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melancholy Jan 7
Oh, my lover


You've gotten ahold of me

Once again.

Today, you have me

By the hand


Around the throat.

It's heady enough

To get me high

But that may just be

Because I can't breathe.

Oh, my lover


Come to bed with me.  

We'll settle down

Around the break of dawn

Rise from our slumbers

Well into the afternoon.  

We can't get our hands

Off of one another.

You can't take your eyes

Off of me.

I can't get

Away from you.

I have the feeling

You'll always be

After me.

Oh, my lover


How I wish

You would let me go.

Relinquish your grip

On my neck

Release my skin

From between your teeth.

My dizzy existence

Wants to touch the ground again.

My selfish heart

Wishes you would

Find some other poor girl

To 'love.'
Madison Greene Nov 2018
and it's always about the timing or the circumstances
it's always an "I'm busy" text message that fades into days of silence
it's when you notice how he used to compliment your mind
and now he only ever calls you beautiful when you're bare inbetween his sheets
and you tell yourself he's just a boy
this is what boy's do
it will get better
but "you're my girl" turns into "I don't think this is working"
and you're crying again
and you wonder why you keep having the same ending with different people

and you're wide awake in the middle of the night wishing he'd call
and then he'll miss you enough to want you but never enough to stay
and you worry you are so good at finding the wrong love you won't know how to recognize the right
this young universe
vies for your attention
the conspiring fates
merely pushing us along
as we are pawns in this
ephemeral board game
we don't win nor lose

instead we crawl our way
to the finish line
even if it's not
our race to finish.
"we had moments, you know? but we no longer played by our rules. universe took over and we were merely stuck in a circumstance. it felt like getting caught up. in waves, i mean. you can't exactly control the waves though right? you can't control the ocean. you can't control what's not yours."
Oby Apr 2018
Life is a mountain.
You're either born at the top,
Or have to make the climb up there.
Copyright © 2018 Oby. All rights reserved.
ollie Apr 2018
If I am to fall into the world known as hell please take my hand in yours
Hold it tight like how tight I held your heart to mend it
Because I know what hell is
It is I, standing alone, dying by my own hand
Hours away from you
In light clothes instead of black ones
i love you more than i have ever loved anyone
CJwords Mar 2018
Stands between me and greatness.
Stands between me and courage.
Stands between me and power.

True power is the ability to choose.
True courage is the ability to hope
True courage is the ability to love
True power is the ability to live

Circumstance is fleeting
For soon I shall die
Tomorrow is not mine
Tomorrow is his (or hers)

The other me, who is not me
Yes, it’s me, but it’s not me
I died in my sleep
He was born when I awoke

He is an all-powerful being
His innate ability is choice
I choose, I do, I am

I am not my circumstance.
Sometimes we let our circumstance imprison us. Makes us feel powerless; We are not!
Alexis Mar 2018
My heart bleeds of circumstance
Indecision and slight chance.
Life is chaos, be nice.
S Smoothie Jan 2018
Heated tongues had no temperance to spare

Betrayal is a fickle master cloaked in innocence

Eyes held truths with no regards to context

Illusions were never more real that when piercing
The heart left to bleed pounding desperately on the floor
Under the foot of merciless pain

How do you explain the inexplicable?

Some things just end while others start

The resoning was perfectly logical
But ****** if anyone could see it

Off they went onto seperate trajectories
Only to find tge truth revealed in 20 years of wastedness

Because faith seemed a too bigger thing
To hold through this broken prism

It was only when they travelled around it in oposite motions
They could see they belonged together

Far too late,  as other sattlites they collected were now in the way

And faith seemed once again bigger to hope for

And not a thing was learnt.
Hmmmn. ..
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