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labyrinth Oct 4
******* wake-up! You’re dying over here
Situation’s already a serial killer

US, China, Israel, UK or France
Same tune all over, but different dance

New world order’s conquering the soul
Anyhow it’s long been the initial goal

The Media numbs and The Capital reaps
I shortly call them the filthy creeps

Lousy news, soap operas, sports and such
Good enough to make you lose mind touch

Your brains got a lot of poison injected
No further questions stand objected

Deeper than deepest y’all have slept
Exactly the way you’re supposed to be kept

Designated countries are using democracy
In such a wise manner covering hypocrisy

In your midst, their ******* agents’re dwelling
How and why your wounds keep swelling

Hospitals, schools, medicine and food
Seems like serving you for their own good

Don’t you see? All at your expense
Sixth went bankrupt, you need a seventh sense

The enemy is in fact in your jurisdiction
What the hell is wrong with you? Show’em some reaction

Nine/Eleven, health-care, Federal Reserve!
You honestly believe that’s what you deserve?

Man! Quite visible. Yet, you don’t see
Who or what stops you from being free

Named John, Linda, Mary, Stephen and Bob
They look like angels only; they’re the hob

You’re from wherever; I’m from Istanbul
Lemme put it this way!! They love it when you’re fool

As George Carlin manfully put
Your owners led the souls go kaputt

Good times will be gone, far away
Punishment will be your regular day

As it has been for some time now
Come on!!! Be brave!!! Or simply ciao!!!

You know very well who the **** is responsible
What you don’t know is, they’re not indispensable

Quit ******* and moaning, do something on your own
Remember the darkest hour before the dawn

Pay attention *******, I can talk forever
Do me a favor, and stop saying WHATEVER

Because when ILLUMINATI beats
The very day, you’re mere dead meat

It’s not just you! Still proliferating!
It’s your kids too, why procrastinating

Every passing moment makes you lose hope
If not you or me; who the hell will cope

You mortals, listen!! To break this deal
First gotta get rid of lack of zeal

Unless you peeps begin holding hands
And walk in the direction right against

Nothing’s gonna change towards the good
You’ll soon be left with should, would and could

I’ll anyway share with you one more prescription
Hear me out. So clear! No **** encryption!

To see what the hack’s really going on
Give up being illiterate, idiot, *****

Read and learn AND learn and read
That’s the vicious cycle you need indeed

On the verge of a choice to resist or assist them
Last piece of advice kindly **** the system

Get ready otherwise for some **** blood shed
Labyrinth said it all, either pursue or dread… *******
Copyrighted work
lost Jul 15
every moment passing by

sitting in this chair of lies
waiting for the truth,

what happened to our fragile youth?

thrown away by little lies
no one there to cover our eyes

the fragments of our little minds
destroyed by those diseased with pride
destroyed by those who objectified

whatever happened to our little minds?
Nemis Jun 9
A body without soul is just remains,
Free to roam yet bound in chains.
Heartless beings with rotten minds,
Feeding off on whatever might they find.

Close to death, moment by moment
Still avoiding pain and the torment.
Living as slaves, controlled by fate
Born to die, in a nice cold grave.
Little poem about the body and death and soul and fate. I don't think it's the right description though.
Liz Jun 8
We smile through eyes of sadness
Contradicting the choices we make,
Within hearts once full of gladness,
We smile just for old times sake.

In a land of decaying democracy,
Breaking down every wall once built,
Controlled by their vials of hypocrisy,
Injecting us with industrial filth.

Determined by the touch of a button,
Technology is the hope of all loss,
Like lamb dressed down as mutton,
Covering up the truth at all cost.

In a world full of corruption,
Stale from the greed of power,
We feebly await the eruption,
Whilst bravely sitting back too cower.

Then when all has become too little,
When we have sat back and waited to late,
When we are all too weak and brittle,
Have we succumbed to our chosen fate?

Lets not wait for fate to choose us,
Lets reach out for tomorrows dream,
No more watching the corrosion of rust,
Lets put a stop to yesterdays scream.
Greg Jones May 1
While on my way to Golden Town
To save the weary dead,
I saw a man in tattered clothes
Rubbing his wounded head.
I offered him assistance,
I helped him to his feet.
Despite my kindly gesture
He was hesitant to speak.

“Good sir,” I asked, “are you alright?”
The stranger did not respond.
Though he was looking right at me,
I swear his eyes looked beyond.
“I’m headed down to Golden Town,
To save the weary dead.”
I expected a joyful reaction,
But was greeted with apathy instead.

He scoffed, and laughed, at my endeavor,
Placing his hand on his hip.
“You’re wasting your time,” he finally said,
“I’m saving you a trip.
That Golden Town is rotten to its core,
Filled with wretched disease.
I, like you, went to rescue the lot,
Only to get cut at my knees.”

He began to walk to where I came,
Expressionless with his stride.
Before he left, his last words to me were
“You won’t come out there alive.”

I gazed upon the Golden Town,
Conflicted by the light.
How could a town be so crooked and dark
When the walls shine so bright?
Luscious and green
Pine, oak, maple, and more
The best ever seen
Lilacs, sunflowers, and daisies galore


Pollute, Pollute and Pollute some more
Baby turtles dying
Because of man-made stores
Consumers still buying

Em Mar 29
In the corrupting ideas in my mind
The ones involving you were the most sensible.
And in that incessant swing of memories
I came to the realization that we are nothing
Nothing more than a pile of ashes
Rotting away
With no hope of heaven or hell.
ggggg im bored
The pain felt among one mere mortal,
could be enough to drive several insane.

It's been known to capture our souls
and guide us far astray.

The thought of death fills and corrupts our minds.
And every hope of happiness is left long behind.
I am uninspired
Gripped by addiction
Personal Sedition

Reduced to fumes
Fire upon stone
No lone wolf

Only the hollow
Toe with gray-green
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