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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
I strive to suffer in silence
Determined to hide pain
This charade is exhausting
Driving me insane

I do not want you to know how much I care
I long to hold you close
I keep a safe proximity
Acting as if you were a ghost

You swear you want to see me
You only want to come home
If that were true you would be here
Was your choice to roam

I bite back words I wish I could say
You are the reason why I breathe
If I was honest about my feelings
Weakness would be clear to see

It was clinginess that initially drove you away
Now that your interest has returned
Must be cautious not to seem too eager
Or else heart again will be burned

I do not know why your lies taste sweet
None of them are real
Guess I'm too in love to control my desire
Or change attraction I feel

Over and over you destroy emotions
As if relationship is a game
Hate myself for tolerating damage
Unconditional love staying the same

I have to draw line somewhere
How much manipulation do you expect me to take?
If you loved me like promising you do
Instead of harm you would try to heal my ache
I don't understand..
John McCafferty Sep 2020
Paddle amongst the dark
Masked shadows clasped in sharp arches
Explore your flaws to experience more
Question conceit as preachers reach deep
Shots drawn before dawn
Chasing bright sunlight gilded aside
Brought up to rise again
Our lives repeatedly warned of descent
Air still warm as we sit forlorned
Sleight of hand connections tight
Observe the signs confined in mind
Silent whispers guided from behind
Focused awe channels through us all
Do we care to share energy
Too few view the transference of form
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Colm Aug 2020
When you grow like a tree over property lines
  And are drawn into a yard unwanting and free
    It’s not the sharpest saw which cuts the deepest ties
      But the quiet in moving away from beneath
We've all been there (at least most of us have). And you learn from it quickly, or slowly if need be. Time passes by, and you grow like trees. Slowly in learning.
fraudelle May 2020
A thousand copy of your smiles
Yet the real one was not for mine
drawing  fake drawn smiles
you said my sadness
was what drawn you
yet was also the one
what chased you away.
Esther L Krenzin Jul 2019
Was I drawn to you
simply because
you saw the girl
who touched fire
howled to the moon
and played with knives
was it simply because
you didn't shy away
or do our souls find joy
in being insane together.

Esther L. Krenzin
Dani Dec 2018
You drew me in, in that special way you do
Pulled into your space without resistance
A deer in headlights in total awe of you
Frozen and nervous, between us there is zero distance
Crashed into each other slowly like waves in the ocean
Beautiful and harsh, full of passion
Water to sand, meshing together in slow motion
Fierce with lust, and an undeniable connection
The sweet taste of your lips on mine
Makes butterflies swarm my whole body
Hidden nerves, corner kisses, crossing the line
We don’t mind, and it’s fun being naughty

So to you I raise my glass
Cheers for bringing me intoxication
A toast for every slap of my ***
A smile, for every bit of our infatuation
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