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Maniacal Escape Jul 2020
Take a lonely stroll through the park of life
Why not kick a stone whilst you’re there to enjoy the mood?
Turn and face the oncoming sweep of hatred with pitchforks at your throat
All you did was kick a little stone.
The rope is tight, it cuts and you bleed
But try to smile as the hateful hands stroke at you with enviable despise.
They drag you through dirt that scathes your façade.
But still you show what’s left of your smile.
The ropes pull and off you fly behind hooves of hatred,
gored and disfigured you cheerfully drag yourself up from behind the horse.
The horse **** tearing at your wounds as you try to stand.
Such a crowd
You wave at your fans and they pelt you with vinegar,
acid bubbles into the bastardised crevices,
your legs buckle as you’re yanked from behind ,
your eyes falter as you watch your essence snake out into the rabble.
They lick at your heels as your mind begins to wander.
Back to the block. You come to, the crowd is cheering
They’re happy and so you thank your audience.
Your eyes adjusting to the love as the axe blade cracks your neck through to the jaw leaving your disfigured skull rolling down into the dispersing gathering.
lunademiere Apr 2019
the sun to boil my heart,
scream of hell in moonlight kiss,
the substance of my urging soul,
a world to murmur for my joy,
I am beyond the nature of perception,
angels cry the beauty of my strife,
I’m left alone in the absolute unknown,
my eyes are diamonds in the night,
a shaft of evil melting high,
the sun engulfs my innocence, my youth,
my urge boils deeper and deeper,
profound mist of scents and energies.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
Please support me by getting a copy of my book if you like what I am writing about.
DT Brewer Mar 2019
Listen to Me.
It’s only a Dream.

Brooklyn’s hometown brother
Raised by his single mother
Many said he didn’t stand a chance
Dealing crack *******
Doing the gang dance

Top Seller
Rapping acapella
Crafty story teller

Reaching for interstellar heights
Under the bright, bright lights
No longer in the darkness of night
Affecting crowds with great delight

He is in everyone’s favour
A pop culture icon and a savior
He had certainly been put to the test
Now living a life of great success
He has triumphed, He has been blessed
He stands proud and tall above all the rest
He inspires me as a poet
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018

               Amazing Grace
             Eleanor Rugby
                                  That House That Jack Built
                    Here We Go Again
                                A Change Is Gonna Come

                Freeway of Love
                                                   Rolling In The Deep                            
                Never Grow Old
                                               (I) Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)       
             Love Me Right
                       I Say A Little Prayer
               Natural Woman

My mom is crying her eyes out. T-T T-T T-T
RIP to a legend! RIP to a beautifully talented woman!
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
Someone asked me
To write on him

I replied,
He is the One
One Man Army
An Icon of
Who never gonna stop
Fighting for us
Till he wins

And again he stands
And again he have to fast
And again we stay mute
And again the game is on

Till he wins
Till he wins
Till he wins
Till he wins
Till he wins

Some things are best
If left unspoken

Is that clear enough?
Genre: Inspirational
Author's Note: What drives someone to the limit where we never dream of?
In solidarity to Dr. GKC who never give up to change the health system of Nepal. It's Day 22nd of hunger strike, 15th hunger strike in a count.
Khoi Jul 2018
Shackled imprisoned in an oval office
Called Robben island Transformed
Unshackled twenty seven years later
Freed a nation from an apartheid regime
Inspired the world from the Grand parade
A Universal Icon Humanitarian *** laude
Now honoured in the halls of Valhalla
Glorifying God...Looks upon us
With Love from the heavenly realm
A tribute to the late great President Nelson Mandela on his hundredth birthday
18th July 1918 to 18 July 2018
Lucas Pettinato Jun 2018
I want to be famous
I want to be known
I want to be loved by the masses

I want a stage to perform
I want millions of people to scream my name
I want the world to shed tears when they hear my voice

I want to be an icon
I want to dress in designer clothes
I want to be on the cover of every magazine

I want the press to write about my talent
I want the press to write about my beauty
I want the press to write about my grace

I want to break world records
I want to go down in history as the best
I want to be remembered forever

I then realize that with fame comes a jarring sense of loneliness
Because although you have millions of fans that chant your name
And a cast of characters that help you succeed
And expensive clothes
And all the money in the world
No one knows, and will ever know, who you truly are
And you won’t ever know the people or their story
Because you’ve become a two-dimensional figure with
No flaws
No insecurities
No regret
With no time to spend on anyone but yourself

It’s funny
When you’re famous, everyone knows who you are
And yet
You don’t understand a thing about what you’ve become.
"I don't think I could think of a single thing that's more isolating than being famous." - Lady Gaga
Dakota J Dawson Feb 2018
A Russian
For one day

And paint

In gold
Draped in satin

Beware of hope
It will grip you
Make you into a Mongol

Control your mind
Destroy your abode
Invade the holdfast

Become neat
Fight to breathe
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