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Filomena Aug 2022
I am cold and sterile,
And you are hot and fierce
But dressed in my apperal
Your radiance appears
Psych ward poetry.
Set 3, poem 36.
Filomena Aug 2022
I dress in brand new rags.
This rag dress brand is new.
Such clothes are meant for hags,
But I haggled closed a few.
Psych ward poetry.
Set 3, poem 45.
Filomena May 2022
The recommendation tab's
Second invasion has
Beckoned a case of bad
Dreckish evasion paths
What does this mean?
He flipped the pages
one after another
his curious fingers
tracing each syllable
of her untold story,
the deeper he dived
in her mystic maze
his fingers were smudged
with ink and her tears
the words were stripped
her soul was bare
and he fell in love
with her cryptic layers
Ray Dunn May 2021
Don’t ask questions,
it’s not true—

Please don’t make me
lie to you.
Grey velvet carpet
Neon white and yellow lights, fogged mirrors
Slow and heavy, loads snarl
Crimson red beeps light in the dark
Stop the sign, the green a distant dream
Far and outstretched the limbs of illogicality
Narrow the side walk of rationale
riri Nov 2020
She liked sweatpants, just like her mother did
She wore them her whole life
She told him how much she hated when people tried taking them
They always tried stealing them

He stained the sweatpants though
Her favorite sweatpants
The one she waited months for to get
She tried not to think much of it

Then he stole her sweatpants
She didn't get why
She made it so clear of how much she disliked when people did that
But he did it anyways

Why couldn't he ask?
It was just a simple question
It was what she held on to the most
He took it away

She misses those sweatpants
She misses how it felt when she did have them
Her favorite sweatpants she wore her whole life was gone forever
And there was nothing she could do to get it back
The damage is irreversible
Jasmine Reid Sep 2020
leave kisses on my neck,
i want to feel loved

leave bruises on my wrists,
i want to feel, loved

keep me still, in a perfect place,
i want to feel loved

i’d do anything to keep that smile on your
Words of confusion
Clearly stood
In the path of understanding
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