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What made me an atheist!!

I get the question a lot!!

And my reply isn't for the

Giving back in return what the
         the priest gave me but in return.

                            Over the alter,
all you heard from his lips where

Oh Jesus,
          ****** it!!

holy mother of god!!

    He took the bread and his ****

drank the wine...

And I thought if a man of the cloth could
           say the lord's name in vain so much
how could there be a lord if

he was blasphemous to such a degree...

I left him tied to the alter, a cross down
his throat... swallowing his faith,
             but his god couldn't save him...

I did the sign of the ******* as I left....
Sombro 3d
Sorry said the merry man, adjacent on his way,

I've gone and ticked you off while I've been out tramping today

And in my careless frolic I seem to have stole your heart

What brutal lust you blow towards me, gushing like a ****

But I'm not la-da-dee-da-dee, a manly bearded sprite

Jingle though my stirrups do like dormice held too tight

I'm a serious enterprise, a man deeply invested

In stacking stocks and picking prices, if you're interested?

She danced reluctantly to him, unnatured to the rhythm

But with a wink she start'd to slink and jim-jam along with him

The two then picked their sandals up and shuffled down the street

And drank and laughed amerrily at all they chanced to meet

To the bank they wandered, legislating they did go

In government, in finance, in high station to and fro

Each day they yawned and gargled on a fresh new tonic smell

And went on down the street to make a fresh mismanaged hell

Soon agiggling and adultering they fell down in a mess

Holes and tears ashaming his and her once modest dress

There they lay and blocked the road till bobby picked them up

And once they'd laughed their fill of him they bribed the greasy pup

He took them to the city square and let them borrow his hat

They gave out fines and sentences for being thin or fat

They stood on boxes, had ideas for rent for half a pence

And sat gracefully cross-eyed on the splintering picket fence

Then donned a mitre, did a dance, their pageantry displayed,

They became gods, just for a laugh, the vicarage dismayed

When down from heaven lightning bolts, shot with a holy hum

Came buzzing like a hornets' nest and shocked them on the ***

A **** of smoke, a whiff of cheese, the townsfolk breathed release

Gone at last those terrors past, they could return to peace

Then up from high a saintly sigh two angels billowed down

Golden halos greasy and no pants beneath their gown

The townsfolk wept and cried aloud, their stomachs plopped and churned

To see the pair of villains there, so gracefully returned

Blessed be the kingmakers the two of them agreed

Until next weekend, Duw my dear, and until then, God's speed.
Duw means god, so you know
Timothy Meli Oct 10
The victors go down to the gallows,
There they go, wallowing in their victory,
Victory of hollow redemption.
They won the victory,
The victory to the gallows.
And there they go to the gallows
As they swoop and stoop
The gallows is there,
There to gain them.
They can gallop no more,
The mire has come to their necks,
They chose this route
Now they cry and gnash
But there, there is no way back
Because they were the choosers
The choosers of death
And death has chosen them.
There is a prize to pay for evil deeds
Kristina Sep 28
Before giving in
to a world that is corrupt,
betraying my ideals
and selling my morality

I'd rather fight
to keep them protected
while I take one step closer to the end
every day.

I'm not gonna survive
by selling myself out.
Sarah Strack Sep 11
Its amazing how we pass time
In our own beings so that
Matters more than the next
And the freckles on our hands
More pull than magnetic
Of planets spinning with hushed
Which may soon gasp the cursed
Of our corrupted souls
we are so caught up in our own lives, we forget the bigger picture
It robs us of our dignity
pilfers our humanity
and steals us away to
make love with greed
nothing is spared on its warpath
there is no consideration for the collateral
because the promise of something that will serve
the continuation of corruption
matters more than the lives it will crush

Esther Krenzin
Alicia Moore Jul 26
I desire to log the lessons I have retained
from the memories I do not wish to keep.

Only then, am I able to erase
the corrupt files
I am forced
to store
in the

of my
Isaac Ward Jul 13
My hands are cold,
They're shaking, so violently,
This land is old,
We're breaking it real quietly,
So I asked, "what is the reason?",
Ah, ****, they're calling this treason.
Bhill Jun 12
deep concentration amazes the corrupt intellect
secrets lay in waiting as the mind deciphers the message
why do the senses allow corruption to succeed
the age-old dilemma is, well, age-old....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 160
Fight the corruption...
Don't cry little girl it'll ruin your makeup 
Fake it like we've taught you and smile with pride
Pretend you're happy every morning you wakeup 
And don't you dare let them see that youre dying inside

Swipe the brush across the face and wipe away the tears
Paint your eyes, glue fake lashes and color your smile red
You've been here all this time what's a few more years
And whatever you do don't let them know that you wish that you were dead

Wax repeat wax repeat 
It keeps growing back
Dye your hair
Paint your lashes
Til your tears run black

Drink this, don't eat that 
Smile pretty, **** in your gut
Go workout, you're getting fat 
And make sure to tighten that ****

Face mask, manicure
Bikini wax, pedicure
Fake tan, hair spray
Just do what we say

Follow the steps 
Its an easy guide
We tell you how to look
As you die inside 

But at least your corpse is beautiful
I know it doesn't flow so well but the point behind it is what I love
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