly in passion at
The finish line...

Please, let Me
Somehow linger,
As inspiration,
Wind of embracing
Freedom, for all those
Who would still need Me.
May I accomplish my
Mission this way,
In the words/feelings/acts
They don’t apprehend,
For I am those.
Let me guard them,
Behold and
Last in their eyes
Or words
The legacy I'll leave.
Let me come as seeds
Of greatness, planted
On this Earth (in)directly.

One of my last future momenta
Of funeral thoughts N*1.
A Messenger with a course to run.
Because I’m here for what is beyond Me.
cea May 2020
he gave her flowers
it's the 14th of the year's
second month
at the top of the blossomed fragrance
is a note that confessed
"be mine..."

she felt something
but it is nothing as it should—
as how he had hoped it would
"be mine... again, please"
he whispered

her eyes shown colors
of miss
and of hope
"i own mine,
i already own mine"

he tried to connect
the now and the past
he gave him a song
a letter, a photo
he gave him his word,
"one last time"

she looked down
thinking, feeling
as if below lies a mirror
that reflects memories from time,
time she thought—
and hoped would last

"one last time, i gave to mine"
she appeased

he left pleading
with a heart full of crease
but she found herself in peace

a complete piece
How do you cry for help
When all you know
Is a silent plea?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Don’t leave me for him. Don’t abandon our years of friendship for the man you just met. Don’t let him blind you to the extent I am invisible and deafen you to the degree my secrets no longer reach your ear.
But I guess my plead is too soft and late to be heard. Because now I am here clinging on to my heart and tasting the salty tears that roll down my cheeks. I am here reminiscing all the memories we made the time only the two of us spent together. My heart aches with every message you ignore and every outing you ditch me for him. You are fading, our friendship is withering and my loneliness is just deepening. You are my everything but it seems I am no longer yours anymore. You’re my first, but it seems I am no longer yours. For your secrets never find a way to my ear and time in my life.

- I never knew the inseparable could be separable
Raven May 2019
I might just be too good for you, or you too good for me.
So immune to love, so unchangeable.
Will you take me in?
You did many things, that I liked.
And your name deserves to be in my heart.
But you sleeping with a frozen heart and it belongs to someone else.
You made me feel so real, so unacquainted.
You brought the thrill, the risk, the rush.
I live for danger...
I haven't been around town in a long while, with you.
I apologize, but I've been trying to get over you by seeing them.
And you wished me good luck, to find somebody to love.
Honey please, don't leave.
I just might be too good for you.
Unrestricted, so priceless.
I'm everything.
I deserve it.
Take me in
The Town _ The Weeknd (Inspiration)
Break me

But don't let scattered my heart.
A Simillacrum Feb 2019
How am I
still walking
still breathing
thoughts & feelings?
How am I
still drinking
still eating
in the earth's stomach?
Feeding myself to feed you.

Feeding myself to feed you.

. . .

Wet fingertip offered to the wind itself,
summon me personal heaven,
please, summon me
personal heaven.

Flat foot big toe tapping out the pulse
of the bare ground on concrete,
asking heaven of
the soil. Pleading.

Feeding myself to feed you.
Happily happening,
as but a terrible chance.

Happily happening.
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