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Ayodeji Oje Apr 13
Shushed until now
Respecter of no status
Not even the blue bloods
Even men of timber and caliber shivers
Ha! Uncle Sam trembles at thy blow

What a time for the atheist
To raise both hands skyward
A time to trust the unknown
In the hands of the one
Made known by nature
Lean Harvests
by Michael R. Burch

for T.M.

the trees are shedding their leaves again:
another summer is over.
the Christians are praising their Maker again,
but not the disconsolate plover:
     i hear him berate
     the fate
     of his mate;
he claims God is no body’s lover.

Published by The Rotary Dial and Angle. Keywords/Tags: plover, skeptic, atheist, agnostic, Christians, god, creator, maker, fate, mate, berate, lover
Salvador Kent Mar 24
This coffee looks like Socrates,
Just a thought dear blue eyes...
You know I love you dearly...
Read on and you'll see why.

They say Athens was the place thinkers could think free,
Didn't think thought could **** me,
Turns out thinking can **** Socrates,
He thought and now he,
He gotta drink a drink that puts him to sleep.

Turns out Socrates isn't scared of a drink,
Says eternal sleep would be refreshing,
So why fear death
When you'll be free,
In the land of sleep.

Drinks a poison,
Bitter drink.
Talks about esoteric dreams,
Begs the poison oh **** me please,
And his throat becomes a gutter.
His body a stone,
He's dead now.
And a man watching called Plato is all alone.
All alone.


No more BC.
We AD.
We in the year of our lord,
Jesus gonna save us all.
Man walking down a corridor.
Man forgot to pay tax.
Man only a peasant.
Man gon get hanged.

Man don't want to hang,
But he knows he has to die.
If he drinks a bitter drink,
Perhaps his death would be fine...

Elegant, quick...
Man goes to his wife.
I haven't paid tax he cries.
Man hasn't paid taxman.
Die. Die. Die.

Wife says go to taxman,
Ask him for mercy,
Maybe if you asked nicely,
Taxman wouldn't hang thee.

Man goes to taxman.
Asks for his pardon and apology,
Taxman says wake up.
Bad dream bad dream.
You're going to hang tonight,
To sleep away your life.
Go home to your wife.
He cries.
Say one last goodbye.

Man goes to his wife,
Says he's gon hang.
Wife says **** that's it.
Unluckiest man in the land.
You're gon hang tonight,
There's nothing you can do.
"I don't want to hang tonight"
(She says)
"You have take your plight
All alone."

All alone.
Man wants a solution,
Wants a bitter drink.
Goes to an apothecary,
Man wants to die in Shakespearean bliss.
Man buys a bitter drink,
Drinks it all in one,
And just before he's gone...

In the corner of his eye

Before he goes to sleep.
He sees a ***** old man,
Who thought like no other in the land,
The land of Athens.
He sees Socrates.


It's been 1000 years.
Now It's me that's all alone.
Socrates and a man from the catholic church
Are present. They lurk
In the corner of my mind,
Wanting me to die.

Die. Die. Sad poet.
You've forgotten how to love.
You loved a girl called blue eyes,
Yeah. You loved a girl called blue eyes.
But you're all alone now.
She decided to go away
Leave you behind.
Just friends not the same.
Walked out a room on the sabbath.
You were so scared.
Why was blue eyes sad?
Was it '*** one of those ******* lads...
Said something bad...
About ***.
Hate those ****** lads...
Love that ******' girl.
But you just hate.
Hate those ******...


Poet stares at a bitter drink.
Not poison now, its coffee.
Poet wants it to be poison.
Christ he wants it to be poison.
What's in that mind.
Bitter, twisted mind.
He sees Socrates. Drinking a bitter drink.
A man from the Catholic centuries,
seeking Shakespearean bliss
And then he grabs a pen and makes it write...

