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Sylph Jun 26
Theres so many walls
to overcome
in order for it to stay strong
Differences are always the biggest

You dont want to change
Who you know you are
or want them to
Because it would be a lie
And it would hurt

There are so many walls

You shouldnt let differences
change you
change them
nor keep them between you both

so they say

and i agree
but there are certain walls

i will never know how to meet in the middle with

drilling a hole through it
will take more than time
it would take change

certain changes im not willing to make
not even for you

It would all
A Lie

Because i cant change that much
not without losing who i think i am
Relationships are so complicated
These are walls i dont know how to break through without breaking us

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Nigdaw Jun 20
The atheist walks
Past the supermarket
Seeing only shoppers,
Buying their daily bread
Earnt by working nights on security, or
Days serving zombied customers
At drive through takeaways
Getting abused, watching the litter
Pile up from don't give a toss
Attitudes diving immaculate cars,
He sees shattered dreams in the homeless
Begging to survive another day
In pavement poverty,
Preying on good will by sliding doors
In the rain,
Teenagers pushing prams, abandoned
To a cruel world of benefits and scams
Just to make ends meet,
Men wheeling six packs to their hatchbacks
Hoping they have enough *****
To block out another weekend
Of the wife moaning about never going out
And the grass needs cutting,
He smells the pollution of all the cars
Driven a few hundred yards
For a pack of cigarettes
And some dried noodles for the kids for lunch
Just to shut them up,
He sees only individuals
Railing against each other, falling
Over their directionless lives
All wanting to be somewhere, NOW.
He pushes past them all
Never looking up, never acknowledging
A single face, knowing his place
In the crowd.

But I see the woman who stops
In her nurses uniform
Tired from another 12 hour shift
Smiling at the beggar she drops him her change,
Takes her shopping to the car
Looking forward to a family meal together,
Waits for someone to pull out of their parking space
As she leaves for a humble home
Built on love,
I still see a light in the darkness.
Lainey Jul 24
When I die,
I leave a legacy
For the earth
For kin
For my progeny.
A stone which has skimmed this infinite pond.
The ripples continue through life and beyond.
Who lives in this kingdom on the cloud?
Come down; come here; show your form!
If you're all that mighty-proud...

Why whisper when you say that you are loud?
You claim, "If tempted, I'll bring down a storm."
Who lives in this kingdom on the cloud?

Are you alone, or centred by a crowd?
Do your trick; go awe me and perform!
If you're all that mighty-proud...

In your kingdom, is thought allowed,
Or will your voodoo help the world transform?
Who lives in this kingdom on the cloud?

You are proving that you have not wowed;
Your heart is weak and isn't warm.
Who lives on this kingdom on the cloud––
If you're all that "mighty-proud"?
Hehehe, just a villanelle from when I was bored in biology.
If there is purpose to life
Then it is death,
As all men die,
And some men mourn.
My “philosophy”...
Though, to me, there is no set purpose to life.
Dominique Apr 28
The middle of a pool of salt-
A Eucharist is said to float.
God's dignity created flesh,
A sacrifice the Pope could bless
If he could only find the shoes
To wade inside the choking blue
To pluck the body from the waves;
A child the doves were slow to raise.
No, there is no God.
If there was that baby wouldn't be choking in the salt, thanks.
Alaina Moore Apr 5
Big city.
Crowded train.
Observe the vast graveyard,
on the commute.
All those who came before.
Some days it induces fear.
The great unknown.
The hard stop.
Some days it spurrs a sigh.
A releiving exhale.
All things end.
Reminder of the moment.
A promise to end all suffering.
Assuming I'm patient enough,
to let it consume me naturally.
Reminder not to rush to the finale.
It is inevitable, after all.
In the Roman Empire
it was
I know that guy Jesus
hey so do I
now it's funny to watch peoples faces
"I'm an atheist"
"So you don't believe in any god?"
"If God lives then where's that unicorn I saw roaming in the bushes earlier?"
The Calm Feb 19
The world is too big
And I, too small
So I rely on my God
To understand it all
My mind can't seem to comprehend
the things that aim, the world to end
or bring the knees of an African to bend
or millions of jews to the fire send
my neurons a gatling gun , my eyes ascend
my fist I raise, with the heavens contend
God I trust you, all good all powerful, but me You won't defend?
Am i a fool to love you till my end?
I can't understand it all,
all this hate, to a bullet or a noose will I fall?
but still instinctually all I do is call
Call on a good God
My thoughts recently
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