To Whom it may concern;

Do You remember
that last night
in December?

Thirty years ago today
I found You the love of my life
We shared a beautiful journey
Filled with wonderful moments
of the greatest grandeur of sublimity.


We together.

Nothing will ever be as good.
We were still then young.

Now We are growing old.
Never can we again be
young and in love again.

Goodbye my Love.


held like a crumbling holy relic
the trace of her final kiss
on these addicted lips,
is why I rise to find shelter
move it safely from ash and smoke

stumbling through shadows, like uneven, forgotten lumber
patching the gut shot with leftover bandages,
Lost hymns of decayed heart flung sadness
hang down Cahuenga, old and overplayed

wilted spider silk across a concrete violin 

every parking meter your next crutch,
arguing with every streetlight,
give each cold flicker that same
blood stained sermon,
the self same pity, worn and overused

from edge of a coin I’ll scratch out her name
from a nightman’s club the darkness can fall
from the corner my eye she’ll melt away
from the skin of my teeth I’ll feel the dawn crack
and learn, again, to crawl


Sadness there does reign
within the bitter domain
Tears then may avail


A heart of Love
A heart of Hope
A heart of Devotion
unto God above

Grant me this Lord
and life restored
Guide My thoughts
My words My way
All then unto Thee

I then seeking the blessing
that righteous virtue
may achieve
Knowing through Your
will for me
is that place where
there then is all I seek

A heart of Love
A heart of Hope
A heart of Devotion
that Almighty God
holds from above.



My mound is wet
Probably due to the weather
Lots of rain

It hurts to be a gopher
Small and furry
Yet sublime

The combo of cuteness and evil
Is damning
Leads to bleeding

Getting stuck in L.A. tubs
Fleeing from Sheba the cat
Fighting for grannies' vegetables

There is nothing here
No noteworthy existence
Just all the disturbances

G Rog Rogers Dec 2017

I'd like to plan a chance
impromptu rendezvous
with you

Meet Me near the Beach
by the cannon
at the top of the cliff
That overlooks the pier
and the Ferris Wheel

Just before sunset
To watch the Sun
meet the glistening sea
Sighing in the reflections
To enjoy the moment
of just We between

We can then
stroll the pier
and surely ride
the Ferris Wheel
With all the colors
of the dazzling night
lights ablaze

In the cool of night
We will walk
alone together
and touch that
perfect semblance
of the Devine surreal

We can then
share a cup of coffee
along the Promenade
As We speak of
happiness transpired

The moments gently pass
Then We part with
a hopeful glance
That there is much
more still between Us

Content in a
beautiful evening
well shared

I'd like to plan a chance
impromptu rendezvous
with You.

Meet Me...



G Rog Rogers Dec 2017

I lifted you up
As you raised
Our life higher
To a place much finer
than when We found
each other

Surely We had
Our struggles
Still the time was
Ours to hold
And We held it
Oh so well

We lived and
were so alive
Contentment then
Our blessing
and Our prize
Love then true
in a world
wholly Devine

Surely then it was
good for you
To have someone
who loved you so
To feel you were
the most precious
And your life dear
would always hold

You and me
We had it made
With a blessing
for Us between
All We touched
turned to goodness
Our life achieving
the best of all
Our dreams

We lost Our Blessing
somewhere there
And it was all Our fault
We lost the magic
beyond chemistry
that requires the
touch of God

Now We know
what it's like
a blessing
once to hold
Then to know
Our precious blessing
was then lost
and truly broke

Sadly now
You are an Angel fallen
Further than the
worst of all fears
To a place
I've never seen before
To a place that
I've never been

Still I will probably
love you forever Baby
or at least that's
the way it seems.



The Angel no longer
will hear my whispers.

G Rog Rogers Dec 2017

The Wild Horses in my heart
rampage in Remembrance
of what you once then were

There's running
wild horses
in my spirit
and my soul
Stampeding on
Running still

So I'll get a ranch
in California
Run Wild Horses
free on the range
Tame them each
and all by Summer
by December rain

So God please
Bless all the
Wild Horses
That We together
once did ride

Even still I bless
You Baby
All the days
of my life.



G Rog Rogers Dec 2017

In the darkness
we see the stars

In Our worst of moments
the dawn of Hope is obscure

Yet even then to persevere
for God is near and never far
Waiting to be acknowledged
for the life given and
the life restored

Even in that
the darkest moment
When the tide
sweeps all away

The lowest ebb
is the turn of the tide
unto the break of
a brand new day

It's so much colder
and the night is darkest
in the final moments
just before dawn

As God stands on
there beside you
And you He has
once again saved.

"In all thy ways
acknowledge Him
and He shall
direct thy paths"



Quote from;
The Holy Bible (KJV)

G Rog Rogers Dec 2017

Yea, She got some bad stuff
from a scurvy dog fool
Went schizey psycho paranoic
and didn't come back around

Rumor or fact
that's the way
it went down

She was
hiding out in
a trailer house

Blaming everyone
except Herself
Mostly already
dead to life

I lost touch with Her
a long time ago
Heard She hooked up
with Her dealer
But he got busted
and let Her down cold

She got picked up
and spent time in jail
She probably got out
but not quickly
Cause there were few
who were willing
to make Her bail

Now? Who knows
She's still Jones'n
Just running on
for the tragic ride
Not much left inside
except to crawl
away and die

Sad to think She once
was a good mother
and a once beloved wife.



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