This coffee looks like Socrates,
Just a thought dear blue eyes...
You know I love you dearly...
Read on and you'll see why.
I wrote this one in December, it's part of a chapbook I'm putting together which is lots of poems I wrote in cafes, this one is a bit obscure but looking back at it I like it. Enjoy :)
Najla Mar 5
She forced me to pray for a god
that never answered my prayers

When I told her that I wish to die,
she told me to recite Al-Ikhlāṣ

In her own eyes,
I was a sinner who didn’t worship
the same imaginary friend as hers

An imaginary friend that let her
steal my innocence instead of saving me
from her cruel hands and piercing eyes

How can I worship a god that
didn’t listen to my desperate cries
when I was abused,
abandoned, and bruised
Well, that was painful to write.
DA Bloomfield Dec 2019
None can defy what there is not
So why and how do you?
As Narcissus reigns, how can you contend?
Contentment with the norm, a shameful folk you are

As the faithless faithful preach
We remain steady,
watching through the distance
silently and inquisitively

So when the time arrives
Haste we do not
They, a pitiful bunch, consider us but shams
"How can the peasants rule after all?"
Oh, their gall

And so the farmers and the toilers march
March under the banner of revolution!
No faith to obstruct, no wealth to envy
'Tis but another evolution

Humanity will once again rule itself
Not succumbing, but becoming
its own god and its own master
Alexis Dec 2019
It’s funny,
For a person who does not believe in love
I sure do write about it a lot
The same way an atheist
Makes jokes about
Praying to God.

For a person who does not believe in love
I sure do write about it a lot,
They say you can not preach
what you do not know so
I guess I’ll find
something else
To write about.
kerri Nov 2019
are you there, god?
i’ve prayed to you for days,
i don’t think you’re listening,
because the worst has happened.

are you there, god?
funny how i only pray,
when my life is falling apart,
i expect you to fix it

are you there, god?
i’ve made you my scapegoat,
i don’t want to be at fault,
why’d you take him from me?
RIP Malfoy, my good boy. If there’s a heaven I hope you’re playing with as many strings as you like.
Hope Nov 2019
Sleepless night, endless
Again and again
Never to be forgotten
Night terrors renewed
Eternal sleep paralysis
Stuck in this repetitive cycle
Infinite nightmares, deadly
You love was timeless
But the timing wasn’t right
You were my person
Why did I have to be selfish
I wake up screaming
Thrashing around in my sweat
Permanently in this nightmare
Never enough nicotine
I miss our nights alone
When there was only you
To have and to hold
Until death do us part
But death came early
And I’m living in fire
Missing you forever
When is the right time
To tell you I still love you
Or to kiss your soft lips
Again and again
Immortal sparks and
Hopeless feelings
That never seem to just
Disappear, like those before you
Everlasting heart and a smile of grace
Who gave you the right
To love me in the first place
Come back to earth with me
You are heaven sent
And I am Bub’s best friend
In a black hole
With no way out
You are the first blossom of spring
The never ending ring
Of constant matrimony
I keep in my heart
I miss you and everything
We never got to do
If only two could hang
From the same branch
We could love continuously
In the river of Hades
And I would know
The choice I had made
Was one to last a lifetime
You cut off your wings
To be with me
Remove your halo
Color your eyes black
Let me introduce
The things you lack
I’ll never let you go again
Through our continuous sin
Tori Schall Oct 2019
Sunday never came for me.
Straight from Saturday to Monday.
No church for me, no,
I'm forsaken by God.

The devil's on my shoulder
the days are growing colder.
the nights are getting longer
Yet Sunday never comes.

I pray for a different life
I hate living in constant strife
I don't want the life that has been chosen
But Sunday never comes.

I'm not a believer
I've never been one.
So maybe that's why,
Sunday will never come.
Neo Dore Oct 2019
The stage is a world of imagination.
A place where our minds can run free without a sense of direction. As the characters make us fly through a catharsis of laugh and cries. A combination of gestures and movement, each playing their part  in unison towards a certain fate

Although the humor makes the audience forget the sorrow, pain, and misery of reality, as the scenes guide them, the acts show them and the actions amaze them of the destiny even in the conflict of scenes, all is done in resolution of the might and glory of an all-father, as people gather to watch the incredible power of God in play and they pause in amazement of the greatness of him as the impossible the eyes see in the beauty of the STAGE
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