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Grey velvet carpet
Neon white and yellow lights, fogged mirrors
Slow and heavy, loads snarl
Crimson red beeps light in the dark
Stop the sign, the green a distant dream
Far and outstretched the limbs of illogicality
Narrow the side walk of rationale
riri Nov 2020
She liked sweatpants, just like her mother did
She wore them her whole life
She told him how much she hated when people tried taking them
They always tried stealing them

He stained the sweatpants though
Her favorite sweatpants
The one she waited months for to get
She tried not to think much of it

Then he stole her sweatpants
She didn't get why
She made it so clear of how much she disliked when people did that
But he did it anyways

Why couldn't he ask?
It was just a simple question
It was what she held on to the most
He took it away

She misses those sweatpants
She misses how it felt when she did have them
Her favorite sweatpants she wore her whole life was gone forever
And there was nothing she could do to get it back
The damage is irreversible
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Distance doesn't distance us
Cryptic silence does
Silence does communicate
When warmth is there
As in love affair, parental care
Silence shrouded in mystery
Leads to distrust
Smallest developments
On the periphery
Seen as a conspiracy
Each one is ready to explode a bomb
On other's head
Distance doesn't distance us
Cryptic silence does
Every relation to survive
Communication a must
Silence is seldom gold in personal relations.
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
leave kisses on my neck,
i want to feel loved

leave bruises on my wrists,
i want to feel, loved

keep me still, in a perfect place,
i want to feel loved

i’d do anything to keep that smile on your
Words of confusion
Clearly stood
In the path of understanding
Like minded people
think alike
I think?
But nevermind
don't Blink*
or close
your Eyes
Can't sleep
Food for thought
But can't eat
Man I got Hunger
Or tell me is it
either pain
in my
Might need a
Or a drink
But like you
I don't drink
At all
Yeah, mostly
H 2 O
Or maybe Juice
But Oh!?
So there's

Grey Goøse
That's got
Me / slash / You
Feeling loose
Mind in a
Loop ( pause )
Now was that?
Take 1
or Take 2
Just a feeling of
Says Who?
Me /slash / You
I'm feel'n I've said
these lines
Over there
But don't stare
Ønly Be-ware
No Dare
For the Truth
And the glare
Is in the
Like 3
A third
And that's
Pertaining to
the meaning of
Yours and My
/ slash /
Like Minds?
Just mess'n around
with another cryptic
freestyle 🙃
Now if you like
riddles, I've placed 8
clues pertaining to 3
recent poems I've
Can you guess which
ones they are? FYI
there are a lot of
other riddles in here
as well
And just to be clear,
I don't believe in the practice
of opening the so called 3rd eye or
This is something I believe should
happen on its own when
pursuing absolute
Truth 🙂
I'm a rare One..

I am one of those drones who always
seem to fly underneath the " Radar "
In everything I do or attempt to do
I go undetected by the all-seeing Eye
of the critical masses
*ATTENTION!! This is a fair *WARNING!!
Tune me out at your own risk!
Cause I'm like a UFD
( An Unidentified Flying Disc )
Or.. more commonly known as.. a UFO
For U R..  Unaware
Nor.. can you see or hear me
Because I'm flying on dimensional air waves that are set and assembled near the Stairway to HEAVEN
Residing in the 5th 6th & the 7th Dimension
( Or somewhere in-Be-tween )
So Please!! Tell me?
What does your so called NFZ
( No Fly Zone ) even mean to someone as stealthy as ME x E ? ( My Ego times Eternity )
I hope no one gets the wrong idea about me after reading. When I wrote this I was in a place of searching and self-seclusion that was the state of mind I was in at the time. I don't know if it was a good or bad place. But I do believe that this was a projection of all of the emotions that I was feeling within the present moment of writing down my thoughts
Jesse C Jul 2020
Oh fires, light of fire that shines within me.
Show me my one true light.
Reveal my true darkness.
Burn your light within me.
Display that which hides inside my soul.
So that I may see the light within my dark.
So I shall see the darkness within my light.

Now here lies the great
Fully clad

Yet I hear a faint gasp
behind your Mask asking
Could this Truth be true?

Why yes I must answer
Shall we then Unmask this

As I emit the rare energy to the
Anthem of Proof

My anatomy stooped like a
Black Panther
I dare to be loosed

Clearly all are wary
and stand clear of the *****

For there's a dark canopy
looming over me

A Ghost Rider pursuit
Now pursues me

But the more Uncanny the
proof the more haunting it suits me

And if you don't believe me?
Then proof read the Truth
Truth leads to proof

For my words are now made

But only when it comes to speaking
what's true

See I died in my youth
a long time ago
It was a death by void
Applied by Lies I avoided the

With no other way of reviving
my youth
Other than providing
what remains to be true

As I refuse to deny what
now lies before me
Bearing no more Lies

Because now I know better

For I will Survive
By these five letters

And so..
Both now and forever
I will endeavour come whatever
And treasure

This harsh lesson of
Intangible TRUTH
Another pre-write 5yrs ago
Let the PrOphET speak
as the guillotine drops
Yet the dead know not
But some
Are half-dead at least
To see
The Big Pie in the Sky
The baked Apple Pie
So yummy to my tummy
Gots to have me a slice because it's
Yet I'm clueless about being shoeless
and how I'm talking funny
But nevermind the Hype
I got a hole in my sock that came from
Walking the Block
Not running because I'm choosy
But some would still say I'm running a muck
But I say.. Bump it
Because it's a no shoes day
Plus.. I'm high in the zone coming out of the club on a  ( Tuesday )
Lol.. Plug so amusing to me like my name was Makkonen
So I stopped at the nearest shop to buy me a watch
The time of day I forget?
Oops.. I mean I forgot
And so.. Just as I emptied out my pockets.. I slapped the money on the counter and said.."
Are you gonna change me or not?!
But with the time running short I had to pay the whole lot
So I shrugged.. and slapped the watch on my wrist
Of course.. I had to set it to the Sun and hope that the day wouldn't mock
Nah.. Scréw it!
Ima Nuke this quick!!
Count down to the Dayz of the Shock*
7 billion tops
To a mere million watts
Which is.. several thousand times the heat of the Sun I'm flip'n
So what is that?
Like a trillion hits on the scales I'm tip'n!?
But who's counting
Or looking to add to this made up nonsense?
But before you do?
Please observe the waves of my conscience before you raise or praise or bury another PrOphET
Yo man..
Or am I.. just trip'n?!
Written 5yrs ago.. Guess I wasn't trip'n back then 🤔
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