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Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
Drown and bask in the sunlight
Forward unto God
He is sinful

Made for the weak man
He is a cancer
Disgusting scorn of prudent woe

Always showing up
Like "BurgerKing"
Uninvited, not liked

Boring and yet sublime
Where does the confusion end?
Does it include a "Happy Meal"

Pop culture is tiresome
Tripping and stepping into territory
That is unknown, yet still familiar

Why can't it end?
The division and condemnation
Condensed to pitiful morality

Each case moronic
In design and fashion
Seeking an identity

Plotting to overthrow
The status quo
Implanting the negative flow

Stereo is doomed
Electronic in psychology
Dead to the depth
Tuesday Pixie Apr 2015
Snarl of blood and antiseptic
Glint off needles,
Buzz of a drill
I hover in the doorway
Anxious, uncertain

Marked faces, legs, arms
Metallic attachments
Shaved off hair
I stick out
Pure, untouched

Wave of tossing heads
Vibrations uplift
Strangers unified
I am alive
Filled, electrified.

He blends life into still forms
An exchange: green for a frame of darkness
Other worldly as it may seem,
*Is where he fits
Destiny Carlton Apr 2015
Temporary Shelter

It is such a comfy bed
that little nest on the floor
More than I have had
It includes a lock and door

Temporary Shelter

Feet cracked and soiled
Shoes old and worn
been walking this same pathway
since the day I was born

Temporary Shelter

They always smile
before we say goodbye
toting good intentions
making me gunshy

Temporary Shelter

From underneath the trees
my skylight was the moon
yet I kept on praying
we would get home soon

Temporary Shelter
Out of the bitter nest of emotions, comes the enigma of broken words.

— The End —