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mymessyminds Apr 14
It’s a funny sensation and I crave conversation
‘Cause lately, I’ve been suffering from disassociation.
So let me sum up my train of thought from yesterday:
Why did I think it would be a good idea to move to Taipei?
Nowadays I can’t recognize my own reflection
And hide behind a glass of whiskey’s protection.
After work last night, I went straight to the bar.
The place was clean but a little bit far.
The signal was bad so I cursed my phone carrier.
Then quietly cursed myself for this language barrier.
Can somebody flirt with me?
Better yet, hurt with me.
To sit down and eat a slice of dessert with me.
I just need someone to hold me.
These few weeks have been lonely.
“I just can’t trust you,” he recently told me.
With my eyes glued to the screen of my phone,
I promised myself I wouldn’t be alone.
I called up a friend to distract me from my questions.
He threw my way a couple of suggestions.
I can’t be left with my thoughts for too long.
My feelings are valid but my head’s ******* on wrong.
I stumbled outside, left my purse and laptop behind.
Luckily, the bartender caught up to me in time.
Thank you to everyone who listens to my rants.
I’m just proud that I got home before ******* my pants.
eh, mondays
What if we met early
Two souls
Destined to be in a train station
At 9 am
knowing how I fell for your eyes
Fell once more
In a less heart broken time

What if we met
In a bar alley
when your interests
matches mine
we danced the night away
not as lovers
but strangers
that are  four swipes
late from tinder
To be something more
Than just a one night stand

What if this time
is the right time
How our scars
turn to lines
That form each others names
The words "I do"
begin to spill in our mouths
just waiting
for the right time
To my fiancee
I love you
Steve Mar 14
The pub, the pub
Is a very nice place to be
A long cool pint
And a bag-o-nuts
In the heart of good company

And the Roseburn Bar
Is not very far
From our house

The pub, the pub
On a dreich Sunday afternoon
Sport on the tele
Beer in my belly
The day can’t come around too soon

And The Roseburn Bar
Is not very far
From our house

The pub, the pub
Calls out to me on Friday nights
Then a nip or two
What’s left to do
But to set this old world to rights

And The Roseburn Bar
Is not very far
From our house

Meet me there one day
Have a drink.
Let your hair down
Take note :)
Amanda Feb 25
Crowded bar
Drink held in hand
Music blaring loud
Pretty sure my soul is ******
After the second round

Shot of whiskey down throat
One more to follow
Sea of ***** keeping afloat
Weightless with each swallow

Dizzy head
Thick and light
And hazy
Tiredness drags down my sight
Legs relaxed and lazy

Warmth spreads throughout torso
Fingertips begin to tingle
Euphoria inside my brain grows
My neurons and serotonin mingle

Air heavy
Sweat and motion
Humid heat clinging to my skin
Around me is a blurred commotion
Logic and sense wearing thin

Tummy performing cartwheels
Whole place unbalanced and dark
Stool wobbly underneath my heels
Bartender pouring from a fifth of Monarch

Saturday night in a tiny town
Where everything else is just too far
So you find yourself driving the same road down
To the local nothing-better-to-do bar
In Talkeetna that bar is called The Fairview which is where I was when I began writing this little treasure haha
J F O Feb 2
a day of love
but spent it alone
saw you in a corner
but not on your own

beer in hand
big smiles and laughs
introduced by a friend
who knew we would cross paths?

conversations flowing
staring at each other's eyes
a smile like yours
caught me by surprise

left you for a while
and went for a dance
came back, you were gone
i've missed my chance

alone in a full room
thinking if we'll ever meet again
'twas short but magical
till then...
in that hour of meeting you, i fell for our conversation
Dark and cozy,
playlist of metal and punk,
generous doubles -
above the 4 ounce standard;
I like this place.

The bartender’s drinking too;
looks like *** - dark and sweet -
neat.. my man!

no one bothers me,
I bother no one;

only sit and sip my drink,

peace.. solace.. tranquil..

listening to the montage
of ***** ***** jokes
from the men center bar.

They laugh - not loudly,
they are quite old.. mousey..
squeaky voiced..

I chuckle as Skid Row skids
just outside the door -
it doesn’t come in
until after dark.

This city hasn’t much to
offer a redneck like me,
but I like this place.
The bar.
New personas,
Rare from near to afar.
Tangling in the smoldering lights,
With haste.
Grey Dec 2019
If the bar is low,
maybe I won't disappoint
you with my failures...
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